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Fancy sailing an X-One Design keel boat?

The XOD’s are beautiful 20 ft classic wooden keel boats, many painted and some varnished. They sail 2 or 3 up from the end of March to the end of October in over 100 races a year using the whole of Chichester Harbour and sometimes the Solent.

The X fleet at Itchenor is one of 6 Solent clubs that race X’s, culminating, if one wants, in racing at Cowes week and Cowes Classic Week and lots of Solent racing in-between. We are a very competitive fleet with the winner of Cowes for the last 7 years coming from Itchenor.

There are 40 X boats at Itchenor (not all on the water at the same time) and we all race together competing with the top guys, giving everyone the impetus to improve. Within the group are 3 fleets of different standards and success in each is recognised with 40 cups and prizes.

Every Wednesday we sail a fun race in the harbour by ourselves, which is often the highlight of the week, in a beautiful empty harbour, with the setting sun and a glass or 2 in the bar with dinner afterwards its a great way to get to know us and join in the fun.

You can join us - we’re very friendly - by being a boat tart- someone who crews on lots of different boats. Its a way of getting to know who we all are, whether you like us, and who you want to race with.
email susie: xod.crewforum@gmail.com

Many boats encourage partnerships where maintenance costs are divided which keeps down the cost of owning an XOD. If you want to helm, this is a good way to get hold of the tiller and have great sailing, learn the tides and shallows of the fast moving water with a regular team as Chichester Harbour can more challenging than the Solent. It is truly is the queen of racing.

If you want we can arrange training by an XOD sailor, RYA instructor to help you get the best out of an X.

We have lots of news, race results, trophies and lots more information on our website. Just click on the link above.

So please email the Class Captain classcaptain@xod-itchenor.com
or the Vice Captain vicecaptain@xod-itchenor.com if you want to know more about us.


The Crew forum has been running successfully at Itchenor for many years as a means of matching existing and prospective members with experienced sailors, providing an opportunity to sail in an X One Design.  You will also experience the joys of Chichester Harbour and the excellent facilities at Itchenor Sailing Club.

We race every Saturday and Sunday from March to October. Any sailing member is most welcome to race with us, please make yourself known to me or email me at Crew Forum to add your name to our contact list.

We also have a fun race on Wednesday evenings when we have the harbour almost to ourselves! Just come down between 5-5.15pm, for a race, drink and supper. Get to know us. The harbour at sunset is quite beautiful and always different.

Please contact me, Susie Alexander, by email at  xod.crewforum@gmail.com if you would like to join us for a race. I can answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the skippers and crews.