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Your XOD Class captain is John Tremlett

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"X" One Designs have raced at Itchenor since 1932 and are the premier fleet of the 6 Divisions located round the Solent at Hamble, Cowes, Lymington, Yarmouth, Parkstone and Itchenor. Itchenor have over 40 active boats in 2012 and the competition is very hot. We have an extensive racing programme (90 races) at Itchenor and also have good attendance at Cowes Classics Week and Cowes Week where the "X" One Designs have been consistently the largest fleet of the week for many years at more than 80 boats. In the Centenary Year 2011 there were 145 boats (of 196 built) competing at Cowes Week and the Itchenor Fleet was 30 boats where we had 5 boats in the top 10 overall which included the overall winner 24 year old Andy Shaw in Phoenix. We also won the team trophy for the week. The Cowes victory in 2011 follows on from the Lawrence Brothers in Catherine who won in 2010. Our racing at Itchenor is a mixture of "in harbour" and "out of harbour" races to hone the racing skills needed for competing in the Solent. We also have more casual racing on Wednesday evenings with the prospect of club supper to follow. Why not join in the fun and try your sailing skills against some of the best sailors in the world?


The Crew forum has been running successfully at Itchenor for many years as a means of matching existing and prospective members with experienced sailors, providing an opportunity to sail in an X One Design.  You will also experience the joys of Chichester Harbour and the excellent facilities at Itchenor Sailing Club.

We race every Saturday and Sunday from March to October. Any sailing member is most welcome to race with us, please make yourself known to me or email me at Crew Forum to add your name to our contact list.

We also have a fun race on Wednesday evenings when we have the harbour almost to ourselves! Just come down between 5-5.15pm, for a race, drink and supper. Get to know us. The harbour at sunset is quite beautiful and always different.

Please contact me, Susie Alexander, by email at  xod.crewforum@gmail.com if you would like to join us for a race. I can answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the skippers and crews.