Junior Fortnight duties

This is the duty rota for Junior Fortnight.  Please make a note of your duties and the dates you have been allocated.  You need to be at the Club and report for your duty by 8.45am at the Bandstand, except for those with duties at Tally & Beach, when your briefing is at 9am.  Please be aware that duties can last all day.  Please make sure you have appropriate clothing and food for the day.  

Please note if you entered JF after the closing date, your name may not appear on the currently published rota at this stage - but you will be allocated your full quota of duties.  

We have tried to accommodate all requests for dates etc. as specified on your forms.  If you are unable to carry out one or any of your duties, it is your responsibility to find a suitably qualified replacement and to let the office know as soon as possible who this is.  A list of school leavers who are eligible to do duties (for a suggested payment of £70 per day) is also attached on the JF website [click here OR is available from the office].  Failure to turn up for a duty will result in a £150 fine in line with ISC policy.

Having an (R) by your name means you indicated that you have a rib available.  We will let you know in due course if your rib is required.

For new and/or inexperienced parents/guardians, we will be organising informal training sessions in relation to duties for 1 hour at 10 am on the Tuesday morning of each of the Junior Training weeks (17th & 24th August).

Finally, thank you.  We depend on the support of parents/guardians to ensure the safety of the children during the event. 

JF Committee