Start of Season Party - Saturday 9th April 2016

Tickets for the party £20 each available now from the Office
(£12.50 for under 12s)

We have introduced a new concept this year which we would like to try and make a big success: the Start of Season Party on Saturday 9th April.

We have timed it to coincide with the final winter training weekend for the junior/youth sailors and the idea is to make it as attractive as possible for all of our various members, young and old.

Our dream is that we would have a lot of boats on the water during the day (we would love to get over 100 boats on the water across all of our classes) followed by a relaxed, informal but lively party. Unlike a Barts Bash-style event, the boats would all be doing their normal Club racing or other programmed sailing during the day.

It would be great too if we could have a Pilsey Rally-style cruiser mini-rally with a short harbour cruise followed by rafting/mooring up outside the Club, or some such thing that would be compatible with the rest of the day’s activities and the party for everyone in the evening? Maybe even some SUPs and kayaks?

In addition to starting the season with a bang, it would be an incentive for the dinghies to get their boats on the staging early on, and for as many of us as possible to get our boats on the water after the winter break or help others who have done so and hopefully an opportunity to get potential new members out too.

There will be delicious bowl food showcasing a variety of cuisines including good food choices for the juniors and youth sailors, and a live band.

We would love your help in supporting organiser Simon Miller and RCS Chris Blevins in making it a success, especially as it is always difficult getting a new thing off the ground.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Simon and/or Chris with any ideas you have to make the day and evening go well.