Onwards and Upwards

We have continued and further developed the initiatives first launched in 2014-15 to try to stop and ideally reverse the trend of slowly but steadily falling membership numbers, while keeping the core ethos, safety standards and offering of the Club unchanged.

We will keep this page updated with our messages on this topic.

We have added various pieces of information you may find interesting on the Members' Area of the website such as:

  • The questions, results and comments and a graphical analysis of the responses from the survey we carried out in Winter 2014
  • The review of racing and stage berth fees that was completed in 2013
  • The approved budget for 2016-17 on which current season’s subscriptions and fees are set
  • Membership statistics from 1999
  • The two reports compiled by the Cost Review Group
  • The question and results of the mini-survey conducted in February 2015 about the new discounted membership fee structure

2016-17 Subscriptions

As a continuing benefit of the early repayment of the Club’s debt following the 2015 Capital Appeal, and further discipline on cost control and revenue generation, we have reduced subscriptions for Full Members aged 35 and over for the second year in succession. More detail is in the General Manager’s Report and Hon Treasurer’s report in the Autumn 2016 mailing but it remains our goal to keep subscription control at the heart of our efforts to attract and retain members.

The success of our external events has meant that subscriptions are approximately £100 per Full Member less than they would otherwise need to be and I hope you will agree that the occasional intrusion that such events sometimes cause is worth this contribution towards the continuing vibrancy of our Club caused by broadly maintaining our membership numbers.

This subscription reduction depends on us all continuing to use the facilities of the Club, including continued and hopefully increased numbers of boats on the water, good levels of racing and general sailing activity and related use of buttery, bar and evening events, good financial discipline for our major events to ensure each makes their proper and fair contribution towards their share of the Club’s infrastructure and we hope too that further increases in the use of our accommodation through AirBnB will also occur going forward.

2015-16 Subscriptions

Following the success of the Capital Appeal, we have reduced subscriptions to £495 and there is no longer a Development Levy payable.

In addition, we have launched a Senior Member Scheme under which members age 75 and over with at least 20 years of membership receive discount on their subscriptions of up to 100%.

The Social Membership trial category is being continued.

Full details can be found here

Appeal to Bondholders

The Capital Appeal was set up to raise funds to repay the £363,100 outstanding of the money borrowed from members (in the form of bonds issued to them) to refurbish the Clubhouse in 2007. This was successfully accomplished and all the remaining bonds were repaid in the last week of September 2015. The Club was and is in very good shape financially, and repayment of these bonds was well under control. By repaying these bonds Full Member couples age 35 and over will save approximately £1,250 over the next 11 years. We believe this will help attract and retain members and this was the reason for launching the Capital Appeal.

Please click here to see the current status and list of donors.

2014-15 Subscription Changes introduced March 2015

On 3rd March, with the support of the members following our mini-survey, we announced the following trial membership categories available to new members, rejoiners and upgraders:

  • A discounted full membership fee (an effective rate net of buttery credit of £395 full, £195 spouse)
  • Social Membership (£195 full, £95 spouse)
  • Midweek Membership (£170)
  • Family Membership (reduced duty requirements)
This was followed on 29th March by the launch of a Duty Exemption Scheme. Click here to view the email.


Subscriptions - 23rd February 2015

Our latest message to members was on 23rd February and can be found here.

The main purpose of that note was to update members on 3 related topics:

The decision on a proposal from a Club working group that would have altered our subscription fee structure radically,

The plans the Flag Officers and General Committee are currently working on and importantly,
What you as a member can do to help lower the cost of membership including a request for your views on a discount scheme for new full members

Onwards and Upwards - 21st January 2015

On 21st January we sent an update (click here to link). This covered the following areas:

• Subscriptions and Fees
• Launch of the Cost Review – led by Colin MacLean
• Bonds – led by Charles Hindson
• Developing use of the club – led by Robin Richardson
• House – led by Adam Hogg
• Ways to increase value proposition and revenue
• Marketing – led by Tom Trevelyan

Pre-Christmas Update

On 23rd December we sent an update on the main areas we planned to focus on following the survey. Click here to link.

Survey - November/December 2014

On 17th November we launched a survey to get members views on the clubs fees and subscriptions. Click here to link.

On 28th November we sent an update on the survey after we had received 200 responses and also summarised the results of the house survey carried out in the Autumn. Click here to link.

On 9th December, having received 284 responses, we announced a closing date of 14th December for the survey. Click here to link.

On 22nd December we sent a summary of the survey findings, and posted them on the website. Click here to link.

Introductory Message

On 21 October, new Commodore Charles Hyatt sent an introductory message setting out his initial thoughts and aspirations. Click here to link.