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Swallow News Christmas 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom!
'Expect the Unexpected'

AGM Agenda 11th January 5pm
We look forward to seeing as many as possible at the AGM!

The Agenda is on this link (click here), please let us know any additional items asap. The weekend programme is below that.

We also have the 2019 AGM Minutes, link here.

Independent Swallow Website
The attached paper relates to the Agenda item 'NSCA and ISC Swallow administrative systems'.
Link here

Tony Bridgwater Trophy
With thanks to Malcolm we are delighted to display below a picture of our latest - and extremely impressive - trophy!

To be raced for in a four-race series over the late Summer Bank Holiday.

From our CC ...

If you have been following the sale of the Manor of Bosham (and the moorings and Bosham SC etc) you will have noted that Franck Petitgas (owner of S.61 Quetzal) has acquired it. Bosham SC has now purchased the freehold of the Club house and secured a long-term lease on the dinghy park.

Talking of BSC we had proposed some other date for their 2020 regatta because all the ISC keelboat fleets will be elsewhere on 25th July. Unfortunately we couldn’t agree so on Saturday 11th July we shall have a BSC Regatta race (run by ISC as a normal Club race) but awarding the splendid trophies that go with the event at tea at BSC. We could not finish on the BSC raptackle line because of a BSC dayboat event. Plus ca change?

You will have noted the various Club events that have been happening in recent days in QN. There are just two more to go – the Commodore’s Carols on Friday and the carve your own Lunch on Sunday (details in the poster link)

A happy Christmas to all and we look forward to rather more sailing in 2020 than the weather gods gave us this year!

Swallow News - October 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom!

The final trophy event of the year the Finella Cup is this Saturday! 3 races – all b2b so take a snack! Lunch will be available on our return.

The Club Autumn General Meeting follows at 17.30 – come and make your opinions known!

On Saturday 26th October, and after the final races of the season we have the Laying-up Supper (LUS) and annual prize giving at 19.30 for  20.00 – there is still time to book via Beth in the Office.
Please note the dates for clearing out any stuff you might have in the sail room and lockers  and for the stage working parties in November and December.

The NSCA winter wonderland weekend is confirmed for 11/12 January – more details anon.

2019 and 2020 programme
The Club 2020 programme is now in it’s 16th draft – no changes to the key Swallow events from the programme given out at the Class Meeting - but some others. A final version will be sent in early November. The Class Meeting minutes have been written up and will be available shortly.

We need a Socials organiser! If you (or anyone else within the Swallow orbit) can help with our modest programme please let the CC know asap.

The Club triumvirate (Tony, Paul and Tom) stand down next September so if you might be the person to take the Class onwards and upwards do let one of us know.

Reach Trophy 5th October
We continue to enjoy decent turnouts with 11 Swallows making it to the start line even this late into the season for the Reach Trophy, a beautiful painting of Itchenor Reach which normally hangs in the Club towards the back of the Bar.

The weather was not so sure with a very light SE breeze just about allowing a start for the first b2b race towards Wear where Blue Tit led Osprey and Migrant round towards a special mark. Osprey picked up the lightest of gusts and disappeared, never to be headed and followed over the line by Curlew and Cockersootie.

The second b2b got away with the breeze so fickle that much of the fleet struggled to get over the line. Blue Tit and Curlew managed to find some wind and tagged each other all the way to the first mark, Itchenor, at which point 'S' was flown and the race finished as Blue Tit, Curlew and Solitude enjoying the podium positions. 

Although initially lighter still, a F2/3 breeze got up for the afternoon race which saw Migrant, Osprey and Curlew get away early on on a course to Itchenor and then Wear and Park. They finished in that order, giving the trophy to Curlew. The podium was:

S70 Curlew (Simon Slater, James Baron, Caroline Marriage)
S86 Migrant (Richard Thompson, Charles Fisher, Chris Fox)
S95 Osprey (James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorp, Rob Sutherland).

Course Conundrums (Conundra?)
Richard Thompson has kindly provided the following 'model answer' to Course Conundrum No.1.
Note that if a member of the Race Committee it is more than helpful to note number of laps each competitor completed.
Courses Conundrum.
First in a new series!
In a short 5-lap windward/leeward course with final leg to the finish in fickle wind competitors are starting to lap each other by the time the leaders are about to complete lap 3.
With the wind starting to fail and ebb starting the PRO decides on an urgent change of course; straight to F after B and this is signalled through the necessary flag C, hoots and course board close to B.
Competitors Jasper and Stewart are running in parallel but on different laps, Stewart having completed the greater number. Both see the course change, both sail directly to F.  Jasper gets a gust and takes the winner’s gun.

1 Stewart protests that he is the winner – but does he protest Jasper or the Race Committee?
2 And under which rule?
3 Does Stewart have a valid case against either?
Given the lapping potentially introducing confusion is there any better way of enacting such a course change?

Both boats complied with the course requirements signalled by the race committee and neither has broken any rule.  The only remedy for Stewart is to request redress because of an improper action of the race committee.  His request should be granted and fair redress would be to give all boats that sailed 3 laps and then finished places ahead of boats that sailed fewer laps.
However, for races sailed under Itchenor SC sailing instructions, the race committee simply score boats in accordance with SI 13.1.

Swallow News - Mid-September 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom

Championships 25/26th July 2020 at the RYS
The Squadron has kindly agreed to host us again! Details below

Haines Cup and Coming Events.
Sept 14/15 - It’s going to be a fine weekend (that is fine weather and fine racing)! Saturday morning’s entertainment is the 1930 Haines Challenge Cup – second only to our own Shippam trophy as the most prestigious and coveted trophy in the Club. The current forecast is for undiluted warm sunshine (thank Dorian!) and light/moderate breezes and has got to be an excellent recipe for a massive turnout – see QN and the NoR for full details. 

Nice image of the Cup - currently held by a Swallow - below.

We revert to standard Club racing in the afternoon and then on Sunday we have the Bart’s Bash races (in memory of Andrew Simpson and to support the sailing charity which bears his name). The slightly revised format - master-minded by Christine Graves - encourages us to swap one of our crews with either an XoD or Sunbeam crew - the dating agency will (of course!) be run by Christine prior to the event getting underway that morning, or you can pre-arrange it and advise her beforehand.

The following w/e (21/22 September) is the Bob Massey Trophy – 4 races over the w/e. 

Trophies! Trophies! Trophies!
Look under the bed, in your bottom drawer and cocktail cabinet!

Some are already aware of the trophy audit underway in advance of the Laying Up Supper and to help for future seasons.

Despite every effort the following trophies continue to elude us - although the Club Staff are checking in parallel. If you have seen, heard and/or know the location of any of these, all precious to the class, please email

Ponder Challenge Cup         winner 2018 Osprey, 2017 Gwaihir
Fisher Mug                           winner 2018 Migrant, 2017 Whimbrel
Finella Cup                           last winner Swift
Brian Russell Cigarette Box  winner 2018 migrant, 2017 Archon
Wyllie Painting (most improved)    unknown
Young Persons                      unknown.

PS The Thorney Picture has been located ... but who won the TISC regatta 2019?!

Please let us know, we need to retrieve!

Class Meeting 21st September 16:45pm
After racing on Saturday we have our annual Class Meeting – at 16.45. The lack of any Agenda proposals thus far suggests a degree of contentment – which surely cannot be the case! So please fire them in to the CC pronto! The current draft agenda is

National Swallow Class
ISC Annual Autumn Class Meeting

16.45 – 17.45pm Saturday 21st September 2019 in the ISC Members Room
1 Apologies for absence
2 CC Review
3 2019 Fleet Activity Report/Club2Class (TCS)
4 Mainsail cloth specification and experimental jib report
5 Draft 2020 programme
6 2020 Social activities
7 Challenges and Opportunities for the Class
8 New Swallow website proposal and associated plans
10 Next Meeting Saturday 19th September 2020
NB We have not arranged a meal after but many have indicated their intention to remain for a drink and a meal.

Diary Notes
• 2020 - We plan to have an almost final 2020 programme available for the Class Meeting. One thing we do want you to plan for right now is the National Championships at the Royal Yacht Squadron on 25/26 July immediately followed by Cowes Classics Week 27-31 July. The Vernon Trophy to Cowes will be on Friday 24 July provisionally starting at 13.30. All aboard and book your accommodation now for this B2B extravaganza!
• Arty Crafty - exhibitions galore for you to feast on (xmas presents perhaps)
 - Society of Marine Artists - at ISC (as per QN)
 - Prim Hoult/Ali Garrett, Chichester, Oxmarket, Tuesday 8th October
 Sunday 20th October(closed Monday 14th October).

 The body of work is based on  Chichester Harbour.
• Anarchic Notes
         - The Whim trophy will finish on Saturday after 14 races of which Marengo has managed to  win 7 thus far. Methinks that her ladyship is back on form.
        - How does one judge a final leg with a course from Star to the Gallon Line finish? Answer –  as it was a flooding tide by the shortest route your depth sounder allowed – and by all three crew sitting to leeward to give max heel as well. Beating all the way to Stanbury in the morning was just brill – first round was Blue Tit but things went slightly pear-shaped for them          afterwards.
        - NB Sunbeams & XoD’s: Swallows have been the most numerous of the ISC keel boat classes for the last three Saturdays.
        - After finally recovering from Antigua Week (April!!) Spectre has been lobbing in some very  respectable results. Not enough staying power though.
       - Hamble pie. In the last SN we wrongly attributed Cockersootie’s superior CCW performances to Alistair whereas it was in fact Charles P. (We are gratefully indebted to 92’s ever-watchful PR agency for pointing this out).


Cowes Classics Week 2019

Many classes currently have one eye on their future, the Swallows being no exception. But however anyone is placed few would have failed to be captivated by the many unforgettable moments enjoyed by the Swallow Class at CCW 2019!

The week stood out with some of the closest competition ever seen, the pure excitement of the racing in Osborne Bay on the Wednesday mixed in with convivial cocktails, dinners, bonhomie and banter.

Details follow but thanks to the RLYC for a fantastic week!

CCW Racing
Race 1. Racing started as ever with a single race on the Monday pm for the 14 Swallows. With the forecasted F3 SE deciding it preferred to be F4 NE racing was held in sparkling conditions near Hillhead using one of the 'trapezoid' courses favoured by RLYC. Gwaihir made the initial running from the start pursued by Skua and Cockersootie but was not to be denied. Behind these we saw regular place changing with the bulk of the fleet arriving at the last mark within a couple of lengths of each other. 

The finish, after a short reach following the last leeward mark, was between Committee Boat and distance mark, the latter being left to starboard. ISC RCS was later able to advise the Committee - but regretfully not the class - that such line conflicted with the charts handed out at the briefing which showed distance mark to port. Innocent and correct advice at the time but setting up for untold confusion in the next race ....

Result: 1.Gwaihir  2.Skua  3.Cockersootie.

Races 2, 3, 4. With Tuesday lost to gales and a breezy forecast the Swallow Class Chair achieved the coup of persuading the PRO that Swallow racing should be held in Osborne Bay. The South Westerly kicked off at about 20kts, later producing a number of shifty gusts exceeding 25kts, one reported as touching 30kts. In amongst some spectacular racing across 3 races, Skua dominated until she lost her main halyard (again) before race 3. Gwaihir's challenge was inhibited by a DSQ resulting from a race 1 starting incident.

The finish of race 1 merits a place in the Swallow Annals. The Committee took Monday's advice on board and solved the issue by involving a second, Finish, Committee Boat flying the correct Blue Flag and with distance mark to be left to Port. Unfortuately the main Committee Boat left itself close to the port side of the distance mark thus exactly replicating Monday's finish. All complicated by the finish being under port pole close spinnaker reach. the sails helpfully obscuring the Finish Boat(!) Also, with sponsors, RLYC, circuit colour and other flags all flying it was a task to identify the blue! Some Swallows finished correctly, a number followed Blue Tit around the wrong side of distance mark. Realising, BT and followers then unwound themselves and 'finished' a second time(!).

Race 3 employed the first of the much-requested 'round the cans back to Cowes' courses in strong conditions. Breakages, discretion etc reduced the starters to 6, led by Swift under a gusty Castle Point to a RLYC Committee Boat finish. Whimbrel, having retrieved Blue Tit's pole (below), was then wiped out under spinnaker on the run whilst the latter, unable to use its spinnaker, survived.

First Race Result: 1.Skua  2.Swift  3.Buccaneer
Second Race Result: 1.Skua  2.Swift  3.Gwaihir
Third Race Result: 1.Swift  2.Gwaihir  3.Osprey.

Races 4 and 5. It was a long wait for the wind on Thursday and a long sail to the start to the East of Hillhead for an eventual start about 3pm in a fickle W which then shifted to WSW making, with a building tide, the first mark almost a fetch. The breeze then died on the first run before filling in to port resulting in much place changing. Skua led the way off the start and held onto win in a single lap plus beat race.

The WSW continued to build, eventually up to about 14kts resulting in a beautiful late afternoon sail in what would turn out to be the last completed race of the week. This time Gwaihir gained the edge on Skua and led throughout closely followed by Buccaneer. Again, most of the fleet were neck and neck right up to the finish line.

First Race Result: 1.Skua 2.Cockersootie 3.Gwaihir
Second Race Result: 1.Gwaihir 2.Buccaneer 3.Swift.

Overnight that gave a leaderboard of Skua, Gwaihir, Swift.

Race 6. We started so we didn't finish(!). The F3 NE died as forecast on the first run and after some thought, the Committee abandoned close to Hillhead ... with Swift leading and Skua 5th a Q flag finish would have given Swift the week. Not to be, the above leaderboard stayed. Swift went off to sail the Fastnet instead.

The fleet dropped off any crew members needing to return to Cowes then turned tail for West Pole, now with a building SE initally F2 then 3/4 to help them back against the tide. Those needing to return to Cowes later benefitted from the kind offer of a tow home (below).

Really memorable racing!

Post CCW Blues 
When we were reflecting then about the less than perfect weather just note what has happened since – unrelenting wind and add a surfeit of rain to go with it in CW!

In CCW we could be outside for evening receptions – pity those in Cowes right now with no chance of that. Yes we lost two days (one to a gale, then a final day abandonment) and that impacted rather more on CCW than it will for CW. However we did get 6 races in (Sunbeams only 4) and we had 2 round the cans return-to-Cowes races!

The Itchenor Ladies welcomed us for afternoon tea -and for morning coffee and cake when the race schedule was postponed. Which brings us to the vexed question of that first day’s racing – why did we not start earlier and have at least one other race on that champagne sailing day in anticipation of Tuesday’s blast?  Comments and observations to the CC for the October de-brief meeting!

The racing? The season-long needle match between Skua and Gwaihir went into round 3. Both had setbacks – Skua, whose mainsail fell down once in the VT (between the forts – not perhaps the safest or most convenient point!) and again in R4 returning on the one-leg back to Cowes race after two humdingers in Osborne Bay and Gwaihir who lost a start line protest that same day.

Pivotal moments? When Harry went wide whilst leading first time round the spreader mark in R1 and Mike gybed inside and was gone for the first blood. Then next time in the delayed Osborne Bay battleground and without 4 boats who decided that discretion was appropriate Skua lobbed in back to take the first two races.

CCW Notes
• Many thanks to Andy Fitz for loaning Calabash to tow about half the fleet home on Friday.
• Ever-rivals Whimbel and Blue Tit both managed to drop spinnaker poles overboard in perfect synchrony at the last mark in Race 3, the second race in Osborne Bay. Circling back, Whimbrel retrieved a pole which, following later waterboarding, was determined to be Blue Tit's. Continued searching failed to locate the other pole but Lallows pulled out all the stops overnight to produce a replacement by cutting down a Daring pole so that they could race on the Thursday (they didn't) and Friday (abandoned before any poles could be used).
• 'Round the Cans' encouragement to the RLYC for the last race of the day? How did it go? Well, we did one. One can that is (!) ... a racing mark off Norris Castle on Wednesday. There would have been two but the Friday race was abandoned before anyone reached Hillhead.
• Harry now accepts that his balls are too small.
• Quote from a lady Swallow competitor: ‘the men’s showers at ISC (the IoW one) are much better’
• (Enforced) lay day activities: Lunch at the RYS (Osprey), local bus trips to the Needles, Ventnor botanical gardens (various), and Ryde amusement arcade (the gamblers amongst us)
• Neil Sandberg – could only manage one day driving Ka Nyenga and distinguished himself with a creditable 4th. Also Alistair Impey who drove Cockersootie to a 2nd and 3rd during the week.
• The Int 14 battle: just won by Andy Fitz in Swift after a swift (!) recovery from Peter’s trip to St Mary’s A & E dept when he won the Wednesday race home and finished 3rd overall. Many thanks too for all the baggage-carrying on Kalabash.
• Great to see Peregrine out and showing flashes of speed (notably at the top mark in the first of Wednesday’s races in Osborne Bay when after a faulty repair to the tear in their brand-new mainsail they had to race with their old spare – minus battens!
• We had a great time in Osborne Bay – fast and furious! We did well to secure that desired option (someone had nobled the RLYC Cdre the previous evening). Yes the shifts and pressure changes were significant – but aren’t we used to that in Chi?
• Our grateful thanks to Team Whimbrel (inc Lucy and Karen) and Blue Tit for their Sunday evening Rose and endless nibbles on the lawn of their pad. A great way to start. Our PRO Rod Nicholls was brave enough to come for his annual ear-wigging.
• Equally to Buccaneer for their roof-top soiree with fab views of the Solent and every sq ft occupied (any stress-testing done before?!). The tricky bit was negotiating the trap-door access (especially afterwards).
• Fastest trip back to Chi? If you saw Ka Nyenga being towed behind Mike Robinson’s RIB there can be no doubt - the plume of spray was just incredible. Not in the harbour of course.

Diary Notes
• Post – CCW racing has been plagued by appalling and unseasonal weather – when James H had his PRO duty last Sunday there was not a single taker from any class. Mike Lindsey was there to sail Ka Nyenga but sensibly thought better of it. This weekend looks ‘interesting’too.
• We have a ‘spare’ race billed for Bank Holiday Monday morning. We need to do a lot of catching up to complete some series requirements so we will do that and badge is the last hurrah and put a bottle on the table for it.
• The Class Meeting is on Saturday 21 September. If you have something you want aired please let the CC know asap.

Other Notes
• 'Salty Wisdom' will return next edition, apologies for the omission, it is not that we have run out of wisdom
• Here's a nice picture from Cowes Week TV of Anthony Lunch, Andrew Reid and John Houghton sailing RS Elite 40 'Basil' off on a reaching start on Friday at CW. The commentator states repeatedly that they were OCS. No hiding place! I thought of texting Anthony but might be seen as outside assistance. Also Bramblenet now gusting 24kts. Check the results tonight! We also look forward to a report from them for the next edition!

Courses Conundra (2)
We have yet to receive any responses to Conundra(1) - change of course when boats are lapped? Why not have a go? As a PRO it could happen to you! A prominent rules expert has also kindly agreed to arbitrate (next edition).

In the meantime have a go at this one!

'Course is B - A – B – F. With the wind dying the PRO decides on an urgent change of course, straight to F after A and this is signalled through flag C, hoots and course board close to mark C.
At the time Jasper and Stewart are running in parallel close to mark C. Jasper sails to F, the shorter distance resulting in his receiving the winner’s gun. Stewart sails B – F, coming second. Stewart protests that Jasper hasn’t sailed the correct course.

Does Stewart have a case?'

Swallow News - Late July 2019

Cowes Classics Week Build Up - Late July 2019

This edition's salty wisdom.

CCW 2019
We have a record 14 entries this year which should give us a great week both on and off the water! Could we ask all entrants to please RSVP asap to the invitation below.

The attached spreadsheet from our Class Captain shows known passage intentions as at the date of this News. Please email him with any late corrections.

Moorings details also attached. Contrary to rumours we will again be inside the breakwater this year.

CCW 2019 National Swallow Drinks Party Invitation
Peter and Lucy Snell on behalf of the Whimbrel and Blue Tit syndicates have pleasure in inviting all Cowes Classics Week Swallow entrants to their Cowes drinks party this coming Sunday, 28th July, details below.
Please note that due to the unprecendented size of the entry this year, we need to be aware of numbers. As offical Party Administrator Could I ask one individual on behalf of each Swallow to RSVP to me, Paul Giles,, as soon as you can, advising whether your boat is able to attend and if so with how many individuals? I will collate and advise our hosts.
In previous years Peter and Lucy have informally extended this invitation to other classes and third parties. Unfortunately, given the size of the entry, this will not be possible this year.
Peter, Lucy, myself and all other Whimbrel and Blue Tit-ers very much look forward to meeting the fleet for which we are sure will be another memorable evening in the best of Swallow Traditions!
Sunday 28th July 19:00 to 21:00

24 Castle Road, Cowes, off the top of Barrs Hill, otherwise known as 'No Access to Park'.
£10.00 on the door per person for exceptional food, drink and bonhomie!

Dress Code: ties not essential.

Le Loop
Qu'est-ce que c'est? Charles est maintenant à nouveau un rosbif? Oui! il écrit:

”On Sunday I finally completed the 2019 Tour de France route with arguably one of the most dangerous moments of the whole trip - doing a lap (the pros do nine laps but on closed roads) between the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre before finally finishing the trip with a photo in the middle of the traffic there with two of my closest riding companions. 
It has been an epic journey and brilliant now to see the pros racing the same route in a race that is shaping up to be one of the best ever. 
I have received a personal message of thanks for all of the donations made in support of the William Wates Memorial Trust and we had young people from several of the charities supported on several of the days. Your generosity helped make me one of the biggest fundraisers of the event, and the trust has raised around £335,000 in total so far from 2019. If anyone further would like to make a donation the link as before is

I hope that during the event some of you may have found my daily Facebook and Strava updates, and those of the Le Loop team. 
Looking forward to CCW next week now!”

C'est moi, au milieu ...

Bosham Regatta
Bosham SC Regatta (not!). Congratulations to Skua for being first across the line in the ISC-organised 'alternative' event  and to Svala (Hugo F) for winning it. They're honourable folk in No 3 - Calvert is S and Treloar is P!

Courses Conundrum.
First in a new series!

In a short 5-lap windward/leeward course with final leg to the finish in fickle wind competitors are starting to lap each other by the time the leaders are about to complete lap 3.

With the wind starting to fail and ebb starting the PRO decides on an urgent change of course; straight to F after B and this is signalled through the necessary flag C, hoots and course board close to B.

Competitors Jasper and Stewart are running in parallel but on different laps, Stewart having completed the greater number. Both see the course change, both sail directly to F.  Jasper gets a gust and takes the winner’s gun.

1 Stewart protests that he is the winner – but does he protest Jasper or the Race Committee?
2 And under which rule?
3 Does Stewart have a valid case against either?
Given the lapping potentially introducing confusion is there any better way of enacting such a  course change?

National Championships July 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom
And, above, a nice picture of Solitude, not insignificant to the Championship outcome.

Championships 2019 5/6/7th July
Another fabulous weekend on the Island!

For a report, our correspondent defers to the Y&Y and Sailweb reports which include lots of live video action!

We offer some 'Championship weekend what ifs':

• Blue Tit had travelled further on starboard tack in mid-Solent in the Vernon Trophy – as it was Skua (at one point with a mega lead) had to work hard to cover BT as they creamed in from the East. BT always does well in the VT!
• Osprey’s dyneema forestay splice had parted in R2 – and ironic that it should fail in relatively modest breezes after many much more demanding races. A tough test for the soft luff jib too.
• The soggy cool Sunday weather had disappeared – it would have made it a completely stellar weekend.
• We are not quite so used to (quite legal) match racing tactics. Certainly Solitude wasn’t complaining!

Dell Quay SC Regatta 7th July 
The reason why (Kansu) did not sail in the DQSC Regatta .... James Birkett reports below ...

In advance of DQSC regatta I undertook some pre winter preparation which included the removal of a dead limb form a tree.  In snapping the dead twigs I secured a 2 inch cut ½ deep requiring stiches (now glue).  Medic (Amanda) prescribed 7 days of water sports (no water sports?) so despite all my interference last week I was a no show.  I hear that 3 people turned up but do not know the winner!!!!

Sunday Morning Racing
We do not appear to be routinely able to muster a decent number of boats on Sundays – and on occasion none at all. Should we surrender our ‘first off’ slot so that the V & X fleets are not hanging around for no good reason? We could slot in at the end of the sequence rather than forfeit our start altogether – and charging through the V’s and X’s would add an unusual dimension? Please let me know your views asap.

Le Loop
Bonjour encore c'est moi, Charles!
Ici beaucoup de velo, beacoup de montagne, moins de bateau! Mes progrès:

Great to see Stage 6 with the pros lived up to its billing yesterday - it has been the most memorable of our trip so far when we did it last week, all those climbs on the buildup then the final, so steep! A couple of pics below from that day.

I am riding with a great group, which makes the mileages so much more manageable and sociable. You do still pass quite a few Loop riders riding solo though. I have had a personal letter of thanks from Rick Wates for the fundraising so far - thanks again for your various donations to this amazing charity. 

The first high mountain day was hard yesterday, though Peyresourd is only 13.2km at 7%, we had ridden 140km before we got to the start of it and that combined with the heat took its toll. 
We are riding the course of the individual time trial today in Pau, just 28km, and two nights in the same hotel - lovely!

Soulour and Tourmalet tomorrow, staying at the top of the Tourmalet, then a monster on Sunday for our last day in the Pyrenees: 189km from Limoux to Foix through a beautiful national park and including 3 cat 1’s and a cat 2, almost 5,000m of ascent and the Mur de Péguère.

Au Revoir!
PS Qui a gagné les championnats?

Diary Dates
• Saturday 20th July Bosham SC Regatta start 12.30
• Sunday 21st July Thorney Island SC Regatta (best teas in the harbour) provisionally 13.30
• CCW – now 14 boats entered! Will entrants please let me know asap when they might wish to sail to Cowes. The Sunbeams plan to set out at 10.30 on Saturday (27 July) and there is some merit in sharing their safety and escort cover. I will let boat managers know if there is a concensus and what that is as fleet cover is desirable whenever. We could even have a race!
• CCW2 -  undeterred by the 2018 goings on, the social event of the Swallow Year, the Whimbrel/Tit Bleu cocktail party is on for Sunday 28th July, 18.30, details as follows:
◦ on road called “No Access to Park” off the end of Barrs Hill off Castle Road.
◦ • only £10.00 per head, no Scottish notes or Euros please
◦ • please let us know if you are planning to attend.
◦ • ties not necessary!

Letters to the Editor
I am Captain of youth sailing at Bembridge SC, a dinghy and keelboat club towards the East of the IoW popular with many DFL's.
Through binoculars last Sunday I saw a Swallow dinghy failing to sheet its jib correctly while sailing upwind. Thinking of any younger members watching does this not set (letter cut short for reasons of space).

Name and address supplied.

Late June 2019

This Edition's Salty Saying
.... as applied to the Vernon Trophy ...

National Championships - Urgent!
We are hoping for a good turnout at one of our favourite Championship locations.

Just at the moment some of you are being a bit reticent about entering and in fairness to our hosts it would be helpful if your entry and catering requirements could be conveyed to them asap.

In order to reduce your baggage requirements it has been agreed with BSC that jackets and ties will not be required for the Saturday evening dinner – smart casual will suffice – and for the BBQ on Friday too*. The forecast for the VT and weekend are pleasant with sunshine and light/moderate breezes and spring tide-assisted passages both ways!

* But for the tie-ophobic, don't throw your ties away just yet, CCW is unlikely to show similar leniency!

Vernon Trophy Start 13.45 Friday 5th July - Traffic Ashore and Afloat
It is the second day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I would hope that our start time will minimise the potential disruption from FoS traffic but please allow for delays and choose your route to ISC with care.

It will be the final day of the Schools Sailing Championships (SSC). The Fireflies have a lunchtime break at East Head and we are hoping that we can start at a suitable location without getting in their way. Final instructions will be given at a briefing iro 12.30.

S and D
It might seem that many of our SandD candidates may be doing the RtI tomorrow. If there are any who are able to do it will they please let me know at lunchtime tomorrow so that I can sort the starting arrangements. Others will start at the normal time of 14.10.

Already reserved your mooring (via Charles Prescot) and entered too? 12 entries thus far! Don’t forget to diary the Whimbrel/Blue Tit extravaganza* for Sunday evening too.

* Ties required

Points Week 17th to 21st June 
We started as always on a spring HW and a sunny breezy classic (weren’t those rollers on the way back from Calvert just great!) and ended it with another similar on the final Friday (this time from Treloar).

15 boats competed at some point with a core of 12. Osprey dominated this opening encounter – and all three fleets celebrated on the Jetty House Lawn on a beautiful evening with plenty of fizz. New GM Amanda was able to join us too. Thank you to Haines for their sponsorship (and to Joe Burnie the new Chair for his welcome). On soggy Tuesday Skua (sailing for the first time) showed their exemplary tenacity to claw their way to the front but Kansu had dominated imperiously throughout and it was rather cruel to see them lose what would have been an impressive performance – as too was Archon in 3rd.

B2B R3 was postponed as the wind faded and the rain became very annoying – and the tide started ebbing strongly too! One rainy casualty (without a ball being bowled so to sp) was the Old Rectory’s games afternoon but the tea was as scrumptious as ever (especially those scones) and the event raised a welcome £250 for the Chi Stroke Club.

R4 was another overcast affair but not lacking in spice. This time Gwaihir got the nod. The postponed  R3 followed which the always up there Curlew took with aplomb after missing Pilsey Post, returning and then sailing an arc round the whole becalmed fleet! We had a very interesting and well-attended Club Dinner on Wednesday evening - with a disco too!

Thursday was yet another b2b day with a moderate breeze which suited Skua (incredibly) and then Osprey in the second with their positions reversed in t’other and Migrant securing her third podium finish of the week. Skittles with (or against!) the Sunbeams at the Barley Mow in Walderton was an inspired way to end a glorious day - and Prue R turned out to be the best Swallow skittler too!

So to the grand finale – Skua (with no discard to play with) and Osprey en tete and Gwaihir ready to pounce. You couldn’t have made it up. Skua (ever one for the pin end) was there as normal but then flicked right towards Pilsey Point to dodge the tide and was well, gone, and comfortably extended all  the way around too. A sort of lap of honour! Marengo was back in the hunt and did well to be the best of the rest in 2nd, with Gwaihir in 3rd. A great way to end with a very well-attended prizegiving and fish and chips to round it off in the warm evening sunshine.

PW Buccanner Trophy results
1st Skua (Harry and Prue Roome, and Peter Roome) 11 points
2nd Osprey (James Hartley. Jeremy Sibthorpe, Ian Tillett) 14 points
3rd Gwaihir (Mark Struckett, Mike Wigmore and Rachael Struckett/Christine Graves) 18 points
4th Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson, Nigel Glennie) 31 points
5th Curlew (Simon Slater, James Barron, Tim Boswijk) 34 points

Mid-fleet prize: Swift (Jon Perry, Peter Brasier and Robert Laird)

Quickest pack up the boat and get to the bar prize:  (bandana-wearing James Birkett and team – Tim’s 250hp outboard might have helped a tad!).
Quote: (from a first-timer PW Swallow participant) “an amazing and fantastic week”

Ideas for next time: B2B every day? Who to replace Roger Wickens in 2021 after what will have been an unbroken 16 years as PRO?

Charles et le Loop - Starts Tomorrow! 
Bonjour à tout le monde! ... c'est moi, Charles!
After seven months of training, the moment has finally arrived - this Saturday in Brussels I start my attempt to ride the whole of this year’s Tour de France route. As mentioned before, each of the 21 daily stages will be ridden one week ahead of the pros, 23 days in total including the two rest days. It is 2,146 miles and 186,000 feet of climbing. Thanks again for your support - details are at

If you are interested, there will be event Facebook coverage on #LeLoop2019 and at I will post updates on Facebook, Strava and by email whenever I can. 

There are numerous writeups about the route such as

Best wishes, CH


Bembridge July 2016

Early June 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom

Blasting Off!
Oh my what a weekend! Saturday was a blowout (though a couple of Fevas ventured out to show us what sport could be had in the F7/8 !) and on Sunday it was harry flatters for those planning to do the OH races.

When sufficient oomph did finally appear later on brief IH races were conjured up (with no Swallow participants). Trust the Regatta postponement communications were satisfactory (the errant one apart!).
The new Regatta date is 22 June  - details in this link:

It was exceedingly difficult to marry the tide requirements, fleet activities and those of potential visitors –  we hope we have got the best compromise. It is just after PW but the forecast is good (as too for PW itself).

That weekend therefore becomes a double header with the Club BBQ  and try-a-boat afternoon, and the opportunity to do some leisurely rowing, on Sunday 23rd  (...see below!).

A reminder that this Saturday morning (15th June) is the Ladies Medallion race. Have you found your lady driver yet? Normally a well-supported (sorry) event with much at stake.

Swallow Championships, Bembridge July 5th to 7th ... It will be all right on the Wight!
NoR ... read all about here!

Other links below point to the entry form, EWCC SI's and accommodation and taxi list.

Having had to delay by a week to allow the RTI race some room to pass there are some consequential timing issues as you will see from the event details. Access to our boats on their moorings at under-tyne from the foreshore is tidally restricted and racing can only commence later than we might have expected and when the ferries can do their thing. Does anyone mind the opportunity for a lie-in and hearty breakfast?!

We are greatly indebted to James Leaver who has offered his M/B to act as our escort boat and to take our bags (not loads of spare sails!). There will be a nominal charge of £5 per item which is both a contribution to the fuel costs and a fund to enable us to invite the Championship PRO and others to our Dinner on Saturday night. Please have the cash ready prior to the Vernon Trophy Friday (5 July) departure. More details of this anon but please note the start time of 13.45.

Entry form:
Accommodation and Taxis List:

Cowes Classics Week 27th July to 2nd August
7 boats entered already and a few likely lads yet to do so.

We are excited to welcome Peregrine (84) back into the fold after several years off-piste. Bob Sharp (remember him and his beautiful Finn at ISC years ago – and Claire too) has been working hard on getting the boat back in fine working order in deepest Oxfordshire and Dr Bob will be bringing her directly to CCW with a family crew to see how it all works. A mighty competitor!

Check out the details on

ISC Mid Summer BBQ Sunday 23rd June
Chris Blevins writes ...

The programme is thus:
1400 to 1630 Taster rowing, RS 2000 taster sailing, paddleboarding, Kayaking, canoeing, motor boating, ribbing etc.
1500 to 1700 Tea and cakes available
1730 to 1830  Happy Hour
1800 onwards BBQ

The menu is:
Chicken Kebabs, Salmon Kebabs, Green salad, French bean salad, Couscous, Ciabatta.
Mid summer Strawberries and cream. £15 per head and £10 for under 12s.

Please book your places for the event with the office!

Le Loop 2019
This publication will be following Charles Hyatt quand il quitte Bruxelles le Samedi 29 Juin pour commencer 'Le Loop'. Moins de bateaux, plus de vélos ...

Letters to the Editor
From Mr (Name and Address withheld)
Am I alone in expressing disappointment at the non-arrival of your promised 'ISC Regatta' on the 8th inst? I was was rigged and ready on the startline at the published time so it is without hesitation that I now write to claim the Regatta Tro ... (letter cut short for reasons of space).

Swallow News - Late May 2019

Norman Moore Trophy 2019

This Edition's Salty Wisdom
Below, anon.

Norman Moore Trophy 2019 ... were the Ongoing Oligarchy Overcome?*

First raced in 1957 (and won by the previous Blue Phantom) we at long last had welcome SW breezes, sunshine, and a very competitive 17 boat fleet. Subtract morning LW, other big keelboat fleets and some ‘interesting’ courses and what do you have? A partly flawed classic of the ‘Inland Championship’ weekend.

In R1 Chris Fox in Migrant nailed the BV start and tacked off to Pilsey whilst Houdini went t’other end and kept going over towards East Head and er, onwards. Nothing wrong with that in normal circumstances but N had been (unnecessarily) inserted before Dunes and Skua along with a few others forgot and hugely overstood Sandhead. Meanwhile over on the Pilsey side Migrant and Osprey were short-tacking to take every possible advantage from the now-flooding tide. There is little you can do when the Prof is out in front but Houdini came back up to 3rd – a course error that was to cost in the final countdown.

What’s this - Migrant all packed up at lunchtime and before R2?! The mega-syndicate could not man the craft – possibly saving themselves some of the drama which ensued. Quite what the RO was thinking of sending three large fleets on a short w/l ‘sprint’ course (E Head/Astra) in 15 knots we shall only discover in the memoirs but with a 10 minute or so lap time it was carnage rounding H the second time, so all credit to Skua for their skilful victory followed by Gwaihir (Mike with a guest crew) and Osprey.

R3 (now nearing HW) offered the opportunity to escape this mayhem with a harbour tour. To achieve the very necessary and much desired fleet separation we went west – and then had 7 consecutive reaching legs. The first was classic very marginal spinnaker - Osprey managed it, Skua and Archon following tried and gave up. The rest had no possibility of flying the kite without a diversion – especially boring on the long drag from Mill Rythe to Treloar. The advice to RO’s says Swallows ‘periodically enjoy three -sail reaching’ but obviously the wind direction indicator on BV had stuck about 20 degrees out. Still it appeared to suit Osprey who won for the first time in the series with Skua snapping at their heels and Archon (bless!) in third.

Overnight Osprey and Skua were tied on points – a situation destined to continue. This time (R4) with rather more breeze than on Saturday to Dunes, SWP, Mill Rythe and Calvert before starting the homeward trip, all the while in a solid breeze. After an indifferent start Skua dominated this one and ended with a humungus lead whilst Curlew was making good use of their new main (one of several), a crew change and good windward speed – but not enough to imperil Skua. Osprey came home third.

So advantage Skua? There were several permutations but without taking any match-racing into account Skua had to stay within 1 or 2 places of Osprey in the w/l Dunes/Peacock R5. Which is what they diligently did until a fudge factor emerged in the shape of Migrant (James Leaver at the helm). With Osprey commanding the front and Skua in second, Skua was the pre-post favourite. Skua went right (Pilsey) up the beats and Migrant left (E Head) each time but there was nothing in it at Dunes. How Osprey must have smiled when Migrant moved into into 2nd place and thereby levelled the score the between the two main protaganists, but now tilted towards Osprey on final race result. 7 points apiece was a worthy conclusion to a titanic contest and it was tough to have to implement the tie-break to produce very worthy winners for the second consecutive year.
1 Osprey (James H, Jeremy S and Rob S) 7 points (new Norths)
2 Skua Harry and Prue R and Nick B) 7 points (Hyde/Batt)
3 Gwaihir (Mike W, James C and Carol T) 15 points (Hydes)
4 Curlew (Simon S, Tim B and Guy M) 22 points (Hydes?)
5 Archon (Malcolm G, Caroline M and Elizabeth P) 26 points (New Norths)
* No. Ed.

Wednesday Evening Racing (WER)
Once a month we provide the race management team of three people as our humble contribution to these low-key fun races. If you live within commuting distance or can find the time from further afield to drop by that would be great (an informal supper follows). So if you fancy a spot of race management (either PRO, ARO or SBD) on the first Wednesday of each month that would be very welcome.

It behoves us ...
We have occasionally been exasperated by the tardiness of the 14 fleet in arriving late for their start. We must also get to the start in good time ourselves! Not for the first time this year we have had word from PRO’s that a minority of the Swallow fleet are late and causing unnececesary postponements and consequent delays to the later starts. Possibly we need to be more alert to the tide and wind strength, and to the actual location of BV? One of these (quite soon) days the PRO will start on time willy-nilly. A late return from morning races is no excuse. You have been warned!

Obiter Dicta
• The cheque books have been out! So many flashy new sails just out of their wrapping.
• Swift was checking the course when they broad-reached on to the putty near Astra. After rather ignominiously being towed off backwards JIT, they then made a storming start.
• There will be a parliamentary commission and a judicial review of some aspects of the race management (read the Course. Ed)
• James H had been praying for the (W)SWesterlies to return, and they did in grand style. Now everyone wants a Rob upfront ( ... 'know what I mean 'arry'. Ed)!
• That said do you remember when the girls in Marengo carried all before them (so to sp) in heavy or light airs?
• Full marks to Carol T for overcoming a crashing migraine on Saturday to support Gwaihir once more on Sunday – and for administering urgent physio to Simon H on the Club lawn on Sunday too! (photo withheld!)
• So many boats tied at the end – not only upfront but three from 5th-8th too.
• A convivial gathering on Saturday evening but in competition with a big Bosham bash.
• The dead parrot sketch? Have you heard the one about the dead Swallow? Ask Carol!

Diary Notes
• The forecast for this weekend (especially Saturday) should encourage us all out to play (surely now fully recovered from the NM exertions?) Sun and 10 knot SW!
• Who is going to wrest the fabulous Shippam Trophy from Skua on Regatta day (8 June)? Don’t forget there is a normal Swallow race in the morning. OH on the Sunday too.
• After a minor deviation last year the Ladies Medallion (LM) is back (Saturday morning 15 June). No ringers please.
• Please don’t forget to book for the PW social events (link here)
• Please check your safety gear – inspections will happen.

Swallow News - Early May 2019

RYC de Belgique Plate 2019
"When the rains before the wind, then your topsails you must mind
But when the winds before the rain, hoist your topsails up again."
Captain Nares

The 'Belgian Plate' May 4th/5th 2019
A silver platter presented to ISC after the RBYC visit for a largely windless weekend in 1973.
A weekend of record-breaking contrasts 46 years on! Welcome to the Winter Series (in May!) Saturday’s max was just 8C – and with three 27 knot gusts in the afternoon, somewhat penetratingly cool with it, but mercifully dry (at the back end anyway). The water was 4C warmer!

Where was the ODM for R1? Somewhere on the ‘wrong’ side of BV in the bright sunlight perhaps?  Skua started way down but Harry ‘Houdini’ Roome recovered steadily to record an unlikely victoire (given that they were the lightest crew) and possibly benefitting from the confusion about the windward mark. Osprey (just possibly at the other end of the spectrum) came home 2nd and the evergreen youngsters in Swift were 3rd – impressive for their first sail of the year.

In R2 Osprey closed on Curlew tacking up the Thorney Channel and then making the right choice on the downwind leg to E Head slipping past and was gone. Moments after crossing the line of the shortened course Curlew’s mainsail clew exploded! Gwaihir (Mark for the weekend) ground out a 3rd. We should mention Archon’s spectacular wipeout (or two) and Chris C’s subsequent trip to A & E (worth it just for the paramedics who attended at ISC!!). All was well - thanks to Hugo F’s prompt actions in the SB and Chris’s own ‘crash hat’. A convivial gathering of 35 in the jubilee room (a tight fit) for the supper and a good, sensibly-priced menu, all much enjoyed.

What a difference a day makes! Still perishingly cold and mostly overcast but with much lighter winds – starting at about 10 knots – and petering out altogether by mid-afternoon. Houdini was imperious in R3 with the largest fleet of the weekend (15 boats) behind and lead by Curlew using some new Batts for the first time. Osprey did well to finish 3rd and Marengo finally appeared at the top end in 4th (actually ending with 3 x 4th places).

So as at the end of Saturday’s racing so too with one final race to go – three boats all within a point of each other and a chance of winning the platter. In fact it turned out to be rather anti-climatic as the die was cast at the start and unless you went to Pilsey Point for tidal shelter you were history when the NNE wind died on the Itchenor side - and none of them did, so all three of them had relatively poor results. This should not detract from the superb way that Svala (Hugo helming) hunted down Solitude in the Thorney Channel and then extended until the course was ultimately shortened at Peacock with the now rampant ebb requiring the whole fleet to be towed home. A weekend of climatic record-breaking and contrasts with Osprey securing her first ‘premier’ trophy.

1st Osprey (James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorp and Rob Sutherland – 6 points) - below
2nd Skua (Harry and Prue Roome with Helen Williams – 7 points)
3rd Curlew (Simon Slater, James/Peter Baron, Tim Boswijk – 9 points)

When did you last see trophy results with no mention of either Gwaihir or Marengo?!

Charles Hyatt et 'Le Loop'

We wish the newly-sylphlike Charles the very best of luck in his imminent two-wheeled adventure. He breaks off from un déjeuner très agréable avec Jean-Paul Satre aux Les Deux Magots, Saint-Germain-des-Prés to write as follows:

"As many of you know, I am participating in Le Loop (formerly known as the Tour de Force) this summer, an event in which I will be cycling the route of this year’s Tour de France one week ahead of the pros. It is a total of 2,146 miles averaging 111 miles per day for each of the 19 non time-trial days, 21 days of cycling in all with just two rest days. 
I am raising money for the amazing William Wates Memorial Trust, which supports charities which help troubled young people in various ways. I am paying the full cost of my participation in the event myself, so every penny of the money I raise will go direct to the charity. I would be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring me. 
Full details are at this link.

Note: the Le Loop Blog offers this advice for any future takers ... 
"Riding multiple stages of the Tour de France is a massive undertaking – not only athletically, but also logistically and, perhaps most importantly, mentally. With an experience as all-encompassing as Le Loop, there will always be a few surprises lying in store. Riding back-to-back 200km days sounds daunting, but riders often find the real challenges are rather more subtle than that – or that aspects of Le Loop they’d been dreading turn out not to be so bad after all."

John Marsh
Several from the fleet attended John's funeral on Wednesday 1st May.

Some mentioned an eye-catching 'Swallow Picture' being part of the stained glass in the church in Arundel. Initially imagining a Svala or Hilbre under full sail aross the distant Solent we were still delighted to receive the attached picture - thanks Mimie!

Diary Notes ........
• Will the ISC team manage to retain the TR Trophy against the OCSS team on Sunday?
• The WER (Wednesday Evening Series!) continues on the 15th (start 18.10)
• B2B racing on Sunday 19 May and 2 June at spring HW (nb starting after the Sunbeams at 10.40 on the 19th)
• The Norman Moore over the late May BH weekend (with a dinner on Saturday evening). All boats should make an effort to be part of this event both on and off the water!
• ISC Regatta on Saturday 8 June (with a morning TH race as well) and OH on the Sunday (for the OCSS Bowl)
• The PW Social Programme is available here. It contains an error - Wednesday includes the words 'light-hearted competitions in tennis and croquet'. The wording will be changed!

SWALLOW NEWS - Late April 2019

What sets these - and all - racers apart from less daredevilish mortals is their complete lack of fear and their joy of doing something on the edge. They love to speed because it is dangerous.     
Peter Golenbock, sports journalist and author of 'American Zoom'.

With 35+ knot Westerly gusts currently forecast for tomorrow as part of 'Storm Hannah' the CC will send a separate note to boat managers later about the racing implications.

Deep End Trophy
Four races, all to count, for the Deep End Trophy, were sailed over the Easter Weekend on the 20th and 21st April. 

Lovely weather and great racing, thirteen boats turning out at various points, very encouraging this early in the season. With the wind swinging between NE and SE, mostly force 3 with the odd sojourn into force 4 and a spring tide everyone enjoyed near-ideal sailing conditions.

The first race was mostly Park – Dunes and back. The fleet remained closely grouped on the long run to Dunes via the Pilsey shore although Kansu and Curlew tried ‘crossing over’ about halfway and gained as a result. Difficulties with tide and attention saw Skua and Osprey spinning near Dunes as they took penalty turns. Marengo (Olly Sloper) stayed away from trouble and was rewarded with the first place, followed by Kansu and Skua.

The second race started similarly at Thorney saw the fleet make for Peacock as the first mark. The fleet split between the Thorney and Rookwood shores with Solitude first at the mark followed by Blue Tit and Skua. Then a ‘wobbly’ run with the now-ebbing spring to John Davis where the fleet split again between Thorney and Wittering shores towards East Head via the East Head Exclusion Zone. This time Curlew and Archon made significant gains towards the Wittering side to move into 4th and 5th places. With tide building and wind faltering the race was sensibly finished at Park with Skua winning followed by Osprey and Solitude.

On Sunday the third race included a run all the way to Dunes with the fleet splitting between the John’s Folly Channel and East Head, with the early leaders holding on past East Head.  Solitude and Kansu led but confusion over finishing lines allowed Kansu to overtake and take the gun with Osprey third.

The wind had faded almost entirely for the last race so a pragmatic course was set from a start near Lowles straight to the Gallon line.  The fleet’s priority was not to be swept over the line and got away cleanly, with first into the fair tide Gwaihir winning from Solitude. Missing the Saturday pm race with all races counting resulted in both Kansu and Marengo sadly slipping off the podium.

Overall Results:
1st Skua  Harry and Prue Roome, Helen Williams (Sat); Harry, Carol Thompson and Ginny Fox (Sun)
2nd Solitude   Anthony Lunch, Andrew Reid with Adam Levitt (Sat) and John Houghton (Sun) 
3rd Osprey  James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorp and Rob Sutherland

Deep Enders (Sunday Team)

John Marsh
John was part of the original Svala syndicate together with Christian Bang, Karen Bernays, John Glover-Wyllie and Philip Lancashire. Prior to that he sailed with John on Hilbre.

John's funeral will be at 2pm, Wednesday 1st May at St.Nicholas Church, Arundel. It will be followed by a private committal in the Churchyard at South Stoke; an immense privilege - there were sheep and lambs there recently!

The family say that if you are in this neck of the woods we would love to see you - and give you sustenance at 57 Maltravers Street, Arundel after the service.

Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate
The 'Belgian Plate' dinner is is a first of just three ISC Swallow social events this season. It would be heartening to have a few new faces as well as those who are normally able to support them. The current forecast for 4/5 May is pleasant!

Here is the dinner menu - note 'smart casual' ... no jackets or ties required!
Cod Loin with salsa sauce, lemon rice and mediteranean  vegetables
followed by
Treacle tart with either ice cream or cream
Coffee and chocs

All for just £17.50. Please pre-book at the Office and advise any special dietary requirements.

And Finally........ Some Deep End Snippets
• Skua shipped Carol Thompson and Ginny Fox from the Migrant syndicate for Easter Sunday, but failed to stop Migrant from luffing Skua over the start line for the second time in one weekend.
• James Birkett missed race 2 after too much sun – when did that last happen at Easter?
• A few of the new North sails were on display – will they move the Batts and Hydes from the front at the Belgique?

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid April 2019

Ponder Challenge Cup - April 2019
The Ponder
The Ponder, three races, all to count, was sailed on Saturday the 13th April this year. Overseen by the Roome Team on Betivuka, it was encouraging to see 8 Swallows not only out so early in the season but highly competitive!

An Itchenor – Park course was set for the morning b2b in pleasant if slightly chilly conditions. Being an Easterly breeze, about Force 4, there were significant shifts. At various points gusts moved 15 degrees towards the South resulting in constant place changing. In the first race with ebbing Neap Solitude tried the Itchenor shore, initially looking good but eventually fading. Spectre and Osprey ‘worked’ the Cobnor shore eventually getting to Itchenor with a lead they didn’t relinquish, Spectre first, Osprey second and Whimbrel third.

The second race produced a similar pattern with Osprey this time winning followed by Solitude and Marengo with Spectre fourth. At lunch this place Osprey in the lead with a following bunch of Spectre, Marengo and Solitude.

Betivuka moved to the Thorney channel for the afternoon ‘normal’ race. The breeze was now SSE veering occasionally to close to SE, still gusty. Although challenging to set a course in these conditions the Roomes turned up trumps, sending the fleet to Freddy Brooks via a zone mark and back via the same zone, opposite handed this time.
Again, Osprey pushed ahead eventually winning the race and the Ponder despite Solitude, 2-Up, briefly getting in front of them upwind. Behind both, Spectre came in third.

The stage is set for another highly-competitive season!
Overall Results:
1st Osprey
2nd Spectre
3rd Solitude

Note from Class Captain re Swallow Programme

This has already been sent to Boat Managers. 

1. The Deep End Trophy (this Easter w/e 20 & 21 April). There will be  a single race both am & pm on Saturday at the normal start times. On Sunday there will be b2b races in the morning as per programme to conclude the four race all-to count trophy. The pm race will not take place. This is to encourage Swallows to complete all the trophy races and then enjoy a leisurely Easter lunch with their families without having to sail once more. The strong spring ebb in the afternoon and forecast of lighter winds are supporting factors.

2. Easter Monday. The TO race will be re-designated as a P (Pollock Trophy) race.

3. The Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate w/e 4 & 5 May.  There will be a single race on the Sunday morning. The 4 race, 3 to count Trophy will therefore finish on Sunday afternoon of this BH w/e.

SWALLOW NEWS - April 2019

'The Harbour Beckons!'
And they're off ...!

Back to the beginning (on 30 March for those still hibernating) when in balmy conditions (the waterproofs were shed early on) and influenced by a gentle southerly from the Sahara the heroes from Whimbrel, Solitude, Marengo and Gwaihir had a close tussle throughout with Gwaihir steady at the front, but with no opportunity to relax, and followed by Solitude for most of the race before Marengo (helmed by Philip Pascall) rather impertinently snuck past them on the finish line. Their reward was being the biggest fleet of the day.

Whimbrel has clearly thought better of sailing in the somewhat changeable conditions that have followed for the Toucantoo Trophy but full marks to the others who have braved the wintry conditions that have prevailed since – podium places for everyone. The last of this series is on Easter Monday so (with a few interruptions on the way) there is still time to dent Gwaihir’s lead.

Ponder Challenge Cup - Saturday 13th  April
Will this be the real start of the season? Looks to be a nice enough day which has attracted a better if not stellar-sized fleet (per C2C – responses are getting better and a few tweaks are on the way but this one was complicated by a rather early and out of sequence communication which may have caught a few out). NB The PRO team is from Skua!

The Keelboat Endeavour Trophy, Burnham - 27th/28th April
A new event designed to replicate the highly regarded and hugely competitive dinghy event in September and which has now got sufficient traction to warrant our support. It will be run by the Royal Corinthain YC and sailed in 707’s (remember them!). Team Gwaihir will form the nucleus of the four man crew. We wish them well in this ten Class Champions event (their experience with mud-larking in Chi harbour is sure to be beneficial).

John Mash
We are sorry to report that John sadly died on the 5th April. John was part of  the Svala team and one of the most delightful people every to sail  a Swallow. He also had a cruiser in the Med. Once we know the date and location of his funeral we will advise.

Sunday Racing
Not exactly overrun with support thus far! Let us hope with improving conditions and the Brexit debate on hold ( ... don't mention the 'b' word Tony) we can muster more support. BTW the Easter w/e forecast looks quite tempting (and the Club still give out Easter eggs for race winners on the Sunday!).

And Finally........
The ISC Swallow team
We met recently to discuss a whole host of issues from illegal drug-taking on the water to the art of anchoring (where is yours located?). The next SN will have full details.

Many thanks to the many who recently provided Tom Clarence-Smith with their season plans. Updates on this shortly.

Diary notes ....
• All aboard for the Ponder tomorrow!
• The DE Trophy over the Easter weekend
• The RYC de Belgique Plate (to use the proper moniker) on May 4/5 – and a supper too on Saturday.

SWALLOW NEWS - March 2019

Pre Season 2019

North Sails Visit
The biggest sail loft in Europe! How big? Well in less than one half of the building they can lay out a J’s (the very big one) mainsail and jib and a TP52 main and JV72 No 3 jib. They would initially be moulded in the dry desert heat of Nevada in North’s new 3di carbon material, caressed by a spider man on a harness. Then the ‘blank’ is shipped (or air-freighted) to Gosport for finishing. How much you ask? The JV72 jib – a shade under £40k. A complete suit sir? Well if you have to ask......

Back to the real (or almost real) world. The one-design department produces 600 Finn sails (mostly for Europe) a year – in 5 different design variations according to helm weight and mast bend. Some will be discarded after just one (heavy airs) regatta. And then the rest - including Boomerang’s flash new mainsail thoughtfully laid out for us to (closely!) inspect. Lots of Dragon sails too – their overlapping genoa results in some boats having four new genoas per season – and you thought we had problems!

Things to look out for: (1) Helix jibs – The luff wire is dispensed with and an adjustable dyneema  cunningham control alters the complete luff flow characteristics, all this aided by a fancy full length 6” panel (on a Merlin anyway). (2) CAD is old hat, North are now into wind tunnel and computer modelling accurately to assess original design and subsequent derivatives. How soon before the helm has to take a psychometric test?!

We (35 ISC keelboat sailors) were kindly hosted by three of their key personnel to whom we are most grateful (and for the grub too!).

Working Party 2nd/3rd March
Missive from Swallower Chris Creak (featured above in reverse perspective) follows. You will be delighted to know that most Swallowers qualify as 'younger and stronger' given the demading nature of the Swallow Dayboat!
Dear Class Captains 

I am not sure that my last email reached you all so I am sending out another, if you have already received it I apologise.

The Jetty maintenance has to be on the 2/3 March as there is a wedding and the Ready to Race day on the next possible weekend 16/17th March.

It is essential that we are able to replace the rotten piles under the Mirror decking and this requires the younger and stronger members to handle the 6m lengths. We also need to continue with the replanking of the remaining decking, not quite such an onerous task.
The work will start at 09.30 each day and there is the usual incentive of a pint  and lunch for those working all day.

Please urge your members to come and help, we have so many classes now , if each Class Captain️ turned out with just one other there would be plenty of volunteers.

It is essential that everyone planning to come registers with the office so I can have a good idea of how many to expect on the weekend.

I look forward to hearing from (you all).

Chris  Creak (Hon Bosun)

CCW News!
Entries open in late March!

Richmond Park Walk
Ten brave Swallowers and partners circumnavigated same in perfect weather conditions on Sunday the 17th February before adjourning to the Plough Inn for a spot of lunch.

The picture shows the group admiring 'The Way' gates which stand on the protected view (10 miles) from King Henry's Mound to St Paul's. The gates were constructed in 2011 to celebrate the cathedral's tercentenary.

Dates for your Diaries
• Fairford visit Saturday 9th March
Message from Richard and Carol: We are so looking forward to seeing you all on March 9th and showing you our beautiful church.  John Betjeman wanted 'the lower half of The West Window of Fairford Church' as his 'luxury ' when he was on Desert Island Discs!!

I suggest that we either meet at Manor Farm Cottage at 10.30  when it is about 10' walk to the church.  or meet at the church at 10.50

I will put out a dish in my kitchen for your £3.50 for the visit----

Love Richard and Carol

• Ready to Race day Sunday 17th March
• First Aid Course Saturday 23rd March
• Support Boat Course Sunday 24th March
• First Swallow Race Sarturday 30th March 14.10!!

SWALLOW NEWS - Early February 2019

Winter Update!

Richmond Park Walk - Sorry it will be on SUNDAY the 17th February
NOT Saturday 17th as stated in the previous SN! All other arrangements remain the same. Let us know asap if you can make it

Reminder - Visit to St Mary's Church Fairford Saturday 9th March
Kindly arranged by Carol Thompson. The above image is of the Church's Great West Window. Again, please confirm as soon as possible if you would like to join the tour via 

North Sails visit Thursday 7th February
A final reminder! 30 ISC sailors are joining the visit at the moment of whom just 5 are Swallowers.

And Finally........
• On a lighter note, you may enjoy the link below to 'Sailing Anarchy'
• Don't forget the ISC Working Party 2nd March!
• Here's the link your 'Fridge Door' Summary Swallow Programme!
• Remember Itchenor Quiz Night Saturday 9th February!

SWALLOW NEWS - End of January 2019

Winter Weekend and Richmond Park Walk

Winter Weekend 
Except that (mercifully) it wasn’t! Relatively mild (no, we are not talking about the AGM - of which more anon).

At the outset we must thank Alison Garrett (Ali G) from Whimbrel who put the whole package together. We started at 14.00 on Saturday with a fascinating visit to the NMOC (National Maritime Operations Centre) in Fareham. As well as looking after thee and me they also look after those who we must not talk about – so after the security clearances - it was very informative and obviously nowhere near the sea. It would have been nice to have a photo or two to re-produce here, but that’s when the big hand blocked the camera view.

A quick trip along the A27 to ISC and a well-attended AGM deftly chaired by NSCA Chair George Miller. There were some tetchy points (the proper minutes will appear in due course):

• We no longer have a Swallow builder and although identifying one would be easier with an order in hand we need to advance the quest for one in absentia.
• The suitability of the moulds was (obviously) discussed and the need to accumulate sufficient funds to ultimately replace them. Meanwhile we may need to move them – and they are big and very heavy, and on the IoW.
• Meanwhile we managed to exercise ourselves over the frequency of rudder failures and the possible need to recover the mould from Composite Craft on the IoW. Malcolm G saved the day by recalling that Haines are licensed to use the mould – but do not yet have GRP experience.
• Sails – a minefield without any mines (yet!). PE 15 (in clear – not – and grey - or any other colour if you can find it and want to pay for it) are where it’s at protem for the main. Yes there may be some supply issues in the future but nowt to worry about atm.
• Jibbering: we hope to encourage a sailmaker to produce an experimental jib with the same dimensions and three leech battens which might enhance the life of a jib and which would be rotated through the fleet this summer. If any durability benefit is observed it will be put to the Class at an EGM to coincide with the September Class Meeting.
• Jib furling: Off-wind some drop them and some don’t. Would arriving or departing from a mooring be less harmful on the jib and easier with a furler? If feasible the bits would cost £320 and the fitted cost iro £630. All the string would have to be over-deck. Then the battens would have to be (almost vertically) re-aligned. Further examination requested.
• With military precision the meeting finished as promised at 18.15

Dinner/Walk/Pub Lunch

So to the even better-attended (60 no less) Annual Dinner (thank you to the Club catering team for an excellent meal) and prize-giving (without any prizes!), but with John Nelson (below) of the Chichester Harbour trust to tell us about the great work they do to preserve and enhance the beauty of the harbour for our continued enjoyment by acquiring sensitive sites. A largely unsung but invaluable initiative which is dependent on us all recognising it’s importance - and even dipping into our pockets too.

With an all too brief overnight break 25 determined walkers arrived at the Barley Mow in Walderton for a 6 mile circular downland hike on an overcast but relatively mild Sunday morning. Ali and Bruce had checked out the route on 3 previous occasions to ensure all (sprinters/normal/slowcoaches) had an option to suit. The slowcoaches elected to follow behind and then took a wrong turn at the very first opportunity (but aided by the thoughtfully provided marked map) and enjoyed an alternative scenic walk arriving back 2hrs 15 mins after setting out, as did everyone else (and a few non-walking guests too).

Great roast lunch in the skittle alley. Fun and convivial – the whole weekend. Thank you!

North Sails - Thursday 7th February
North are throwing open the doors of their high-tech facility in Gosport to the ISC keelboat fleets. Obviously the date and time are not going to suit everyone but if it might please let CC know asap. Refreshments will be provided!

Richmond Park Walk - Saturday 17th February
You've read the book, seen the film ... now here's the real thing!

Highlighted at the Dinner, these are the arrangements. Meet at Sheen Gate, Richmond Park, 10.15 for 10.30am, enjoy invigorating walk guided by Offredi/Giles, revert to the most convivial 'Plough' PH, Sheen for about 12.30pm for lunch.Map below. The Sheen Gate Car Park is just inside the Gate. Come dressed for the conditions!

Richmond Park is the largest of the Royal Parks, originally created by Charles the 1st and now hosts the Royal Ballet School up to age 16, many other famous lodges and plantations as well the famed deer herds. Not all know for example that Edward VIII was born at the White Lodge on the 23rd June 1894 whereupon a servant was despatched the two miles to Sheen to order bells to be rung in recognition of high birth.

Nelson is rumoured to have visited White lodge to explain his Trafalgar Battle Plan to Lord Sidmouth, PM and resident at the time, six weeks prior to the battle. In the same vein, Swallows can feel free to announce their 2019 Harbour Campaigns on the 17th.

There is a break in the Six Nations Fixtures for the 17th so traffic to/from Twickenham should not be an issue.

Do not miss this opportunity! Please indicate interest in.ability to attend walk or lunch or both via email to asap.

And Finally........
Memo to self: Are we actually quite content with things as they are? After all the hardest decision is not to tamper with anything – especially if it ain’t broke. We are not a Grand Prix Class.

Peregrine (S84) – in Oxford! Dr Bob Sharp has acquired Peregrine which disappeared from the radar about 4 years ago. Some may remember Bob from ISC a fair few years ago when he had his Finn. He is spending some time fettling her before, hopefully, getting her to CCW in July.

Swallowers also do it standing up! 25 Swallow sailors managed to surface early on Sunday 13th January (after a mega Annual Dinner at ISC for 60 the previous evening) to undertake a 5.5 mile Downland hike from Walderton - which started and finished at the Barley Mow where after another excellent meal we played in the pub's skittle alley

SWALLOW NEWS - Early January 2019

January 2019 - Bembridge Championship and Winter Weekend
Bembridge - Important!

Thank you to all who were able to respond promptly to the very recent proposal to change the date to Friday 5th for the VT - start 13.30 (HW 14.23 4.8m) and Sat/Sun 6/7 July for the Championships - which is now confirmed. The reasons for the change were identified in the early Dec SN and we have been working with BSC to solve some of the change issues - the fact that it is just one week later hides a lot of effort and compromise to achieve a satisfactory result. More than 15 boats have already indicated their intention to take part on the new dates - and of course there is room for more. The event will be run in the normal format and the NoR will appear in the spring. In order to save more heartache please book any accommodation requirements asap!

Winter Weekend

Alison Garrett has been busy researching, cajoling, organising and administering every element of what promises to be a fun-filled and informative weekend - for which our grateful thanks. We did forewarn her that the Swallow Class are notoriously late bookers (with some notable exceptions) but it would help keep the stress levels under moderate control if you could book immediately (with the Office) for the Saturday Dinner and with Ali for Sunday's walk and pub lunch!

Update from Ali here

A link to the AGM Agenda here

Swallow News - CHRISTMAS 2018

Swallow Winter Weekend!

Don't forget to sign up for the National Maritime Offshore Centre visit on 12 January and all other Swallow winter weekend fun and games asap!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you the 13 January Sunday walk will be based at the Barley Mow at Walderton (not Walberton which is about 8 miles away!)
AGM Agenda and Sailcloth Note
Link to Agenda

Link to sailcloth


Spectre has been bought by Adrian Fisk and a cast of luminaries from Stealth and elsewhere. Serious jocking! Stealth now available at a very competitive price (and Spreadeagle and Blue Phantom too).

FYI Sunbeam and XOD fleets expanding for 2019 season!

Foiling? Well if the new AC boats can do it ....

Swallow News - DECEMBER 2018

Season's greetings to all Swallow Sailors and very much looking forward to seeing you all in January and again for another fabulous season in 2019!

The Swallow Winter Weekend 12/13th January 2019
... with many thanks to Ali G, here it is: 

Saturday 12th Jan 2019

Visit to NMOC Coastguards 13:30 for 14:00
The visit starts at 14:00 so we should arrive at 13:30 as we all need to pick up passes which takes a bit of time. It will last about 2 hours.
We will be given a talk - about how the service has got to where it is today and how it works etc. We can then see the ops room from a large viewing gallery.  We may or may not be able to actually go into the ops room dependent on what they are dealing with at the time- a lot of their work is “sensitive”.
National Maritime Operations Centre
Unit 4, Kites Croft Business Park
Fareham PO14 4LW



Ali G will need names, passport numbers and car registration numbers when you make your reservation.

Distance from the NMOC to ISC is 30 miles. AA route planner says 39 mins so hopefully an hour should be adequate to be back at Club by 17:00 for the AGM.

To book a place contact me by email on

We have v poor internet service so if you do not get an acknowledgement within 24 hours please try again.

Max No. = 20 so first come first served.

AGM 17:00

Dinner 19:30 for 20:00


Starter : Calamari and Chorizo Rissotto
Main: Seared Rump of Lamb
Pudding : Apple Tart Tatin
Coffee and Mints 
Cost £30 
Book directly with the office.

Guest Speaker
We welcome John Nelson, the Chairman of the Chichester Harbour Trust as our guest speaker. The CHT is an independent charity created to conserve this area of un-spoilt estuary and it's surrounding landscape for the public benefit. CHT has taken the view that in the most sensitive parts of the harbour ownership is the only sure form of stewardship and now own 250 acres of harbour-side land in 13 sites.

Sunday 13th Jan 2019
Many happy returns to the Barley Mow! Meet at the:
Barley Mow 
PO18 9 ED 
10:00 for 10:15
approx 2 hour walk 
Lunch afterwards in the Skittle Alley of the pub - effectively a private dining room
I have told the pub to expect about 35

Please let Ali G know if you are walking and/or lunching (lunch priority given to walkers!)

We should all be grateful for the amount of work that Alison Garrett has put into organising all this - including a prior visit to the NMOC and 'testing' the walk.

RYA Volunteer Awards
This prestigious award recognises Anthony’s contribution to and leadership of one of his other sailing Clubs but we should also take this opportunity to salute his contribution to ISC and the Swallow Class.

Anthony first sailed at the Club in 1961 at the Schools Championships where he had the misfortune to be up against one Rodney Pattison – who won with Anthony runner-up. Undaunted he was back a year later and this time won the event – these were the days when a brand new Firefly was given to the winning school. Anthony sailed many Wilson trophy team racing events in the 60’s before doing some Int 14 racing at Upper Thames SC.

In 1997 and after a serendipitous meeting with Andrew Reid on the Club lawn they decided to go Swallow sailing together and Solitude was purchased. They did Cowes Week together a year later, and for evermore thereafter.

Anthony was Class Chairman for 3 years during which Ka Nyenga was launched, Darter was part of Sir Robert Finch’s Lord Mayor’s inaugural parade through the City, and he introduced the Cowes bursary scheme. If this all sounds like an obituary Anthony confirms that he is looking forward to many more years of enjoyable competition and the good companionship of the Swallow Class!

Swallow National Championships 2019 - important information!

Recent conversations with Bembridge SC have identified two issues, one of which may require your immediate attention:

1. The race programme:
• On Saturday 29 June the Round the Island Race is taking place (date only confirmed after we had booked the Championship!). As those of you who have done this race will know there are many factors which determine the speed at which one gets round and the route one takes. In average conditions the majority of the fleet might be in the proximity of ‘our’ Bembridge race area from about 14.00.

• The wind and tidal direction affects the route between Bembridge Ledge and the Forts. If the fleet has gone round the back of the island quickly with a SW wind they will want to dodge the still adverse SE-flowing tide by coming in towards Bembridge. If they have made average speed the tide is slackening and there is no advantage, and the rhumb line is fine. If the wind is W or NW then an inshore tack is beneficial.

• It is therefore possible that our race area and the RTIR fleet might theoretically be at odds (which would be quite exciting with 1200+ boats). Having discussed this with our PRO Jonathan Peel he feels that we should easily get 2 races in before any problem might arise (with a slightly earlier than normal start) and if it does become problematical then we can relocate our race area prior to the third/final race of the day.

• Or would we like the idea of an opening ‘sundowner’ Championship race on Friday after the VT (HW 00.00) as a banker?  

2. Accommodation
• Quite a few have already booked accommodation. Those that have yet to do so should do so right now because we have discovered that there is a big wedding in Bembridge (nowt to do with BSC) on the Saturday. Invitations to the wedding will be going out in early January and one can expect that much of the available accommodation will be booked promptly. So as to ensure your place at this ever-popular venue without any accommodation concerns please act very soon!

ISC Working Parties
Our retiring (?!) Club Bosun (the Hon Chris Creak) was unfortunately less supported by members for the follow-on WP earlier this month, especially the 'young stronger ones' requested. WP images below.

Another date (Saturday 2 March 2019) has been set, the usual enticements of a drink and lunch on offer. Phillip Pascall might well be i/c by then (and as a new member of the Marengo syndicate) and will look to the keelboat stalwarts for their continued support. Hopefully we will be joined by rather more dinghy sailors for whom this outstanding work is being done.

November WP

December WP.

Some dates for your 2019 diary

12/13 January - The Swallow winter weekend (see above)

7 February - Visit to North Sails, Gosport – Thursday evening at 18.00 – names to - with the X & V classes too - but spaces limited! Refreshments will be available.

Sunday 17 February - The Swallow Richmond Park walk and pub lunch – details anon

Saturday 9 March - Carol and Richard Thompson at home in Fairford, Glos. Carol has kindly organised a prior 90 minute tour (£3.50) of the 520 year old St Mary’s Church with it’s wonderful medieval stained glass windows followed by lunch at their Manor Farm Cottage. Please let Carol know on if you are able to enjoy this opportunity and their extremely kind hospitality.

Sunday 17 March - ISC Ready to Race day

Saturday 30 March - Season’s opening race!

The provisional ISC 2019 sailing programme is now available on the website.

Still looking for a Xmas present?!
Perhaps Hyde sails could help you out? The only winter offer still running (but only to the end of this week). Winners of all the major trophy events in 2018.

Bought & Sold
The 'Blue Tit' syndicate is seeking a new (4th) partner for the 2019 season. Contact if interested. Interesting races and even more interesting banter promised!

Laying-Up, November 2018

Murray Fox
You will probably have read of Murray’s passing in ISC QN and of the arrangements for the memorial service to be held in Itchenor on 6 December. Murray was a founding and active member of the Migrant syndicate... our condolences to Liz, Chris and Ginny.

Murray joined the Club in 1965 with a Firefly ‘Fiery Cross’ before moving on to the first of several Swallows – 'Margaret' in 1972 with Jim Jerwood (and later Michael Shaw and John Leaver) which was renamed as 'Migrant'. S23, 'Margaret', was the USA Swallow and bronze medallist in the 1948 Olympics. Then came S68 - 'Ptarmigan' – newly built for the expanding syndicate in 1979 and then another new 'Migrant' in 1990 (86 – the one we know) with the core members of this longest-lasting Swallow syndicate still on board. Murray was Hon Treasurer 1970 - 1974 and Commodore in 1994.

The Laying-Up Supper
A respectable if not outstanding turnout by the Swallow Class (24/100) for an excellent meal and an atmospheric evening including the award of the remaining prizes.

Migrant seemed to be the major beneficiary - the Prunty (2UP) trophy, the Fisher Mug (hoho!), the Brian Russell trophy (Autumn Sunday series) and the Swallow (all long series throughout the year). Cockersootie got the nod for Summer Sundays (thought that seemed a tad early for the helm?) and Gwaihir got a lifetime achievement award (!) for their performances over the 3 years of our extended 70th anniversary celebrations.

The remaining and yet-to-be awarded prizes will be given out in January at the Dinner (so please make a point of attending and see below).

Mainsails etc!

A very dynamic situation! Discussions at the Class meeting September last and at a subsequent NSCA Committee meeting seem to have been partly overtaken by even more recent information and advice from our sailmakers. The current position is identified in the attached note recently sent to Boat Managers by George Miller and reproduced here so that all may be aware.
Click here

Club Winter Working Parties

The Hon Bosun  - yes, we do have one – our very own Chris (the hammer) Creak has called us to arms over the weekend of 17/18 November for remedial bonking in the Mirror berthing area and the tender slipway. Please let the Office know that you are able to take part and you will be rewarded as ever with a pie and a pint at half-time.

RYA Lifetime Commitment Award

As you may already have seen via ISC QN - congratulations to Anthony Lunch. SN  will be the first to publish pictures of the presentation on the 16th!

S91 Spectre For Sale

Upgraded 2011 By David Heritage In Cowes.
Hyde Sails
2 Spinnakers
Tack tick wireless depth
Carbon Boom
Carbon Spinnaker Pole
Traveller on Rear Deck
All control lines simple and easy to use
Fast Boat!

£9,000 ono.

Remembering  a Memorable Summer ... and a desire to repeat in 2019!

And Finally........ 'Two by Two'
• Curlew rounded off an up and down season with a brace of victories on the final day of racing for the Roy Allen series. It was breezy and bl..dy cold so congrats to all 6 brave boats/participants. Curlew’s late charge for honours was not quite enough to unseat Osprey who added another trophy to an already extensive haul in this their first year.
• Having only just returned from a 40C sojourn in India Ali G chose the coldest day to be the Betivuka driver and ARO on 27 October. As if that wasn’t enough she then repeated the dose in ‘the coldest building on earth’ - the Raptackle as ARO at Bosham the day after. They don’t make 'em like that no more!

Swallows do it in 33 knots - the final race of the weekend Bob Massey Trophy. Photo courtesy Pippa Horne

September 2018

Posted 13th September 2018

Haines Challenge Cup (HCC) and Bart's Bash (BB)

A feat of magic yet to be tried (but it should work!). Please make a point of supporting the one occasion in the year when we all come together in one race to remember Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson and for the 88th anniversary of the donation by the Haines family of the magnificent HCC.

Yes there are T & C’s (the Swallows are no longer supposed to win!) and we have adjusted the handicaps of several classes to reflect our recent experiences, and the new single-handers and 2000's, and of course basing it all on the annually adjusted RYA yardstick figures. It’s not a perfect science but this is a fun day which we hope you will enjoy on the top of the tide and in what looks like ideal conditions.

The fudge factor this year is combining both HCC and BB. The HCC is a pursuit race of a 100 minute race duration based on the median boat and BB is a speed test. We can accommodate both with two ‘finish’ lines (ie. marks on the course through which you must pass) at different times. It is a PRO’s nightmare – that Roger Yeoman has kindly taken on. Wish him well!

There is a charitable intent behind all this. We wish to continue our support of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, and to supplement Club Funds to develop our participation in ‘away’ events at which the Club is represented. Collection buckets will circulate at lunchtime (cash only please) and it would be great if every individual competitor was able to help these causes.

There will be prizes for the first boat (in a class of five or more entries) as well as the HCC for the overall winner. There are 3 wind options and the PRO will decide which is appropriate on the day. Take care to note the synchronised start information on the notice-board, and your start time as the start sequence is complex - and far from normal! Remember this is a fun event and it is both a privilege and a pleasure to be mixing it with all the ISC classes.

The full T & C’s and wind/start options will be published on the ISC website on Wednesday 12th September.

Wednesday Evening Racing 
After an interesting experience last week it has been decided to advance the start time to 17.40 for Swallows and 17.45 for XOD’s. We have had several Swallows racing regularly and it continues to the end of the month.

Crew's Race 25th August
12 boats entered for this spectacle – a combination of ringers and bona fide crews.

Some refinement of the entry criteria for next year perhaps? Lacking a course card Curlew (James Barron) sailed off into the distance after rounding the Pilsey zone mark but first rather forgot to go round the Pilsey Post and then spinnakered off to E Head rather than Ellanore – exit Curlew!

The maverick N in the course always causes upsets of one sort or another and Marengo (Sue Hamlyn – nav/tactics one Carolyn B) somehow emerged from a lowly position to lead – and then kept on extending. Game over? Certainly not – Buccaneer (Simon H no less) used their off-wind pace to great effect to catch and then pass Marengo – but not for long as they fought back and retook the lead. Hoho!

Anthony Lunch Recalls a Different Cowes Week 2018
Competing in a strange class, with no pre-race practice, and in a fleet comprising Olympic medallists and various Class Champions, was certainly challenging for both Malcolm, Henry and Ginny, and for Andrew, John and me.

Malcolm suffered many gear failures and other frustrations, but soldiered on and was always in the fray.  The Solitude boys sailing Basil (number forty; got it?!), had their moments but – as so often in Cowes Week – often failed to capitalise on decent early legs.  Nevertheless, they notched up 15.3 knots on the broad reach back from the Western Solent to the finish in the mid-week breeze.  And, thankfully, survived the 40 knot winds on the final Friday, even rounding the first mark on a 4 mile run in 3rd place.

All in all nearly as enjoyable as Swallowing!

James Leaver Gets JF Parents Afloat
James and William Hartley took Nick Pople in Osprey, Jamie Birkett handed the tiller of Kansu to Julian Hantrais, Chris Fox helmed Svala with Clare Hantrais and David Jones and Charles Fisher handed the helm of Migrant to Malcolm Glaister with Jon Turner as third.

In a fresh SW breeze and against the flood tide the fleet were over keen and were general recalled before Kansu took the most eager restart from Park. On the first lap to East Head Kansu crossed the tide early to take the Rookwood shore. Osprey crossed half way up the beat leaving Migrant and Svala on the right. Svala risked most crossing the shallow water by Astra and made a late crossing to East Head. This paid. The rest of the race became a bit processional with only one place change in the run down to Peacock, one sided beat back up to East Head and return to the club line via Peacock and Park.

Line honours to Svala followed by Osprey, Migrant and Kansu.

Being Junior Fortnight beer mats were awarded to all competitors. Commiserations were offered to Stealth who ferried out and searched for their stealth like boat for a while only to realise she was on the Haines hard!

James has kindly offered to put this year’s ad hoc arrangement for the JF Wednesdays on a more formal footing for next year. JF dates next year are 29th July to 9th August 2019. Let’s be supportive and diary now.

Club to Class (C2C)
Support waxes and wanes. Is Monday too early in the week to convey racing intentions for the following weekend?

Some can wrap their heads around it at the start of the week and others later on - but some not at all. It greatly assists Club resource planning and course options if we know asap how many boats are destined to race and it also encourages floating voters knowing how many boats will be out. A classic example was a recent Wednesday evening when one boat registered on C2C but 5 turned up! What if those 4 had indicated their intentions and on the back of it another 5 might have come out to play?! Much the same story one Saturday a fortnight back when 7 registered and 12 sailed. If the C2C emails might not be reaching the right person just let Tom C-S know and he will make sure it goes to a.n.other in your boat.

To Skua for victory in the well-supported RIP Trophy series
To Cockersootie for winning the SuSun Trophy - from a positively huge fleet!

Diary Notes
• HCC/BB this Saturday pm
• Bob Massey: w/e 22/23 (Sun am only) - and Class Meeting at 16.45 on Saturday
• Reach Trophy: Saturday 6 October (b2b am and R3 pm)
• Finella Cup: (3 x b2b) Saturday 20 October - and Club Autumn General Meeting
• Roy Allen Trophy: Saturday 27 October the two final races - and Club Laying Up Supper
• 12/13 January 2019 – the Swallow winter weekend!

Posted 24th August 2018

Late August 2018

The 'Proper' CCW Group Picture Is Here!
With thanks to RLYC this is the 'formal' picture.

Below, our predecessors at a Cowes party over 60 years ago, when the Class was less than 10 years old and Cowes Week the Regatta. The 'Balmoral' (Immoral!), party, was held on a chartered Red Funnel ferry, the car deck a dance floor. The more serious-looking individual on the right is a young Michael Corkery, later QC, who died in June this year. Do any of us know any of the other revellers? With thanks to the late Brian Russell's book.

Just Ordinary Club Races?!

Saturday 18 August (PRO Nigel P). Talk about squeezing a quart into a pint pot! Nice convenient Gallon start line in a moderate W breeze. Hello, it’s a spring LW with a rampant ebb putting a premium on boat handling and start line approach tactics. Result: 6 boats over (out of 13) and 5 (only) struggling to find a way back through the advancing murmuration - and in the ditch. If they weren’t OCS then they probably went aground subsequently (conservative estimate another 6 – common complaint ‘but when we hit the depth sounder said 2m’). However a great course and smiles all round.

In the afternoon race and with a now flooding tide – the start was still in the Gallon Reach! To Astra first and Osprey (her starting debacle in the morning now a distant memory) is first around from the Thorney side and Skua is someway back from the Itchenor side. Don’t you write them off so soon! As is their wont they ground their way ever further up the fleet until they were level with Osprey and an entertaining battle and match race ensued round another great course – which Skua won, and with it the RIP Trophy (2nd Migrant only 2 points behind). Applause for the PRO on his return.

It wasn’t the only match race going on – Mike Ewart-Smith, making a welcome return to the Class (in Kansu), was in a family grudge match with bro Roger who was helming Harlequin (Mark had crewed him when they both sailed I 14’s). Lots of brotherly banter going down the run from SW Pilsey when they were within feet of each other – but Mike went on to finish a few places ahead.

Cowes Week

The computer says – the racing was good! Greater dispersal of the starts and race areas meant generally better sport – and fewer boats parked on Grantham rocks. Less entertaining for spectators perhaps - but better for competitors, and still lots of finishes on the RYS line.

Entries were down – even with those 100 Squibs and their sponsored spinnakers adding colour to proceedings when all the IRC boats had nothing but black (white!) sails.

Whither CW now that the big boats have moved to Mediterranean playgrounds, the Squibs go elsewhere and short series (4 days) multiply further? Still congrats to John Tremlett on his new record of 6 consecutive Captain’s Cups in the 46 strong XoD fleet, to Roger Wickens for his 12th (!) victory in the Sunbeam Class and to our own Clive Bush for winning the 10 race J70 short series.

Remembering Points Week 2018.

Diary Notes

The Crew’s race (Saturday 25 August 10.30): Payback time! Boats to be helmed by regular crews who do not normally helm. We do not want to deny others the opportunity to race but we will have a second start for those who do not qualify for the main event.

Whim Trophy: Continued last Sunday 19 August with a breezy win by Marengo from Stealth although Osprey still leads with a brace of wins. Continues (from Saturday pm) over the BH weekend and finishes on 1 September.

Summer Sundays (SuSun): Last race of this series is on 2 September. It’s very tight between Cockersootie and Ka Nyenga....
Haines Challenge Cup/Barts Bash: On Saturday 15 September (14.00). 2 races in 1 – the Haines with it’s 100 minute/rolling finish pursuit formula and BB with it’s (mostly compatible) distance requirements. A PRO’s nightmare - but a great occasion to mingle and mix it with the other fleets, and all for a good ISC cause too.

The Bob Massey Trophy: On Sat/Sun 22/23 September and our last weekend trophy of the year. NB concludes with 2 HW races on the Sunday morning.
Class Meeting: Also on Saturday 22nd at 16.45 (to help Bosham ferry users!). If you have any matters you want discussed please let the CC know by Sunday 9th September.

Sailing Committee News

• Any ideas who might replace George Rice?
• Can we now call Mac George (so to sp)?
• As of early July the Swallow class race activity showed a 16% increase over 2017, with the same number of races, against an all-class average of +2%. This excludes special events (eg Championships) and midweek evenings.
• Regatta attendance: fluctuates hugely over time but recovered somewhat this year (2 June) after a dive in 2017. A bygone relic or worth continuing? (Next year 8 June – provisionally).
Dairise Now!
• PW 17-21st June 2019, Swallow Championships (at Bembridge) 29/30 June
• CCW from 29 July to 2 August
• (FYI) Sharpie European Championships  at ISC 18th-23rd August!
• We have been invited to the send a Swallow Class representative to the RCYC (Burnham) inaugural keelboat ‘Endeavour’ Trophy event on 22/23 September in 707’s. Our National Champion cannot attend. Can we interest another syndicate? Apply to Class Captain!

For Sale

Richard Grant and Tom Troubridge are saying adieu to Spreadeagle (85) – full details on the ISC website and noticeboards. Sorry not to have seen you on the water in recent years – except on that fabulous Nelson Claudia as you make stately progress down the harbour (and look down on the Swallows from the flying bridge!).


To Wiggers – you may be able to win a Swallow Championships with a slipped disc but a Firebird – non! Bad luck – see you back in the san with the rest of us.

To Jon Perry – having laid up the revitalised Swift at the end of July in preparation for his new bionic knees to complement the high tech kit on the boat.

Swallow start, Race No.1, Bosham Regatta 2018.

And Finally........

You may recognise some Swallow Sailors in the below picture, taken at JF 2018.

Posted 3rd August 2018

Cowes Classics Week
What a Week!

We crawled there (in two parts) and we crawled back (at least most of the way). What however happened in guano-land? The new format gave us an opening sparkler on Monday afternoon with Gwaihir (with Mark on the helm for the week) taking the honours from Skua. The die was cast. Or was it?

Gwaihir won again in the windward/leeward on Tuesday with Blue Tit a great 2nd. The second race back to Cowes was well, different – Cockersootie already had a mega lead by the windward mark by going left up the beat which they continued to hold, but only just, to the finish because Whimbrel did some smart work over the Ryde bank and was only a boat length behind in 2nd. Buccaneer was 3rd having taken the alternative Castle Point route with all the tidal and wind shadow issues that offers! Skua and Gwaihir decided it was time to do some match racing by heading up Southampton Water and ended up reaching in to the finish in mid-fleet. Great conditions though – as was the whole week with not cloud in the sky.

Sailboats, however, need wind and on Wednesday it did not oblige so after many AP’s racing was canned for the day. Thursday gave us three windward/leewards in the building E-going tide and a SE breeze. This was to be Skua’s day with two race wins and a second and Gwaihir with two seconds and a first – it was that close at the top. All was set for a humdinger of a final day. It didn’t happen! After an initial AP and then some early departures for Hillhead the forecast wind failed to materialize whilst many of the fleet (and the Etchells, Vintage Dragons and Fifteens which also raced on Circuit 2) were laboriously paddling their way their way to the start the radio announced that as the 12.00 deadline for a race start that day was imminent and no wind was likely racing was cancelled.

So Gwaihir kept her slim lead and Skua was denied the opportunity to extend their second half in-form results. As if the two had not had enough of racing each other, and being in close proximity when racing was cancelled and without a tow in sight, they then match-raced in the then feeble breeze all the way back to Itchenor checking out every inch of shoreline on the way. And how we were greeted as we came into the harbour! Monstrous ebb, louder thunderclaps than ever heard before, fork lightning fizzing all around, and heavy rain!

No mention of the social side I hear you ask? Great as ever and starting with the Big Brother/Love Island gathering graciously hosted by Whimbrel and Blue Tit and attended by 50 Swallow sailors and acolytes - all well fed up and still imbibing rose in the garden at 23.00! CCW-hosted (free!) receptions at the RLYC (kindly sponsored by Charles Stanley), Classic Boat Museum (Red Funnel), Squadron (Winkworth), Dinners at the Island and Cowes Corinthian and Kendalls kept us all lubricated through the week with various Cowes YC’s opening their doors for sups and finishing with a competitors dinner at the RLYC on Thursday. Did I forget the daily free teas (sponsored again by Winkworth and mostly served by the XOD ladies from Itchenor)?

And on Tuesday the Duchess of Cornwall launched Red Jet 7 from the Trinity Landing ... regretfully the Swallow Fleet were all at sea at the time so missed it!

And of course the 'Swallows Ashore' picture below taken at the Thursday Regatta Dinner and captures most of the competitors! A better version of this picture will become available just as soon as the RLYC have located 'Guiseppe', our photographer!

It’s not wonderful to lose two days racing (as last year) and we only got one end-of-day round the cans return race to Cowes (an issue which needs to be resolved) but the courses were otherwise good, race management spot on, racing conditions spectacular and, ashore, 'Cowes without the Crowds'.

Thank you to CCW and the RLYC for another great week.

Results here.


The Vernon Trophy

The flawed programme and imprecise course instructions did not detract from some determined efforts on both days.

Saturday and Sunday fleets were both towed out of the harbour to wallow about in the W-going tide (for a while anyway) and then await some forecast breeze. Skua did it in 5hr 13 mins on the Sunday (with some smart interpretation of the SI’s - which they may not have actually seen!) and all others gratefully accepted a tow from Jeremy and Caroline Marriage’s superb motorboat Sandpiper), even before getting to the forts whereupon a nice breeze arrived!

The Saturday boats had a tougher task although a decent breeze did finally arrive in Osborne Bay. Blue Tit was first to finish at 16.00 with Gwaihir and Whimbrel in hot pursuit (the former having firmly grounded up a gully on Ryde sands and subsequently taken a tow).

Originally it seemed that the two days would be remarkably similar with comparable tide and wind but in the event that was not the case. For sheer dogged determination and the fastest (?!) time on Saturday the VT goes to Blue Tit – and a bottle to both them and Skua.

Diary Notes

• The RIP series starts on Saturday 4 August – splendid (warm) conditions assured.
• The much-loved and much respected PRO Nigel Pattison is PRO on 18 August and (BH) Sunday 26th!
• On 19 August Paul Giles is stepping up to take the brickbats.
• Please diary Saturday 15 September – a pm double header of the Haines Challenge Cup and the Bart’s Bash – two races in one! Our support for these has dwindled over time and we want to re-invigorate them. More promo detail shortly.
• Notice the differentially-sized IC 'B' flags in the top picture! The cooler-cats found 'mini flags' which qualified ... and with lower windage!
• To add to the excitement, Dame Judi Dench was spotted 'around and about' Cowes early in the week ... turns out that as the first Patron of the Friends of Osborne House she was there to 'link and liaise' with the Duchess of Cornwall. The photograph of both on the beach (East Cowes?) some may have seen on Wednesday in their national daily!

And Finally........

All pictures copyright of Tim Jeffreys Photography except for this one ...

Posted 9th July 2018

National Swallow National Championships 2018
The cream rises to the top..

The 70th anniversary event of the Swallow’s debut at the 1948 Olympics in Torbay was hosted by Itchenor SC and sailed in Hayling Bay over two days in glorious if somewhat light conditions and attracted a top quality fleet of 17 boats.

This was a long-awaited battle between a number of elite boats and sailors and did not disappoint – even if tidal conditions and significant wind shifts occasionally challenged the fleet. First win after a delayed start on Saturday went to the family-crewed Skua and in emphatic style from Gwaihir (the 2017 Champion). However in the second race the placings were reversed with Carolyn Brigg in Marengo (the 2016 Champion) filling third place twice over in Marengo – honours even at that point.

A bold start for the final race of the first day and some canny upwind tactics brought Swift (Jon Perry) to the front with Gwaihir and Skua recovering well from indifferent starts to occupy the other podium positions.

At the end of the first day’s racing Gwaihir topped the leaderboard by a single point from Skua and the fleet celebrated this auspicious anniversary with an excellent and uniqely al fresco Championship Dinner at Itchenor Sailing Club.
Racing was again delayed on Day 2 for the sea breeze to settle but when it did the race produced another winner with Solitude (Anthony Lunch) showing good speed and control of the fleet to notch up a win with Marengo and Osprey (James Hartley) following.

In the final and breeziest race of the 5 race series Gwaihir managed to cross the fleet on port and was away. Skua, still the closest challenger, did an excellent recovery job to climb to second but it was not quite enough. Marengo finished third once more.

The event benefitted from excellent race management by Itchenor SC members and by Richard Fleck the Race Officer and great catering by the Club team.
Results: click here

Behind the scenes
• Well there could have been less pleasant conditions to await the racing than basking in unbroken sunshine and the high 20’s?
• PRO Richard Fleck deserves a pat on that broad back for his patience and determination to give us our programmed 5 race series when at times it looked potentially unachievable.
• It was great that he also kept us informed on the World Cup, Wimbledon and Silverstone.
• Good to see Charlie Roome join his folks in Skua - and brave of them to fly their Swedish colours spinnaker on Saturday.
• The unsung heroes – well done to Mark Walker and the team on Harlequin who took part in every race.
• An atmospheric Olympic anniversary Dinner on the lawn with Stewart Morris and David Bond’s actual gold-medal winning cotton mainsail hoisted on the bandstand and after we had been victualled in Malcolm’s sun-blest garden beforehand.
• Did you see Peter Snell watching the racing from Cascade on Sunday (unusually with a drink in hand)?

Note:The mainsail in the background on the bandstand is Stewart Morris and David Bond's actual gold-medal cotton winning sail from Swift in the 1948 Olympics.

Bosham SC Regatta
This is the link to the Notice of Race, Entry Form, SIs, charts and courses on the Bosham SC website for their regatta on Saturday 14th July (click here)  Entries can be made either directly to BSC, or at the Club on Saturday – cash only please.
Note that start times are ten minutes earlier than published in the ISC handbook, from a BSC Committee Boat, using BSC courses and course designators – not ISC’s.
It’s also Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, so adjust travel plans accordingly.

Vernon Trophy (passage race to Cowes)
The unhelpful confusion of having two dates in the Handbook has produced a virtually equal split corresponding to accommodation arrangements in Cowes. As wind and tide conditions are virtually identical for both Saturday and Sunday we recommend a race within a race – starting on Saturday at 09.45 and on Sunday at 09.00. Take your time when you are abeam Chichester Bar and when you cross the RLYC line in Cowes. A bottle for each day’s race winner and the VT for the fastest passage on either day.

Cowes Classics Week (CCW) 
10 Swallows and our own start! The social bookings need to be made before 20 July to benefit from the discount.

For those who have not been before we recommend all the ‘free’ drinks receptions (ie RLYC on Sunday, Classic Boat Museum on Tuesday (followed by their £30 meal) and Kendalls on Thursday (before the RLYC Dinner).

That leaves just Monday when Whimbrel and Blue Tit are hosting their celebrated/infamous Big Brother/Love Island drinks and canapés extravaganza at 18.30 at 24 Castle Road (£10 at the door, all welcome – but please let Michael Cover know how many of you will be coming by Thursday 19th July), and Wednesday when we recommend the ISC carvery. is the link to the Socials, Talking of the Royal London, Peter Snell and Michael Cover, as Members, would be delighted to see all Swallow participants there during the week.
The link to the Red Funnel discounts is here.

Posted 6th July 2018

Swallow News - July 2018

Points Week
There was no doubting the quality of the PW Swallow fleet - current and past National Champions, ex-World Champions who have recently joined the Class and many other potential challengers for the Overall Buccaneer Trophy.
Ironically it was class stalwarts Migrant (Charles Fisher and Richard Thompson) who struck first with a clever first beat in the opening race in which they led from the start helped by a correct choice for the all-important mid-race beat. Osprey (James Hartley) - the brand new boat - showed their potential with a close win over Archon (Malcolm Green) in R2 having match-raced up the final beat.
Archon was now being helmed by ex America's Cup skipper Andy Green who then went on to record two master-class victories. Meanwhile Skua (Harry and Prue Roome) had been steadily accumulating podium places. The action was shaping up for a grand finale then Thursday's racing was blown off.
The two races on Friday were champagne sailing at it's best and after an an unusual course error by Marengo (Carolyn Brigg) whilst leading comfortably Skua pounced to record her first win of the week.
It could still go several ways but in the final race Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) found her mojo at last to win from Skua finishing 2nd for the fourth time but demonstrating the importance of consistency over the course of a varied but excellent week's sailing on great HW courses in the picturesque harbour. So ..
1st Skua - Harry, Prue and Peter Roome
2nd Archon - Malcolm and Andy Green, Caroline Marriage and Elizabeth Pattison
3rd Osprey - James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorp and Ian Tillett
PW pointers
• Good of Andy Green (full NSCA member) to stop off en route to Gothenbourg with his VOR responsibilities to show us how it is done. The secret? Constant sail tweaking (ask Caroline M – she was exhausted)
• Talking of Archon how long can a crew member act as a spi pole substitute? Malcolm held on for the distance from H to the spreader mark in R3 in crucifix pose.
• To drop them or not, that is the question. Jibs of course – the practise of dropping them on a dead downhill leg is as old as the Downs but has normally been reserved for Solent events. Now with the apparent difficulty in keeping air in the new jib even shorter harbour legs have become attractive. Spose it depends on your levels of concentration?
• Hyde sails managed a clean podium sweep (but victorious Skua with their trusty Batt kite).

The final format was a race within a race.
The 6/11 SandD competitors (sadly reduced by one when Osprey’s main halyard broke) showed the ‘open’ fleet their transoms when all 5 were up front round the first windward mark and down the run to Dunes.
Chris Fox (with mum Liz crewing) sailed a text book race in Migrant keeping Kit Glover (Darter) at bay the whole race long. Emma Bond (she hadn’t helmed a Swallow for 5 years) in Buccaneer was catching fast at the end.
The seasoned hands didn’t even get a look in! Worth continuing?

Emma Bond wins beer!

National Swallow Championships 7/8 July
... and European, World and Inter-Galactic!

Coming to a place very near to your boat and very soon too, with a raft of entertainment to keep you from melting in the tropical heat which we are destined to enjoy. What more could you want – it’s on our doorstep in Hayling Bay (by special request) with harbour tides to suit, this weekend, an attractive entry fee, a free drinks party on Saturday evening followed by a great meal at the Club. What is there not to like (seriously!).
Not entered yet or booked your dinner tickets?  Please do so promptly via Dan or Sue in the ISC office. If you are only able to sail on Saturday please do so or if you are not able to sail at all then still come along to the 70th Anniversary drinks party and dinner.

Stop press: We are monitoring the wind forecasts and if necessary will come up with any variation on the NoR programme assumptions on Friday and will communicate any changes to the boat managers. Stay in touch with them!

And Finally........

Brass tacks
• Merlin has a new and hank-less North Jib. Julian, Mimie et al like it suggesting there is minimum luff deflection and a powerful shape. Not so convenient back on the mooring?
• Talking of jibs soft (with a Cunningham) or hard luff?
• Curlew is getting back up to speed – and has a new Hyde jib to help some more. Simon and James are well versed on the (team racing) rules too.
• Can you tell the difference between the lookalike pair of Swift and Osprey? White hulls, red spinnakers etc. The only difference? Let’s gloss over that for now.
• 'Tis true what they say about Wednesday evening racing – empty harbour, wonderful sunsets and nice well-priced grub after. You should try it.

Posted 19th June 2018

Migrant crew at Chichester Yacht Club Prizegiving

Swallow News – Mid June 2018

Posted 7th June 2018

Regatta Day Saturday 2nd June

What a wonderful day’s sailing! 2UP in the morning in ‘just perfect’ conditions with Skua always in front having got away cleanly at the start from the 9 boat fleet. Svala, with Nigel Masding at the back end, began to apply pressure but canny Harry was not going to yield despite Svala narrowing the gap to within striking distance several times. Goosander’s flash new North sails enabled them to quickly advance through the fleet on the opening beat and Tim and Simon held a comfortable 3rd for the rest of the race.

There was some anxiety (with a lunchtime pint in hand) about whether the forecast increase in the breeze would actually happen - the sun continued to shine but those tell-tale downland clouds were elusive. Nevertheless the sea breeze did arrive JIT and we (14 boats) enjoyed a fabulous sail in F4 and at the top of the tide. Skua did their party trick of approaching the line on port before tacking beneath their chosen starboard ‘victim’ and then squeezing them out, capturing the pin and, well, the rest is history (repeating itself!). Blue Tit looked strong in 2nd for a while (and eventually finished 3rd)) but once more Svala was the main challenger, this time with Hugo on the stick but Skua has always liked the look of the fantastic Shippam Challenge Trophy and wasn’t about to let their name be scrubbed off.

The Race committee within which our new, Swallow-owning RCS was key delivered superb courses in, as ever on Regatta Day, busy conditions with multiple differentially-paced fleets at Betivuka requiring regular course changes on the 5-minute gun. Add to that a request from WWSC to 'stay away from Dunes' only increased the challenges! Beach took a bit of finding but other than that everything went incredibly smoothly with few inter-fleet clashes.

The harbour looked great, the ISC keelboat fleets (totalling 50) made for a stunning display (and gave something for the paltry fleet of Elites that were out something to think about), and the Club improved the tea experience (ugh!) from yesteryear. You should not have missed the day.
1st 3 Skua (Harry and Prue with Nick Boyd)
2nd 89 Svala (Hugo, Nigel and Richard House)
3rd 80 Blue Tit (Andrew Dunlop, Tom C-S and Paul G)
4th 66 Buccaneer (Mike and Bettine Bond and the bloke with a funny hat)

Diary Dates

• The Bembridge SC visit this coming weekend 9/10 June. We need volunteers for the welcoming team, for the crew swaps on Saturday afternoon, and those able to come to the informal dinner on Saturday evening. We will be in Bembridge for our Championships next year so do come along and make their acquaintance or renew friendships. Please let the CC know how you can help asap.
• It’s Points Week starting on Monday 11 June for the Buccaneer Trophy. Now officially known as the Itchenor Keelboats Points Week supported by Strutt and Parker (catchy isn’t it) you will find the normal cocktail of HW racing (thank you to Roger Wickens and his erstwhile team yet again) and social events – still either free or ridiculously cheap. See the attached schedule of events here. Please book yesterday to avoid disappointment.
• Of course you will still have the energy and enthusiasm to sail on into the following weekend and partake in the CYC regatta (Sat) and TISC (Sunday). That weekend’s am races start at 10.00 to accommodate the earlier than normal pm regatta races.
• Don’t forget to enter CCW asap – we want our own start and full programme recognition!
• On Saturday 23rd June we will be racing OOH! This is your opportunity to optimise your boat (and crew) for the forthcoming Championships in Hayling Bay. Please make sure you have all the required safety gear as there may be inspections (nb hand-held radios mandatory for ISC OH racing and for CCW/CW).
• Have you selected your helm for the sons and daughters race on Saturday 30th June pm? If you have non-sailing kiddos then a cousin or some-such will be welcome as long as there are family links and a youthful element – there will be (free) entry details in the next SN. Depending on conditions on the day we shall probably have staggered (?!) starts to minimise any possible risks.

Brass Tacks

• The libel lawyers have now been appointed.
• Skua graciously filled the fabulous (and voluminous) Shippam Trophy with fizz for us all to imbibe. Communion with a difference – thanks Harry and Prue.
• Good to see Robin Knibb and David Eglinton take Boomerang out for both races on Regatta Day – their first races. The girls are still on their training course.
• Gotta love those brand new North sails on Goosander. Instant windward speed – and that spi looks powerful too.
• Spare a thought for the RCS as ARO on Regatta day. ‘Unaccustomed as I am’ (…to watching Gwaihir down the fleet).
• Plaintive and perfectly-timed interjection from Charles when Wiggers said at the prizegiving that the Fisher family were having a good day - “not all of us”!
• We still await the real battle of the Titans – the NM weekend lacked one and the Regatta two. Keeping their powder dry? (Or could you be one of them?).

Stewart Morris Trophy - Itchenor vs OCSS Sunday 20th May
Result: Tied  3 – 3.
The annual match between Itchenor and the Society for the Stewart Morris Trophy was held in sunny weather, as always, but we were met with limited wind and a big flood tide. A strong O&CSS team with great experience and significant maturity had been assembled, augmented by an injection of youth. They were led on the water by the current President and were determined to reverse last year’s defeat. The home team itself was half comprised of Society members.
Chris Darling the race officer very ably set a short rectangular course not far off Cobnor Point (whose eponymous elegant white house was once occupied by Martin Beale, a past O&CSS President). The shifting and fickle south easterly gradient wind battling against a potential sea breeze required frequent mark relocation.
Itchenor won the Race 1 start and seemed comfortable with 1, 2, 4 at the first mark, but the run down against the tide gave the Society opportunities to wriggle back into contention and to win with a 2, 3, 5.  The second, third and fourth races were, however, emphatic wins for the home team being mercifully shortened to avoid further processional embarrassment for the Society. It had been a very tricky morning with a most difficult wind, fading to nothing from time to time and then picking up in patches. Moreover we had had to contend with all the Mirrors, Scows, other Swallows and Cruisers choosing to occupy the same patch of water.
Back to the Club for lunch and Itchenor were feeling confident with their form for the day based on a lead of three races to one.
By the afternoon nothing had improved out on the water: the wind was equally difficult and the flood stream had increased significantly. Race 5 had an individual recall signal but only one boat went back. The Society finished 1, 4, 6 on the water, led out nicely by Josh Flack, but an Itchenor boat had failed to return and its OCS gave that race to the O&CSS. Although the wind still refused to improve, Race 6 was perhaps the most enjoyable, with some team racing tactics now workable - notably between Henderson père et fils (père winning….). Despite a poor position after the first round the Society pulled through to win with a 1, 2, 5.
It was now three races all with a suggestion of a sea breeze creeping its way up harbour showing a tantalising but ever-distant flurry of blue on the placid surface of the harbour. However the day was passing and the course would need to be completely re-set. We agreed to avoid the delay and uncertain outcome and called it an honourable draw. Just as the ebb run was starting to gather pace the fleet returned for tea and cake and joint presentation of the Stewart Morris Trophy to the two Captains.
Overall result: Tied 3 - 3 (Itchenor – races 2, 3, 4; Society: 1, 5, 6).
Josh Flack, Vincent Geake, Will Henderson, Ian Macdonald-Smith; Roger Palmer, Mark Struckett.
Simon Slater* (capt), Malcolm Green*, Arthur Henderson*, Alastair Impey, Philip Pascal,  Mike Wigmore. 
*also OCSS members 

And Finally........

Looking forward to kind breezes, great racing and lively social events through the Summer!


Swallow News – May 2018

Posted 21st May 2018

The happy Belgique Plate winners, Team Marengo

....and third placed team Swift. Second placed Skua team had to leave early and before the prizegiving hence no pic (though Nick Boyd who had sailed with them on Saturday collected their prizes).

Royal YC de Belgique Plate (aka the Belgian Plate)

Fabulous warm weather - but not a lot of breeze. 15 boats took part at various points with a 13 boat fleet for R1. It was to be frank a rather diabolical line near to the goalposts after waiting for the SE breeze to settle. Darter seemed to sense where to be and tacked immediately on to port from the Committee boat end and was off into the distance. Solitude just about kept her in their sights and gleefully noted when Darter hit the bank near the tripod (but then so did more half the fleet at some point in this 2 lap W/L). Marengo was 3rd. R2 was from a Park start and with the bias wrong yet again there were shenanigans at the CB end. After yet another contretemps shortly after it was Marengo who emerged leading up the Thorney side and was never challenged although Darter got close and Skua latterly joined the front group to finish 3rd.
There was an interminable wait for the Sunday morning forecast breeze to materialise & settle – at one point we were offered a 200yd long W/L before sanity prevailed and BV moved to intercept the new wind. Marengo was imperious in this one (is this always the case in light conditions?!) and effectively sealed the overall win with a race to spare. Swift (crewed by representatives of the front row) glided through the fleet to 2nd place and Archon was 3rd. Theoretically Darter could still pull it out of the bag in R4 but Marengo applied a soft touch pre-start match-racing cover and Skua found her mojo once more whilst Swift defied their heavy weather advantage to finish 2nd with Archon 3rd.
1st 82 Marengo (Carolyn B, Sue G and David S)
2nd 3 Skua (Harry and Prue R and Helen W)
3rd 7 Swift (Jon P, John T and Peter B)

Diary notes
• The Norman Moore weekend is upon us. 5 races over 2 days (b2b on Sunday morning). Great forecast atm – sun and breeze.
• For various reasons we have postponed our 70th anniversary dinner to the weekend of the Championships (Saturday 7th July)
• Please book your NM dinner tickets ASAP. Brenda Offredi has worked her magic again and the menu is:
Melon, ricotta cheese, parma ham and confit d’orange
Chicken Supreme filled with chestnut mushrooms, red onion and spinach, a white wine and grape sauce, with rice and seasonal vegetables
Vegetarian alternative: Asparagus and wild mushroom risotto with herbs, parmesan crisps and wild rocket and green salad
Dark and white chocolate mousse with summer berries and mixed fruit coulis
Tea/coffee and mints – all waitressed served and just £30. Book immediately!    
      NB Jackets for the boys (and ties if you still have one!).
• The ISC Club regatta is on Saturday 2 June. Programme is as per the Handbook – we shall have a quickish 2UP race at 10.30 and then the Shippam Challenge Cup race starting 15 minutes earlier than normal at 13.55 (tide/programme dictates). It is a grand piece of silverware presented in 1929 and won last year by Gwaihir.
• Those that enjoy a mid-Solent sojourn for either Cowes Classics Week or Cowes Week should enter pronto. In the case of CCW we will get our own start only if we have sufficient boats entered by mid-June and in the case of CW just to save on the entry fee!
• The Bembridge SC visit on 9/10 June. Please support this event by both assisting with the crew swap obligations on Saturday afternoon and by coming to the dinner that evening. We are at BSC for our championships next year.
• Points Week – the social programme is HERE. Please make all your required bookings with the Club.
• Immediately after are the CYC and TISC regattas - our support makes their days!

Other event reports....

The Ponder Challenge Cup
Three races, all to count, one trophy – so good behaviour required! Eight boats sailing and with two recently launched boats boosting fleet numbers. Good to see Curlew back on the water. PRO Joe Burnie was making the most of the zone marks in the tricky and light SE – and with a big tide to contend with too. Osprey in only her second outing found conditions much to her liking and won what she hopes will be many trophies - but she did not have it all her own way with Solitude and others putting up a decent fight.
The morning race took us round zone marks to and from Lowles. Solitude led for much of the way but was caught by Osprey on the penultimate leg. For the b2b pm races we went to SW Pilsey both times and then had a nice beat back to East Head. In R2 Osprey lead from start to finish followed by Solitude and Whimbrel. The final race was a challenge – starting on the flood and finishing on the ebb with the wind dropping away towards the end. Solitude’s useful lead was eroded on the painful beat to E Head when Whimbrel punched in towards Pilsey with a brave left hook and struggled over the shortened course finish line to win. Osprey finished 2nd - a few boats thought better of the expiring conditions and joined a mass tow-in back to the moorings against the building ebb. An enjoyable day’s racing in fine and warm weather.
1st 95 Osprey 4 points (James, Jeremy and Rob)
2nd 67 Solitude 7 points (Andrew, Anthony and John H)
3rd 60 Whimbrel 8 points (Peter, Michael and Ali G)
In the Annual team racing match against the O&CSS on Sunday by 1615 after six races with no sign of the always fickle wind returning the result was declared a draw.

You might recognise the captains of the ISC and the O&CSS! The trophy was presented by Richard Thompson.

And almost finally....
Brass tacks

• Bumper boats in the Belgium Plate: Gwaihir innocently suffered twice in quick succession at the start of R2. Firstly Osprey came from behind BV but with nowhere to go and clobbered Mark. Then a few yards on Curlew called them to cross on port but then apparently changed their mind. Result two intertwined Swallows with what temporarily looked like two rigs in imminent peril as they pirouetted around each other. Let’s all be careful – a downed rig is expensive to replace.
• Do you have a stirrup to get back on board after an excursion from your Swallow? Peter Snell wants one after an involuntary dip on the mooring (and btw topping up that Cariacou tan during BP R2 was a bit much!).
• It was just fab to have 40+ diners for the BP Supper. Please keep up the support for our social events.
• Swapping partners: Skua has gone Hyde for their white sails (as has Harlequin). Swift has gone North (so to sp) and Solitude has gone Batty.
• Respect: James Birkett finished half way up the fleet in BP R2. Nothing remarkable about that you might think – except he was sailing single-handed!
• Osprey is currently using a spare mast - their new mast (ordered from Selden in October) is yet to arrive!

The CC has signed a declaration on behalf of the Class for the benefit of the Club saying that we shall do the right thing! Those involved with non-member enquiries and who hold info on eg. new and available crews must abide by the new rules for data protection.

Swallow News – April 2018

Posted 13th April 2018

In at the Deep End at Easter

Off and running – thanks to Andrew Reid for his report of our first weekend of racing and our first trophy races.
Marengo crew Jeremy Sibthorp, David Sloper and Peter Bentley.

A small but perfectly formed fleet got the Swallow season off to start over the Easter weekend for the Deep End trophy. The weather forecast was far from encouraging, but we got through both days dry but with little wind.

For Race one PRO Ted Roose sent us up zigzagging towards Gardner against a strong flood tide in some 8-10 knots of shifty wind. Those taking the Itchenor shore (Marengo and Whimbrel) came out well ahead as they gained from the better tide and shifts. Marengo, with Jeremy Sibthorp steering, kept her commanding lead to the finish with Whimbrel holding off Gwaihir who was catching up rapidly. Lonely Solitude languished. The afternoon was wisely kept short and sweet, given the building ebb, with a windward- leeward three laps course Park to Itchenor mark. There was place changing for a couple of laps until Gwaihir wriggled free on the final beat and pulled well ahead. Order: 93, 82, 67, 60.

Sunday’s wind forecast was even less encouraging, and proved a challenge for Harry and Prue Roome who were now in charge on Betivuka. Just two of us came out. It was a matter of judging the strong tides correctly and although Solitude finished the course she had been towed off the mud, Marengo failed to make headway against the tide as the wind dropped and so both retired. With the ebb now coming and just the tiniest wind we did not try to sail in the afternoon.

Congratulations to Marengo (David Sloper and team) for winning the first trophy of Swallow 2018. Good to get out on the water again. It is now time for more boats to join us!

The nag list

• Have we all paid our 2018 NSCA membership subscription and ISC race fees? If not your results will not count!
• To save some awkward situations and embarrassment we will all book our Swallow social events well in advance. Friday afternoon or Saturday morning ain’t helpful.
• Have you read (or re-read) the current rule book. There have been some imaginative interpretations of clear-cut issues which leave a bad taste. Don’t be afraid to go for an advisory or even a full protest if you feel wronged. Rule observance is paramount and doing a turn is actually a relatively small inconvenience (and you will probably feel the better for it).

If Only...

• There was more wind on Sundays. Easter Sunday and last Sunday (8th) both canx cos there wasn’t any (and the persistent rain didn’t help either). Well done to Migrant for getting out of bed in those conditions only to return home to the papers, the fire and the Bahrain GP. Forecast for the next two weekends looking much better.
• S95 would appear so that we can all marvel at the rumoured layout and gizmos. Those that have been privileged to see it have been well impressed.
• There could be a headline sponsor for Points Week.
• Everyone could kindly use C2C to indicate their race intentions.
• All PRO’s could be as conscientious as Charles Hyatt who has been planning and consulting for his duty over both days this weekend for eons.
• Marengo had let out her spinnaker halyard last Saturday afternoon by 8 cm they would have beaten Gwaihir – it was that close at the finish.

Diary Notes.

The Spring General Meeting – this Saturday 14 April at 17.30.

Ponder Challenge Cup – on Saturday 21 April – 3 races during the day (b2b pm) with spring HW and (atm) nice forecast.

2UP races – first is on Saturday 28 April. We have endeavoured to arrange enough races (some dual-designated) to satisfy the request for more. If you believe in these please come out and play - or they will not re-appear next year.

Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate – The first of our premier events on 5/6 May. Afternoon HW, undiluted bonhomie, sparkling racing – and supper* on Saturday evening. Brenda Offredi (who with Annie Creak is masterminding our socials) has nobbled the House team to get superior grub - Rump of Lamb with port and rosemary jus, dauphinoise potatoes, baby veg with Chocolate Fondant and ice cream for dessert, followed by coffee and mints – all waitressed served) for just £20. This is a slightly exceptional deal so do please come along. Book (with payment) at the Office – and as there is another event also going on book it early! Supper*= casual!

Wednesday evening racing – starts on 9 May. Swallows are first off this year (at 18.10) and on that first day HW is conveniently at 19.24. We are going to take our turn with the XOD’s at RO and SB duties by doing the first Wednesday in each month. Volunteers required – starting on 2 May. When Caroline Marriage has stopped singing for her Wednesday Supper she will take over the organisation meanwhile please use

Points Week – Details of the social programme will be out shortly.

Cowes Classic Week – the new event website is now live – enter soonest to ensure we have our own start etc.

The Survey.....Please help with some event planning!

Are you intending to sail in the following premier events?
Boat managers and syndicate heads might like to reply to me please at
Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate (5/6 May)  
Norman Moore Trophy (26/27 May)
National Championships (7/8 July)
Cowes Classics Week (23-27 July)    
Cowes Week (4-11 August)

TG. April 2018.

Swallow News – March 2018

We’re off and running! Well to be honest a muted response over the Easter w/e to a cold winter and an early Easter but just at the moment rain-free on Saturday and Sunday though. Full marks though to the diehards who will start the first races of the season - and take pole position for some silverware. The water temperature is just 6.8C so be prompt when getting off the putty!

Diary Dates

7 April – Start of Season (SOS!) party. Well-publicised in Quicknews but lacking much interest from Swallows at the moment. Good food and band – hope you can make it.

14 April – Spring General Meeting. Our new Commodore’s first so come and hear what his vision of our future is. You may have noted from the SGM papers that I have put my name – in a personal capacity – to a resolution calling for a lower subscription for keelboat crews. This can obviously bounce both ways but I am very much aware that it is a disincentive to potential new keelboat crews to be obliged to pay the same sub as a boat owner – and we are short of crews. If you might have a view – or wish to vote – do either come along or use your proxy. (Editor's note. Its a great idea but as presented it doesn't add up! Fear not, the Flag Officers have the cost of being a member of ISC and the fair allocation between groups top of their list)

21 April – The Ponder Challenge Cup. The date by which all Swallows must be afloat! 3 races, b2b in the afternoon.

The dapper duo from Migrant accepting -again - the lavish hospitality of the RTYC for their Cowes Week 'book end' race wins at their November prize-giving. Anyone fancy getting in on their act?

Other matters
• Your ready-reference 2018 programme is on the Swallow page at
• The Cowes Classic Week NoR and entry form are  now available on Please note that if we can all enter soonish we will have our own start and programme accreditation. 10 boats are required to guarantee this so please action asap. 2 boats have already!
• The new Handbook has curiously omitted to mention the dinner for the Bembridge SC visit on Saturday 9 June. Along with the XOD’s we are frequent visitors there (Championships 2019) and it would be good to see Swallows supporting both the crew swapping arrangements in the afternoon and the dinner in the evening.
• What name will S95 have? Jeremy Sibthorp came up with a good suggestion but was outvoted by the others. Ask him!
• Not that you would want your attention diverted but the Championships (in Hayling Bay) have been arranged so that you can watch all 1500 competitors as they circle the IoW on the Saturday in the Round the Island race.
• Points Week: (specifically Tuesday 12 June – theatre day). We have had a 3-way dilemma over this – there is a live transmission at Cineworld in Chi of Romeo and Juliet from Covent Garden which has captured the imagination of quite a few so far (and for which more tickets can be obtained). Our first theatre recommendation was to be for The Country Wife (in the Minerva) but all those savvy ‘Friends of the CFT’ booked that out during their advanced booking window. So we have 15 tickets on hold for the Chalk Garden (Penelope Keith) which cannot be held for very much longer. Please reserve through asap if you like this option.
• Tom C-S will further refine our C2C communications so that they appear on a Monday and differentiate between nominated Boat Managers and others.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid January 2018

Posted 14th february 2018

Feb 2018
Incredible to think that the first race of the 2018 keelboat season is now under 6 weeks away. However please note that we thought such bravado in March unbecoming of Swallow sailors so we start a week later on Good Friday and with the opening Deep End trophy race of the season on Easter Saturday and Sunday (March 31 and April 1). The full season Club programme is HERE and the Swallow only programme HERE There are just a few tweaks and mods following on from the observations and requests made at last September’s Class Meeting – and one or two additions. It is quite a challenge fitting it all in, and synchronising with the other classes, and I hope we have managed the balancing act reasonably well.

Diary notes.
3 March - The London Walk - Resurrected by popular demand with the format unchanged (but the route in Richmond Park will be different!). Meet at the Sheen Gate car park at 10.00 for a departure at 10.15 and afterwards we shall to the Plough in Christchurch Lane for our private room lunch. Please let Brenda Offredi know if you can make it on Brenda will send a menu to ‘confirmed entries’ for pre-ordering nearer the time.

10 March – A Club Working Party! Chris Creak (our Hon Bosun) one more WP to re-plank some of dinghy berthing areas. There is both junior training and an RS event that day so there should be volunteers from their non-sailing supporters but as ever the keelboat classes are likely to provide the majority. Usual incentive of a pint and some lunch at half time! Please let the office (Daniel) know asap.

11 March – Ready to Race day – On your marks! To refresh your skills and get the adrenalin pumping a day of inspirational talks and presentations with a keynote speech from Ian Walker, now the RYA’s Director of Racing. Book the date and look out for the club QuickNews for booking arrangements.
30 March – The Swallow season is underway!

As many of you will know the Club to Class web portal has become the main tool for the ISC classes to use for communications about Club racing including intended turnout, crew requirements and race results. For 2018 Tom Clarence-Smith will be the Club2Class administrator for the Swallows. He will put out some user guidance notes in SN in early March – any queries to him

SandD race
We need to further enthuse our children (SandD = sons and daughters!) and other relations about Swallow sailing. We have worked out that at least two-thirds of the fleet have off-spring who would be able to helm a Swallow and at 14.10 on 30 June (HW 13.58 4.5m) they will have their chance. They need not be current members and any blood relation (DNA testing kits will be available!) is alternatively most welcome. Obviously the owner or syndicate head needs to decide who gets the nod from amongst their normal crew, and indeed provide the crew. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get every Swallow to participate in this?

Points Week
We might have an interesting dilemma for our Tuesday evening dose of culture. Theatre or a live transmission of ballet from Covent Garden at the Cinema in Chi. Any thoughts or preferences?

SWALLOW NEWS - End of October 2017

Posted 27th October 2017

Life of Brian!

Reach Trophy Report.

The Reach trophy (a painting of the Itchenor Reach) comprises three short back to back races, with all races to count.

A strong wind forecast meant deterred the fair weather brigade and left the brave souls to sail in peril on the sea.

The wind started at a solid westerly 20 knots and gradually strengthened through the day with gust up to 30 knots on the final run home.

The first race for the Reach trophy was set in (appropriately) the Itchenor reach with windward/leewards between Wear and Itchenor buoys….and no reaching. There was a tidal split between north and south shores with Swift just getting to the windward mark first closely followed by Svala and Migrant. Overtaking manoeuvers by Svala let Migrant through at the leeward mark and after 2 laps of nip and tuck – it was close with Migrant first, Swift second by half a boat length and Svala third

The second race saw the same course with Swift again getting to the windward mark first, ahead of Migrant and holding her place to the finish.

The third race had it all to play for with Swift and Migrant equal on points. The wind was up to 25 knots and the tide has risen enough to enable a course around the harbour. The course was a beat to Wear, close reach to Eleanor, beat to John’s Folly then back to the finish via East Head. Migrant and Svala got the best of the start and a very close short tacking battle took place with some very marginal crossing calls going on. A backed jib from Svala shot her back to last place and Swift just got the better of Migrant to lead around Wear, then onto Eleanor with a hard flogging beat to John’s Folly. The ensuing spinnaker reach to East Head was on the ragged edge, and Swift nearly relinquished their lead at East Head by reliving their I14 days and throwing in a spectacular capsize. The final broad reach back to the finish with wind gusting 30 knots was as good as it gets. Plumes of spray and adrenalin pumping. Swift was first to win the day and Migrant second.           Report c/o Swift Jeremy.

1st Swift; Jeremy Sibthorp, James Harley, Ian Tillett
2nd Migrant; Chris fox, Charles Fisher, James leaver
3rd Svala; Mike Wigmore, Ginny Fox, Simon Hamlyn

Reach trophy winners Swift, Migrant and Svala with the painting presented by new Swallow Team recruit Paul Giles. Charles Fisher  escaped from the 2nd picture before the Prizegiving.     Photos c/o MW.

2018 Diary Notes

The main events (provisional) for 2018 are:-
Deep End (Easter) 31 March/1st April.
Belgique Plate (TBA)
Norman Moore 26/27 May.
Points Week June11-15th.
Swallow championships 7/8th July at ISC.
Cowes Classics, (Next year proposed to be a five day event) 23rd-27th July.
Cowes Week 5-10th August for the series.
Bob Massey 22/23 September.
Class Meeting 22 September
Reach Trophy 6 October
Finella Trophy 20 October.

Club staging Working Party.

Chris Creak, the Hon Bosun writes.....
As the season draws to what looks like a stormy close maintaining the decking raises its head yet again!

This year I hope to just have one formal weekend and then perhaps the odd day for a couple of hours after winter sailing events.

As per usual there are about 20 piles to be replaced under the mirror parking and I would also like to continue to replace the planking working seaward from where we finished last winter.

Most people who come for the first time enjoy their day and it is good to see what keep us all out of the mud!

For the pilling I need several younger and stronger members as the old guard who have been the mainstay for so many years can no longer handle 6 meter piles and the big bonker. Other  tasks can be tailored to most  levels of fitness.
We will start work at 09.30 on Sat 11th and Sunday 12th November and there will be the usual complementary pint of beer and lunch.

Please can volunteers register with Sue in the office as it is essential to know the number who are intending to help.

Brass tacks.

As Commodore Charles Hyatt signs off at the end of his stint may we offer our grateful thanks for his contribution and achievements- Not least lowering our annual subs each of his three years in office. Happy Retirement Charles. We hope Helen has the 'welcome home' sign out!

SWALLOW NEWS - Early October 2017

Posted 6th October 2017

Swallow Autumn Club Meeting
The new team made their debut – Tony Glover, Paul Giles, Alison Garrett and (continuing), Tom Clarence-Smith. The outgoing CC chaired the meeting in order to provide continuity in respect of past events. The Minutes of the meeting can be found HERE The new team will be meeting shortly to discuss matters raised at the meeting and to finalise the 2018 programme. Only a proportion of the fleet were represented and we anticipate having an email consultation with boat managers this month to gain a broader range of ideas and views whilst respecting the opinions voiced at the meeting.
When the new CC has mastered the technology he will assume the existing gmail contact.

Diary Notes
The Reach Trophy: Tomorrow! First start of 3 x b2b as normal at 10.30. (We know that this format has received some criticism but we should be done by late lunchtime – HW 13.08 and 5.0m - and with rain currently forecast for later in the day it might even be welcome.)
The Club AGM on 21 October: Our thanks to Charles Hyatt for his great contribution on so many fronts over the last 3 years. Have your say on what has pleased you most and what you want more of. Keelboat racing fees up ahead of inflation for 2018 yet again!
Laying-up supper and annual prizegiving 28 October: All the information is either in the autumn mailing and/or on the website. An appealing menu at a modest price and the opportunity to review the season. Let us try and get a good Swallow turnout – but please remember to book early.
And the remaining Swallow sailing(!): Echo leads in the Saturday-only Roy Allen series at the moment but can they retain it to the end (on 28 October)? The Brian Russell Trophy started last Sunday (1 October) but with no takers in the dismal conditions, so some nice late season silverware available for those that might not get a look in.

On the dark side
During the course of Sunday’s second BM race a Swallow tangled with a small cruiser whilst passing E Head which has resulted in a complaint. The cruiser belonged to an ISC member. Apparently there was a minor collision but fortunately no damage. It was suggested that there were some harsh words from the Swallow and no hint of apology at the time, or afterwards. We all know that we must respect other harbour users in craft of all shapes and sizes and if anything all ISC keelboats have an extra responsibility to conduct ourselves in a courteous and careful manner. Amen.

The Bob Massey Trophy
Nice breeze (F3/4 most of the time), just a pity about the direction – SE/SSE. At or near LW it limits the distance of the beats and runs and it is very difficult for the RO to gauge the precise wind direction further down harbour after a Thorney start. None of this seemed to worry Migrant (Chris Fox) who had a comfortable victory in R1. A marginally depleted fleet (who organises a birthday party on a Saturday afternoon during the sailing season?!) gave Swift the win in R2 which was a HW tour which included Beach and Pivot and other spring HW specials, with Echo – a sometime leader – finishing runner-up and Skua in 3rd. So at the end of Day 1 we had two ex Int 14 World Champions battling it out at the top of the leader board. Portent of things to come?
Sunday’s conditions were much the same though the breeze had holes and quirks aplenty as we beat towards Walrus. It was the saving grace for Swift who after a poor start tacked off behind the fleet on port and benefitted hugely – a tactic they were obliged to repeat in R4 too with exactly the same result! We seemed to end up racing amongst the XOD’s in this first tide-constrained short course encounter with one-sided downwind legs and which was rather tiresome but the cream rose to the top as usual with Marengo back out again and in 2nd with Skua in 3rd. Fortunately there was enough water for us to be separated from the X’s in the final (R4) race and we made it down to SW Pilsey and back to E Head, then Gardner before a finish at E Head. Swift won once more (after discarding their first race 3rd, they counted just bullets), Marengo (counting all 2nd’s) and Skua (counting all 3rd’s!). At the prizeging James was clearly delighted with this overdue and emphatic victory.
Ist Swift (James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorpe, Rob Sutherland 3 points
2nd Marengo (Carolyn Brigg, Christine Graves, Nick Boyd) 6 points
3rd Skua (David Maclean, Robin Nott, Robin Richardson) 9 points

Photos Dudley Howard

Brass tacks
• Heard the one about a new Swallow? Team Swift is getting a new hull for 2018! Quite how they can assimilate the current No 7’s lead keel into an all-GRP encapsulated keel is for the experts to fathom (!) but then there are those who say that the old wooden keels can be faster.
• Curiously the Whimbrel mob are our RO’s for the Reach Trophy. Peter suited and booted?
• What a week it was on the Swallow family offspring front. Congratulations to Tom and Anita Trevelyan and Nigel and Chloe Glennie on becoming grandparents and to Carolyn Brigg too - and all in the same week!

Many will want to know that John Tagg's wife Joan sadly passed away recently. Our thoughts are with John and the family.

Classified ads!
Following her good service as the "Try a Swallow" Class boat, Svala is now for sale complete with a very useful four wheel road trailer. See the Boats for Sale section of our class pages on the club website.

Also an almost new development Swallow mainsail from Hyde in 2010. Used a few times and sent back for a minor cosmetic tweak. Hyde just made another one! and the original one has turned up in a sailmakers rack in Warsash. Contact the sailmaker through Mike if you are interested. Any reasonable offer considered.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid September 2017

Posted 14th September 2017

Autumn Class Meeting.

A reminder that the Autumn Class Meeting will take place on Saturday 16th September at 1700 in the Members Room at ISC.
A new Class Captain and team will be voted in so please be there to have your say.

Upcoming Events..... This Weekend.

On Sunday 17th Sept we have Bart's Bash.  The entry details and start times are now on the club website and you will see that this year the Andrew Simpson Foundation & Bart's Bash unite at this time of crisis to provide aid for rebuilding grassroots sailing programmes & communities affected by Hurricane Irma.
Please give generously, and try to REGISTER on-line HERE before the day so your contribution will go direct and your result will appear on the main site.

Then on the 23rd/24th September it's the Bob Massey Trophy. Good Swallow racing expected as ever. The Saturday evening supper menu is....

Seabass Fillets on a bed of samphire champ potato, champagne sauce served with seasonal vegetables.
Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla ice cream.   Coffee &  Mints.    £17.50

Early booking is essential, and at the latest by 12.00 on Wednesday 20th Sept please.

I know there is a rival birthday party during the day but please make the effort to eat at the club that night as its all part of the fun!

And finally. Our esteemed Swallow sailor and builder Mike Bond didn't want to be upstaged by the commodore with his photo with Alex Thompson. He sends "Sailing on Hugo Boss 27.6 knots !!"

SWALLOW NEWS - Early September 2017

Posted 7th September 2017

Ladies Medallion winner Ginny Fox flanked by "almost winners" Mimie Currie and Carol Thompson.     Elizabeth Pattison was runner-up but missed the photo.

Four crews gathered for the annual 'Get your own back ' on the helms event.

All 4 were actually on the start line and no one was over.  Ginny was 1st at the Windward mark slowed a little by Carolyn's windward hoist but quickly sped downwind followed by Mimie and Elizabeth.

On the 2nd beat the familiar sight of Marengo's transom dimmed as Ginny vanished in the distance never to be caught again.

The battle behind was closely fought with Mimie , Carol and Elizabeth all close together at the Leeward mark. Elizabeth hit the mark, walked it round her transom and after re-rounding took a flyer up the beat and finshed 2nd.   
Report c/o Carol Thompson.
1. Marengo   Ginny Fox
2. Avocet       Elizabeth pattison
3. Merlin       Mimie Currey
4. Migrant     Carol Thompson

Autumn Class Meeting.

A reminder that the Autumn Class Meeting will take place on Saturday 16th September at 1700 in the Members Room at ISC. A new Class Captain and team will be voted in so please be there to have your say.

Upcoming Events.

On Sunday 17th Sept we have Barts Bash, the once in the year we get to start on the same line as the XODs and Sunbeams, so fenders out and be there for the fun, and most importantly the fundraising. Its a very good cause. The start will be at 10.30, or soon after by the time the ferries are busy. The plan is for a good race followed by lunch on the club lawn with some prizes just for us. The notice of race will be published soon so look out for Quick News for that.

The 23rd/24th September is the Bob Massey Trophy. Another great two day event with a good fleet expected. Details of the Club Supper on the Saturday night will be out soon. Please make the effort to eat at the club that night as its all part of the fun!

And finally. Our ISC Commodore always hangs out with the right people. Here he is with Round The World sailor Alex Thompson at the RLYC event during the Swallow Championships.          Photo Lucy McGinlay


SWALLOW NEWS - 24th August 2017

Posted 24th August 2017

The Ladies Medallion Race.

Calling all our lady helms. The race for this coveted trophy is programmed for Monday 28th with the start at 10.40. Its your turn to helm and if you don't have a Swallow now is the time to start looking for one to borrow. Contact Mike at the class captain link below if you have a team but you need a boat.

Please note that the Youth Event originally planned for the same start time is now cancelled to avoid conflicts. If you were planning to sail please let me know. Next year perhaps we need to organise a separate event? but for now you will have to find a lady on the helm if you want to play.

Regatta season

It's Regatta season in full swing and this weekend we have Bosham on Saturday and most importantly our own Regatta on Sunday afternoon after a warm up "Summer Sundays" series race in the morning. Don't forget to enter any regatta first at our club office.

The ISC details are on the front page of the club website 
A big turnout for our own regatta to welcome all our guests will be good to see.

The Bosham NOR and SIs are at

The courses seem to be missing at the moment but I am sure they will be available at ISC by Saturday.
Bosham say....
We look forward to welcoming you to Bosham Regatta on Saturday 26 August 2017.
HW is about 1535, so with the first keelboat start off the BSC Committee Boat “Glad Emma” at 1400, we should aim to have you finishing about HW.
The first mark of each course will be an inflatable, as indicated to be rounded to port or starboard as the case may be.
There is also a post-Regatta Summer Party with Abba Inferno. Tickets £19.50 from   Michael Cover.
Rear Commodore House, Bosham Sailing Club 07584 212213

Autumn Class Meeting.

And finally, just a reminder that the Autumn Class Meeting will take place on Saturday 16th September at 1700 in the Members Room at ISC. This is not listed in the Club Handbook so please note.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid-August 2017

Posted 16th August 2017

Call for volunteers to run the Class.

Did you know that in less than a months time the term of office of your Swallow team comes to an end? At the Autumn Class Meeting, Mike, Christine and Tony who, along with recently co-opted Tom and Caroline, have been running the Swallow Class at Itchenor for the last three years all stand down so we need some volunteers to take over.  We need a Club Class Captain, and an expert in social and promotional events. Christine has said at this stage that she is happy to continue as crew coordinator for another year and we hope that Caroline Marriage will continue the great work she is doing organising us all on a Wednesday evening.

There have been lots of informal suggestions but could you now formally let me know if you would like to be involved at isc.swallow.capt@gmail or 07768 863316

Autumn Class Meeting.

The Autumn Class Meeting will take place on Saturday 16th September at 1700 in the Members Room at ISC. This is not listed in the Club Handbook so please note.

Cowes Week 2017.

The result of Cowes Week in Swallows was decided in the last mile, of the last beat, of the last series race, and in strong winds and sunshine to boot.

Solitude won the downwind start of the Friday race and was never to be headed leading by 300m all the way to the finish. That opened up an interesting points situation where Migrant had to finish two places ahead of Gwaihir to take the week and at the last mark was only one place ahead. Richard Thompson sailed the perfect textbook beat, consistently four boat lengths to windward of Gwaihir delivering a good dose of dirty wind to allow others to overtake and fill that critical spot. First Archon moved up and Mike had to apologise to Malcolm Green for having to deliver the same treatment down the line to try to keep his place. Then it was Avocet, expertly driven by John Houghton, who twice broke through Gwaihir's lee which would have given Migrant the win. At times it was Svala in the expert hands of Gemima Lawson and now up to speed that was to find the left shifting breeze on the south side of the course and threaten to upset the pecking order, but in the end Migrant seemed to relent and allowed Gwaihir a breath of fresh air to tack a couple of hundred meters south where she luckily picked up the left shifting breeze letting her slip through to second and with that take the week. Wonderful tight racing that is always a feature of Swallow racing. Migrant, Gwaihir and Solitude all winning races. Full results are HERE. and the full report from Andrew Reid is HERE.
Mike, having this year entered both Cowes Week and Cowes Classics reports that both events are a great weeks sailing. There is a big buzz on the shore at Cowes Week and it is undoubtedly the countries biggest jamboree of sailing with all that goes with that. The marinas are full, the bands play day and night and you really do run into all your long lost sailing friends as you walk down the high street. This year the Swallow social programme took a big step up with a night at the Squadron in the company of the Princess Royal as guests of our Squadron member Swallow sailors. The yacht club's seemed to find space for non members and the RLYC hosted our Friday evening prize-giving at 24 hours notice despite all the razzmatazz outside with the Red Arrows and Fireworks to follow. My advice to all Swallow sailors is do both weeks! You will enjoy them both.

Solitude and Migrant. Race winners and on the podium overall at Cowes.

Some of the Gwaihir team. Ginny Kidd. Winner of the Avocet Bowl for First Lady.

The BIG Regatta weekend.

The 26/27th August is the big double header of the regatta season with Bosham on Saturday and our own Regatta on Sunday. Please make a point of taking part in our own regatta. We don't want to have those Bosham Dayboats as the largest fleet again do we? Its a normal series race in the morning followed by the regatta in the afternoon. Please be there to welcome our guests.

The Bosham organising team, who just happen of course to be ISC as well say....
We look forward to welcoming you to Bosham Regatta on Saturday 26 August 2017.
It is my privilege to be the RO, so I look forward to being of service. HW is about 1535, so with the first keelboat start off the BSC Committee Boat “Glad Emma” at 1400, we should aim to have you finishing about HW.
The first mark of each course will be an inflatable, as indicated to be rounded to port or starboard as the case may be.
There is also a post-Regatta Summer Party with Abba Inferno. Tickets £19.50 from   Michael Cover.
Rear Commodore House, Bosham Sailing Club 07584 212213

Cowes Week Brass Tacks.

- So live streaming of the CW starts from the RYS platform and from a RIB is a good thing? Avocet might have been just slightly embarrassed to have been shown to the world parked on Grantham rocks (just under the platform) in R1 with a man overboard trying to push off, but in deep water (in every sense).
- It was quite instructive watching the other starts, Archon getting it mostly right, Gwaihir (with a guest crew for the week) pretty sharp too & Migrant and Solitude seemingly better at off-wind starts. Fortunately(?) not much real dodgems action off Cowes Green.
- 3V or 3U that is the question! On that important point Gwaihir's tilt at the grand slam might have faltered but instead it came down to a tense final final beat on the last day. Make no mistake this is a unique achievement and thoroughly deserved.Well done to all who sailed in her (except the nav person on CW Sunday). No prize though - just the plaudits of the rest of the fleet.
- Seems par for the course this weird summer but losing two days to bad weather is boring - but did enable the fleet to review most of the Cowes hostelries - with the Sunbeams on Wednesday and with all others on Thursday when it was really honking (and not just the breeze...).
- Meanwhile back at the ranch a string of headline performances from Bluff (in between JF duties too) has rested the RIP trophy from Buccaneer. A final double bullet performance from Mike last Sunday (in a match race with Cockersootie) closed the gap to just two points.
- Guess the silly season will continue until the BH weekend - surely no-one will want to miss the BSC/ISC regatta double-header? Can't let Gwahir snaffle the fantastic Shippam trophy too!

Regatta Sailing at its best. The sail home after Tea.
More Photos from Dell Quay HERE

SWALLOW NEWS - end of July 2017

Posted 11th July 2017

Gwaihir. Winner of Classic Cowes.
Photo Rick Tomlinson. Go to for more.

Vernon Trophy
It seems a long while ago now but we set out on our annual westward pilgrimage on Bastille day in good conditions (a spinnaker run out of the harbour!) and a mostly starboard tack route through the E Solent. Some went down the main channel, others went through the Dolphins and some (er) went right over the submarine barrier. The finishing order was Main channel (Gwaihir) 1st, Dolphins and sight-seeing in Portsmouth (Blue Tit) 2nd and Whimbrel (under the radar) 3rd. However the first four boats finished at Snowden within 2 minutes - and all 16 were tied up inside the breakwater within 4 hours. Should the course have included either through the Forts or through the Dolphins – simply to make Betivuka’s monitoring task a tad easier? Anyway thank you to Nigel, Liz and Caroline for their contribution – and they were back on the ISC jetty at 20.30 too.

The Swallow Championships and Cowes Classics Week..

Well that was them done! 14 Boats entered for the championships and 12 for the Cowes Classics week that followed, both hosted by the Royal London Yacht Club at Cowes. Great competitive sailing and socials throughout. What's not to like.
The Championships report is HERE with results HERE.
The Cowes Classics report is HERE and the results HERE.

Classic Cowes podium performers Swift, Chris Creak, Robin Richardson and
Dave MacLean.        And below Buccaneer. Mike Bond.  
Photos. Rick Tomlinson

Diary notes

• We wish good sailing to the 7 boats (2 of which are bursary boats) at the imminent CW. Looks like a breezy one.
• For those still in the harbour the RIP Trophy is the main feature – can anyone prise it away from the resurgent Buccaneer?
• If you want the next best harbour regatta tea make sure you compete in the pm DQSC event on Saturday 12 August – there is even a quickie in the morning to get the competitive juices flowing.
• Wednesday evening racing continues on 2 & 9 August (yes it is JF – curiously late this year – but surely they will all be tucked up in bed by then?).
• August ends with the double-header of the BSC and ISC regattas over the BH weekend.
• Breaking news! Except thankfully it wasn't. Jemima Lawson (a Cambridge Varsity match competitor from Emsworth) and her father sailed Svala to Cowes on Thursday 27th in 25-30 knots - quite an introduction to Solent sailing. Avocet did likewise and was reported to be somewhat soggy and knackered on arrival.

South Island brass tacks

• Alex Thomson – fab geezer! Who could not be amused and entranced by his enthusiastic and riveting account of the last Vendee (with the fastest boat but soon on disabled by a broken foil). The strength of mind to sail ¾ of the way around the world – and even temporarily re-take the lead – with this handicap was simply amazing. And he plans to do it all yet again!
• It was fun (and hugely helpful) to have our ‘own’ Anne Taylor masterminding Championship things at the RLYC. She even got them to lay on tea and cake after racing.
• Need the glasses? Snellie mistook the electric kettle for a gas one when he put it on the burner in Castle Road one groggy morning. Result: one molten kettle and Lucy sans chai. It’s the thought that counts?
• Talking of Whimbrel – was it Ali G or Lucy who specified that sexy new North suit of sails? Full marks to Michael Cover for getting North to play – a new dawn or a wake-up call for our other sail suppliers?
• So the races were a tad shorter than we would have liked but there was no denying the dominant performers (Mark, Mike and Charles) who put in a masterful display (well after that R1 cock-up anyway).
• Swift had a nightmare trip to Cowes. They towed the Swallow behind a RIB but it broke down in Hayling Bay and had to tow the RIB behind the Swallow back to Emsworth for repair and then had to set out again having left the RIB behind. Fortunately and having secured a race win and 2nd place overall they had an easy return to Chi.
• What should we count as our own grand slam? NM, Championships, CCW & CW? 93 has just one to go – no pressure then.
• There was either too little wind for CCW (Monday) or too much (Thursday and Friday). Gwaihir won lots of goodies from the daily event sponsors (Haines, Henri-Lloyd and Harken) that must have sorted Xmas out at a stroke. The one they least expected was the overall CCW prize which prompted Mike to gush effusively about ‘the best regatta he had ever been too’!
• It has to be said that after the Whimbrel bash on Sunday (very many thanks), a hog roast and dancing at the CCYC, the Kendall’s Art Gallery reception, the Haines do at the Squadron, a night at the RORC and a wonderful sell-out dinner at the RLYC did it really matter that half of the series was blown out? Most of the socials were free to competitors too.
• The RLYC have table plan software that stops not-such-good-friends from sitting next to each other at formal dinners. Can anyone pirate a copy?
• A snippet from the O & C invitational: Gwaihir had Sarah Treseder (CEO of the RYA) aboard. Mike’s shoelace comes undone, somewhat provocatively he waves his foot around and with exceptionally good grace Sarah ties it up for him. CEO - and valet?

SWALLOW NEWS - mid July 2017

Posted 11th July 2017

The Championships and Cowes Classics Week.

Our Championships are NEXT Weekend. The Vernon trophy passage race goes on Friday 14th July at 1300, our National Swallow Championships are on 15th and 16th July and Cowes Classics follows from 18th-21st July. Club2Class currently reports 15 for the Championships and 12 for Classics Week so we are on for some great racing. A "baggage boat" has been sourced and don't forget your safety gear for the passage race and the two "away" events. 

Please can anyone who is in need of crew, or would like to crew contact Christine HERE She will try to put you in touch with each other. She also knows of someone with some Spare Accommodation.

For any queries on the Championships contact Tony Glover HERE. He has circulated all entrants with joining instructions so we should know what we are doing!
Its not too late to enter if you haven't already but you will have to move fast.

Guest Invitational day.

Sundays Invitational day was a great success with fifteen boats contesting the three race, all to count, series with six boats taking O&CSS guests. Early leaders were Hugo Fisher and Nigel Masting's Bluff and Carolyn Brigg in Marengo but the lunchtime leader was Blue Tit, in the skilled hands of Paul Giles and Tom Clarence-Smith  and obviously restored to health after her recent extended hull restoration by Haines. By the end of the day though it was Skua that headed the fleet with Chris Creak and Dave Maclean sharing the driving. As usual on guest days there were no prizes for boats without guests so it was Sarah Treseder and Juan, guesting on Svala with your class captain that headed the guest prizes. As CEO of the RYA it was good for her to see the club on such fine form.
Full results are HERE

Wednesday Evening Sailing.

Wednesday Evening Sailing is now well on the calendar with six or seven boats racing on several occasions. Caroline Marriage has been doing a great job of coordinating crews and it is proving a good time to introduce guests to the fleet. Mike brought five along last week and thanks all who gave them a sail. Jamie Birkett won on his first outing so we can expect lots from Kansu this year.

Photo. Jessica Marsh

The 100th Varsity Match.

The 100th Varsity match was hosted by Itchenor Sailing Club and the Swallow Fleet for three days last week. Richard Thompson and his team managed a superb prestige event which was a credit to the club and class. Displaying our club at its best to all these young and accomplished performers can only be good.
The teams not racing enjoyed themselves on Johnnie Cunningham-Reid's Serita. See photo below.
The full report is HERE.

SWALLOW NEWS - mid June 2017

Posted 21st June 2017

Points Week 2017 will go down as one to remember.

The sailing was extremely competitive, the socials were spectacular and the weather was superb. What more could we ask for? The Gwaihir team thought they were in for a quiet week with one or two of the recent fast boats unable to make Points Week but it was not to be. Their long time nemesis Harry and Prue Roome, currently taking a sabbatical from Swallow sailing, couldn't resist a return at the mid point of their off season to take control of Tony Glover's Darter. It was game on again! After four races these two were equal on points and positions. The two races on Thursday were to be the decider. Gwaihir took the first, and Darter needed the second to stay on terms. It was to be so close that Gwaihir lost a piece of rubbing strake in the little pile up off Pilsey Island in 1.1m of water but that was enough to make catch up impossible for Darter.

For the first half of most of the races the first six were within boat lengths of each other and a small slip or wind shift made the difference. Migrant had a good week taking three seconds but having to fight very hard with Buccaneer, now fully back up to speed after her re-rig. With the trophy named after their boat the omens were with them.  Marengo was consistently in the mix but without her usual all girl crew wasn't quite scoring the bullets. Whimbrel won the Fisher Mug for mid fleet boat.

Our own Tony Glover was instrumental in the splendid social programme. To see a band playing, where else but on the bandstand, was a sight and sound not to be missed. Friday's start in the late afternoon was a big success with the prize giving rolling into a Fish and Chip supper.
1st  Gwaihir.    Mark Struckett, Mike Wigmore and Charles Hyatt.
2nd Darter.      Harry Roome, Prue Roome, Tony Glover and Helen Williams.
3rd  Migrant.    Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson and Nigel Glennie.
4th  Buccaneer. Mike Bond, Mike Burnford, Marcus Irwin Browne and guests.

Full results are HERE

Photos Gayle Palmer.

Invitational Event Saturday 8th July.

Now don't all stay at home just because it says Invitational in the book! It will be normal club racing that day, with some special one-off prizes, but as it follows the night of the 100th O&CSS Varsity Match Dinner we are expecting that some of the guests that evening will want to stay on and take up our invitation to come and crew a Swallow the next day. If they are good enough you might even want them to helm for you. The guests are expected to be past participants not from the current crop.
Please sign up as usual on C2C and we can then match volunteer crews to boats.

And speaking of Club2Class.... You may be wondering why you have recently received an email inviting you to Register with Club2Class when you are already on the system to look for, or offer to crew. The answer is  there is a difference between a "Class Member," as most users currently are, and the new enhanced category "Registered User" with allows enhanced functionality.

If you are a class member and happy with how it all works currently you need do nothing. If you would like to...
- contact available crew or boats requiring crew via the site
- follow other classes in addition to the Swallows
- have a personalised consolidated view of the events and results for all classes.
- edit your event responses at any time 
........then you will need to become a registered user.

Our big trip to Cowes is now less than a month away. The Vernon trophy passage race goes on Friday 14th July, Our National Swallow Championships are at Cowes organised by the Royal London on 15th and 16th July and Cowes Classics follows from 18th-21st July. There is even a regatta race on Monday 17th July for those who don't want a day off! For those staying on for Cowes Week there is a one week break (Don't forget to arrange scrubbing with Lallows through Charles Prescot) before the fray starts there. The new six day regatta and enhanced social programme starts on Saturday 29th July. (Series from Sun 30th)
If you can only do one, then the big event not to miss is the Championships. The RLYC have the experience to run a superb event and the dinner on friday night with after-dinner speaker Round the World sailor Alex Thompson is now included in the deal so, please make sure you have your entry in and tell us you are going to be there, or if you would like to crew when the Club2Class emails come out at the end of this week.

Please can anyone who is in need or a crew or would like to crew contact Christine HERE She will try to put you in touch with each other.

For more info on the Championships contact Tony Glover HERE.

For more on Cowes contact Anthony Lunch HERE.

The Championships notice of race is HERE. The Sailing Instructions will be agreed soon and available on the RLYS website HERE in advance of the event. Cowes Classics Week and Lendy Cowes Week are both easily located with a search if you want details to enter.

and...Charles Hyatt's big birthday party.

Commodore and Swallow sailor Charles says....I am holding my 60th birthday at the Club on the evening of Saturday 1st July. Any of you that are sailing that day or otherwise around would be most welcome to join Helen and I between 630pm that evening and the start of the dinner at 730pm for some bubbly - it would be lovely if you could make it. Could you possibly let me know if you are likely to so I can arrange accordingly?

If anyone needs any crew that day I am hoping to be able to get some of my guests on the water - again it would be great if you could let me know. 

 PW Brass Tacks

• Well they tack superbly, are fast downwind and are seldom found to be lacking tactically. However the real reason for Gwaihir’s superlative performances are Classic Magnums – before and after.
• It probably helps to have three very competent helms aboard. With the Buccaneer Trophy secured with a day to spare, Commodore Charles got the stick on Friday and repeated the dose – and even more impressively.
• It is sometimes said (per Clarkson) that we don’t care for our boats enough. Apparently the cockpit area of Migrant needed some TLC so Carol got out the marigolds and Dulux Brilliant White and made it look like new again. Just a pity that in the bright sunlight the crew can no longer look into said cockpit cos of the glare.
• Back on (bird) song: Blue Tit was flying in the surf on the way back from Treloar in that fantastic 2nd b2b on Thursday. Where did Whimbrel find overdrive too? Some excellent results from inspired windward legs. Are they now into the numbers game too?
• Good to see Harry and Prue breaking their sabbatical to energise Darter – and become the only boat to beat Gwaihir – and twice over too.
• Christine was awarded a bottle for her departure from Skua via the emergency exit after a gybe at Treloar but thoughtfully continued to trim the spinnaker from underwater and from a few yards behind.
• B2B? Well the detractors say that we lose the opportunity to see the whole harbour. However such was the skill and care of Roger W and his expert team on BV that we had the benefit of two starts and did not really lose out in the scenic stakes either. It was all great every day too.
• Obviously it would be inappropriate to mention the sailmaker that supplied the first two boats.
• Well we didn’t go to every mark in the harbour during PW (a cherished ambition for Roger Wickens) but the changing wind direction allowed us to go to most and it is great to sail over the Winner and Stocker banks with impunity and at the top of a spring HW.


SWALLOW NEWS - 31st May 2017


Posted 31st May 2017

The Norman Moore Trophy has been raced for at Itchenor Sailing Club every year since 1953, and over the years has grown in importance to become the premier home event for the National Swallow Class. As several owners and some boats are currently ‘off games’, a slightly diminished fleet of 17 boats gathered on Saturday morning in a solid 20-25 knots of breeze and sunshine for the first of five races.

Swift, having recovered Jeremy Sibthorp by his feet following a pre-start crash gybe to avoid a Swallow contretemps ahead, went on to open their score sheet with a win. Gwaihir lost a good initial lead but held off Echo to take second place.
By the two races in the afternoon Charlie Hartley, son of skipper James Hartley, had been substituted for the somewhat bruised and wet Jeremy and Swift was back to business but by then the Gwaihir team had recovered their form and posted back to back wins. In race two Christine Graves’s team Skua, helmed by Chris Creak was second, followed by Swift then Tony Glover’s Darter. Race three saw the same first two with Bluff, taking the last podium place ahead of Migrant. The course congestion as the fleet caught up the XOD fleet at marks where the favoured mark exit crossed the incoming fleet was exciting but all part of racing in Chichester Harbour.

The club was full in the evening as the current fleet and many past Swallow sailors gathered for a Gala Dinner to Celebrate 70 years since the formation of the class in 1947 in preparation for its featuring in the 1948 Olympics.

Sunday was to be a very different sort of sailing. PRO Phillip Pascall managed to find a zephyr of breeze to start race four but with its 40 degree shifts and vagaries of strength there were plenty of traps for the unwary. The race was initially led by National Swallow Class chairman Malcolm Green sailing Archon but it was Bluff who eventually won with Echo taking the third. Gwaihir were pleased that there would now be a discard score allowed as otherwise would have posted a very large total! The afternoon brought torrential rain but still hardly any wind so at 1500 the excellent race management team brought out the “N” flag and all were towed home for tea and prize giving.

The final result was
1st Gwaihir. Mike Wigmore, Mark Struckett and Charles Hyatt
2nd Swift. James Hartley, Rob Sutherland, Jeremy Sibthorp and Ian Tillett.
3rd Bluff. Hugo Fisher, Nigel Masding and Richard House.
4th Echo. Simon Slater, George Miller, & James Cunnison.
5th Skua. Christine Graves. Chris Creak, David Maclean, Robin Knott and Nick Boyd.

Full results here

Swallow 70th Gala Dinner Photos.

Photos c/o Kirsty Bang.

Would you like to race a Swallow? The sponsored 'ready to race' spare Swallow is available for visiting guests to use at Itchenor SC Points Week 12-16 June, the Swallow Championships weekend at Cowes 15-16 July and Cowes Classics regatta 17-21st July. Contact to book.

Points Week Social Events.

Please book your social events for Points Week. After all their hard work the organisers need the reassurance that you are going to be there! The programme is here.

Bembridge here. Saturday 3rd June.

The Mermaids and BODs visit us again this Saturday and as usual some of them would like to swap one of our crews, who are supposed to know their way around the harbour!, with one of theirs. If you would like to pre-volunteer please contact Marcus Irwin-Brown at <>

Otherwise the swaps will be arranged over lunch on Saturday so be prepared to put your hand up then.

Trip to Bembridge. Sunday 4th June.

Don't forget our trip to Bembridge on Sunday 4th June. Tony is the contact for this trip to the other side of the pond for lunch. The start time is 09.50 so don't be late and bring suitable gear, and safety gear, for a day at sea.

(N) Moore Brass Tacks

• Typical to lose the fine weather just in time for the weekend (and after the CC had promised wall to wall sunshine too!). Who didn’t feel cold at some point whilst wind, rain and salt water destroyed our make up?
• Spare a thought for Jeremy Sibthorp though. Ejected from Swift in a crash gybe avoidance manoeuvre, but thoughtfully with the mainsheet still wrapped round his foot, he was being towed along at 7 knots whilst observing the underwater marine life all around before James and Rob managed to grab both booted feet and bring the spluttering Jeremy back on board. They then went on to win the race! Minus glasses and with a wee bump on his forehead Jeremy and the rest of the team were in fine form at the dinner later.
• Gwaihir’s lead at Dunes after just one windward leg of R1 was huge. How could they possibly have lost it? Got into the right gear later in the day though.
• The strong spring tide was evil at Dunes. Skua with Robin Nott driving, clobbered it on both laps losing many places in the process. Long keels and long faces – and they weren’t alone.
• Echo’s secret weapon: James Cunnison – brilliant sailor, boat techie, athlete and wise guy. Well with Jonathan as his father and guru you would sort of expect it.
• Full marks to the displaced Blue Tit team trying Svala out for size -  just 2up in 20+ knots. They were more up than down too.
• Other boats on the up: Charles P got Cockersootie going nicely with his scratch crew and Chris Creak (he enjoys a blow) got Skua a well-earned 2nd in the first b2B race after a bit of nifty mark rounding inside a melee of other boats.
• Harlequin had a nice new jib on – well it was when the racing started.
• Welcome warmth and sunlight for the drinkies in Malcolm’s garden. The senior guest contingent looked very much more youthful than the jaded sailors.
• Beware Archon in the light stuff – they almost won the Sunday morning lottery but Bluff was eventually victorious in this snakes and ladders contest.

SWALLOW NEWS - 2nd May 2017

Posted 22nd May 2017

Last call for the Swallow 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

This event is now only five days away and final arrangements and table plans are being made NOW.  If you have not got your tickets yet then please book with the club office TODAY. Tony would also appreciate a note on his EMAIL HERE as he has the thankless job of finalizing the table plan.

And of course next weekend is the Norman Moore Trophy. Our unofficial in-harbour Club Championship. The advance forecast is wall to wall sunshine and a force three to four. What more could we possibly want.

Team racing match; Itchenor Swallows v the Oxford and Cambridge Sailing Society.

It was like the Americas Cup in 2013. At lunch the visitors needed only one more win to take the trophy, and had four races in which to do it, but your trusty Itchenor Swallows team had other ideas. Four back to back wins in the afternoon for the Itchenor Swallows secured the win, the first since 2011.

The Itchenor Swallows Team. Malcolm Green, Simon Slater (Capt), Mike Wigmore, Chris Creak, Nigel Masding and Kit Glover who unfortunately missed the photo.

Trip to Bembridge. Sunday 4th June.

Don't forget our trip to Bembridge on Sunday 4th June. Tony is the contact for this trip to the other side of the pond for lunch.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid May 2017

Posted 15th May 2017

Ponder Trophy report.

It was one of those difficult calls. To Dunes in race one, leg one, of the three race, all to count, Ponder Trophy. Do we go right and cheat the tide around Pilsey Island or all the way round the left and through the anchorage at East Head. The answer was left with Swift, Marengo and Migrant fighting it out but a lucky shift brought Gwaihir in from the right at the last moment to lead by a boat length which they immediately squandered with a “kite on the wrong side” hoist leaving Swift to romp to the well-deserved win. The shortened course after one lap caught a few out but Marengo secured the last podium place.

By now the sun was out, and a solid 15-20 knot South Westerly was in, giving champagne sailing conditions for all. Race two should have been simpler with a first beat to East Head but Swift had other ideas when threading (or not!) a Swallow through an Int14 size gap in the fleet from a port tack start. The consensus was that the rule should say take a 360deg. penalty for each boat infringed, but if that was the case they would have missed tea by the time they finished! The race unfolded with a tight battle for second taken by Swift with Solitude third.

PRO Nigel Pattison and his team couldn’t resist the temptation to include a couple of reaches in his course for the final race so the scene was set for another Swift/Gwaihir decider. Mark Struckett dodged several boats to deliver a perfect boat end start for Gwaihir and elected to go right again. Skua helmed by Dave Maclean led the left side in a tight battle but in the end the first three boats including Darter and Migrant came from the right. After a few more beats and runs Gwaihir took the race to secure the trophy. Swift came in third to take the runner up position and Chris Fox sailing Migrant with, ‘new to Swallow Sailing’ Francesca Leaver in his crew was second to give them third overall.  Full results HERE.

A great days sailing in fine conditions. Some didn’t like the 3b2b format first used successfully for one day events last autumn so a straw poll at the autumn class meeting will decide if we stick to this format for the Reach and Finella in October.

National Championships NOR and Entry Form.

The details and documents for the Swallow National Championships to be hosted this year by the RLYC at Cowes 15/16 July can now be found HERE.

Points Week Social Programme.

Here it is. Book early to help the organisers please.

Outside Harbour. Sunday 21st May.

Those of you who are not involved in the annual team racing match v. the O&CSS this Sunday may wish to hone your sea sailing skills by taking part in club racing which that day will consist of a race out to Bracklesham Bay, one or two short races out there, and then a race back. If you are interested please try to contact the club office before the day or at least let George know on the day. Don't forget to sign out, take your Omega course card, your VHF radio and your sandwiches!

Trip to Bembridge. Sunday 4th June.

Calling all frustrated offshore sailors! Along with the XOD's we are going to return the favour of the Bembridge SC visit to Itchenor the previous day to make a sprint visit there for lunch. The IH start is at 09.50 to optimise the tides both in and out of the harbour - and later on and after lunch they work nicely for our return. This is both a fun trip and a way to ensure your Swallow is ship-shape for Solent adventures later on this summer. Please let Tony Glover ( know that you will be taking part. In the event the weather or sea conditions are not suitable we will give advance notice and substitute an alternative.

A flavour of Wednesday evening racing

We were all made to line up against the wall, sort of in-line dating, and then paired off except that every boat seemed to have three despite the intention of having as many 2up boats as possible on the start line. So let’s introduce Tamsin: she walks the dogs at daybreak on East Head, plays tennis, canoes around the harbour looking for seals, fits in some work and then pitches up as a (rather skilled as it turns out) guest crew who with the distant benefit of some dinghy sailing quickly adapts to roll-tacking a Swallow. All this served Svala very well as with Mike at the helm they escaped the attentions of a port tack Cockersootie on the start line to sail off into the distance. Except it’s not over until – they shorten the course and Gwaihir with a guest helm slips along the other bank and into the lead when it mattered. Tamsin would have thought it too easy if she had won on her maiden outing so obviously wants to come back for more. Of course the sun shone, there was a pleasant F2, the harbour was empty and our numbers were up (ok only to 4 but at this exponential growth rate we will have 15 by mid-summer). Then we had another good and reasonably-priced meal. When are you coming? 

Pondering a Brass tack

• It was classic first leg which bank shall we go decision-making in each of the three races. Each time the two main protaganists, and half the fleet with them, went on opposite banks en route to the windward marks variously O/H/JD. How was it that Gwaihir (with Mark driving throughout) got it right each and every time? Does their speed mask what might not have been the right call? 
• Swift actually won the opener and is nibbling ever closer to Gwaihir's supremacy, particularly in a breeze. Marengo has yet to recapture her Championship speed possibly because David Sloper had jumped ship and was sailing on Swift!
• Wonderful sailing conditions over both days - and a fearsome tide which made for some interesting snakes and ladders mark roundings.
• Some mutterings that the girls were 'disadvantaged' by having 3xb2b races and quick turn-rounds too (well done PRO  Nigel Pattison). It's not the first time of course and the breeze made a quick visit to BV impractical. On the water for a smidge under 5 hours is certainly different. To be further considered?
• Those of you who do not have reason to visit Haines may not have seen the 'naked'  Blue Tit. Naked in that the underwater gel has been removed and the lay-up can be observed in it's somewhat unglamorous state. Swift also had the treatment this last winter.
• Rules observation was sadly lacking in some (close) quarters. We have always prided ourselves on doing the right thing but protests cannot be far away if this trend continues.
• When is it time to introduce that new mainsail which has been waiting in the wings. When you don't win all three races?!

SWALLOW NEWS - Early May 2017

Posted 6th May 2017

The Belgique Plate Report.

The Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate was a hard contested affair on the 30/31st April. The fleet was not huge but the races were tight and with the unusual format of two full length back to back races the energy and concentration needed sustaining.

In race one, after a short first beat, race officer John Ford sent the fleet on a navigation course around the edge of a number of sandbanks to Channel where a good beat, run, beat could be achieved. Swift, Migrant and Gwaihir fought it out but Swift missed a mark out, a theme you will see recurring, and Chris Fox didn’t defend his narrow lead allowing Gwaihir to slip in at the finish.

There was no time for the promised sandwich break before we were all away for a second race. This time the transit leg to the west of the Harbour provided options and the rhumb line of Swift proved best by a boat length to Gwaihir’s route of up and through the moorings at East Head whilst the Harbormaster wasn’t looking. Swift continued to pull out a good lead before, you guessed it, she led the fleet to Pivot instead of Runway. Migrant was the first to divert taking the lead with Gwaihir holding off Echo to the end.
During the day, one Swallow, whose owner shall remain nameless, seemed to be bonding with a harbour navigation mark. A Sunbeam caught the new Creek Post with her backstay, damaging the post and dismasting the Sunbeam, just as had been pointed out to the posts providers when a cross top mark was insisted on. The destroyer of the green braced pole marking the island between the goal posts and Astra is still unknown. A bit of a demolition day really but softened by a convivial supper at the club in the evening enjoyed by all.
With 24 knot winds gusting to 30+ forecast for Sunday, only the Swallow fleet would show up wanting to race! The Sunbeams cancelled over dinner the night before and only one XOD made it to the start area. Five Swallow crews mustered and three made it to the start area with conditions were much as forecast with gusts to 32 Knots. Gwaihir marked the location of the missing green post by parking on the island for a while before the start. John Ford this time had a brilliant plan setting a triangle with surfing reaches which were too tight for spinnaker thus saving us all the embarrassment of messing up in a big way with our kites. Half way up the second beat whilst locked in a match race with Gwaihir, Swifts entire jib blew off her forestay ending her day. Echo and Gwaihir finished but decided that enough fun had been had after one race and it was time to go home. A day to remember.
Results are HERE.

Swallows on a Wednesday. First race report from this week.

It was exactly HW, the NNE wind made its presence felt immediately and the temperature was well cool.

The entire fleet was right on the line at the gun in the puffy breeze, in the case of Svala right over (our esteemed CC helming – OCS for the second time in two Svala races – must practice more). Gwaihir (helmed by the Commodore no less) promptly hitched into a useful lift on the way to Wear and though Svala was pressing the leader at the finish that was basically it (helped by some superb spi work by Mr Struckett Snr). Echo (mast down and back up twice before the race) and with a guest helm (who could not quite get to grips with the toe-straps but managed to stay onboard, started strongly but faded when Svala applied pressure to windward and the guest crew demonstrated unexpectedly superior spi drops. A good course and all over in an hour followed by excellent roast duck at a sensible price.

OK every boat got a podium place, the harbour was empty, the sun shone briefly, the worst excesses of the forecast never happened and the XOD’s speak the same language. What’s not to like? And it can only get better as many others have promised to join us in the coming weeks.

Club and Class Open Day – Sunday 7TH May 2017. 

The organisation of our Guest day this Sunday is coming together. We have some guests and we have some boats but we are short of other crews and maybe even a helm so if you are available on Sunday can you please email Tom, Mike & Christine to let us know. The link HERE might work!

Try a Swallow.

Svala is now taken for the Norman Moore and is getting good use as part of the clubs new keelboat training programme. She is however still available for Points Week and the Championships. Who do you know who might like to take her? We are keen that she is out on the race course.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid April 2017

Posted 21st April 2017

"Swift" wins the boat end start in race two of the Deep End Trophy.  Photo Sue Glover.

Deep End Trophy report.

A small but perfectly formed flock of nine Swallows participated in the Deep End Trophy in varied wind conditions and generally much sunshine.

Race 1 was up to Star and back to East Head. Three boats were over at the start with only Solitude returning. A close bunch of four scrapped it out at the front, with Migrant, helmed for this race by Chris Fox, breaking free from Ka Nyenga for a good win.

The second race was up to a new zone mark off Thorney with Solitude arriving first, before heading off briefly towards the wrong second mark. Down to Ella Nore and then a wonderful long beat to Mill Rythe twice in a shifting wind from the north-west. Swift managed the shifts best and lead to a convincing win.

Sunday started quietly. Migrant picked the right spot at the pin end and made it first to Dunes before Swift took a brief flyer in the shifting and patchy north-westerly that worked well and lead at SW Pilsey.  This was followed by a run down to East Head and back round again, with much place changing. Again Swift excelled for her second win in the series, followed over the line by Bluff also showing good pace.   

After lunch the wind had shifted to the southwest, steadied and built to something more substantial. A smaller number of starters enjoyed a splendid beat up to Calvert, with Solitude and Migrant on equal points vying for supremacy! Everything was again going well for Swift before she rounded Astra the wrong way allowing Solitude and Migrant to slip through before correcting, and those places were held to the finish.

It had been an excellent weekend series in some interesting winds, and marked by two races with lovely long beats at the top of the tide.

The party on the Saturday night was well attended and enjoyed by many Swallow teams.  It was good to see the club well attended and in buoyant mood for the Easter weekend.
Overall: 1st Swift; 2nd Solitude; 3rd Migrant. 

Full results HERE.  Please note the "Sailors" listed is a work in progress on the new club C2C scoring system. In due course it will list the "Owners" as the club book. If you have more than three owners please tell Mike who you want to appear here for this year, or you will get the first three on the list by default.

Belgique Plate. New format for this year.

This year, to coordinate with other classes, the racing programme consists of two back2back full length races on both Saturday and Sunday 29/30th April. The good news is that you get a lie-in on both days with the first start at 11.30 but remember to take your sandwiches because you wont be home for lunch.

On the Saturday evening the Belgique Plate Supper will be 19.30 for 20.00.
Sea bass and Samphire with a champagne and vanilla sauce, with a side of seasonal vegetables followed by Lemon Posset, mixed berries and biscotti biscuit.  £16.50.  Please book at the club office

Wednesday Evening Racing.  First Race 3rd May.

This year we are having a big push to get Wednesday evening racing better supported. It's very informal, turn up at the club at 1700, two up is plenty. Sign the sheet before going on the water if you want supper afterwards. There is no formal race organisation so the odd volunteer will be required to help. If you live within 50 miles of the club, be there. (Yes that includes Wimbledon!)
If you are short of crew or need crew or just want to say you plan to be there, please coordinate through Caroline Marriage HERE. Lets see half a dozen out on the 3rd May.

Club and Class Open Day – Sunday 7TH May 2017. 

It is just two weeks to go to the Club & Class Open Day on Sunday 7th May.  It would be great if you could arrange your guest crew and plan your entry in advance.  Contact Tom for assistance if required with potential guest crew and/or let him know if you are able to volunteer some time to man the Swallow class stand.  Please note the Swallow race start is at 11.15am and is not b2b, a change from the club handbook. The entry requirement is that each boat should carry at least one guest, potentially a future Swallow sailor!   Please invite your own guests as it's a "No Guest, No Sail" day and your choices will make the best Swallow guests. The Club Swallow Team will try to help with filling any guest crew gaps. But contact Tom HERE early if you need help.

New Sailing Instructions.

The new ISC SIs come into force this year, and there are quite a few changes. If you couldn't come to "Ready to Race" there will be another chance to hear all about it this Saturday 22 April or 1st July, or look in the racing documents on the club website where there is also a one page update on what's new. From this year you will need a VHF radio for any racing outside the harbour so go shopping if you don't have one already.

Try a Swallow.

Svala will be available again this year for guests to come and join us Swallow Racing in 2017. She is still available for Points Week and the Championships. Who do you know who might like to take her? We are keen that she is out on the race course.

And of course some Brass Tacks. From our anonymous scribe.

• So with his ‘let’s maximise the return’ hat on Peter got the Whimbrel team afloat early this year. Several 2nd places later and what happens – a fishing boat takes down their mast whilst on the mooring. Many commiserations – hope you got some sea bass.
• Good to see Carol T out for part of the Easter (Deep End) w/e – and Meridian (Stewart Becker) too – the boat has been resting far too long.
• What exactly were Robin Richardson and Christine G doing in an ISC bathroom with a pair of long-nosed pliers. Ad hoc delivery room?
• Talking of Skua, why did the mainsheet traveller and main halyard not fail Harry last year? Who is this new bionic crew person? The charter party are hugely indebted to him for putting everything right again.
• You may have thought after a couple of benign weekends that there was no further need for the thermals. Not so - the BP w/e looks to be a tad chilly (with W 11 knots and big tides). When was this event last held in April?
• To validate the wisdom of those who revised the SI’s last winter (applause for our CC), frequent use has already been made of (I am a) Walrus, Spit (Roast), and Creek Post (Yellow Brick Road) but beware the Z in the course! You have read you new SI’s and been to the teach-in?
• Good to see the Deep End tussle at the top – Swift goes swifter?

SWALLOW NEWS - March 2017

Posted 12th April 2017

The new season is nearly upon us.
The new season starts next weekend. Gwaihir is already in but looking rather lonely! Lets hope she will be joined by lots of others soon. This year we are also planning to get out more on Wednesday Evenings. If you live anywhere near the club, save the date for Wednesday sailing each week from 3rd May.

"New" Boats..
The class is continuing to thrive with a number of new teams on the water this year.
Christine has brought together an expert team to charter Skua for the year and, having had a look at who they are, we look forward to her being as fast as usual.
Cockersootie is now in the capable hands of Charles Prescot and his team is coming together in a way only Charles can do it.
Stuart Becker is getting all excited about Swallow Sailing  and will launch Meridian this year. With his contacts in the training world we look forward to him going fast.
At least one other deal is still pending so watch this space.

Club2Class and crewing connections.
David Williams, the author of the Club2Class software has made the whole deal much slicker this year. The output on who's sailing will be more accessible on the web and better presented on the TV screens at the club. Soon the system will include results, and the intention is eventually to make it as good as when we go to Cowes and the live results are on the screen by the time we get ashore.

But, Boat owners and Managers particularly, if you don't respond with your sailing intentions for the next weekend when you get the email we won't know you're coming! There is no commitment, the question is "Do you intend to sail on...." If you don't respond the system under reports and less people are enthused to come out.

Crewing Opportunities.

Club2Class will also poll those interested in crewing each week. Christine is going to be busy with other matters until June so please use the system to put those looking for crew in touch with those who are short.

Try a Swallow.
Svala will be available again this year for guests to come and join us Swallow Racing in 2017. She is still available for Points Week and the Championships. Who do you know who might like to take her? We are keen that she is out on the race course.

Club and Class Open Day – Sunday 7th May 2017. 
It is not too early to mention the Swallow programme for the open day on Sunday 7th May.  This will be a single race with an 11.15 am start which will allow time for guest familiarisation and practice (note the change from the handbook).   It is hoped that as many Swallows as possible will support the Club and their Class by turning out.  The entry requirement is simply that each boat should carry at least one guest, potentially a future Swallow sailor!   Please invite your own guests but the Club Swallow Team will help with filling any guest crew gaps - contact Tom HERE.

Points Week Theatre Trip.
Tuesday 13 June at 7.30pm
Sweet Bird of Youth
By Tennessee Williams
1956. A hotel on the Gulf of Mexico. Alexandra del Lago, a fading Hollywood legend, has fled the ridicule that greeted the premiere of her come-back movie. Desperate for anonymity and forgetfulness, she is holed up in a small seaside town.
Tickets are available in the usual way from Liz Fox HERE. First come first served.

New Sailing Instructions.
The new ISC SIs come into force this year, and there are quite a few changes. If you couldn't come to "Ready to Race" there will be another chance to hear all about it on 22 April or 1st July, or look in the racing documents on the club website where there is also a one page update on what's new. From this year you will need a VHF radio for any racing outside the harbour so go shopping if you don't have one already.

And of course some Brass Tacks. From our anonymous scribe.
• One hesitates to mention an interesting performance upgrade for fear that we will all end up doing it and many £’s later nothing will have changed. However (whispering tones) did you know that some of the faster Swallows have the bottom sections of their masts sleeved? Wonder what this might do to the weight and C of G measurements?
• Watch out for Buccaneer this season. A new mast (something to do with a breezy ride back from Classic Week last year) and a new set of cloth too (the first for 6 years though).
• At a certain age both men and boats might have a certain waterworks problem. The trouble with having the examination is that it can lead to unanticipated revelations. So bear with Blue Tit as they will be a little late afloat this year whilst they have the op. Beware however - they will be even faster in light airs after convalescence.
• Hope you have Saturday 27 May in your diaries - our 70th anniversary dinner. Might even be some worthwhile prizes for those who are present.


SWALLOW NEWS - Mid February 2017

Posted 12th February 2017

ISC Spring Programme.

The Spring events programme at the club is under way and not to be missed. Click here to see the programme.

New Swallow Team Recruit.

We are delighted to report that Tom Clarence-Smith of  Blue Tit fame has been recruited, or should we say enlisted, to join your Swallow management team. The Club Class got in first so Tom will initialy be working with Christine , Tony and Mike to make your Swallow sailing and Social at Itchenor even better. A big welcome from us all to Tom.

London Walk.

The London Walk will not take place this year. It had become clear that we would not have our normal attendance. We plan to re-instate it once again next year. More time to work on the boat?

"Ready to Race" event. Sunday 12th March 2017 plus Dinner and Speaker on Saturday 11 March.

"Ready to Race" is a great way to keep up to date with everything to do with the technicalities of going racing at Itchenor Sailing Club. Tick off that important training course without missing a days sailing!
This year the plan is that the presentations will happen on Sunday 12th March. Starting at 0915, the morning presentations are targeted at racing skippers and after happy hour and lunch the afternoon is targeted at Race Officers with other courses for AROs and club boat familiarisation.
It will be a busy day because... The new Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 come into force this year and also a newly revised set of ISC Sailing Instructions with all sorts of updates and changes. This will be a day not to miss.

There will be a Dinner with guest speaker on the Saturday Night beforehand. Details are on the Spring Programme events tabs above and Quick News. Please book at the club office.

And of course some Brass Tacks. Our anonymous scribe in reflective mood!

We have been duly humbled by lawyers acting for Solitude who require a full retraction of the wholly inaccurate comments in the last Brass Tacks. Gladly given - the facts were sort of right (as much as any in BT) but for the record the other all-white boat was 38kg lighter after her gastric band was fitted and required 16kg of correctors to bring her back to the minimum weight for the 2016 season. We are happy to say this statement has been approved by the Newspapers Publishers Association and the Class Measurer. A payment will be made to the RNLI in settlement. Blame the whole thing on that additional bottle of plonk at the prize-giving dinner. Been off the booze ever since.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid January 2017

Posted 18th January 2017

The Swallow winter gathering was a great success last weekend starting with a visit to the Tinwood Estate vineyard followed by lunch at Halnaker. After sampling a glass of each of the three English Sparkling Wines produced at the winery the visitors were well set up for the AGM which followed!  Minutes HERE. The Dinner was a very well attended affair filling the dining room and when the Cowes Week and Championships prizes were presented there were smiling faces all round.

Overall winners of Cowes Week 2016 the Migrant team of Nigel Glennie, Charles Fisher & Richard Thompson receiving their prizes from new Swallow owner Alison Eglinton at the Swallow class dinner this weekend.

Clockwise from top left, Andrew & Anthony at last receive the Whim Trophy after they were overlooked at the laying up supper. John Houghton receives a stack of prizes including the most improved boat at Cowes Week, for the second year running. Mimie Currie with the very fine Avocet Bowl for the first lady at Cowes. Sue Glover collecting Championship prizes for Marengo's win at the Bembridge Champs.

Mike & Charles from Gwaihir with the trophy for the Championships runner up spot, secured by a whisker on count back from Harry and Prue sailing Skua.

Brave Walkers....   Some of the brave and bedraggled Sunday walkers are pictured below in the very damp downland conditions which prevailed. They earned an excellent pub lunch at West Marden. With the route maps left at the club the previous evening it was purely by luck that all were accounted for on the return.
A big thank you from all to Tony Glover for organising a great weekend.

Also don’t forget......
Saturday 25th February for the London Walk in Richmond Park. Times and lunch details to follow.

Save the date for the "Ready to Race" event. 12/13th March 2017.

"Ready to Race" is a great way to keep up to date with everything to do with the technicalities of going racing at Itchenor Sailing Club. Tick off that important training course without missing a days sailing!
This year the plan is that the presentations will happen on Sunday 12th March.
It will be a busy day as we have not only the new Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 coming into force this year but also a newly revised set of ISC Sailing Instructions with all sorts of updates and changes. This will be a day not to miss.

And STOP PRESS there will be a Dinner with guest speaker on the Saturday Night beforehand. Watch the club QuickNews for details.

And where would we be without some freezing wet brass tacks

• Super salesperson: 10 of us were duped into buying ‘new stock’ Swallow ties. That was 10 more than were sold last year. Never mind that, as it turned out, they were new out of the packet and not exactly new stock. Caveat emptor. The mischievous person who boosted class funds so dramatically in just a few moments? The National Champion!
• Full marks to Chris Creak and Carol Thompson for attending each and every one of the many and various AGM weekend activities.
• Mimie Currey was probed for information about the many boats which she weighed in the autumn. Scrupulous to the last, she simply said there were some interesting results. Solitude has to add corrector weights for 2017, so in 2016 was she .....?  However let us not obsess about all-up weights when crew weights can change so much - and a wind shift will upset the apple cart too.
• Got your hand-held marine radio yet? The new SI’s will require boats racing OH to have one. It is now a class decision if we should carry flares. The Committee have yet to deliberate but it would seem they will come down in favour of the radio and abandon the requirement for flares. Watch this space (and get channel 46a added).
• Is the 70th anniversary for the Class or some of the fleet members?

SWALLOW NEWS - Early January 2017

Posted 9th January 2017

Swallow AGM Weekend at Itchenor.... 14/15th January 2017.
Final booking details.

Next weekend's action is coming together well. I am told that the Tinwood Visit is practically sold out, two places left if you are quick but we do need you to book up with the club office for Dinner on Saturday Night.
The menu is now confirmed as....
Rump of Lamb
Treacle Tart
Coffee and mints. 

Please excuse the lack of flowery description. Your scribe has been writing Sailing Instructions!

The cost has been finalised as £30 p.p. but as ever the food will be waitress service and wonderful. Don't miss it.

If you have not told Tony that you are coming for Lunch on Saturday and the walk on Sunday please do so at the links below so he has numbers to keep the pub venues on their toes.

A refresher of the programme for the whole weekend's action is......

Friday 13th January
For bridge-playing aficionados (Note earlier time than previously advised) the weekend kicks off at 6.00pm for 6.30. £15 with supper included. Book at ISC.

Saturday 14th January
12.00 Tinwood Estate Vineyard, Halnaker, Chichester PO18 0NE
A 90 minute introduction and tour of the vineyard including 3 different glasses of their famed fizz. £15 per person. Places are (genuinely!) limited so please book early by bank transfer to the NSCA ( Nat Swallow Class  30-00-08   03760350  Ref. Tinwood) and also let know that you have done so.
13.45 Lunch at the Anglesey Arms, Halnaker, Chichester PO18 0NQ
Just 0.5 mile from Tinwood! The Long Room has been booked for up to 20 people at this popular hostelry. Don’t rush your lunch!
17.00 NSCA AGM in the Members Room at Itchenor SC
Discussion and debate about all the hot topics of Swallow sailing (Agenda previously circulated and again below.)
19.30 NSCA Annual Dinner and prizegiving. Please book directly with the ISC Office for Dinner.

Sunday 15th January
The walk
09.45 Meet at the Victoria Inn, West Marden, PO18 9EN
The pub will be open for us and lunch orders must be placed before we set out at 10.00. Please let Tony G know if you plan to take part – and stay for lunch - on As ever the earlier the better.


The AGM.
The AGM is to be held at 1700 on Saturday in the Members Room at ISC. Please come along and have your say. If you sail a Swallow or would like to we will be pleased to see you.

Also don’t forget......
Saturday 25th February for the London Walk in Richmond Park. Times and lunch details to follow.

And.....Save the date for the "Ready to Race" now Weekend. 12/13th March 2017.

"Ready to Race" is a great way to keep up to date with everything to do with the technicalities of going racing at Itchenor Sailing Club. Tick off that important training course without missing a days sailing!

This year the plan is that its all going to happen on one day, Sunday 12th March. It will be a busy day as we have not only the new Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 coming into force this year but also a newly revised set of ISC Sailing Instructions with all sorts of updates and changes. This will be a day not to miss.

And STOP PRESS there will be a Dinner with guest speaker on the Saturday Night beforehand. Watch the club QuickNews for details.


SWALLOW NEWS - End of December 2016

Posted 29th December 2016

Swallow AGM Weekend.... 14/15th January 2017.
Programme and booking details.
NSCA AGM. A weekend of discussion, fun and frolics?

Friday 13th January
For bridge-playing aficionados the weekend kicks off at 19.00. £15 with supper included. Book at ISC after 3rd January.

Saturday 14th January
12.00 Tinwood Estate Vineyard, Halnaker, Chichester PO18 0NE
A 90 minute introduction and tour of the vineyard including 3 different glasses of their famed fizz. £15 per person. Places are (genuinely!) limited so please book early by bank transfer to the NSCA ( Nat Swallow Class  30-00-08   03760350  Ref. Tinwood) and also let know that you have done so.

13.45 Lunch at the Anglesey Arms, Halnaker, Chichester PO18 0NQ
Just 0.5 mile from Tinwood! The Long Room has been booked for up to 20 people at this popular hostelry. Don’t rush your lunch!

17.00 NSCA AGM in the Members Room at Itchenor SC
Discussion and debate about all the hot topics of Swallow sailing (Agenda previously circulated and again below.)

19.30 NSCA Annual Dinner and prizegiving. Please book directly with the ISC Office for Dinner (The office reopens on 3rd January). The menu and price remains a closely guarded secret but is likely to be c£26 for a three course dinner.

Sunday 15th January
The walk
09.45 Meet at the Victoria Inn, West Marden, PO18 9EN
The pub will be open for us and lunch orders must be placed before we set out at 10.00. Please let Tony G know if you plan to take part – and stay for lunch - on As ever the earlier the better.


Official notice of the AGM.
This is a repeat of the formal notice of the NSCA AGM to be held at 1700 on Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Members Room at Itchenor Sailing Club. The Agenda can be found HERE and the minutes of the last AGM can be found on the NSCA tab of the Swallow pages. (The Autumn Club Meeting minutes are also on the Club Class tab)
Any additional proposals need to be with the Class Secretary before 7th January.

2017 Programme.
The 2017 programme is now all agreed and the "Print in colour on one sheet of paper and stick on the fridge door" version is enclosed HERE. As ever this does not replace the club book which is the official notice of race for all club racing and contains additional crucial information such as start times and locations but I hope that you find the year planner helpful. It can also be found on its own tag in our class section of the ISC website. Whilst writing we must give a big thanks to the Webmaster at ISC Nick Bottomley who posts all these Swallow Newsletters onto our SWALLOW HOME PAGE within about an hour of receiving them!

Also don’t forget......
Saturday 25th February for the London Walk in Richmond Park. Times and lunch details to follow.

And.....Save the date for the "Ready to Race" day. Sunday 12th March 2017.
"Ready to Race" is a great way to keep up to date with everything to do with the technicalities of going racing at Itchenor Sailing Club. Tick off that important training course without missing a days sailing!
This year the plan is that its all going to happen on one day, Sunday 12th March. It will be a busy day as we have not only the new Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 coming into force this year but also a newly revised set of ISC Sailing Instructions with all sorts of updates and changes. This will be a day not to miss.

SWALLOW NEWS - mid December 2016

Posted 10th December 2016

Save the date for the Swallow AGM Weekend..

We hope that you already have the 14th/15th January in your diaries  for the AGM weekend Swallow get together at Itchenor.
Your social team are keeping the details close to their chests but I am told that something exciting will be planned for Saturday afternoon, followed by the AGM at 1700.(That could be exciting if previous years diversionary tactics recur, but its always a good place to make your voice heard). Dinner will follow at the club at 1930 for 2000.  There will be a walk on the Sunday morning followed by pub lunch.

No doubt more details and booking arrangements will follow when the festive season is done.

Official notice of the AGM.

Please note that this is the official notice of the NSCA AGM to be held at 1700 on Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Members Room at Itchenor Sailing Club. The Agenda can be found HERE and the minutes of the last AGM can be found on the NSCA tab of the Swallow pages. (The Autumn Club Meeting minuets are also on the Club Class tab)

Any additional proposals need to be with the Class Secretary before 7th January.

Trophy Winners.

Whilst you and I are thinking of winter pursuits Charles Fisher and Nigel Glennie were up at the Royal Thames last month collecting the Tom Thorneycroft Trophy for winning the Sunday race at Cowes Week. I say collecting, because as always the trophies are on a long piece of string and you get to hold them for the photograph before they are quietly taken back again. Best way really, if you have ever had to find where all the trophies are for a Laying Up Supper.

Book early for 2017.

The dates for the main Swallow events in 2017 were circulated at the class meeting in September and will soon be posted in full on the Swallow HOME PAGE but Cowes Week already have their offer for half price entries for under 25 Skippers. We will be sponsoring a Bursary Boat again next year and there is already interest in a young team taking Svala but if you are not planning to take your boat perhaps you know a youngster who might want to campaign it at Cowes for you.
The deal is HERE.

Do you like the header photograph?

Your Class Captain had to learn photo merging for an advert the class is placing for our trial Swallow. It didn't get used but nice anyway. Not very festive but treat it as a Christmas Card from the Swallow Class Team. And that reminds me.....New Year's Resolution. Think of a guest to take Swallow Sailing next year. We know its good fun but tell someone else about it today.

SWALLOW NEWS - Early November 2016

Posted 4th November 2016

Thirty nine Swallow sailors enjoyed the Laying Up Supper and the autumn Prizegiving. The class made up a respectable proportion of the sell out attendance and enjoyed contributing to this successful club event. All the long series trophies were presented along with some special events that we didn't manage to pick up on the day.

Winter Working Parties.

The call is out for volunteers to attend the two working party weekends planned for 12/13 and 26/27th November. Chris Creak says "This year we intend to repair/ replank the walkway to the main pontoon, replace about 20 piles under the mirror parking and gradually move seaward replacing the oldest parts of the main decking.
Ideally I would like to have 15 - 20 volunteers for each day to include some of the younger, fitter members starting at 09.30 and working through to about 16.00.
As usual there is the incentive of a free pint and lunch and an enjoyable
day finding out what supports us and our boats from descending into the mud!
Volunteers please register with Sue in the office.
A risk assessment is available HERE.

Winter deals from the sail makers.

We have heard from some sail makers....
Batt Sails             HERE
Dynamic Sails     HERE
and Hyde Sails    HERE
Order early if you want some sails for next year at the winter rates. If you have any tidy sails which you just don't like please consider passing them on to the Svala project.

Please also remember to take your sails away from the sail loft and empty lockers to make space for the winter maintenance.  The sail racks will be moved into the yard next week as per the Club Handbook.

Book early for 2017.

The dates for the main Swallow events in 2017 were circulated at the class meeting in September and will soon be posted in full on the Swallow HOME PAGE but Cowes Week already have their offer for half price entries for under 25 Skippers. We will be sponsoring a Bursary Boat again next year and there is already interest in a young team taking Svala but if you are not planning to take your boat perhaps you know a youngster who might want to campaign it at Cowes for you.
The deal is HERE.

Our anonymous sleuth was at the Laying up Supper of course.....

Brass November tacks

• Got to laugh: in the last race of the season Gwaihir was last, well nearly last – by a lap. Fortunately for them it was abandoned and (some) face was saved.
• Great Swallow turnout of nearly 40 for the Laying-up supper – 1st prize for sartorial splendour went to Richard Thompson in his co-ordinated red (with blue blazer) outfit. Just as well the lights were dimmed in the Jubilee room though. Good grub too.
• At long last the Bembridge National Championship prizes were awarded to Carolyn and Marengo and the Ladies Medallion to Caroline Marriage. BSC gave the Class some nice Championship glassware and we hope to award these to the runners-up in January. The Whim prize too, unintentionally forgotten and very intentionally won by Solitude.
• Good to see the new Boomerang team of Robin and Wendy (‘where are the heads?’) Knibb with David Eglinton and Alison Baker sailing and supping.
• Simon Bell (c/o of Goosander) carried off a shed-load of goodies including the most improved boat. Wouldn’t have seen that coming earlier in the season.
• Keith Bliss brought along a gang who might or might not sail a Swallow. Best to tell the guv’nor first?
• Christine G and Sue G sent their apologies from their junk on the Mekong river in Vietnam.
• Anybody wanting crew for a Caribbean regatta or organising a ski-ing trip this winter just let the wander-lust CC know!

SWALLOW NEWS - End of October 2016

Posted 26th October 2016

Finella Trophy Winners.    James Hartley, Rob Sutherland and Ian Tillett.

Second. Charles Hyatt and Mark Struckett.

Third . Adrian Fisk, Roger Heath and Rob Bellfield.

The Finella Trophy Report.

Fourteen Swallows turned out for the last special event of the year with three consecutive back to back races before a late lunch. We were fortunate to have Archie Massey as the PRO - he used the match-racing system by finishing with a downwind leg to set a different format for the first two short windward-leeward races and then sent us on a more traditional longer course for the final race - excellent! 

The weather for the first race was looking tricky but a delayed start saw some reasonable wind arrive from the north east while the tide was light. A 15-20 degree shift at the start saw the boats on the right hand side leading, with Gwaihir being helmed by Charles Hyatt in front. However, James Hartley quickly brought Swift back up and subsequently extended his lead from the first mark. Stealth then took second place with Gwaihir holding off Goosander to take third. The second race had a very similar structure but this time with Goosander leading comfortably ahead of Swift. Gwaihir bumped quickly off the mud (unlike Migrant…) to secure third.

The last race was quite different with the wind rising a bit and then shifting 30-40 degrees back up north…. That didn’t really affect the result - Swift again got back into control, this time ahead of Bluff and Echo. The PRO sensibly changed the course after the first lap given the wind shift and managed to get us back for lunch around 2pm, within a couple of minutes of the planned time  - a good day! 

Overall, with all three races counting, the result was a very comfortable win by Swift with 4 points, Gwaihir in second with 10 points, just ahead of Stealth (11 points). 
Full results HERE.

The Laying Up Supper.

This years Laying Up supper is this Saturday the 29th October. Swallow Support is always required to make or fleet presence felt.  One or two tickets are still available. The details and menu are on the club website front page.

Those end of season tasks are upon us.

As we approach the end of the season please remember to take your sails away from the sail loft and empty lockers to make space for the winter maintenance.  The sail racks will be moved into the yard in the second week of November as per the Club Handbook.

We have not had any winter deals from the sail makers to circulate yet but you can be sure they would like your order for next years sails soon.

And some late season Brass Tacks from our anonymous scribe.

• Swift, Swifter, Swiftest! Congrats to the team (James, Rob and Ian - aka Baldrick) for their top notch performance in the resurrected Finella trophy. They have found their light wind short course mojo - and all before the planned winter improvements.
• Goosander is coming good too after shedding her copper coat mid-season – only just off the podium and with a stunning pillar to post R2 victory. Bravo Tim and Simon!
• Some years back when Gwaihir had won Cowes Week with a day to spare, (Commodore) Charles took the helm for the final race and did a horizon job on the fleet. It was good to see him at the back of Gwaihir again (but just 2up with Mark) and sometimes leading this fleet but ultimately settling for 2nd overall. Just how many Swallows have three (very) competent helms in one crew?
• Why was this? Well first Mark bashed his foot in mid-summer and was off games, then the night before Mike allowed a steel beam to land on his foot. As these things happen in threes may we humbly suggest to Charles that he now wears steel capped boots (Dubarry - natch).
• 14 boats in late October! The 3 race b2b format seemed to suit (not Elizabeth though - the bucket served) and did not cause any ructions for the other fleets. Twas a great team on BV though – many thanks.
• Got to flag up the following day’s results and shenanigans though. Harlequin won both b2b! Whimbrel was flying a kite and advancing quickly on the kite-less 76 as they approached the bottom mark on a very short run when she was sharply luffed. Dudley fell out and lost his hard hat. Whimbrel not impressed. Harlequin had a guest helm.
• Keeping their nose clean Migrunt (sic, for fear of being repatriated) cruised around to secure the Brian Russell trophy.
• Autumn GM snippets: b2b’s (especially at LW neaps) are here to stay but not all PRO’s can cope. A cull seems a bit severe. Most clubs suffering from reduced activity and fewer members. Except ISC? We now have so many membership categories (some experimental) that we have difficulty comparing our stats. More volunteers required to spread the ISC gospel in many ways. The fleet review? This well-kept secret cabal (chair Joe Burnie (V)) will shortly gather pace. Too many types of keelboat? Get you sandwich boards out for the protest march.

And Finally....Please consider supporting the RNLI fundraiser.

In aid of the RNLI, a fish supper is being held at Upper House, Itchenor Green, PO20 7DA from 1900 on Thursday 3rd November. There will be “bubbles” on arrival followed by Debbie’s Amazing Fish Pie and Janie’s Wonderful Surprise Dessert. Please bring your own wine.
Bubbles sponsored by Celebration Weekends !!
Possible fun quiz with prizes and sing song!
Please confirm your attendance and number of guests you are bringing to Jono at and make your £20 contribution per head, for RNLI funds. Cash or Cheques payable to RNLI Manhood branch or transfer directly to the bank account ref. fish supper. Sort code 20-68-79 and account number 40325236.

More Finella Pictures      Photos  Douglas Pattison

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid October 2016

Posted 12th october 2016

The Reach Trophy Report.

Thirteen Swallow enjoyed a great day of competition for the Reach Trophy on Saturday. The format of three back to back races to decide a trophy, then home for a late lunch seems to touch the spot at this time of year when there can be a chill in the air. PRO Tim Hill and his team got the eager fleet away first time on a well set line but confused a few with his committee boat at the port end. Carolyn Brigg and her team were the first out of the blocks with a good lead at the first mark but with the tide now flooding it was a difficult call as to which side to go on the run. Archon, Swift and Gwaihir found a luckier streak of wind and fought it out on the next beat in the shifting northerly breeze with Gwaihir finding the last shift into the mark and holding on to the finish with Charles’s expert spinnaker work never missing a beat. The team had not sailed together since early July and were enjoying the reunion. Migrant got the better of Swift and Marengo to take the third.

In the second race some teams changed their man at the back and this time it was the ever consistent Solitude with Andrew Reid in charge, and Swift under Jeremy Sibthorp who were making the pace. The wind however was beginning to die and with the course shortened to one lap that was the finishing order with Mark Struckett hanging in there with Gwaihir in third.
When it is all three races to count it’s all to play for in the last race. By now the wind was down to less than six knots and during the day had shifted to and fro through over fifty degrees. Gwaihir got away at the pin, well it was the boat actually, the left hand end you know what I mean, pushed hard by Solitude but by the top of the beat it was Swift who was getting the calls right and nearly rounded first. Gwaihir held their nerve to the finish but it was Migrant with Chris Fox, Charles Fisher and Nigel Glennie who made the best calls in the back half of the race to take the second.

Overall the order was Gwaihir, Swift, and Migrant. But you wouldn’t think that if you were at the Prizegiving. Brass tacks will explain all.    Full results HERE.

Some Questionnaire results and what your class organisation have been up to.

Recently we have polled the class on when they want to hold our 'Points Week' and also how we can consolidate our various Cowes Week fleets to one big fleet. Thank you very much to all who replied to these polls. Both topics were discussed at the Autumn Class Meeting and for those of you who couldn't make that meeting the result on Points Week was.. 'a fairly even split between June and August with the possibility of a few more non regularly attending boats attending in August who could not attend in June. In the intervening period the only available August week had been taken by Chi Harbour Race Week so the August option disappeared. Points Week 2017 will therefore be 12th- 16th June with the other classes'.

The Cowes Week(s) Questionnaire results were...

28 Replies were received, including a few interpreted from written responses.
6 said that they did not intend to attend any Cowes Week in the next two years so were excluded from further reporting.
21 said that they did intend to attend a Cowes Week in the next two years (Including three probables)
11 supported the idea of encouraging entrants to alternate between the two events in each year. Of those only 5 felt strongly enough to think that we should ask the organisers to cancel their event in their “off” year. Of those 5, only one or two were prepared to say they would make all endeavours to attend even in the year of their least favoured event.
Most (9) thought the class should not intervene and 8 thought we should just make a strong recommendation. (Some voted for both!)

The only question which received significant support was the last one about suggestions to modernize our Cowes Week offering. 17 replied yes to this proposal (Three or four with qualifications and additional comments). One was neutral and one was against.

So for 2017, noting the proximity of the two Cowes Weeks to our Championships hosted by the Royal London at Cowes, your Class Association recommend that you attend either one or both of the Cowes Weeks on offer. Cowes Week will have the improvements that you have overwhelmingly supported implemented and Andrew Reid has agreed to promote that event and be in touch with all those intending to go to Cowes next year to persuade you to enter Cowes Week. Tony Glover will promote Cowes Classics and be in touch with all those intending to go to Cowes next year to persuade you to enter Cowes Classics Week.

The full minutes of the Class Autumn Meeting and Class Committee Meeting can be downloaded from the bottom of the page HERE.

The Laying Up Supper.

This years Laying Up supper is to be held on Saturday 29th October and it is at this event that we give away our long series trophies. Swallow Support is always required to make lots of noise. Please do buy tickets at the club office soonest. Its always a sell out. The details and menu are on the club website front page.
And finally those never to be missed Brass Tacks from our anonymous scribe.

• Migrant welcomed the more benign conditions of the Reach Trophy having ‘capsized’ three times in recent weeks. Those wild broaches and swims did mean that regular checks on Haines scrubbing handiwork down under could be carried out though.
• A few were unwise enough to believe the 11 knot forecast – cue frantic scrubbing on Swift before leaving the mooring to mitigate their heavy weather crew selection. Moving swiftly on, not content at having a top down rebuild last winter the boys are going for a bottom up examination this winter. Sounds painful.
• Starting after the XOD’s for R1 might have had some benefits as none of them could cross the line on port had they wanted to. The pin was brought back a whopping 150m to give a better line for us.
• Malcolm thought the Reach event was a three-part game of snakes and ladders and they found more ladders than snakes. Elizabeth reckoned they got every shift right. Archon finished 4th.
• Yes 4th! Malcolm's encyclopaedic memory failed him when doing the maths for the prize-giving (conducted without the benefit of the PRO’s official results) and which, curiously, had elevated Archon to the podium. Much humble pie thereafter and Migrant (who comfortably won the young guns match with Darter) retrospectively gaining 3rd o/a.
• It is that time of year when we should be heeding the wise words of our ex-Sec who was heard to say that the condition and appearance of some of our fleet may be a disincentive to getting (and retaining) new crew. Time to consult the Harken catalogue and get out the Marigolds?
• How fitting that Harry, Prue and Helen should lift the Massey Trophy so convincingly (the Marker incident apart!) in Bob’s Skua and as their last hurrah before a year off.
• What do you want for Christmas? Well if you don’t have one already (that’s after the Porsche, a mistress/toy boy and a house in Tuscany) a hand-held marine VHF radio will do nicely. You will need it at next year’s Championship* at the RLYC in Cowes (and in CCW to follow!). All the normal channels (and most likely 72 and M2) will be used - and it is the way to go for safety.
• * Three line whip – start planning now. The Vernon Trophy race to Cowes starts at 13.00 on Friday 14 July – ooh la la,  a l’eau c’est l’heure.

BOB MASSEY Trophy 24/5 Sept 2016. Report courtesy Jeremy Sibthorp.

Posted 26th September 2016

Twelve Swallows competed for the Bob Massey trophy over the weekend of 25/6 Sept with 2 races on Saturday and two on Sunday with three to count. It was a balmy late summer weekend with near perfect conditions and 15 – 20 knots of warm breeze and even warmer water.

S3 Skua sailed by Harry and Pru Roome with Helen Williams swept the board with a near perfect score, just to prove they can do it before they set off on their year sabbatical from Swallows. 

Race 1 Sat PM was a southerly breeze which was gusty and shifty with a windward/leeward East Head/Star course – Darter showed some early form sailed by Glover junior only to be ground down by Skua and Marengo with Echo third, but two laps was not really enough for some.

Race 2 Sat PM saw the same conditions but an extensive tour of the harbour including a trip to Marker, a not often visited mark by the Swallows, Skua sailed straight past Marker, as it looked like it was still on the mud and headed to Emsworth for an early tea. The rest of the fleet followed like lemmings. The first to spot the error was Swift who turned back to attempt to round Marker, there was just enough water for one Swallow to round at a time. Question – what would have happened if all the fleet had arrived at the same time, with some boats calling water for the mark and other calling water for the bank – who is right – over to Richard for the answer. Swift with Jeremy Sibthorp, Peter Brasier and Rob Sutherland held her lead until the finish followed by Darter and Marengo.

Race 3 Sunday AM was sailed in a solid 20 knot westerly and the sun shone – Skua made the best start from a pin end bias line and opened up her lead throughout the race followed by Marengo in second and Gwaihir in third sailed by Charles Hyatt and team, who only made a Sunday appearance.

Race 4 Sunday immediately followed race 3. With a little bit more breeze and less water. The course was a windward/leeward SW Pilsey/East Head x2 with a running finish at East Head. Again Skua made the best of the start at the pin end sailing into the shallows but immediately made the whole fleet tack by calling for water – then she was off…again. Stealth showed a burst of speed to come 2nd with Swift 3rd with Jon Perry (revisiting his youth) - at the helm.

1st S3 Skua 3 points
2nd S82 Marengo 7 points
3rd S7 Swift 8 points
4th S70 Stealth 12 points
5th S87 Echo 13 points
6th S86 Migrant 20 points

SWALLOW NEWS - End of August 2016

Posted 31st August 2016

                                               The Swift Trophy Haul.          

Itchenor Regatta and the Haines Trophy Re-Run

This is what happens when you let those new boys! in Swift loose in club racing without keeping them under control. A win in the Haines Cup against all other takers from the club's adult classes in the morning was followed by a win in the Swallow Class at Itchenor Regatta in the afternoon taking the Wyllie Picture and the Shippam Challenge Cup. The trophies were so big the photographer couldn't get them all in! Check out your home insurance guys, or get them back to the club soon.
Full Results HERE and HERE                                              Photos below. C Hyatt.

The Ladies Medallion and Young Persons Trophy.

In a very brisk breeze last Sunday morning Mimie Currie, Alison Garratt, Christine Graves, Caroline Marriage and Elizabeth Pattison fought it out for the Ladies Medallion. Caroline Marriage won with Elizabeth Pattison runner up.

The "Youf" prize sailed at the same time went to Marengo Uncontested. Helmed by Olly Sloper with more Sloper represention in the "A" team crew.

Last weekend "Solitude" wrapped up the Whim Prize for Summer Saturdays and seemed as surprised as the rest of the fleet! Well done Andrew and Anthony.

Book your places early for the Laying Up Supper on 29th October when these and all the other club series trophies will be presented.

Swallow Autumn Meeting Saturday 17th September 1700.

Please can you be sure that you have this date in your diary.
We would like to see a representative from every Swallow at this meeting as there are important Programme decisions to be made for 2017.
This is the time where you get your say on the shape of the future of Swallow Sailing at Itchenor. Please come along and make yourself heard.
Suggestions for the agenda HERE in the next week please.

The Swallow Championships Prizegiving will also be held at that meeting.

Spinnaker Poles.

Your technical team have been busy and our stock of replacement spinnaker poles is now replenished. These can be obtained at a cost price of £370 each payable to the Swallow Class Association by contacting any class representative. They should also know where one can be found immediately if required.
Mike W is also able to repair broken ones if you have the time to go down that route.

And finally Golf!

Martin Windebank  is responsible for the Swallow team at the Keelboat golf match. He needs one female player and no doubt some males. Please contact him soonest if you are interested as the date is imminent.

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid August 2016

Posted 16th August 2016

Swallows enjoy the Cowes Week sunshine.                    Photo Paul Wyeth

The Cowes Week Report.

What a Cowes Week; One of the best in recent years with brilliant weather, good courses, and tight racing. Migrant won the week, crossing the line first in four races (but took a penalty in one) and sailed well all week being just that little bit faster than the rest and securing the series before the final race. Archon, Avocet and Solitude scrapped it out, each having race wins, with the final points so very close.  Avocet was second overall, followed by Archon and Solitude on equal points. Kingfisher and Quetzal, along with our bursary boats, Harrier and Svala, all added to the general fun of the week on the water and at the socials. 

Read the full report by Andrew Reid HERE      and see the full results HERE

Upcoming Events.

This coming weekend we have a big festival of Regatta Sailing.
On Saturday its Bosham Regatta. Our start is 1200 from the BSC Committee Boat. Enter at ISC beforehand. The notice of race is HERE.

On Sunday we start with the rerun of the Haines Trophy, lost earlier in the year from no wind. According to the current forecast we are not going to have that problem this time! The first start is at 1000 and we will be off very soon afterwards so be at the club half an hour earlier than usual. This race will also count towards the Summer Sunday series so doubly worth coming out to play.

In the afternoon we have the ISC Regatta. Detailed programme on the day. 1415 start for the Shippam Trophy which is the grandest cup in the cabinet. We look forward to a big fleet of Swallows racing.

Swallow Autumn Meeting Saturday 17th September 1700.

Please can you be sure that you have this date in your diary.

We would like to see a representative from every Swallow in the book at this meeting as there are important Programme decisions to be made for 2017 which will be decided on a vote at that meeting. We really want to hear from those not sailing so much at the moment. What do we need to do to get you to sail more often?

This is the time where you get your say on the shape of the future of Swallow Sailing at Itchenor.

Please come along and make yourself heard.

Suggestions for the agenda HERE in the next few weeks please.


The Ladies Medallion and the Youth trophy (Under 30s) are programmed for the Morning race of Sunday 28th August. Please see if you can find a Lady or youngster to helm your boat for you that day. If you would like to compete and don't have a boat please contact your class captain at the contact at the bottom of this message.

And ......some "Silly Season" Brass Tacks.

• The early morning East Head dog walkers reported seeing a yellow beached yacht near the Winner bank – probably a Swallow. As the tide had been falling re-floating was not immediately likely. In time the bursary team did and got to Cowes, but not in time for R1. Harbour navigation for those not used to it is tough at any time, especially at 4am!
• The purge continues! Goosander is the latest to discard her copperbot. There was an almost immediate cause for celebration when Tim and Simon won a SuSun race. Unfortunately (?!) they had to leave promptly - but isn’t it customary for owners to treat the fleet to some fizz after a maiden victory?
• On occasions there were more Swallows racing at the Club than at Cowes.
• More heresy: there were really only 4 boats racing ‘in the mix’ at Cowes Week. But hey the sun shone virtually throughout and the breeze was varied and in most of the time. (Editor’s note; I thought all boats racing were “In the mix”)
• Buccaneer’s perennial grip on the RIP trophy is under threat – from within. Who was it who hoisted the spi halyard in double-quick time only to discover that nothing was attached? Natty ladder to recover it later on though.
• Charlie Roome (s/o Harry and Prue) showed great skill in easing his way into the lead in Skua (with the folks doing the hard work) last Saturday afternoon. Methinks if we mustered all the available offspring to race together (some no longer yoofs by our normal definition) it would be quite a talented fleet. Jo Brigg (as recently was), Rachel Wigmore (as less recently was), Bertie Fisher (a rising star), Kit Glover (the best is past), Rebecca Snell (for the glamour), Rob Garrett (Mum could sort him out), Jonathan Bond (when not sailing in the Med), the not so-young Taggs, any number of Kalderons, Andy Green (of AC fame), Chris Fox (World Int 14 Champ), young Boadles and Robinsons, and so on! The current Y & Y mag attributes the success of ISC to its enduring family appeal and support. Who will organise it?
• When should we have the (Bembridge) National Championship prize giving? This year?
• Referendums are passé? What is the now amended/revised/re-interpreted verdict on PW 2017? Do we have to wait until 17 September for the result?
• Our erstwhile CC will have to adapt to not arriving at the leeward mark flying a hull and travelling at 17 knots back in Gwahir. There again looking at the weekend forecast, he might.

And some from our Cowes Correspondent.

·         Good to see Quetzal out with two Petitgases on board. She missed the windier part of the week and were unable to repeat their Championship speed.
·         Navigation errors showed but how could Archon fail to see that Bourne Gap was not Hill Head? And why did Solitude follow?
·         Did Migrant’s new spinnaker make the difference? She certainly found consistent speed from somewhere.
·         Kingfisher turned out again, as always, this time with  lady helm Tosca Barnes.
·         Persistence award for the week must go to Harrier for her effort of 26 hours in getting from Itchenor to Cowes, via the Winner Bank.
·         Avocet’s return to form, particularly upwind, was good to see. A well-deserved runner-up to Migrant.
*      Carol Thompson gave a spirited interview on Swallows to Cowes radio’s Simon Vigor, despite the Swallows start being a mile north at Bramble.

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid July 2016

Posted 19th July 2016

The Swallow Championships at Bembridge.    Photo Mike Samuelson.    More HERE

Competitors assembled on Colonel's Hard on Sunday morning. Photo James Leaver

The 2016 Swallow Championships at Bembridge.

Eighteen Swallows, a near record number, raced over from Itchenor to Bembridge on Friday afternoon in readiness for their 2016 National Championships that were being run for them by Bembridge Sailing Club over the weekend.  First to cross the line by quite a margin after a long beat from West Pole was S7, Swift, with S94, Merlin, second and S93, Gwaihir, in third.
The forecast for Saturday was for a South Westerly F5 gusting F6 breeze and at Friday evening’s briefing it was agreed that a steady 25 knots or above would be the limit for racing. 

After a delay to the original start time to allow crews to safely embark in the launches & RIBs from Colonel’s Hard, the first race got under way 11:30 in a 15 - 17 knot SW’erly breeze and quite unpleasant sea conditions.  Almost immediately after the start the wind backed by 45 degees, so the first beat was not as good as planned, however, the windward mark and its spreader were moved for the subsequent rounds, as was the leeward gate, which ensured testing beats.  At the front, S82 Marengo helmed by Carolyn Brigg & S86 Migrant helmed by Chris Fox were never far apart and there was only 7 seconds between them at the finish; S66, Buccaneer, helmed by Mike Bond was third and Simon Slater in S87, Echo, was fourth.
The second race started at 12:30 in challenging conditions with gusts of over 20 knots and an increasingly turbulent wave pattern.  Avocet and Migrant, were both initially OCS so had some catching up to do in the three round windward-leeward race.   Not long after rounding the leeward gate for the first time, Mike Wigmore in S93 Gwaihir had to retire when the clew of their mainsail pulled out and with the breeze increasing as the race progressed, three other boats decided that they had had enough and headed back to their moorings.  The downwind leg under spinnaker proved particularly challenging and although there was no further terminal damage, a number of boats broached as the gusts took charge.  Out in front, Carolyn Brigg in Marengo proved too strong for the rest and powered to her second win of the day with Harry Roome S3, Skua, second just over 40 seconds later.  Franck Petitgas in S61 Quetzal was third, just under 30 seconds ahead of James Hartley in S7, Swift.  With the breeze now averaging over 25 knots and the sea conditions becoming even more unpleasant, the Race Officers, lead by Jonathan Peel wisely decided to abandon further racing for the day and so sent the very wet fleet back to their overnight moorings at Under Tyne.

After an excellent Championship dinner at BSC, the crews all met again at Colonels Hard at 10:15 on Sunday morning ready for two and possibly three more races before boats either returned to Itchenor or headed to Cowes ready for Cowes Classic week.   The first race started at 11:20 and although it was drizzling, the slightly reduced breeze from the day before and the less turbulent sea conditions made for considerably more pleasant racing.  Having had a replacement sail delivered overnight, Mike Wigmore in S93, Gwaihir, proved to be the boat to beat which left the overnight leader Carolyn in Marengo needing to come in the top three if she was to win the Championships.  After some very close racing she secured third place behind Harry Roome in Skua and just ahead of Franck Petitgas in Quetzal.

The start of the second race was under the Z flag, following a General Recall; S7, Swift and S86 Migrant both over cooked it and had to not only return but also take a 20% place penalty.   Mike Wigmore in Gwaihir again lead the way for most of the race and left Carolyn in Marengo to battle it out with Harry in Skua for second and third, with Franck in Quetzal snapping at their heels.  With it clear that it was not going to be possible to have a third race and as it was essential that the Swallows returning to Itchenor  could cross Chichester Bar safely, the race was finished at the windward mark after two and a half rounds.

Congratulations to Carolyn and her crew of David and Ollie Sloper in Marengo who finished first overall fand therefore the winner of the Royal Corinthian YC Trophy; second was Mike Wigmore in Gwaihir who just pipped Harry Roome in Skua on a count back; Franck Petitgas in Quetzal was fourth.
Full results HERE.

Five Swallows go handicap racing.

Five Swallows enjoyed the racing at Cowes Classics Week competing on handicap in a fleet of sixteen in the “Classic Dayboats Yellow” division. Flying Fifteens, and Classic Dragons comprised most of the rest of the sixteen boat fleet making this the third biggest fleet in the event after the XODs and the Tempest World Championship.

Racing on each of the four days consisted generally of a windward/leeward first race on the Hill Head plateau followed by a “round the cans” race finishing back at the entrance to Cowes harbour.

Gwaihir was the most consistent Swallow on the windward/leeward courses but the races home on Tuesday and Wednesday required those other special skills that Cowes racing always demand with Harrier taking the win on Tuesday and Whimbrel on Wednesday.
One of the joys of handicap racing is you can always complain about your rating but by Thursday Gwaihir had dug in to finding ways to finish 80 seconds an hour ahead of the three Dragons, each four feet longer and with a third more sail than a Swallow. A win in the last race secured the week for them so the Swallow Fleet could hold its head up high. Buccaneer kept consistent taking the second Swallow spot and third overall in class.

With the après-sail including tea, a reception and a function each evening a good time was had by all.
Full results HERE.

Upcoming Events.

This coming Saturday 23rd in the afternoon is Thorney Island SC Regatta. The start is as usual from our club committee boat and access by land to TISC is restricted by the enhanced state of alert at the camp so if you want to go for tea, go by boat.

Our one day "Two up" event for the Prunty Trophy is this Sunday 24th July. Three races. All to count. Don't miss it.

So don't be tempted into going to see the Americas Cup at Portsmouth. Come racing your Swallow. It'll be more fun.

And finally...... those much awaited Championship Brass Tacks from our mystery correspondent.

• You could be forgiven for thinking it was over before it had begun when Swift bolted out of the VT start line blocks and was never even approached. Behind 3 boats were aground within a minute of the start on the top of a spring tide. Excellent performances by a hard-charging Merlin and by Gwaihir in 3rd (helmed by Charles H and generously crewed by Peter Roome who stood down from Skua to avoid Charles having to go solo). Why? Cos at the 11th hour Mark S broke his ankle and will be off games for a while). The lightweight Harry and Prue in Skua still managed to finish 6th and 2nd of the substantial 2up brigade. A lumpy, bumpy and wet crossing.
• Great to be back in Bembridge – very nice Club (with sensible bar prices!), hospitable and friendly folk, good grub and great organisation. Pity about the weather.
• That pre-start first race mega shift caught a few out (inc. the PRO?!) but not Marengo who knew precisely where she was going up the one-sided beat. Game over (after one or two hairy downwind rolls). There could be no denying her speed in R2 when she flew downwind to seize another win. Worth the expense of getting it re-weighed? Gwaihir’s mainsail clew pulled out in R2 and she headed back to the moorings giving Marengo a clean sheet for the first day’s Mossman Plate. Quetzal, helmed by Franck and with ace multiple dinghy championship crew aboard was flying too (eventually en route to 4th o/a after a rather fractious Sunday).
• With the wind now steadily over 25 knots the 3rd race on Saturday was binned to the general relief of all concerned, including the two involuntary swimmers. Those packed lunches were enjoyed in relative comfort. The dinner was great and the NSCA Chairman only spoke for 10 minutes.
• Sunday dawned wet and almost as windy and a subdued group gathered in the rain at Colonel’s Hard for more of the same. However by the time we were on the moorings it had abated a bit and the rain had turned to mizzle. Gwaihir now armed with her No2 mainsail (nb) brought over from the North Island (great support team work from Mike's daughter Rachel) blitzed the oppo in both races – Tim Boswijk providing the lard for the weekend. Marengo lobbed in a 2nd and 3rd to consolidate their position. The powers that be had sensibly decreed that racing should finish soon after 13.00 to enable boats to return to Itchenor or go onward to Cowes before the forecast blast. So a further attempt to run R5 was sacrificed - and Gwaihir’s hopes of wresting the title from Marengo went with it. Nice onward sails – the 30 knot blast did come, at 18.35.
• Commiserations to Migrant (Chris Fox) – well partly at least because the Z flag infringement was unfortunate but trawling the kite under the keel just yards before the leeward mark in the same race on Sunday was a sort of public humiliation.
• As we left the sun came out – as we hope it will be when we return in 2019. Meanwhile gird your loins for a visit to the Royal London in Cowes next year – put 15/16 July 2017 in your smart device now.

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

SWALLOW NEWS - end of June 2016

Posted 28th June 2016

Images of Points Week 2016 by Mary Pudney.       See more HERE

The Swallow Championships are only ten days away.

If you haven't entered yet all the details can be found HERE or if you need accommodation contact the Secretary at BSC HERE or phone on 01983 872237.

Borrow a Swallow to sail in the Championships

If you don't have a Swallow that isn't a problem! As long as you are a competent racing sailor the class will be pleased to lend you Swallow "Svala" so that you can compete. Do you know someone else who would like to take up this offer? Exams finished? Perhaps one of the young teams would like to get together and show us how its done? The details are HERE. We would hate to see Svala sitting on her mooring when there is great competition to be had, and whilst you are on the Island why not come on and join us at Cowes Classics regatta the following week. Accomodation is still available. Contact the Club Class Captain HERE if you would like to take part.

The Points Week 2016 Report.

Thirteen Swallows enjoyed a spirited week’s racing with very close competition at the top. The week was dominated by just two boats – Gwaihir and Skua – who between them monopolised first and second places in every race. As anticipated the battle commenced immediately and with Harry Roome in Skua striking first – and he continued to head the leaderboard until the final day of racing when Gwahir (Mike Wigmore and Mark Struckett co-helming), unaccustomed to being behind, got their mojo back and scored two successive race wins in the fantastic conditions of the final day. Fittingly they both finished level on points but with overall victory going to Gwaihir on the countback (last race) rule.

Migrant was the nearest spectator to this battle royal with a string of 3rd’s and 4th’s to finish 3rd overall amd Marengo without her normal star helm for most of the week did well to notch up 4th. It was a pity to lose one day’s racing because of the bizarre weather but there is little doubt that the race lost would not have changed much. The struggle for supremacy now moves to Bembridge in July for the forthcoming Championships. Game on!

1st Gwahir – Mike Wigmore, Mark Struckett and Charles Hyatt
2nd Skua – Harry and Prue Roome, Tim Handley
3rd Migrant – Charles Fiisher, Richard Thompson and Nigel Glennie
4th Marengo - Tom Trevelyan, Sue Glover, Simon Miller, Carolyn Brigg

Report TG.                                  Full results HERE.

Points Week prize winners clockwise first to fourth. Sorry Marengo, you were too fast.
Photos c/o Gayle Palmer.

And finally...... those Brass Tacks from our mystery correspondent.

• Rain and strong winds was on the Monday menu. However faith in the forecast and a one hour postponement changed everything. Pity the Sunbeams wimped out but it did mean more space for the rest of us. First blood to Skua.
• By evening-time we were able to enjoy a fizzy drinks reception in the sunshine at Jetty House – wonderful location and great canapés from each boat.
• One a piece for the b2b on Tuesday (it was already obvious it was going to be a two horse race) Gwaihir took the first and Skua the second. Jon Perry (with Peter and Robert) was the best of the rest in R2 having removed ‘excess string’ added to Swift by the young blades.
• A potentially pivotal moment on Wednesday when Mark on Gwaihir whipped the boom across on a gybe when overlapped inside Skua – and temporarily removed helm Mike from his feet. The boat then involuntarily gybed back and was heading for the bank just feet away. Skua was clearly devastated.
• Great to be at the Club for the dinner (after forecast rain triggered a quickly arranged re-location). Eating outside, quantities of decent plonk, the band playing – then the thunder and lightning show. B boom!
• Full marks to Blue Tit who sailed 2up for most of their appearances – and showed that it only takes two to do well.
• Roger Heath was sailing on an XOD for the week – tut tut!
• Frustration on Thursday – no wind and when it tried to appear it was from every corner of the compass – and there was a threat of lightning strikes in the area too. No-one objected to the decision to postpone until the next day though Carolyn missed out on her ‘return’ to Marengo.
• Alas the deluge claimed the tennis at the Old Rectory but some stalwarts managed a quick-fire croquet match. So many wonderful scones and scrummy cakes! Thank you to Brenda and her coterie of helpers.
• Fabulous Friday: Sunshine and breeze, great courses for the b2b races (one added from Thursday). Gwaihir had to win both races to get to the top and displace Skua. They started well enough a victory in the first to set up a thriller for the last. Skua led comfortably at Calvert (after Marengo’s great start was sacrificed by a wayward tidal move) but Gwaihir was charging and closed on the first run to Pivot. The lightweight team on Skua held on for the next beat but were overcome on the subsequent spi reach – and Gwaihir sailed away into the distance for an overall win by the narrowest of margins.
• Merlin (with Mimie driving) finished 3rd in this final dazzler showing a steady improvement after various tactical errors and equipment problems earlier in the week.
• The fleet was smaller than hoped for but lacked for nothing in quality (well that’s not actually fair but...). PW is a great week afloat and ashore. Next year (please!) be there.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

SWALLOW NEWS 1 June 2016

Posted 1 June 2016

Swallow guests enjoy the Norman Moore Drinks and the view. Photo Caroline Clarke

The Norman Moore Report.

Twenty two Swallows competed over the course of the Norman Moore trophy weekend for the big “in harbour” event of the year. A couple of days of glorious sunshine, challenging winds from the N/NE, and some interesting courses.
Race 1 took us up a short leg up to Wear, with hot favourites Skua and Gwaihir both too early at the pin end. Over a shifting first beat Skua recovered nicely and rounded first, followed by Marengo in the capable hands of Charles Peacock, for the long run down to Freddie Brooks (remember the name, you’ll hear it again!), where a number of boats bounced off (or stuck on) a low water lump remarkably close to the mark. Skua extended her lead, to be followed over the line by Marengo and by Migrant with Chris Fox giving a guest appearance.
The first of the afternoon back-to-back races took us to Itchenor mark, past Thorney and onto Freddie Brooks (a favourite of this PRO). The long run down now against a building tide allowed Migrant to take a lonely great circle route along the East Head shore which moved her into second place behind Gwaihir, with Marengo again on the pace to finish third.
Ella Nore was the first mark of the second b2b with the wind shifting to make it a port tack one-leg beat for most. Those that had seen Migrant’s massive gain in the previous race kept to the East Head shore hoping for a repeat, but Archon and Blue Tit led the rhumb line brigade in slightly better wind, rounding at Freddie Brooks. Archon kept going for a comfortable win, followed by Swift and Marengo, while the rest of the fleet battled it out in the shifts and patchy wind strengths.
Race 4 saw close racing to Star and then off  down harbour across to what might be renamed ‘Brooks Brothers’, as both Darter, by then in a comfortable lead and Solitude, not far behind, had failed to note a last minute change of course.  Rounding FB to port (just avoiding the lumps in so doing) they encountered the fleet heading to SW Pilsey.  Unravelling took a little time! Gwahir notched up her second win and Echo, putting in a strong performance, came in second ahead of a consistent 3rd from Migrant.
The final decider started on a long line to a special mark in the Thorney channel.  Solitude got the shifts right and rounded first with Skua and Gwaihir just behind.  Then down to SW Pilsey and a couple of excellent beats up to Channel where Solitude finally succumbed to Skua who went on to her second win.  A neck and neck finish saw Gwahir finish inches ahead of Solitude with Migrant and Stealth not far behind.  
Congratulations to Gwahir, who won the series in fine style, with Migrant in 2nd place followed by Marengo, Skua and Solitude.
The social side was as good as the sailing with a lovely party, kindly hosted by Mike and Debbie Wigmore, overlooking the harbour in the most perfect Itchenor style weather.  This was followed by an excellent dinner at the club with much noise and fun to round off a classically perfect sailing weekend.

Report from Tony and Anthony.                                  Full results HERE

Happy Norman Moore prize winners from Gwaihir, Marengo, Skua and Migrant.
Photos c/o Charles Peacock.

Skua "finding a way out" in race one.                                                Photo c/o Mike Clarke

Points Week.

A reminder that Points Week is less than three weeks away now. If you have not booked your social events then the organisers would like you to do so. The details are below.

Outside Harbour Day.

And don't forget that, in preparation for our Championships which this year are at Bembridge on 9/10 July we have a day of outside harbour racing on Sunday 26th. June. The start time is in the club book and we may even organise an informal race out if there is interest expressed to your club class captain.

Visit from Bembridge.

On Saturday 11th June we welcome the fleet from Bembridge sailing club
All the details of how to get involved were in the last Swallow News so can now be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

And finally...... Where would we be without those Brass Tacks from.....
• Bad backs are good! After returning from an enforced time off games Harry and Skua immediately did a horizon job in R1.
• PRO Viv Williams was dealt an awkward hand – not much water and Northerly winds. Some interesting start lines but good courses in the circumstances. Freddie Brooks is definitely tricky these days.
• Echo has some new sails but curiously seemed to lose pace in most races. Some anxieties about a Friday afternoon job?
• Spare a thought for those sailing 2up – especially Blue Tit who rounded SWP in 2nd place in R2 – and then they met the upwind breeze.
• Close encounters of the third kind: The shredded story of Ka Nyenga’s kite and the withy. Gwahir might remember a similar episode and sympathise.
• Complaints and protests galore at having been omitted from the form guide last time. Migrant obviously deserves to be up there and Chris Fox and his team will be sailing the boat at the Championships. Other nominations welcome (until we are all there?!) but a pint might make it more likely.
• It’s part of Gwaihir’s routine to check the course at -3.50 to the start. Commodore Charles insisted on it once again for R4 even though there were 20 boats, not much water behind the line and the boards were on the less visible side of BV. It paid handsomely when the leading boat followed the old course to Freddie B. A welcome gift.
• Let us not forget: Mark and Peter in Harlequin stoically bringing up the rear – but the gap is narrowing

Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 


Posted 19th May 2016

Ponder Challenge Cup.

14 Swallows contested the one day Ponder Cup last Saturday with great competition throughout the fleet in sometimes testing conditions. A different boat won each race, and with no discard in play it was all about consistency.

In the first race Swift was the early leader but soon found a patch of harbour slightly shallower than a the draft of a Swallow giving the rest a chance to catch up. Gwaihir found a couple of nice shifts after a tricky start and never looked back. The two Simons in Echo were on form with a second.

By the start of the second race the sea breeze was already starting to kill the northerly gradient wind. The fleet enjoyed? a very difficult race lasting an hour and a half with the wind at times disappearing altogether and when it was to be found, its direction was shifting through sixty degrees. Solitude, with guest crew Chris Griffiths aboard, picked it best and drifted across the finish line to score a well-deserved win.

After a late lunch, some had had enough but PRO John Tremlett had other ideas and went searching for that sea breeze for the deciding race. At twenty past three he got the fleet away in perfect sailing conditions, and with a course of four good beats and runs so we knew we were going to get our money’s worth for a day’s sailing. Mike (Mr Consistency with two thirds already) Bond with Markus I-B. led for the first half of the race in Buccaneer but was taken out by two XODs at Dunes allowing Swift and Gwaihir to conduct a match race to the finish which Swift, with another ex 14er and expert guest crew Ian Tillet on board, won to give them second overall.  

Full results HERE.

Final details for the "Norman Moore" weekend.

Our unofficial "In Harbour" championship is just 10 days away on the 28/29 May. Don't miss it.
The social programme prepared by our social supremo TG consists of Drinks from 1830 at your Club Class Captain's house at Westlands Holt. PO20 7HJ. c.o. Mike & Debbie Wigmore, followed by dinner 2015 for 2030 at the club. (Note, all timings have been set back to allow you to take in the Sophie Ainsworth talk as well.)

The dinner menu will be:-
Confit of Gressingham Duck leg with chateau potatoes , spring greens , seasonal vegetables and a blackberry jus. OR choose when you book
Braised Guinea Fowl with Apricots , Cranberries and tamarind  Served with a Lemon Rice and cooked in the Ottelenghi style.
Orange and candied zest posset with citrus berries and coulis .
Coffee and chocolates

To make this innovation work your choice of main course must be made when booking. As before, if you book for the Dinner, we will assume that you are coming for drinks. Drinks only bookings direct to Mike & Debbie HERE. Dress code reminder from TG. The full monty - Jackets and ties for boys (Solitude please note), dresses for girls.

Guest Day (and Evening).

We are organising a guest day this coming Sunday, in conjunction with the club Open Day. Thank you to all who have volunteered to be there. Its not too late to come as a guest but we do need to know in advance HERE if you want to come so we can allocate boats.

Guest Evening.

On the evening of Wednesday 1st June we have 12 guests coming to sail with us, mostly from across the water at BSC. We need more boats to take them with one helm and one crew. Please contact  Alistair Impey HERE if you would like to join in.

Visit from Bembridge.

On Saturday 11th June we welcome the fleet from Bembridge sailing club
who arrive for lunch. Six people would like to crew on Swallows that afternoon. If you have room for a visitor please get in touch with Christine. Click HERE

That day is your chance to sail a Redwing or a Bembridge One Design (BOD) !
Five Redwings and five B.O.D.s are looking for a crew each to help them to navigate
around our tricky muddy harbour. They have no echo sounders so you need to be
a good guesser ! It's great fun and a good way to meet their members prior to our Nationals on July 8th.

On Saturday evening we hold a welcome dinner for the Bembridge fleet. To join in please book with the office.

Interclass Croquet.

For those of you who like to keep your feet firmly on dry land Jim Jerwood is still short of Croquet players for this event on Friday 10th June 1600 for 1700 at the Fishbourne Centre. If you know one end of a mallet from another please contact Jim HERE as "Your class needs YOU"

And finally some "Ponderous Tacks " this time from "you know who"
• They were too, especially when the whisper turned off entirely on the last leg of R2. Solitude and Gwaihir were long since back in the bar and the also-rans were drifting around for eternity craving a pint
• Ali G likes to do it standing up (on Whimbrel) – that is spinnaker handling. She also gets the boat ready for the arrival for their supreme Highnesses Snell and Cover. What a bird.
• The 14 collective that is Swift are nibbling away at the podium. James H was unlucky to park up in R1 but the team are getting there. So the First Division now comprises Gwaihir, Solitude, Skua (when Harry isn’t duff), Swift and, when Dame Carolyn is in the country, Marengo too. I know my place – hope you know yours (per Cleese/Barker/Corbett).
• One does not understand the science of sails except that the newer they are the better they appear to be. Gwaihir isn’t even using their newest/best sails yet and they have won everything thus far. Curlew has been given a leg up with an ex-Gwaihir main that looks better than most others and has a nice-looking Batt jib. Apparently they are compatible. That's Christine and Nick.
• Echo had an early morning work party to re-build the cockpit area after Simon S demolished the Simon M built centre console - now with oodles more carbon (is that allowed?!). They were fast in R1.
• One could be forgiven not bothering with R3. Already much delayed by our late return from R1 & 2 there was not a hint of any breeze. However PRO John Tremlett likes to give his punters something to remember so we started a whole hour and ten minutes later than scheduled – and got the best race of the day. Thanks JT.

Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

SWALLOW NEWS - 11th MAY 2016

Sunday Swallow Programme.

Last Sunday, a small but perfectly formed fleet enjoyed two good length B2B races on a bright and sunny morning followed by a fine carvery lunch. If you are not regularly racing on Sunday mornings please do come and join us. The "two race" programme makes for a worthwhile day.

Points Week Social Programme.

This year our points week is in June with the other two keelboat classes. The social programme is already posted HERE so please do have a look and book up early. 

Swallow Championships. 9/10th July.

The formal "Notice of Race" for the Swallow National Championships at Bembridge is now posted HERE and the accommodation list is HERE.
Serita will again be available to be nanny boat and transport our bags for a nominal cash contribution on the day to cover sundry costs.

Missing Items from ISC.

Recently a number of items have gone missing from ISC. A spinnaker pole from on board Ka Nyenga and another from in the oars store in the sail room. Last weekend Jerrold Alexander's blue and white Musto sailing bag with all his sailing kit in it went missing from the changing room.
If you have accidentally picked up anything by mistake please contact the club office.

"Brass Tacks "

In the last Swallow News I inadvertently omitted to send the most important part of the Belgique Plate report from our anonymous scribe so here goes....
• Our commiserations to Skua and Harry – sidelined by his back problems. Too much hill-walking? We missed Marengo as well – but driving through the Andes is rather fun.
• Mentioned in despatches: full marks for stoicism to Ka Nyenga. They parked on the putty pre-start in R4 Tim (he who does it must get out first) and one other both went over the side (water temp 10C), got off and then completed the race, if a little distant. Bravo!
• Nigel Masding steering Bluff in R4 – wunderkinds. Just beautiful balance and windward set-up, and his son was on board to share the experience too.
• Chris Creak got a sore head when unexpectedly leaving Curlew for a swim during a gybe.
• Team Merlin indulged in some discreet two boat tuning before the start of R2 – it certainly paid off
• It’s all the rage – in order to catch the rocket ship Gwaihir the noble Solitude has resorted to joining The White Company (marine division). Gleaming white topsides and white antifouling to match. It works too – 2nd overall. Delete ‘consistent mid-fleet’ position of yesteryear and substitute ‘consistent front runner’.
• More news of Solitude – after her winter TLC programme she came out 13.5 kg underweight! Mimie Currey made sure that the corresponding corrector weights were added – and in the right places too. All of which triggered a ‘how overweight are you’ discussion – the concensus being about 15-20 kg (and the boat too).
• We should not play bumper boats on the start line (R3). Luckily no significant damage to the several boats involved and Harlequin suitably contrite.
• John Houghton casually took Avocet’s mast down before breakfast on Sunday morning to check the windex. So simple (if you have a mast base pivot).
• Good to see Jon Perry ‘guesting’ on Swift. Pity about the OCS.
• Glad/delighted/relieved to see the back of the winter series. This was the spring series. It looks just at the moment as the summer series was a single (but glorious) weekend and we now revert to winter sailing again


Christine would like to remind us all that when you go to Club2Class at  looking for crew, or looking for a boat which is short of crew, or just looking to see who is sailing the next weekend then  if you click on "details" for a given date you will get all the info you need. Click again on "Response" and it is all sorted to make it read more easily.

And finally. Interclass Croquet.

The Swallows are invited to send a team to the Interclass Croquet match on Friday 10th June at Fishbourne. Contact Jim Jerwood  HERE if you would like to be part of the team.

Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

SWALLOW NEWS - Early May 2016

The Royal Yacht Club de Belgique Plate

Let us simply fast forward to the last mark of the last race. Gwaihir, chasing Bluff, gybes moments earlier and without a hitch, then drives up on Bluff’s hip whilst they have a momentary difficulty taming their kite - and that was win number four. Oh yes and by the way Gwaihir had possibly been over at the start and had returned. Pretty cool eh?

It was a curious feature of the weekend that a different boat reached the windward mark first in each race. Darter (first race of the year) was so non-plussed that they promptly went the wrong way in R1. Merlin (with Alistair Impey helming) made no such mistake and eventually finished 2nd in R2. Gwaihir romped away in R3 and Bluff sped off in R4 (closely followed by Avocet).

PRO James Hartley (many thanks) had a difficult task with both Saturday’s starts – the wind randomly shifting 30 degrees but we were away cleanly when the gun went. 13 boats was our largest race fleet but 17 took part at one or other time. The  several times that we went from Dunes to SWP caught some out – none more so than Swift who surrendered a useful lead to Gwaihir in the Dunes/Winner bay in R2 because they were more cautious (some would say rightly so!).

A most enjoyable drinks party chez Varville (sic) on Saturday evening and a good value and tasty meal at the Club to follow.

Dramatis personae
1st Mike Wigmore (helm – Sat), Mark Struckett (helm – Sun), Charles Hyatt & Mike Cole.
2nd Anthony Lunch, Andrew Reid & Adam Levett
3rd Malcolm Green, Sue Glover and Simon Hamlyn (Sat), Caroline Marriage and Elizabeth Pattison

May Swallow Events.

With the season now in full flow the Thompson and Robinson long  series will keep you busy on regular Saturdays and Sundays.

On Saturday 14th we have the Ponder Challenge Cup. Three races, all to count.

On the 28th/29th we run the Norman Moore Trophy. Our unofficial "in harbour" Championship. 20+ boats expected. Don't miss it.

Your Social Events Supremo, TG is again locked in negotiations with the house manager to offer you an excellent "Dinner" at the club that night. This time the drinks will be from 1800 at your Club Class Captain's house at Westlands Holt. PO20 7HJ. c.o. Mike & Debbie Wigmore.

As before, if you book for the Dinner, we will assume that you are coming for drinks. Drinks only bookings direct to Mike & Debbie HERE.

Swallow Class Guest Day (and club open day) Sunday 22nd May.

IMPORTANT. We are looking to have another great day introducing potential Swallow sailors to the club and class on Sunday 22nd May. Can all those boat managers who have not yet confirmed that their Swallow will be taking part on that day, please respond to the Class Captains recent email or HERE. Hopefully you will also confirm that you are inviting a guest to introduce to Swallow sailing that day.

All visitors and occasional Swallow sailors are most welcome that day but we do need to know that you are coming to organise a place on a boat for you. Please respond to our event organiser Christine Graves HERE if you would like to come.

25 Knots on the quarter and a nice clean wake. Who says that Swallows don't plane?
Photo David Sloper.

Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

SWALLOW NEWS - End of April 2016

The "Belgique Plate" Trophy Weekend.

The Belgique Plate event this weekend is nearly upon us and the forecast says we can expect a good breeze, no rain and maybe a bit of sun. What more can you want?

Please can those of you who haven't replied yet confirm your sailing intentions on Club2Class (or remind your boat manager to) and..... BOOK NOW for the Drinks at Sarah Varville's house, Farleigh Cottage, 1 Glebefield Road, Itchenor. from 18.00. RSVP HERE (£5 on the door).

Remember also to book at the club office for the Supper at the club Afterwards.  If you book supper with the club we will assume that you are coming for drinks unless you decline to Sarah.

Sarah has put a lot of work into kindly hosting the drinks party and will be very disappointed if you don't come. All are welcome, you don't have to be sailing that day.

Swallow Class Guest Day (and club open day) Sunday 22nd May.

Please can all those boat managers who have not yet confirmed that their Swallow will be taking part in our Guest Day on Sunday 22nd May, please respond to the Class Captains recent email or HERE. Hopefully you will also confirm that you are inviting a guest to introduce to Swallow sailing that day.

All visitors and occasional Swallow sailors are most welcome that day but we do need to know that you are coming to organise a place on a boat for you. Please respond to our event organiser Christine Graves HERE if you would like to come.

Points Week Theatre Visit.

A reminder that Brenda Offredi has purchased tickets at £26 each for "Ross" at the Festival Theatre on Tuesday 21st June.    There are a limited number available so please advise her on a.s.a.p if you would like any.   They will be allocated on a first come first served basis"

Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid April 2016

Posted 13th April 2016

The Swallow racing season is under way with the first trophy decided last weekend. New buyers and charterers are doing deals so we can expect some new competition on the water this year.

The Deep End Trophy Report.

Eight Swallows contested the Deep End trophy held on 9/10 April, a new date when Easter is as early as it was this year. Conditions ranged from hardly enough wind to stem the spring tide in the first race to gusts of nearly thirty knots against a strong spring tide for the last two races held on Sunday morning. Alan Stannah got the fleet away for the first race with a few surprises and Marengo hit the right hand shore of the first beat never to be caught. Solitude the trophy defenders were second with their smart new bottom. Svala, chartered by Tony Glover as it is far too early in the season to see Darter was initially fast but secured valuable points just behind Paul and Tom in Blue Tit, fast as ever in the light stuff.

The afternoon race saw four boats never more than a few boat lengths apart. Gwaihir thought they had it in the bag only to be caught and their wind taken 100m from the finish.

A crash gybe with the Commodore on the kite strings and a call from the back “don’t anybody move, its setting” let them hold on to a win by a length. Solitude secured second from Marengo by a short head with Skua overlapping them both at the finish.

Sunday was a very different game. Ex Swallow sailor Richard Fleck sent the fleet down harbour to Freddie Brookes with some very exciting sailing and huge waves on the winner. Gwaihir failed to notice the finish boat assuming it was the adjacent Betivuka and Stealth followed giving Whimbrel the win and leaving all to play for in the last race in the “all to count” series. Another wild run down harbour was needed to empty the foot of water from Gwaihir’s cockpit following a keel inspection during the first spinnaker hoist. Stealth was second with Svala, sailed today by Charles, Simon and Christine just keeping on steady scoring to achieve runner up spot for the weekend. Results HERE

Photos Caroline Marriage.

Belgique Plate Flyer.

Our next trophy weekend is on 30th April/1st May for the Belgique Plate. Racing both days and a "Supper" on the Saturday Night. Tony is planning a two course menu for about £16.50. Book with the club office please.

The pre supper drinks will be by kind invitation of Sarah Varvill. Farleigh Cottage, 1 Glebefield Road, Itchenor. from 18.00. RSVP to or if you book supper with the club we will assume that you are coming for drinks unless you decline to Sarah. £5 at the door please.

"Court and Social" section

Tony would like us to know the following sartorial definition of Swallow Club evening events:-
The dress code for a supper is smart casual and for a dinner reefer/blazer and tie (a tie is optional for avant-garde types).

Under 40 Swallow Sailors are of course welcome in whatever attire they choose!

Points Week Theatre Visit.

Brenda Offredi has purchased tickets at £26 each for "Ross" at the Festival Theatre on Tuesday 21st June. There are a limited number available so please advise her on a.s.a.p if you would like any. They will be allocated on a first come first served basis"

More asides from our usual anonymous scribe.

It’s nothing to do with Swallowing but every time you look out from the Club and see that stranded yacht high and dry on the opposite Bosham Bank you remember the Easter weekend blast that, coupled with a 5.5m tidal surge, put it there. Yet Good Friday was by common acclaim the best day’s sailing thus far this season. Ideas how to remove it to

What a variety of conditions for the Deep End Trophy – sunny and light winds on Saturday morning, cooler and breezier in the afternoon and Sunday’s second b2b race finishing with 30 knot gusts

Mrs Roome thought better of it and stayed at home – was that why Skua languished a lonely last in the first race?

3 boats tied in 1st place overnight Saturday was an interesting outcome from a varied day’s racing in a big spring tide

Our thanks to the Commode and RCH (Simon Miller of Echo in case you are not au fait) for a great Spring Party – good and modestly priced food, live music and all enjoyed by 170 people
Be warned: Capacity in the Itchenor Car Park is much reduced by the continued presence of the Haines winter compound and because there are so many Chelsea tractors that appear to belong to members. We are indeed grateful to the locals who use their bikes

There were several boats having their first sail of the year (good to see Roger Ewart Smith driving Stealth with aplomb). Swift is still in pre-launch bimbling mode next to the Ship Inn – great for break-out sessions. However what of Migrant, Buccanner, Curlew, Darter and Echo? Stop looking at the indifferent weather outlook and come and play!

Missed something? All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website. Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

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For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Swallow News, Early March 2016

On the morning of Saturday 27th February 16 intrepid Swallow sailors gathered at Sheen Gate in Richmond Park for what is now becoming our annual "London" walk.Paul Giles was our leader and guide and talked us through our route in navigational terms - which we could understand.

The walk was in the opposite direction to last year ie 'marks to Starboard', and no re-rounding in the stiff North-Easterly wind. First mark was the White Lodge, now home to the Royal Ballet Junior School and famous to many for being the film location for parts of 'Billy Elliott'. Earlier it hosted Nelson shortly before Trafalgar with claims that his battle plan was explained there to Lord Sidmouth. It was also the birthplace of Edward VIII.

The Turning mark was the Isabella Plantation ...which must be incredible in May when the Azaleas and Rhododendrons are in bloom. Final mark was Pen Ponds.
The day gave us an opportunity to catch up with each other's news. After all it is some four months since we laid up our boats and perhaps we miss each other's company...
Mike Wigmore then accosted a walker in the park to take our team photo above and ended up persuading him to come down and sail in a Swallow next Summer!
We all then enjoyed a delicious team lunch at the Plough Inn in East Sheen arranged by Brenda Offredi.

Photo. Our esteemed Commodore and Swallow Sailor Charles Hyatt with appropriate headwear for the cold weather.

Start of the new season.

The new season is now less than three weeks away and by then I am sure that the trees will be in leaf and the brisk winter we have had will be long gone. Some of us will be on the water for the first race on Saturday 19th March but those of you who prefer a more leisurely start to the season be sure to be ready for the clubs

Big Season Starter Party combined with our Deep End Trophy on 9th & 10th April.

Bring a friend along.

This year please remember to bring a friend Swallow sailing. Bring them as your crew, or if they are a racing sailor then send them a flyer inviting them to borrow "Svala" and come and show us how it's done. Or they can just join us for a great days sailing in the harbour. Email me HERE and I will send you a few printed copies to give to all your sailing contacts.

If you are not a boat owner please take up this offer and come Swallow Sailing at Itchenor.
Missed something?  All the past issues of Swallow News can be found at the Itchenor Sailing Club website.  Class Pages/ Swallow/ HOME PAGE.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

Swallow News, End of February 2016

Swallow start line action. The 2016 season starts in less than four weeks time.

We have a good crowd signed up for our Swallow London Walk in Richmond Park followed by lunch at the Plough Inn this coming Saturday 27th February but we need to confirm numbers to the Plough in the next few days. If you have not already confirmed that you plan to be there then please do contact Brenda Offredi at as soon as possible.

The meeting place is in the car park at Sheen Gate, Fife Road, East Sheen, London SW14 8BJ at 10.15 am.
We have our own TV in the private room for those who may wish to stay on and watch the England rugby, and also the preceding game Italy vs Scotland k/o 14.25. Whatever you plan to do it would be wise to avoid the Twickenham area".

And on Sunday I have been asked to draw your attention to the....

Seal Watching and Lunch - Sunday 28th February

Join us to view and learn more about the seals around Chichester Harbour in the company of seal expert John Arnott and Conservancy Communities Officer Judi Darley. Last year around 32 seals were counted on one day in Chichester Harbour; most are Common (or Harbour) Seals and a few are Grey Seals. Learn more about these popular animals and why they are important to us during this special morning.

9:00 - Meet at ISC for a trip in RIBs to view the seals with John and Judi (numbers limited, first come first served)
11:30 - Talk by John and Judi (45 mins)
12:45 - Lunch
The cost is £16.50 per head for lunch with a supplement of £2.00 for those who go to visit the seals. Please ring the Office on 01243 512400 to book onto this event and remember that numbers for the Seal Trip are limited though everyone is welcome to the talk and lunch.

And Finally.....

The new "Svala" flyers for 2016 are printed. If you know someone who would like to borrow a Swallow and come and show us how it's done on the racecourse, or just join us for a great days sailing in the harbour or even at one of our "Away" events at Bembridge or Cowes then please send them a "You are invited to come Swallow Sailing" flyer. Hard copies are available from your ISC Swallow class captain at the link below.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Swallow News, Early February 2016

The Swallow AGM Weekend.
A good time was had by all at the Swallow Winter Weekend. Tony Glover and Christine Graves organised a fine series of events, and the club excelled with an excelent dinner on the Saturday night at which the trophies for Cowes Week 2015 were presented.           

Andrew Reid and Tony Lunch receive the Interim Dividend as Fridays winner.     
John Houghton receives the Lord Mayor's Picture.                                          
Malcolm Green with the Freemantle Trophy for overall winner of Cowes Week.  
Nigel Glennie and Richard Thompson receive the Swifts Prize for Wednesday. Trophies presented by Harry and Prue Roome.                    Photos. M Chilton.

Due to the success of our first London Walk a year ago we will be going back to Richmond Park and the Plough Inn on Saturday 27th February for another circuit - hopefully the sun will shine this time!
Meet in the car park at Sheen Gate, Fife Road, East Sheen, London SW14 8BJ at 10.15 am.

Brenda Offredi will mastermind arrangements once again so please let her know if you plan to come a.s.a.p at We have our own private room at The Plough but places for the lunch are limited to 30.

The England vs Ireland Six Nations rugby is at Twickenham later iin the afternoon - k/o at 16.50. Our timings are convenient for those who may be going to the rugby. We do, however, have our own TV in the private room for those who may wish to stay on and watch the match, and also the preceding game Italy vs Scotland k/o 14.25. Whatever you plan to do it would be wise to avoid the Twickenham area".

2016 Swallow Programme.
Don't forget that the 2016 programme is posted in full on the Swallow pages of the ISC website.
Whilst we always encourage boats to attend Cowes Week as their first choice of "away" holiday week, this year there is also the unique opportunity to carry straight on from our Championships at Bembridge on 9/10th July to Cowes Classics Week. If for any reason you cant make the main week (which, as you can see above is where all the trophies are to be won!) then do consider the back to back extra opportunity.

Michael Cover writes....
On Whimbrel, we have decided again to race in Cowes Classics Week  this year and have booked a house for this. There are a number of reasons for this. First, various of our rivals, including Blue Tit, Harrier and Darter, are intending to do this regatta and Gwaihir is a strong possibility and even another titan of the fleet might be there. Second, it follows straight on from our National Championships. Cowes Classics Week is run from Committee Boats and I have particularly requested that we should have a windward- leeward and a round the cans back to Cowes for the two races each day (probably one on Friday)
For the accountants amongst us, the moorings and accommodation are more economical at that time of the summer and the programme includes three receptions free of charge (including one sponsored by our own Haines Boatyard), as well as other social events and dinners, ready access to the Clubs in Cowes and tea and cakes free of charge each day after racing. I very much hope that you will be able to join us.

Other good things.
The Ready to Race weekend on 12/13th March will pack a great programme of talks on the Saturday afternoon to enthuse us all about going sailing again, how to win, and what exciting things club members have been up to of late. All before a happy hour and club supper. Sunday morning will feature an updated programme of Race Officer sessions with something for those who aspire to be PROs as well as those who are experts already. We propose to email invites for Sundays PRO events but if you have ever run a race, or think you really should learn how to then keep the date clear. Please let Mike Wigmore at the class capt email below know if you would like to attend.
If you would like to Race a Swallow on an occasional basis don't forget that "Svala" will be available by the day, weekend or week again this year. Just contact the class captain below. If you just want to crew then remember that given a few days notice Christine Graves contactable HERE will always try to find you a ride.

And Finally........
Some "Tacky Moments" from our usual secret scribe....

Tacking through the winter rains
*Swift is apparently being re-built from the top down
*Bottoms up! Solitude is being re-built from ...... you guessed it.
*Malcolm was somewhat reticent about proceeding with the pink and white mainsail that Dick Batt  had thoughtfully designed on his magic CAD computer
*John Houghton looked quite surprised to be awarded the prize for the most-improved  Cowes Week performer – after 18 years
*When we get going again do make a point of checking your ‘Club to Class’ email on Monday  mornings to let us know if you intend to sail at the weekend and if you need anybody to helm or  crew 

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

Swallow News - Early January 2016

Swallow AGM Weekend. 16/17 January.
Our winter weekend gathering is almost upon us and now is the time to book for the various events our team has organised for you.

The programme of events is.....

12.45: Lunch at the Anchor Bleu in Bosham.
(Please email your reservation to
14.15 Visit to Batt Sails (Bosham) for a presentation on sail-making and sail design
(Please email your reservation to
17.00 National Swallow Class Association AGM – in the members room at ISC followed by the
ISC Swallow class meeting. All are welcome at both meetings.
19.30 for 20.00 The National Swallow Class Annual Dinner and Cowes Week Prize-giving.
(Dinner £30 - email your reservations to

Meet at the ‘Fox goes Free’ at Charlton for our circular Downland walk
(please email your intention to walk and lunch to

The reconnaissance team have walked the route, got lost, ended up in the wrong village and think the "longer walk for keen ones" may take five hours! (It will actually take much, much less) so I can only advise you on the current plan which is.....

09.30 Depart for those planning the full trail.
10.15 Depart for those on the more leisurely stroll.
12.30 Return
13.15 Lunch. The Menu can be previewed HERE and is available to order on the day but it will be best to place your order via Tony before walking.

As previously notified please note that this is the official notice of the NSCA AGM. The Agenda can be found HERE and the minutes of the last AGM can be found HERE.
Any additional proposals need to be with the Class Secretary HERE before 9 January.

Next Swallow event. The Winter Walk in Richmond Park followed by lunch.

Please mark your diaries for our Swallow London Walk. As last year we propose to walk in Richmond Park and then retire to the Plough for lunch. The event is planned for Saturday 27th February with a start provisionally at 10.00.

Should anybody wish to stay on and watch England vs Ireland at Twickers, KO at 16.50 that can be arranged. Don't go home that way though!

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Swallow News - Mid December 2015

Save the date for the Class AGM Weekend in January.

Swallow AGM Weekend. 16/17 January 2016.
It is that time of year again when we all need to plan for the Swallow Winter Weekend in January. Please mark your diary with 16/17th January to be in Itchenor.

The programme of events will be.....

The National Swallow Class Association
The January ‘pint to pint’ weekend (Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th January 2016)

12.45: Lunch at the Anchor Bleu in Bosham (with a pint)
            (email your reservation to
14.15 Visit to Batt Sails (Bosham) for a presentation on sail-making and sail design
           (email your reservation to
17.00 NSCA AGM – members room at ISC followed by
            ISC Swallow class meeting
19.30 for 20.00 The National Swallow Class Annual dinner and prize-giving
          (Dinner £30 - email your reservations to

09.30 Meet at the ‘Fox goes Free’ at Charlton for our circular Downland walk
          (email your intention to walk and lunch to
10.00 Depart
12.30 Return
          (The pint)
13.15 Lunch (max 30).

Please note that this is the official notice of the NSCA AGM. The Agenda can be found HERE and the minutes of the last AGM can be found HERE.
Any additional proposals need to be with the Class Secretary before 9 January.

ISC Swallow Matters and 2016 Programme

A Club Class Meeting will follow the National Class AGM. 
Most Importantly the 2016 Programme is now agreed and can be found HERE.
And Finally........
Where would we be without some tacky Reflections at Christmas-time from our usual anonymous scribe....
• Which Swallow helm has appeared in four Bond (007!) films? Really!
• Surely the most bizarre sailing moment this year was during the Reach Trophy when short-tacking near to the Pilsey bank buoys in a light-ish NE against a rampant spring ebb and suddenly getting into an equally fast contra eddy within touching distance of the shingle. From zero to hero.
• What a turn-around - the performance transformation of Migrant and Archon once they had shed their copper-coat undersides in mid-season
• The Swift team have brought their Int 14 bimbling skills to the fleet. By the time they had made sense of it all, the season had virtually ended – but not before they had won the Reach trophy with an impressive score-line.
• Apparently Christine Graves has blended some of the new recruits from her Swallow Dating Agency with some old hands to form a new syndicate – now they just need a boat to charter
• Preliminary plans are being discussed for a mid-winter World Championship in Antigua for 2017/18 - after all it is elsewhere in the World. Might even invite the X’s and V’s along too. Just remember to tick the box on the entry form for a barrel of rum to be left in the cockpit for the return trip. No winter storage charges either!
• The somewhat manic final Championship race in the harbour. Ebb tide and Force 6 to boot. Two ways to go down the first run – most went right but Marengo went left and came back smiling.
• Only one mast broken all year – but three spinnaker poles on Prada (aka Merlin). Hope Santa obliges
• Rumour has it that Gwaihir (and others) will go from the Bembridge Champs (9/10 July) to Cowes for Classic Week (12-15 July). Seems like a great idea for us all?

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

Swallow News - Late October 2015

Posted 29th October 2015

Itchenor Swallow Fleet.... end of term report.

The Swallow fleet at Itchenor enjoyed a great end to the season with competitive fleets racing right to the last weekend. Swift finally came good wrapping up the one day Reach Trophy on October 10th. Jeremy Sibthorp and his team scoring a 1,1,4 in the 'all to count' trophy. Next year we plan to hold two one day trophies in October.

Onwards and Upwards, as our Commodore would say.

To maintain the Swallow fleet as the place to be we must continue to bring in new people. We have one or two boats for sale and good interest but to keep us successful we must make sure that racing sailors know what we can offer at Itchenor. The advert below will feature in Yachts & Yachting magazine alongside their classes review this Autumn. If you know someone who you think would like to join us, or know where else we could advertise, the contact details are there.

New Sails offers.

It's that time of year when your racing sails are looking a bit tired and the Sail makers want to tempt us with their Winter offers.

Click HERE for Hyde offers.
Click HERE for Batt offers.
Click HERE for Dynamic sails

Autumn and Winter Activities.

Working Parties. Call for Volunteers. 7/8 and 21/22 Nov.

Chris Creek writes."Now the sailing season is drawing to a close we are approaching the time of year when there is more fun to be had exploring the mud that lies beneath our decking.
This year we would like to join the last two winters work with new planking and so replacing all the most used part of the jetty. There is also some repairs needed to the piles under the Mirror area which is particularly affected by the gribble worm so we are now going to be using hardwood piles which should last a lot longer.

For the weekend of 7/8th November we will need about 15 volunteers and for the 21/22nd November we will be able to employ about 20 workers. With this in mind I would be very grateful if you would circulate your fleet and ask for volunteers to register with the club office at so Sue can keep a list."

Winter Events.

Don't forget that the club runs a programme of talks and events throughout the winter. See the main club website for information.

Swallow winter gathering and class AGM.

The Swallow winter weekend this year will be 15/16/17th January 2016. There will be the usual selection of entertainment, information, the NSCA AGM and of course a splendid dinner at the Club on the Saturday night. Keep your diary free for this great chance to meet up and socialise in the middle of the closed season.

And Finally........

Don't forget. If you have sails on the racks in the Sail room at the club please remove them now. In early November they will be put outside to make way for works to the club boats.
Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your
Class Captain on his new email by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Swallow News. Early October 2015.

In this issue. Bob Massey report, Reach Trophy flyer and Crew available.

The Bob Massey Trophy Report.

17 Swallows enjoyed a fine weekend of racing over 26/27th September with warm sunshine but at times a challenging lack of wind. PRO David Prescott and his team had everybody searching for their race card in race one by setting a course where all the symbols except one were arrows pointing in various directions! With little wind the fleet negotiated a windward, spreader, outside gate, and leeward gate until they were giddy. Harry and Pru Roome in Skua worked their way through the fleet to take the win from Gwaihir whose usual team was supplemented by Chris McLaughlin, fresh back from winning the J24 Worlds in Germany with Ian Southworth.

There was strength in depth with Chris Fox’s team in Migrant fighting it out with Hugo Fisher in Bluff up the last beat, Chris getting the best of it.

The afternoon race was started in no wind but it was the usual teams who found it first. Skua was first around the course again, Gwaihir second and this time Bluff beat Clive Bush and his team in Spectre to take third.

The “Not watching the Rugby” dinner was enjoyed by all on Saturday evening at the club.

Sunday’s conditions offered much better wind but again a difficult direction for the Race Team. Several boats were sailed by substantially different crews from the day before so it was start again with all that crew coordination. It was business as usual however in the first of the two back to back races with Harry and Pru, now joined by Helen Williams securing their third victory to take the event. Gwaihir again second and the two Simons and George Miller in Echo on form in third.

The second race saw Jeremy Sibthorp, James Hartley and Rob Sutherland in Swift come into their own with the win and Darter taking fourth despite Tony and Dudley Howard sailing just two up.

Lavinia Massey kindly presented the prizes on the lawn after lunch and Harry thanked her not only for doing so but also, as a previous owner of Skua, for providing the boat for their win.

Full results are click here.

Swallow Class Meeting...... What was decided.

For those who weren’t there, the minutes of the Itchenor Swallow Class autumn meeting can be found at the bottom of the Club Class page - click here.....

The dates for the main events of 2016 can now also be found on the Swallow Pages.

Next Swallow Event........

Our next trophy event is the Reach Trophy. Three races in one day on Saturday 10th October. All to count. Don’t miss it.

Crew Available.
Christine has one or two spare crew for this Sat/Sunday now to avoid disappointment.

And Finally........"Brass Tacks" from our anonymous correspondent.

- Libel action withdrawn - Anthony Lunch is now reconciled with his tag as a respectable mid-fleet performer (though wishes he had found his mojo this year).

- Echo's attempt at a port tack start in R1 - could 14 boats (all on starboard) be wrong?!

- Another gladiatorial contest between the two titans - but this time Skua virtually untouchable with three consecutive victories to secure the trophy. Mike W did not have his normal team but did at least go round the marks correctly (once he had mastered the significance of a spreader mark).

- R2 should not have been started without a further postponement. In no wind, no boat was even near the line at the appointed hour with most drifting backwards fast in the rampant spring ebb towards Hayling. However Harry on Skua and Hugo on Bluff were nearest and crossed after two minutes. Avocet started with the Xod's 10 minutes later.

- Skua's Saturday performance was exemplary. Just 2up (Prue natch) they were just imperious in the light stuff - fast to windward and fast downwind. Bob would have been proud. Bluff was also on fire but Hugo and Alastair Langhorne (a plug for the crews union!) only sailed on Saturday.

- Swift had a steady Saturday amid anxieties about deck movement at the mast gate. It seemed less of a worry on Sunday when they won R4 (their first big-time race win?). Jeremy Sibthorpe slid past the leading group with on a couple of back to back masterly picked shifts and covered text-book style to the finish. Bravo! Jon Perry was onshore to greet them.

- The prize for consistency has to go to Gwaihir - four seconds.

- Sunday's decent breeze did not slow Skua which (now with Helen Williams aboard) made it a hat-trick with a R3 victoire - trophy won with a race to spare. Skua also lead R4 for a while but was denied an even cleaner sheet by Swift and Gwaihir who eventually got through - but with just 3 to count it was good of them to stay out.

- Those who came to dinner on Saturday evening were rewarded with excellent grub, a pulsating match and a stunned silence at the whistle. Brandies all round.

Chris Fox helmed the revitalised (now sans coppercoat) Migrant on Saturday to a useful overnight 3rd o/a. With an entirely different crew on Sunday (Carol T managing to do the b2b) and Mimie driving they squeezed into 4th place.

-Great sailing (for the most part), in sunny conditions and a stonking super-moon spring tide. Obviously we all went aground at some point. Solitude apparently achieved a record of seven groundings in one race!

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 9th September

Swallow Class Autumn Meeting September 19th.

The Itchenor Swallow Class Autumn Meeting will be held in the Members Room at the club at 1700 on Saturday 19th September. This is your chance to tell us what you like and what you don't like about how we running the class, the programme and the Swallow events at Itchenor and if you want change what you would like instead. Preliminary dates for next years programme will be available but we need your feedback on how we are doing so far.

There will NOT be a formal dinner that evening (even though the club book says there will be) but some of us will having supper at the club after the meeting so do join us if you wish.

The Bob Massey Trophy. 26/27th September.

Don't miss our next big trophy weekend on the 26th and 27th September. Big fleet Swallow racing expected along with a Dinner at the club on the Saturday night. More details to follow but make sure your diary is clear,your boat is ready to go and your team will be there.

Bart's Bash.

This years Bart's bash, the biggest sailing race in the world will be held on Sunday 20th September. This is a worldwide event where the results from races held all over the world in the same 24 hour period are amalgamated to make the worlds largest sailing race. More details will be out soon from the club but last year all three keelboat classes started together. A site not to be missed on its own.

And Finally........

A big thank you to Tony Glover assisted by Christine Graves for organising the Bembridge visit to the club last weekend. Eight Redwings arrived at the club on Saturday lunchtime and raced in the harbour in the afternoon. It was the Swallows turn to organise this annual event and we provided the harbour guides for the Redwings and gave those who wished to race Swallows a chance to come on our boats. Thank you Christine for allocating the class captain two Bembridge One Design sailors with no Spinnaker experience!
A fine dinner in the evening capped the event off. With the Swallow Championships at Bembridge next year it was particularly good to strengthen our contacts.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Swallow Sailing this coming Weekend 5th/6th September.

As you will have seen from todays QuickNews, this weekend we are welcoming guests from Bembridge Sailing Club to come and visit us. This year it's the Swallows turn to organise the weekend and Tony Glover is doing a great job.

In the club book the races are listed as "Spare". That means there will be races but they do not qualify for any of our long series. We are looking for a good turnout so please do come and race and come to the supper at the club on Saturday Evening. (Book direct with the office). We may even find a prize for the weekend. Two out of three races to count. 

The Young Persons race was scheduled for the afternoon race on Saturday but Tony may want us to be swapping crews with Bembridge Redwings then so that will not work. We will reprogram the YP race for another day. If you were planning to race or lend your boat to an under 30 helm on Saturday please let me know HERE so that we can organise it on another day.  

The Shippam Challenge Cup winners at ISC Regatta.

Looking pleased with themselves the winners of the Shippam Challenge Cup, the biggest trophy in the Swallow cupboard. Carolyn Brigg (Centre) Christine Graves and David Sloper. Second was Skua with Darter third.


Finally........Crews available.

Last weekend Christine, our wonderful crew coordinator, had five crews available and no Swallows to put them in so please let there be no more talk of there not being enough crews to sail with. Lets support Christine by going sailing and introducing these people to Swallow sailing. 

Please also remember that some of the boat managers received an email from me last month asking them to look after some Fledging recruits. So far Malcolm has won the prize for being the Swallow owner who has taken his fledgling Swallow sailor sailing 3 times and as a result he has joined... Great result. Thank you Malcolm. Please can the rest of us look out our list. The email went out from me on July 30th.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 


A start to the East from the Squadron line with Archon S74 in prime position.

The Swallow Under 25 Teams on the Royal Yacht Squadron Lawn.

Anthony Lunch and Malcolm Green invited the Under 25 teams for a briefing on the lawn at the RYS. With an offer like that, full attendance was assured as the photo shows.

Swallows at Cowes 2015

The week was marked by an emphatic return to overall Cowes Week success by Malcolm Green and the several U25 teams in the fleet with Marengo, helmed by Hugo Sloper, winning the Under 25 Trophy for all classes.
The Week started in glorious sunshine and after a two hour postponement to allow the wind to fill in the fleet got away to the east. Marengo started in the middle of the line and moved nicely ahead, Avocet and Kingfisher held on out on a long starboard tack and came in to the weather mark on the Ryde Middle Bank shortly behind her. The run spread the boats out a little and allowed Marengo to creep further ahead of Migrant, Avocet and Solitude who rounded close together for the long tight spinnaker reach over towards the Lee on Solent shore. The wind became patchy in the return reach to Wight Vodka mark, places in the middle of the fleet changed, and the following one leg beat was tricky as the wind dropped further for a while. It looked as though Marengo had slipped back but skill prevailed and she rounded the penultimate mark first pursued closely by the next three (Archon, Migrant and Avocet) for a long spinnaker reach to the Shrape finish line. So a most enjoyable first day with some challenges with the holes in the wind.  The race committee did a reasonable job in the course with the wind in an unusual direction but there are some that would have liked some more beats and fewer close spinnaker reaches. On to Ivy Cottage in the evening for the barbecue shared with the Sunbeams.
Race 2 was classic Cowes, with  a beat taking the last of the west going tide that took us to a mark up the Island shore for a long broad reach over to Quinnell and then across to the other side of the Bramble bank. Migrant was first at the weather mark with Archon, Marengo and Solitude in close pursuit.  Over the next legs Migrant and Archon steadily pulled themselves away from the rest of the fleet, with Migrant holding her lead on the long beat back against the tide to the Shrape finish line. But it was neck and neck all the way with Migrant finishing just a couple of seconds ahead after a covering closely up the final part of the beat. Avocet was showing great speed upwind in the windier conditions and finished a good third.  All in all an excellent day's racing -  a good course,  sunny weather and classic Cowes wind. So after two days the scene was being set: Archon, Marengo and Migrant clearly showing themselves as the top runners
Monday's race started from the Shape line with a running start East against the tide. After a long run down Archon and Marengo rounded in close company. Marengo pulled ahead keeping on single port tack, while others, unsure of their navigation, tacked off from time to time. She held the good lead after another couple of further up and down legs and a long beat  back to the Shrape line finish, to be followed in by Archon and Avocet. At this stage the Swallow class was well positioned in the regatta-wide Under 25 series with Marengo a clear lead and Swift not too far behind.
On Tuesday we awoke to little wind and the race committee wisely cancelled abandoned all racing in good time, allowing for shopping, visiting the East Cowes classic boat museum and generally lazing around. 
With one race discard now not available the Swallows convened on Wednesday to be met with a massive West-going tide and fairly gentle breeze from the north-east. The committee sent us off the Squadron line all the way down to Salt Mead buoy. At the end of this long-distance run - which took a remarkably short time - Migrant, Archon and Solitude all arrived at Salt Mead together with alas Solitude rounding the buoy the wrong way having not taken due care with the course. By the time she had sorted that out she was almost of Yarmouth and joined the back of the fleet alongside Spectre who had been over at the start and taken many minutes to get the correct side of the line. There then followed a long long painful beat up the Island shore all the way Williams buoy near the Bramble bank. Another run down and back to the RYS line finish line left Migrant nicely ahead of Avocet and Marengo, with Archon and Harrier both having spent time aground whilst trying to dodge the ferocious tides. It was a long hard day - and harder for some than others. 
We went on to an excellent Swallow Cowes Week dinner at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club at Wootton Creek - a pleasant and enjoyable change of venue. 
Thursday was met with another north-easterly and strong west-going tide. After a short delay the fleet set off eastward from the Shrape start line with much discussion where on the line to be. Archon got it right and never looked back pulling steadily ahead on the next beat,  run and beat  back to Hill Head while the rest of us scrapped it out behind. However coming into the final mark (at which the race was sensibly and fortunately shortened) the wind dropped completely causing much dismay all-round and the fleet gently drifted over the finish with Archon holding her lead and Marengo picking up the slightest new breeze able to squeeze over the gaggle of boats to finish second. 
Friday’s race started off a RYS line eastwards against a vicious tide. Out popped Solitude who built up a useful lead.  Archon kept inshore shortly after the start which worked in her favour; Migrant later tried something more radical and headed into Osborne Bay, which did not. A couple of legs on the Ryde Middle Bank saw Solitude hold her lead over Archon and Avocet.
Archon rubbed it in again on the final day. As we headed off westwards in a light NE breeze the tide had not yet turned favourable at the outer end of the RYS line which caught Spectre and others out. Archon and Solitude a little further down were able to leave the rest behind. Archon was ahead by Lepe Spit buoy and extended her lead through a couple more legs. The long trek back to the RYS finish line was fascinating only because of the number of other fleets that needed to be negotiated. The final stretch along the Green was particularly fraught with little wind and a great many classes all finishing at the same time, including the XODs. It had been an interesting race but an undramatic finish to the Week.
So Malcolm Green with his team of George Miller, Harry Roome and Simon Slater, finished the series with a very good set of results, discarding just a fourth, with Marengo (helmed by Hugo Sloper) close behind (which might have been closer had she been able to sail the final race). Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson, Nigel Glennie) were third overall followed by Avocet (John Houghton, Nick and Andrew Royse) one point behind them.
Marengo was a worthy winner of the Under 25 Trophy with a convincing points lead over the second place. Swift (Lisa McDanell Toby Hodge Andy Kennett) were seventh in this series. Congratulations to our younger sailors in the fleet. We managed to obtain useful media coverage during Family Day, with twins Charlotte and Izzy Fitzgerald being interviewed by local TV (sibling rivalry, they being split between two competing Swallows!) and Ollie Shaw and team making the big screen on Wednesday for Under 25’s Day.  The Yachting press also took note of our young squads and pictures will hopefully appear.
It had been another good Cowes Week although perhaps not a “classic”. Some would have liked a day or two with more wind – conditions at which the Swallow excels at sea – but only one day was lost to the weather. It was good to see Quetzal with Franck Petigras at the helm entered in the latter part of the week, and the enthusiasm of our new Swallow sailors.
Our thanks to Charles Prescot for all his organisation, especially for the social events, and to the owners who had lent their boats to the “guest” crews

Cowes Classics Week.

Five Swallows attended Cowes Classics Week organised by the Royal London Yacht Club in the middle of July. Your ISC Class captain was invited over to watch and found a very well organised event with two races per day for four days all from well run Committee boats. Excellent socials as part of the event and a less busy Cowes town complete the picture.

Next year perhaps we will persuade more boats to attend both Cowes events without diluting our attendance at the main week?

And Finally........The ISC Regatta for the Shippam Challenge Cup.
Don't miss your chance to win the biggest trophy of the day at the ISC Regatta tomorrow afternoon. See you there.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here. 

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

Welcome to the Championship Swallow News.
In this edition; The Championship Reports, an update on class marketing, and a call to come sailing on Wednesday 29th. July.


In a dominant display over a weekend of highly varied weather conditions, Gwaihir helmed by Mike Wigmore won the Swallow national championships hosted by Itchenor Sailing Club.

Saturday’s courses were set up in Brackesham Bay and the 20 boat fleet were sent away for race one in awkward conditions – a confused sea and wind that was swinging 30 degrees with little warning. Ka Nyenga (Mike Robinson) plugged away on port tack to make the most of the ebbing tide from Chichester Harbour and was rewarded with a comfortable lead at the windward mark that was extended on the run as the new breeze became established. Gwaihir sneaked into 2nd place ahead of rival Skua (Harry Roome).

For race two the low cloud had peeled away and the breeze had steadied and at the third attempt the fleet was away.  Darter (Tony Glover) held a very narrow lead at the windward mark but was rolled by boats on both left and right on the first reach of the Olympic triangle course - which had in fact become a run.  The next three-sailed reach was tight and spirited in the building breeze and which seemed to cause Spectre (Clive Bush) some issues as Gwaihir nudged past to claim the win with Carolyn Brigg’s Marengo third.

Race three was full on champagne sailing in a force 5/6 breeze with building seas and an flood tide which caught out several competitors when they misjudged their approach to the windward mark. This race was a battle of the titans as Skua sped away downwind on the windward/leeward course but was eventually reeled in by Gwaihir with Marengo again third. Considering Gwaihir’s uncharacteristically flawed approach to the first windward mark this was a classic victory.

Sunday’s weather was always forecasted to be different and indeed it was. The fleet nevertheless elected to race in Bracklesham Bay again but the race officer ventured out and sensibly decided that conditions were too rough and returned to Chichester Harbour to set a windward/leeward course.  Gwaihir was over the start line and was trapped before returning against the strong ebb to re-start. Two other boats were judged OCS but neither returned and one –Skua – forfeited an exemplary display of heavy weather sailing to cross the finish line in silence. Race officer Mark Upton-Brown’s use of a windward spreader mark kept the fleet from heading back through approaching boats and also opened up two downwind race tracks which Marengo exploited to the full gaining six places on the first downwind leg.  Gwaihir was now charging and finished second to secure the championships.  Marengo was second and Simon Slater sailing Echo was rewarded for a series of consistent results with third place.


1st             Gwaihir             (Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt and Harry Gilchrist)
2nd             Marengo          (Carolyn Brigg, David Sloper and Hugo Sloper)
3rd             Echo                 (Simon Slater, Simon Miller and George Miller)

Top Left. Winners: Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt and Harry Gilchrist

Above. Second overall: Carolyn Brigg, David Sloper and Olly Sloper.

Left. Winners of the Fractured Hip
Mike Robinson, Malcolm Trice & Jeremy Boadle.



Come and sail on the evening of Wednesday 29th July when we have invited guests from "the other place"

The Swallows have invited Bosham members to come and sail and join us for Supper on Wednesday July 29 th. This is part of the Swallow promotion scheme...6 Bosham members have already signed up, but we expect more.

Ideally we would take one Bosham member per Swallow. So we would like 6-8 boats to participate that evening. Please can you get in touch with Christine HERE and sign up as soon as possible. Please don't leave this till the last moment. It would be embarrassing if we didn't provide enough boat places for the people who turned up !!!

Please can you tell us how many of your own crew you plan to take out that evening.

And also.... Potential new Swallow recruits.

As a result of our marketing campaign and our 3 Swallow open days we have now taken sailing over 45 potential new members. Some were obvious Swallow material, others not. We are busy sifting through the reports from Swallow owners to find out who to continue to invite....The amount of work that Christine is involved with to keep following up the people on our " hot list" is inordinate, with the result that people who need to be invited to sail again and again - don't get followed up enough. Also Christine doesn't have a boat to take them out in.

The idea from here is for each Swallow to adopt one or two "fledgling" Swallow crew and invite them regularly to sail and make them welcome.

If you are keen to have a particular recruit allocated to you please tell Christine HERE and can all boat managers please be receptive to receiving a direct email with a name or two asking for you to follow them up.

And Finally, some Championship Brass Tacks.

It takes a moment or two to adjust to the big wide open spaces of Bracklesham Bay and a few more when the big bang came in – but what a day Saturday was.

Ka Nyenga chose a grandstand occasion to win their first race in 6 years. It was all very logical too - so why did most of the 20 boat fleet go the other way?

New sails can make a difference – Ka Nyenga’s kite and a complete new outfit on Gwaihir seemed to be the biz. Their recovery from being OCS in R4 was mesmerising. Anyone else want to admit to using new cloth?

At the end of day one an exhausted fleet headed for home – to join Solitude who had been labouring throughout on the Club jetty to replace a jib halyard sheave which had become dislodged when the rivets failed. 3 DNC’s and 1 DNF was not what they came for.

Commiserations to Mark Struckett who had to sit this one out because of an arm injury. Still it gave youth (Harry G) a chance, and so modest with it (his old man making a guest appearance finished ‘further down the order’).

Everyone wanted a discard (or two)?

When the going gets tough (R4) the tough get going and none more so than Carolyn B who whizzed through the fleet on the first downwind. Just one problem: Gwaihir was doing it too - and eventually one notch better. Harry and Wills (get it) were staggeringly good in that race too, but all to no avail.

Yes we all had a point to prove by going out to BB on Sunday morning but were we that disappointed to be told that it was too rough? Migrant even went home before R4 finally started.

The young blades in Svala probably had more ‘lifetime experiences’ than they were prepared for but kept it clean and finished very respectably in 7th o/a.

Twas an unexpected bonus to be able to watch (some of) the Men’s singles final at SW19.


For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The ISC Team


Swallow Team Racing
Itchenor SC v Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society

The annual team race between Itchenor and The Society was held in Swallows on Sunday 28 June.  The harbour was relatively empty (other keelboats had been sent out to sea), the wind was perfect, not too little and not too much, and we had some sunshine and little tide.  The schedule was a best of 7 race series, each race being two rounds of a windward/leeward course and taking about 25 minutes.

The first two races were swopped with each team making a poor start and then unable to make an impact.  Race 3 was close and secured by Society captain Will Henderson successfully defending his third place and his team's 1,3,6 margin.  The race officer then signalled lunch; a good call as the wind then faded for an hour so.  After an excellent buffet lunch the teams swopped boats and, well refreshed, the contest resumed in the Gallon Reach.  In race 4 Itchenor accepted the advantage given by 2 Society boats being early at the pin end of the starting line and secured a safe 2,3,4 position which they held to the end.  Races 5 and 6 were again swopped with the start being crucial and so we came to the deciding 7th race.  The start was even and Simon Slater for Itchenor sailed away to 1st; behind him the tactical skills of the Society prevailed in the final approach to the first mark where they secured a 2,3,4 position and then held on to it despite concerted attacks from behind.

At tea the Stewart Morris Trophy was awarded the Will Henderson and his team.  Particular thanks was given to the race officer Mark Palmer and his team of Humphrey van der Klugt and Mary Henderson and to Mark and Rachael Struckett for hosting a lovely supper for the teams and boat minders on Saturday evening.

Society:  (left to right)
Bruce Burnett, Lionel Cartwright, Roger Yeoman, Will Henderson, Tom Hebbert, Iain Macdonald-Smith.

Itchenor SC: Simon Slater, Malcolm Green, Arthur Henderson, Andrew Reid, Mark Struckett and Richard Thompson.


Posted 26th June 2015

Points Week Report.

A dominant display by Skua (Harry Roome and Will Rainey co-helming) in sometimes testing and variable light to moderate wind conditions but closely challenged throughout by several other Swallows and principally Svala (Will Henderson) which but for mid-week gear failure on their borrowed boat would have made it an even more exciting final race showdown.
It rained on Saturday morning seemingly signifying the end of a very enjoyable and sunny week if a trifle on the light side for the heavy weather specialists (remembering last year’s final race gale conditions!). Being back with the other keelboat classes was good. Sailing on the top of a spring tide was the biz and being managed by such an expert PRO and BV team was the icing on the cake.
Skua’s inexorable rise through the ranks on Monday was typical – a lowly 6th for the first half of the race but then steadily picking those ahead off before finding a delightful shift to overtake the final two ahead. Tuesday’s b2b honours were evenly split between Harry/Will R and Will H so on Tuesday evening these two were just one point apart. Archon had pitched in there with a 2nd in R2 and followed it up on Wednesday with 3rd and then another 2nd in R6, but was dragged down the final order (to 4th o/a) by a couple of less satisfactory results. This race was also Svala’s downfall (literally) when their spi halyard went to the top of the mast with no spi attached.

In Thursday’s first b2b race Spectre showed amazing speed and pointing ability to capitalise on a good pin end start and just (inches only) held off a fast-catching Skua at the Gardner finish.
The next race started at Pivot and went to Beach (Roger W – his 11th year as PRO likes to include as many harbour marks as possible during the week). An interesting windless event precisely round Dunes was a complication many up front could have done without but anyway Svala was long gone having taken the right route through the Hayling moorings to Marker (natch!).

So to Friday’s final race showdown – Will had to win with Skua 4th or worse. Will R got it and Will H came in 2nd and twas a fabulous run home from Treloar to end a great week. A close struggle with only the odd incursion into what seemed like a closed shop up front.

1st Skua (Harry & Pru Roome, Will Rainey )

2nd Svala (Will & Mary Henderson and Charlie Claisse )

3rd Gwaihir (Mark Struckett, Charles Hyatt, Keith Bliss and Nick Gardiner)

National Swallow Championships
Saturday 11th July - Sunday 12 July 2015

After an excellent Points Week the next BIG event in the Swallow calendar is the National Swallow Class Championships on 11-12 July, hosted by Itchenor SC and sailed in Bracklesham Bay. It will be a five race series as usual (three on Saturday, two on Sunday) with the first start at 11.30 on Saturday. There will be a briefing at ISC at 0900.The Notice of Race will post on the website shortly.

The Championship Dinner at ISC is a three course dinner at £28.50 (please book with the Club office) preceded by drinks at Coast Cottage by kind invitation of Malcom Green (£5 at the door).
Please lease with organiser Andrew Reid HERE for any information on this event.

Six major trophies up for grabs in one weekend.
We look forward to a massive turnout for what to continue the Swallows’ vibrant season!

Last call for Guest Invitation day.

Places are still available, morning and afternoon, for our Swallow Invitation Day this coming Saturday 27th June. If you would like to come and sail a Swallow please contact Christine Graves HERE. Pre booking is essential to make the organisation work.



And finally some Brass Tacks from our resident scribe.

The deal on Skua was that whichever helm had done better in their evenly split races by the end of Thursday would helm the final Friday race. Harry had the misfortune to be caught up in the Dunes debacle in R6, so Will got the nod – and won. Oh to be blessed with such an abundance of talent (and with Prue too!).

It was a good omen for Clive to park Spectre on the Bosham shore just yards from his mooring moments after departing for R5. He then won it – the keel re-profiling was obviously effective.

A transformational moment! Migrant felt slow and slimy and went for a (presumably sanctioned) scrub and went from zero (15 mins behind and ‘Q’ flagged) to hero – well almost. Note: just how effective is copper-coated anti-fouling? 4 years not 10? Discuss.

Spreader bracket positioning: absolutely critical – ask Gwaihir.

Great to be back in the ISC PW keelboat ‘family’ – but no more Swallows than in August 2014. What exactly do we need to do to get from 14 to 30?

Our dating agency co-ordinator in a Sunbeam? Back problems apparently. Say no more.

Hey but why not! Was this the source of Archon’s endless stream of lady crews. One lost count - but then Malcolm has the ageless charm, male model looks and brains to charm them off the bar stool and into a Swallow. The results weren’t bad either.

Was the black flag start for R7 a badge of honour or disgrace? The PRO said the line was perfect.

Will Henderson! OK he knows Swallows a bit but what a performance. With daughter Mary and novice sailor Charlie he lit Svala up and but for the halyard failure would have been vying for the honours even more closely. His horizon job in R6 was just amazing and how would their week have turned out with a newer jib as well?!

And Dell Quay Regatta
Were you there?
1st Migrant (Chris Fox)
2nd Darter (Tony Glover)
3rd Dart (Mike Lindsey)

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team



Posted 2nd June 2015

Norman Moore Report, Points Week 2015 and other upcoming events.

Points Week 2015. 15th -19th June.

Our annual week of Keelboat racing, is now only a fortnight away.  Please do come racing and book your socials early. The Social Programme featured in the last Swallow News and can be found again on our Swallow HOME PAGE.

To run this event volunteers are still required to man safety boats and also to sit on protest committees should any be required. If you can help please contact Tony Glover HERE.

Please note that Roger Wickens, the PRO is planning to alter the Swallow start time on Wed to 11.30 (instead of 11.00) and on Thursday to advance to 12.20 (Instead of 13.30). This is to fit in with tides rather than lunch.

The Norman Moore Weekend.

Marengo won the Norman Moore with her usual trusty team of Carolyn Brigg, Sue Glover and David Sloper.

Here the trophy is being presented by Miranda Barnes and Gay Turville, nieces of Norman Moore who had a house and sailed at Itchenor in the 1950s



The plot as described by our resident scribe.

Act 1 Scene 1 – Darter won the start and disappeared into the distance
Act 1 Scene 2 – as above

Act 2 Scene 1 – Marengo clawed their way to the front and stayed there
Act 2 Scene 2 – as above
Act 3 Scene 1 – Gwaihir (who?!) finally found their form

So that was it! You want more? OK actually a rather intriguing mostly light wind weekend’s sailing with snakes and ladders beats on Saturday (but with Darter imperiously ahead throughout) and some uncharacteristic howlers by some normal safe bets.

Ist Marengo (Carolyn Brigg, Sue Glover, David Sloper)
2nd Skua (Harry and Prue Roome, Helen Williams)
3rd Darter (Kit Glover, Alice Hues, Connor Myant)
4th Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore, Mark and Rachael Struckett, Charles Hyatt)

Other Items.

Our second Invitation Guest Day of the year is on Saturday 27th June. As before if you would like to be invited as a guest please contact Christine Graves HERE. Pre registration is essential so we can match boats and people beforehand. I will be formally contacting the boat owners in the next few days to see who can attend and host a guest.

These days have been very successful so far in finding new people wanting to join us racing Swallows. Your help to make them happen is really appreciated.

The Ladies Medallion Race

Was won by Christine Graves sailing Marengo. Full results are on the results section of the club web site.
We seem to have lost the Medallion itself. If anyone knows its whereabouts please let us know so we can present it at a suitable occasion.

CYC Regatta this Sunday

Please can all Swallows contact the ISC office to obtain an online link to entry form or to collect paper entry form on the day; normal ISC committee boat start with course to finish at CYC line laid between their cttee boat and mark in the pool opposite CYC & Marina entrance (conditions permitting). Prize giving tea at CYC included in the entry fee.

Norman Moore event brass tacks
• Deja view: You have to laugh – a bunch of kids rock up and leave the fleet way behind.
• A fleet of 20 boats on Saturday was wonderful. The Sunbeams were next best with 18 on Sunday.
• A great turnout of 45 for drinks (very many thanks Simon and Belinda) and for the enjoyable three course Club meal that followed. Our thanks to Anthony Lunch for his instructive talk on post-earthquake Nepal.
• Anthony had lodged a rule 69 protest for having previously been described as having ‘a respectable mid-fleet result’ (in the BP). Solitude finished 10th out of 20 in the NM.
• Malcolm learnt the soft way that land yachting is slow – dropping from 4th to last whilst parked on Pilsey. Apparently ‘he who does it’ does not apply on Archon so Elizabeth (ready prepared with wet-suit on) gamely did the honours.
• Good to see Harrier back in action after the election but discovering that in a strong spring tide the absence of a functioning depth-sounder was somewhat of a liability - running aground in each of Saturday’s races. Also on the shopping list – a stirrup.
• An incident-free weekend! Just a few reminders are required that starboard boats have right of way.
• A good call by the PRO on Saturday morning to shorten the race at the windward inflatable mark and again in the afternoon to postpone the planned second b2b race when the wind had become even more fitful, and the tide was turning.
• Sunday was more interesting - have you ever had so many postponements - some with flags, some without and one or two actually synchronised. The waiting was interminable.
• Consistency is the name of the game – Skua had three 2nds and a 3rd and Swift three 4th’s and a 5th. Good to see ex-Int 14 World Champ James Hartley driving Swift on Sunday and Jon Perry guesting too.
• 1st and 2nd – Batt, 3rd and 4th - Hyde. Bit like Formula 1 (but in not Monaco).
• Guess Carolyn wanted to bag this one before jetting off to Nairobi
• Great to have two of Norman Moore’s nieces (Miranda and Suzanne) to do the prize-giving

And more!

- Bertie Fisher (aged 10?) having crewed Hugo in a recent race then helmed Bluff back home. Time for all three Fisher generations to appear together? (A feat most recently achieved by Lunchbox in Solitude).
- Swift is getting swifter. A handsome lead in Saturday's breezy/bouncy conditions was forfeited by a wayward spinnaker drop allowing Skua to take the win.
- They say (per Clarkson) it is going to be a fab weekend!

And Finally.

Our best dressed couple for interpretation of the dress code for the Norman Moore dinner which was....
"Formal from the waste up, use your imagination below that"
Carol and Richard Thompson.







Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 


Posted 20th May

Welcome to Swallow News late May edition

Norman Moore, Points Week Socials, and call for Safety boat teams and Croquet players.
Ponder Report. Call for Guests at Sat 27th June Guest Day. Cowes Classics Flyer.

Remember, all 'Swallow News' editions are posted on the Swallow HOME PAGE on the Itchenorsailingclub website. If you are looking for news of Swallow happenings, that is the place to go.

Norman Moore Weekend. 23/24 May.

Don't forget this weekend is for the Norman Moore trophy with five races over Saturday and Sunday 23/24 May.

Please book early with the club office for the Dinner and complementary pre drinks from 1900 for Dinner Ticket Holders. Venue by kind permission of Simon and Belinda Leathes at Cedar House, Itchenor. PO20 7AB.
Menu and dress code is on the Swallow HOME PAGE.




Points Week 2015. 15-19th June.

This year's Points Week arrangements are now well advanced and the programme is below. As ever, please book early to help the social team who have spent a lot of time organising this for us.

Volunteers Required.

If you would like to help that week as Safety Boat Driver or Crew please contact The event can't happen without people kindly volunteering so if you would like a few days on the water please volunteer.

Inter Fleet Croquet Tournament

and Party on Friday 12 June
At West Wittering Cricket & Croquet Club, Millennium Meadow, Elms Lane, West Witt., Chichester West Sussex PO20 8BJ
Time 1630 for 1700 Hrs Match start and from 1900 to 2030 Hrs. If you would like to be part of a team please contact:-

Other News.

Wednesday Evening Racing. This now seems to be moving towards a weekly affair. If you are interested in being there as a boat owner or crew please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

The Ponder Challenge Cup Report.

A great day’s racing for 15 boats, with all three races to count, and a decent force 4 and sunshine.
We started with a beat from Ella Nore to Channel against the last of the flood tide with boats spread right across the harbour. Migrant led from Bluff on the left but found Gwaihir leading Marengo and Darter coming in from the right on a better shift at the mark. These three held on for the rest of the windward leeward course to finish in this order.
Race 2 had a shorter beat to Pivot which was lead again by Gwaihir, this time on the left, with Bluff close behind. After a turn round East Head and Lowles there was a great close spinnaker reach home, giving overtaking opportunities for those who managed to stay high and hold their kites – it looked as though Bluff would get past Gwaihir but it was not to be. They were followed home by Marengo, with Migrant and Skua overtaking Solitude and Dart.

For the afternoon we had a harbour tour of 7 buoys from Weir to Channel and back. Skua got away by Weir and held her lead. Gwaihir was slower off the line but pulled through to second from Darter.

Thus Gwaihir held a fine 1, 1, 2 to win from Marengo, one point ahead of Skua.

  • Snippets from the day:

  • Svala was saved from sinking by some quick crew work after being holed by a boat returning to the start of race 2 – and is now on a trailer at Haines for repair
  • Marengo managed a fourth in race three after being over the line at the start – where would she have been if she had started with everyone else?
  • Darter took a cautious approach all weekend without an echo sounder working, maybe missing out on some opportunities?
  • Bluff on the other hand looked for a while as though she was going to spend the evening on the Stocker Bank
  • Meanwhile back at the club Swift was being fitted up with lower shrouds – were these the cause of her second place on Sunday?

And finally.....

Guest Invitation Day. Saturday 27th June.

We are holding our second guest invitation day of the year on Saturday 27 June. We have a good list of potential guests already but would like more. These events secure the future of our wonderful class. If you are a boat owner, please can you get involved firstly by taking part but just as importantly please can you think of a potential Swallow sailing guest to invite along. You need to pre-register all guests with Christine Graves in advance and your boat availability to make the whole day go smoothly and ensure we can place everybody.

If you would like to be invited please contact Christine click to email.

Classic Cowes Week.

Tony Glover is leading our fleets charge at this popular event taking place on 20-24 July in the Solent. Great class racing at a time when Cowes is not quite so frantic.Talk to Tony.
Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 11th May 2015

Welcome to Swallow News early May Edition
Norman Moore sailing and social, Wednesday Evening Racing, Race Reports.

Don't forget the....Ponder Challenge Cup.
This coming Saturday. Three races. All to count.

Norman Moore Weekend. 23/24 May.

Our next trophy weekend is for the Norman Moore trophy with five races over Saturday and Sunday 23/24 May.
The Norman Moore is our unofficial 'In Harbour' Championship so lets see if we can get close top 25 boats racing. New Boat Owners, this is not an event to miss.

Don't forget if you are short of crew or if you are available to crew please contact our Swallow Crew Manager as soon as possible at

Remember, if you give her a week's notice she will do her best to find you the right person.

The Norman Moore Dinner and Drinks

The Norman Moore Dinner will be held at the club on Saturday 23nd May and will be a Gala affair with complimentary drinks from 1900 for Dinner Ticket Holders. Venue by kind permission of Simon and Belinda Leathes at Cedar House, Itchenor. PO20 7AB


The waiter served menu will be:-

Crayfish and salmon rillette with sakura cress salad.
New season rump of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a rosemary and port jus
Chocolate truffle torte with madagascan vanilla ice cream and strawberries.
Coffee and mints.

£27.50 Please book directly with the club. Dress Code formal from the waist up (ie jackets and ties for boys), and 'use your imagination' from waist down!

Guest Invitation Day. Sunday 10th May.

Another very successful Guest Invitation day was held on Sunday 10th May with 16 guests enjoying close Swallow Fleet racing in 14 boats followed by a carvery lunch and prize giving at the club. Great feedback is coming from our guests at these events. They ensure the future of the fleet by making sure that we have people to sail with, competitors to sail against and a market to sell our boats to if we should ever decide to leave! The next invitation day is planned for Saturday 27th June. If you would like to be there please contact Registration in advance is essential to secure your place.

Other News.

Wednesday Evening Racing. We are trying to concentrate interest in evening racing on a fortnightly basis when the tide is not on the Ebb and mostly gone. The first such evening is this week on 13th May. If you think you would like to join in please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

The Belgique Plate Report.

In distinctly unspring-like conditions 19 Swallows demonstrated their resilience to cool temperatures, big winds and heavy rain to enjoy tough and exciting racing over the weekend - the biggest fleet the Club has seen so far this year.
From the outset last year’s form boats were out in front, Skua dominating the first day with two wins, helmed for the day by Will Rainey. Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) was somewhat unusually doing the chasing with Marengo (Carolyn Brigg) being the best of the rest but this day and in these demanding conditions the whole fleet was comprehensively ‘skuad’. These three boats finished in the same order in both races Marengo elevating herself from oblivion in the second race with some bold tidal tactics to avoid the strong ebb tide.

The fleet enjoyed a fine Belgian-themed fine meal at the Club on Saturday evening.

The overnight rain cleared in time for Sunday morning but there was still the possibility of strong winds but which didn’t materialise until the afternoon. Bluff (Hugo Fisher) was forced to take a penalty for an infringement on the start line of race 3 and, starting last and somewhat in desperation, went on the ‘wrong’ side of the channel but also in clear wind to emerge with a 100m lead at the first windward mark, never to be caught, although the two elite boats (Skua – helmed by Harry Roome this time - and Gwaihir) were closing and also engaging in some entertaining match-racing whilst doing so. Skua had managed to keep Gwaihir at bay until the final mark when Gwaihir seized an opportunity and managed to finish just inches ahead. However it was not enough to prevent Skua from winning the trophy with a race to spare.

So to the final race of the best three of four to count Trophy. The wind was up to F6 and the sun was at last making a fleeting appearance. Once again Skua and Gwaihir were ahead at the first windward mark with Gwaihir maintaining a slender lead down the exciting run and for the next lap and all the way to the last mark when in a reversal of the morning’s position swap Skua’s gybe went awry and they broached and Gwaihir pounced to lead to the finish. Marengo having yet again taken a different downwind route to the rest of the fleet was rewarded with yet another 3rd place – their fourth of the weekend.

The prestigious Belgian Plate was appropriately presented by Belgian-born Martine Lunch whose husband Anthony had co-helmed Solitude to a respectable mid-fleet position.

The Swallow Class host a guest day on Sunday 10 May when all those who might like to share the Swallow experience as a helm or crew are most welcome.

1st Skua (Will Rainey/Harry Roome) 4 points
2nd Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) 5 points
3rd Marengo (Carolyn Brigg) 9 points

And finally. Some Brass Tacks from our anonymous scribe.

• Lousy weather, great racing – the class is back in top gear for the summer (if/when)

• Funds for a pair of new deck shoes for John Houghton not required, apparently Father Xmas obliged

• Is it the boat or the crew? On their ‘for one day only’ guest appearances John Houghton assisted Skua to two race wins on Saturday and Paul Ward helped Gwaihir to be the top-scoring boat on Sunday

• Time to muse: Such is the abundance of talent on Skua that it is theoretically (and mischievously) possible to work out who is the best helm and who is the best tactician. We shall however leave it to you to do the arithmetic

• Marengo’s sequence of 3rd’s must be some sort of record and their ‘go it alone’ tide tactics admirable and obviously rewarding

• The Commodore likes his cheesecake! Helen would also like him to read his dinner invitations more carefully

• No sign of Whimbrel! Search parties were sent to Bosham SC, the Anchor Bleu and the Doom and Gloom mais sans succes

• No indication of any technological advances so far this year - except for the winter woolly hats that were much in evidence.

• Have you noticed that Skua puts their mainsail cover on over lunch? Apparently mylar sail shrinkage from UV is quite an issue

• Wonderful to see Bryony Burns-Upton back in a Swallow after four years – until she departed Stealth with a neat double backwards somersault and tuck

• Respect! Anthony Lunch wearing his oily shorts on Saturday – and they were the ‘correct’ length too.
Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 21st April 2015

Belgique Plate Weekend. 2/3 May.
Our next trophy weekend is for the Belgique Plate with racing on Saturday and Sunday. Now you are all in the water it would be great to see our first 20 boat turnout of the year.

Don't forget if you are short of crew or if you are available to crew please contact our Swallow Crew Manager as soon as possible at

Remember, if you give her a weeks notice she will do her best to find you the right person.

The Belgique Plate Dinner
The Belgique Plate Dinner will be held at the club on Saturday 2nd May at 19:30 for 20.00.
In the spirit of the event name and to make things a little different we request that you wear a top which is either a nautical or stripey, and if it is breton or belgian, tant mieux!
The menu is...
Poached Haddock on Champ with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce or Stuffed Quail with a Rosemary Jus and Seasonable Vegetables.
Baileys Cheesecake or Fruit Salad

£16.00 pp.
Please book directly with the club office.


Call for boats for the Guest Invitation Day. Sunday 10th May.

Only a week after the Belgique plate we have our first Guest Invitation Day. Please can all boat owners confirm to me on that they can make their Swallow available and if they can place a crew or two or even a helm.
Also please consider inviting a guest. We all know someone we think might enjoy Swallow Sailing. Now is the time to invite them. Christine needs to know so she can place everybody but we anticipate having a good turnout and a good lunch afterwards.

If they can't make 10 May, we are having another Guest Event on Sunday 27th June.

Other News.

Volunteers are required for the Club Open Day on Sunday 17th May. Gayle needs shore side helpers as well as opportunities for guests that day to be able to experience Swallow Sailing. If you are available to help or can be available with your boat that day to take out guests please let Mike know.

The Pollock Trophy, presented by David Pollock for six early season Sunday races was won by Migrant. Second Skua, third Svala.

The Visit to Batt Sails originally planned for this weekend has been postponed to a later date. More details to follow.

Wednesday Evening Racing starts on 6th May. The idea is for those of us who are local to have a very relaxed and informal evening race, probably two up, and supper afterwards at the club. The XODs follow this successful format on a Wednesday. If you think you would like to join in please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

And finally. Some Swallow droppings from our anonymous scribe.

• Bluff has a new go-fast paint job using Dulux bright white – on the inside.
• If John Houghton re-appears with his barely held together deck shoes once again this year can we all have a whip-round to get him some new ones?
• Early indications are that Migrant has found her mojo again. Those winglets appear to work but was there water in the keel box too?
• Sartorial standards: The fillies in the fleet have requested that the gents get longer shorts for the summer (and throw out the 1966 World Cup vintage ones)
• So the 2017 AC is going to be sailed in beach cats in Bermuda. Just like a Sunsail holiday then?
• Good to see Echo back on the water – but judging by the amount of time Simon has spent working on it since was it just a tad premature?
• Sticker on the back of Captain Mike’s motor ‘my other boat is a Swallow’
• Is it a crew-placing service or a dating site?
• Chris Creak likes divisions (those created by central mainsheets). This year he is trying Buccaneer for size (with Mike ‘I built a barn last year’ Bond).

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

A l'eau c'est l'heure,

It would appear that it falls to the PW social team to start the annual process of gathering the great and the good to man our safety boats for the week. Last year's good fortune of the fleets supporting each other is now history in our re-unified format. This might seem to make the task somewhat daunting but we would like to think that a relatively early start will help overcome this - and obviously it has been achieved before.

A few useful points:-

We would prefer those who can do all or most of the week

Level two powerboat qualifications are needed for SBD's and can be arranged beforehand for those yet to gain the certificate

Racing moves with the tides during the week and crews can expect to be afloat (including ferrying before and after racing) for about 4-5 hours

The placing and lifting of marks is potentially carried out by any SB and therefore crews should be able to carry this out without difficulty

Betivuka is a hospitable host boat when circumstances allow, frequently dispensing warm drinks and cakes (and useful for pit-stops)

Absentee members will not have to count their duty contributions as one their 5 permitted visits

It is probably appropriate to note that in the event that we do not have adequate safety boat crews it would fall to the participating classes to provide a crew from within their fleet in rotation.

If you already know of possible candidates do pass the information on to me or otherwise use your class' communication systems to let others know of our needs.

Our grateful thanks

Tony G (for the PW team)


Posted 8th April 2015

2015 Programme.

Now the season is under way there are lots of events to get into your diary. Please look again at the Programme on our web pages.. In May we have the Belgique Plate and the Norman Moore on the two bank holidays. Neither to be missed far any serious Swallow sailor. Please also note the first of our two Guest days on Sunday 10th May. All we ask is for you to make your boat available with either a helm or crew who knows the boat and we will fill the rest with guests. These days are the key to building the fleet so please support us. If you wish to invite a guest please contact
Later in the year there is of course Points Week, Cowes Week, (where we have a fantastic under 25 entry already but the rest of us need to book soon to avoid late entry fees) and Classic Cowes Week, but please support Cowes Week first if you can only do one of these.

Crewing- Crews needed.
The Easter weekend was a trial event for our new system where Christine helps you to get afloat. As a result of her email to the whole class : 3 boats and 8 crew got in touch with her and she managed to get 6 crew afloat! We actually ended up with insufficient boats because not enough had been launched!

So for this weekend can we try again to email Christine the Monday before if you would like to crew or have a place to fill on your boat?

Social Events.
Our Commodore is encouraging us to support the Fitting out Supper at the club this coming Saturday 11th April. Please book through the office or using the link on the recent Quick News.

We are also planning visit to Dick Batt's sail loft early evening after racing on Saturday 25th April. More details to follow.


Deep end trophy goes to Solitude.
Nine Swallows competed for the Deep End trophy over the Easter Weekend. Your fleet captain was PRO on Saturday and sent the fleet around Pivot in the first race of the season which woke them up but all the fleets were a little rusty with the leader in each of the three keelboat classes rounding a mark the wrong way at some time during the day. Skua led overnight after Gwaihir’s mark rounding mistake prevented them leveling the score. Spectre took the third in the morning and Solitude in the afternoon.

Fifty came for drinks at Westlands in the evening and there was a good turnout for dinner at the club afterwards so there were a few sore heads on Sunday Morning.

With the traditional ‘all to count’ series and no sign of the overnight leader on Sunday morning it was all to play for. Sundays PRO, with only a breath of wind, set a short windward leeward course in the Gallon Reach in the morning eventually shortened to two laps. Migrant was the early leader. (Welcome back on the water, it was good to see you going fast) but in the end Gwaihir slipped through along the shore to take the first with Olly Shaw in Peregrine third. All Gwaihir thought they had to do in the last race to win the event was to start but Mike had other ideas. After being taken out by Ollie Sloper in Marengo at the start and a poor weather mark rounding they mixed it with Solitude in an incident which their resident rules expert initially felt they were right about but later was not so sure resulting in a retirement scoring ‘no of entries in the series plus one’ putting them out of the chocolates, or should I say Easter Eggs. This left Solitude sailed by Andrew Reid, Anthony Lunch, John Houghton and Christine Graves as the well-deserved winners of the Deep End Trophy. Gwaihir was second and Olly Shaw in Peregrine, sailing in his first event at Itchenor picked up the third podium place, as well as leading the last race around the first leeward mark.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 26th March 2015

Please click here to see this newsletter in its original format

Easter Weekend Social and Sailing.

The Season is nearly upon us. After a bit of practice this weekend for the early birds our first trophy weekend is on Easter Saturday and Sunday for the Deep End Trophy. We hope as many as possible of you will sail to start the season with a bang.

Tony our Social Guru writes.....
So you are going to our esteemed Captain’s “In at the Deep End” drinks party on 4th April? As it is destined to be very well attended we thought that we would take the opportunity to extend the fun factor by adding in a Meal at the Club. We have therefore reserved the Jubilee Room for supper to follow at 20.15. Please book directly with the Club (the two course menu will be on the website shortly).

Dress for both is smart casual (or if you might be planning to join in the disco later make it party gear!).

If you have not already responded to the drinks party invitation please email Mike HERE.

Swallows IT. comes of age.

Anything can happen when a fleet like ours comes up to date with their IT.

We now have an Updated Web Presence on the ISC website.

The idea is that all the normal traffic of news, reports, event plugs, reminders and copies of the Swallow News go on the HOME PAGE. That way you only have to log in to one page and you know they have not missed anything.
The other pages have been tidied up with all the information about the Swallow, Owners, ISC Class, National Class, Racing Programme, Boats for sale, borrow or charter and the Photo Galleries are now all where they can be found.
Also we now have a Swallow Facebook Page. The link is on the HOME PAGE. Just the place for all the gossip and informal coordination of who’s sailing next weekend. Please click “Like” on the page and post away.

The club capital Appeal.

There is a very important appeal in progress at the moment within the club.

The Commodore writes…..

“The concept of the Capital Appeal is simple – If all Full Members aged 35 and over make 6 monthly payments of £44.17 during this summer, they will save a total of £849 in Development Levies, subscriptions and debt interest over the next 11 years to 2026. The figures for Spouses are exactly half those. We very much hope that some members will donate more than this, as happened in Phase 1 of the appeal made to bond holders.

We also very much hope that members in other categories will consider contributing to help with this. If we can get subs down it should help us attract new members which in turn will make further subs reductions possible for all.

Please could you respond online at

Swallow Crewing Coordinator.

Finally, don’t forget the fantastic new service that Christine Graves is kindly offering to the class this year. If you are a boat owner needing crew at a weekend and you contact Christine by the Monday/Tuesday beforehand at the latest she will do her best to put you in touch with someone to sail with.
She can be contacted on and it goes without saying that she is the person to contact if you would like to crew in a Swallow in any capacity.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid-March 2015

Posted 14th March 2015

Please click here to link to the Swallow News, Mid March issue

Welcome to Swallow News. Mid March Issue.

Early Season Events, Class Sponsored Boat , Event reports and Tickets for Points Week Theatre.

The new season is nearly upon us.....

We hope you are all ready with your sailing gear. The first sign of spring is not the Cuckoo but Migrant, already on her mooring this week and looking rather lonely.
Don't forget the early season events already planned. Easter Saturday and Sunday is the Deep End Trophy with Drinks at the Class Captain's house on Saturday evening from 1815. If you have not already booked contact Mike on

Fitting Out Supper. Saturday 11th April.
The Commodore would like us to support the Fitting Out Supper at the club on the following Saturday 11th April. Please lease with and he can coordinate tables.

New for 2015. The Class Sponsored Swallow available to all.

‘Svala’, Swallow 89, will be available this year on a daily basis for members or guests of Itchenor Sailing Club to join us and discover the Swallow Racing Experience. This is an initiative sponsored by the National Swallow Class Association in conjunction with the Itchenor Swallow Class to encourage new sailors to come and enjoy the excellent class racing and après sail facilities available here at Itchenor. All that we ask is that your team leader is a competent sailor with some racing experience and that you will take care of ‘Svala’ during your period in charge.
We do ask for a contribution of £50 a day towards the years running costs.
Contact to book.

A Walk in the Park....

A royal park of course and with our expert guides Tony Offredi and Paul Giles to point out some of the glorious views (pity it was mizzling!) and historic buildings (the ballet school amongst them) before ending up at the welcoming Plough for an excellent lunch and joined by several more members of the London Swallow community., all brilliantly planned and co-ordinated by Brenda Offredi. Many thanks - and by popular demand to be repeated – but without having to do the 10km run that had seemed obligatory on arrival!

Photo Christine Graves.

Book now....Points Week Theatre Trip.

Liz Fox has again this year kindly bought tickets for the Swallow trip to the Theatre to see the Musical "A Damsel in Distress" on Tuesday 16th June at 7.30. She has £1000 worth of tickets so is rather keen to start selling them on! They are available at the special price of £25 each. Please contact Liz on

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Welcome to Swallow News.
In this edition
Ready to Race Weekend details, and please vote now for the New Members discount scheme.

Vote NOW please for the proposed new members discount scheme.

Our drive to recruit new members to the club to sail Swallows will be greatly helped by a discount scheme being considered by the GC to give new members joining this season a Credit on their club card to spend in the Buttery. Effectively this is a discount to attract new members now and to test the effect of a lower subscription level in anticipation that the hard work the management team are doing now and into the season will achieve lower subscription levels for all from next year.
The vote closes on March 2nd so please vote HERE and now. This will help to attract the new members we need.

Ready to Race Weekend.
Please can I encourage you to participate in the clubs Ready to Race event this coming weekend the 7/8th March. This a great opportunity to polish up your skills both sailing and carrying out your club duties before the season starts. There are courses, seminars and talks on subjects many and various and of course the dinner on the Saturday night.

Book all events via the club office


For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The ISC Team

SWALLOW NEWS - February 2015

Posted 7th February 2015

Swallows migrate early – walking in London. Saturday 28th February.

A new for 2015 idea to spread our wings and embrace both those of us living in London and country folk wanting a day out in town. So what’s the plan? Walking and drinking (now that January’s dryathlon is a distant memory) seems to be an acceptable formula for hibernating sailors so on Saturday 28th February at 10.30 we hope you can join us for a two hour walk in Richmond Park ( We shall meet at the Sheen gate car park (or you may prefer to park first at or near the pub and walk the short distance to Sheen Gate). Afterwards we shall go for lunch to the Plough ( We (actually Brenda Offredi to whom we are greatly indebted for all these arrangements) have reserved our own room at this historic pub with a retro feel and a choice of fine ales (no they didn’t pay us to say that!). Hope to see you all there (children, buggy-borne infants and dogs too) but there is a maximum of 30 for lunch in our private room – so please book early by emailing indicating if you are walking and/or lunching. We have negotiated a special rate for a restricted choice from the excellent menu with something for everyone at a very reasonable cost of £12 for the main course and £15.50 including a dessert. We will email the details to you to facilitate pre-booking once you have signed up!

Read all about our January AGM weekend below from our anonymous scribe.

January Jamboree
Eventually (!) a great turnout for our various events:

• Nigel got 48 (yes 48!) bridge players to dine and stare wistfully at each other on Friday evening
• The Conservancy Solar boat trip was cancelled (it was a trifle draughty)
• Ten tenpin bowlers re-kindled their youthful skills in Chichester (winner one Nigel Glennie - he seems to win all Swallow non-sailing competitions, except tennis which would then qualify him as the victor ludorum). Photo below.
• Well-attended and interesting AGM(s) master-minded by the dynamic new teams now in place. Nigel was given a bottle of Champagne with grateful thanks for his stoic contribution as Secretary for five years
• Our (yes our) new Commode gave a very interesting summary of the membership situation which indicated that we have some interesting ‘challenges’ ahead
• An excellent Dinner with the Jubilee room crammed to bursting point (the pigeon terrine was a revelation). At least we could hear each other
• The Cowes Week prize-giving was postponed to the next day as Harry and Prue had yet to return from another holiday
• After the wonky weather of the day before Sunday dawned bright and crisp (more than could be said of Dudley H and Charles P). 30 walkers set out from the Barley Mow in Walderton under the leadership of Simon M and Christine G for a wonderful walk in virgin territory followed by an excellent carvery – in the skittle alley.
• Harry and Prue were duly awarded the shed-load of prizes accumulated during their triumphant CW performance


• Chris and Claire Blevins - he (?) the new RCS - were our esteemed guests for Dinner. They joined us for the walk too – we are obviously much more social than the X’s. The enormity of the task has yet to hit him.
• Ex-RCS Mark was looking very relaxed and Rachel positively radiant
• Christine got Easyjet to light the wick from Geneva so that she could get back in time for the Dinner
• Richard Thompson was meant to be umpiring in Rutland (well someone has to) but it was canx cos of the breeze so he came where he wanted to be anyway
• Talking Thompsons twas good to see tother Richard T (sometimes in Solitude when not left on the Winner bank) and Nicola at dins – their big boat is now in Ireland (surprise?) and this year they will be sailing up the Western Irish Coast
Who was the lady guest who curtsied when introduced to Commodore Charles H on Sunday?

Cowes Week Prize giving after the walk
Mark, Charles, Harry, Mike, Prue.
Mike (Having just presented it) is trying to wrestle back the premier Cowes Week Trophy from Harry (as if he was robbed). Gwaihir only showed her true form after the omission to have her bottom scrubbed after three weeks in Cowes was only rectified after the first four days of the event.

Swallow tenpin bowlers:

L-R Jim J, Chris C, Mark S, Mike W, Nigel G, Tony G, Rachel S, Malcolm G

Nigel kneeling in punitive penance for having blitzed the field!

An finally some dates for your diary and a call for Cowes Bursary boats.

Don't forget that the Swallow 2015 programme is posted HERE. All the main events are highlighted so we look forward to seeing you there. If you would like a copy of John Houghton's very fine Swallow Calendar with Photos by Mary Pudney and all the Swallow Events shown please call in to the Club office and claim one.

A final call for help. We still need another volunteer to lend their boat as a Bursary boat for Cowes Week. This scheme is a great advert for the class and we are keen to be able to offer two Bursary boats as we have for the last two years. If you are not planning to go to Cowes Week yourself can you please consider lending your boat. Please contact either or the class captain below.

The 2015 Swallow Programme is now finalised.

An A3 size summary of the whole years programme is posted "please click here". Please print it out and post it on the side of your fridge as a simple guide to the years sailing. For newcomers, the highlighted events are our big trophy events where the biggest turnout is expected. Weekends not to be missed. * means an evening function. ** means a formal dinner. Always read in conjunction with the club book for final timings and detail and watch out for mailshots closer to the time for more event details.

SWALLOW NEWS November 2014

Posted 2nd December 2014

Welcome to the first news update from your new Swallow management team. Mike Wigmore, as your new Club Class Captain and Malcolm Green as NSCA chairman are taking the lead but they have a great new team behind them.


Mike says “We promised you that we would find new Swallow sailors. The October Invitation day, (See link to photos here) not only found several new Swallow crews but two boats, which had not been racing for some time, are now in the hands of new owners. Peregrine S84 is now owned by Olly Shaw who intends to race her with his final year university mates injecting young blood into the fleet. Meridian S77 has been bought by Stewart Becker. As an ex Finn sailor and stunt plane pilot I am sure he will find Swallow sailing to his liking”. Other moves include a new syndicate for Swift S7. Jon Perry has pending duties running the sailing at the Royal Yacht Squadron so Rob Sutherland and Jeremy Sibthorp who have campaigned together before in Int 14s, have taken on Swift with Pete Brasier in the team.

Mike continues “Next year Echo S87, Migrant S86 and Buccaneer S66 will all be back on the water after breaks from racing so I am confident that we are well on the way back to the 25 boat fleets that we used to see racing in our big events. We plan two more guest days next year on Sat 10th May and Sunday 27th June. If these are as successful as the first one then the class boat builders will need be on standby! If you know anyone who may want to come to these days please contact Christine Graves by clicking here.


As an important addition to the recruitment armory next year the class will also be sponsoring a boat for the whole season to be made available for guests to sail on a daily basis for a small contribution to running costs. The users can be existing club members or potential new members. Full details to follow. Contact the Class Captain here if you know someone who you think would like to try Swallow Sailing. They will be made very welcome.

Planning for our Winter AGM gathering on the 10th and 11th January is well under way. For those new to the class this is a whole weekend get together with the AGM after tea on Saturday and a Dinner at the Club on the Saturday night to which all are welcome. Bring friends and family. Sunday will be walk followed by a pub lunch. Keep that date clear. Full details to follow.


Posted 14th October 2014

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Posted 1st October 2014

Our esteemed PRO for the weekend (David Priscott) and his very distinguished team (Bill Barnes) accompanied by their very/more experienced better halves had a relatively easy decision to make for us all on an overcast Saturday morning – back to bed. Not for long though as there was hope of a whisper at 1pm and with biblical foresight, so it came to pass. Well sort of, we set out for two b2b races on the top of the tide but needed to be towed down harbour and remained umbilically attached to BV for a while thereafter pending the SW ‘breeze’ eventually reaching us.

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