Schools Week Introduction

2020 Dates

Senior Regatta - Fireflies
Practice race - Wednesday 1st July
Racing Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July

Junior Regatta - Fevas
Practice race - Sunday 5th july
Racing Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July

The Schools Sailing Championships at Itchenor started in 1953 and last year saw the 66th running of the event. It has changed in format many times over the years and we like to continue to do this to keep the event up to date with current trends in school and youth sailing. We aim to achieve a mix of a high standard sailing at the top end with good opportunities for sailors of all levels to compete further down the fleet, and to do so in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere

The main change in 2018 was that we stopped having a separate event for the International 420s. This was due to small fleet sizes in the previous 3 years, and schools which used to race 420s decided to switch to Fireflies

In 2018 the RS Feva event had 108 boats from 46 different schools, whilst the Fireflies had 59 boats from 17 different schools.

Typically the RS Fevas are raced by year 8 and 9 students (ie age 13/Form 3 and below) with a maximum age limit of year 10/Form 4, and the Fireflys by Sixth Formers, years 11 and 10 (ie age 14/Form 4 and over) and some experienced year 9 students.

For details of the RS Feva part of the event please click here

For details of the Firefly part of the event please click here