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Posted 9th September

Swallow Class Autumn Meeting September 19th.

The Itchenor Swallow Class Autumn Meeting will be held in the Members Room at the club at 1700 on Saturday 19th September. This is your chance to tell us what you like and what you don't like about how we running the class, the programme and the Swallow events at Itchenor and if you want change what you would like instead. Preliminary dates for next years programme will be available but we need your feedback on how we are doing so far.

There will NOT be a formal dinner that evening (even though the club book says there will be) but some of us will having supper at the club after the meeting so do join us if you wish.

The Bob Massey Trophy. 26/27th September.

Don't miss our next big trophy weekend on the 26th and 27th September. Big fleet Swallow racing expected along with a Dinner at the club on the Saturday night. More details to follow but make sure your diary is clear,your boat is ready to go and your team will be there.

Bart's Bash.

This years Bart's bash, the biggest sailing race in the world will be held on Sunday 20th September. This is a worldwide event where the results from races held all over the world in the same 24 hour period are amalgamated to make the worlds largest sailing race. More details will be out soon from the club but last year all three keelboat classes started together. A site not to be missed on its own.

And Finally........

A big thank you to Tony Glover assisted by Christine Graves for organising the Bembridge visit to the club last weekend. Eight Redwings arrived at the club on Saturday lunchtime and raced in the harbour in the afternoon. It was the Swallows turn to organise this annual event and we provided the harbour guides for the Redwings and gave those who wished to race Swallows a chance to come on our boats. Thank you Christine for allocating the class captain two Bembridge One Design sailors with no Spinnaker experience!
A fine dinner in the evening capped the event off. With the Swallow Championships at Bembridge next year it was particularly good to strengthen our contacts.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Swallow Sailing this coming Weekend 5th/6th September.

As you will have seen from todays QuickNews, this weekend we are welcoming guests from Bembridge Sailing Club to come and visit us. This year it's the Swallows turn to organise the weekend and Tony Glover is doing a great job.

In the club book the races are listed as "Spare". That means there will be races but they do not qualify for any of our long series. We are looking for a good turnout so please do come and race and come to the supper at the club on Saturday Evening. (Book direct with the office). We may even find a prize for the weekend. Two out of three races to count. 

The Young Persons race was scheduled for the afternoon race on Saturday but Tony may want us to be swapping crews with Bembridge Redwings then so that will not work. We will reprogram the YP race for another day. If you were planning to race or lend your boat to an under 30 helm on Saturday please let me know HERE so that we can organise it on another day.  

The Shippam Challenge Cup winners at ISC Regatta.

Looking pleased with themselves the winners of the Shippam Challenge Cup, the biggest trophy in the Swallow cupboard. Carolyn Brigg (Centre) Christine Graves and David Sloper. Second was Skua with Darter third.


Finally........Crews available.

Last weekend Christine, our wonderful crew coordinator, had five crews available and no Swallows to put them in so please let there be no more talk of there not being enough crews to sail with. Lets support Christine by going sailing and introducing these people to Swallow sailing. 

Please also remember that some of the boat managers received an email from me last month asking them to look after some Fledging recruits. So far Malcolm has won the prize for being the Swallow owner who has taken his fledgling Swallow sailor sailing 3 times and as a result he has joined... Great result. Thank you Malcolm. Please can the rest of us look out our list. The email went out from me on July 30th.

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For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 


A start to the East from the Squadron line with Archon S74 in prime position.

The Swallow Under 25 Teams on the Royal Yacht Squadron Lawn.

Anthony Lunch and Malcolm Green invited the Under 25 teams for a briefing on the lawn at the RYS. With an offer like that, full attendance was assured as the photo shows.

Swallows at Cowes 2015

The week was marked by an emphatic return to overall Cowes Week success by Malcolm Green and the several U25 teams in the fleet with Marengo, helmed by Hugo Sloper, winning the Under 25 Trophy for all classes.
The Week started in glorious sunshine and after a two hour postponement to allow the wind to fill in the fleet got away to the east. Marengo started in the middle of the line and moved nicely ahead, Avocet and Kingfisher held on out on a long starboard tack and came in to the weather mark on the Ryde Middle Bank shortly behind her. The run spread the boats out a little and allowed Marengo to creep further ahead of Migrant, Avocet and Solitude who rounded close together for the long tight spinnaker reach over towards the Lee on Solent shore. The wind became patchy in the return reach to Wight Vodka mark, places in the middle of the fleet changed, and the following one leg beat was tricky as the wind dropped further for a while. It looked as though Marengo had slipped back but skill prevailed and she rounded the penultimate mark first pursued closely by the next three (Archon, Migrant and Avocet) for a long spinnaker reach to the Shrape finish line. So a most enjoyable first day with some challenges with the holes in the wind.  The race committee did a reasonable job in the course with the wind in an unusual direction but there are some that would have liked some more beats and fewer close spinnaker reaches. On to Ivy Cottage in the evening for the barbecue shared with the Sunbeams.
Race 2 was classic Cowes, with  a beat taking the last of the west going tide that took us to a mark up the Island shore for a long broad reach over to Quinnell and then across to the other side of the Bramble bank. Migrant was first at the weather mark with Archon, Marengo and Solitude in close pursuit.  Over the next legs Migrant and Archon steadily pulled themselves away from the rest of the fleet, with Migrant holding her lead on the long beat back against the tide to the Shrape finish line. But it was neck and neck all the way with Migrant finishing just a couple of seconds ahead after a covering closely up the final part of the beat. Avocet was showing great speed upwind in the windier conditions and finished a good third.  All in all an excellent day's racing -  a good course,  sunny weather and classic Cowes wind. So after two days the scene was being set: Archon, Marengo and Migrant clearly showing themselves as the top runners
Monday's race started from the Shape line with a running start East against the tide. After a long run down Archon and Marengo rounded in close company. Marengo pulled ahead keeping on single port tack, while others, unsure of their navigation, tacked off from time to time. She held the good lead after another couple of further up and down legs and a long beat  back to the Shrape line finish, to be followed in by Archon and Avocet. At this stage the Swallow class was well positioned in the regatta-wide Under 25 series with Marengo a clear lead and Swift not too far behind.
On Tuesday we awoke to little wind and the race committee wisely cancelled abandoned all racing in good time, allowing for shopping, visiting the East Cowes classic boat museum and generally lazing around. 
With one race discard now not available the Swallows convened on Wednesday to be met with a massive West-going tide and fairly gentle breeze from the north-east. The committee sent us off the Squadron line all the way down to Salt Mead buoy. At the end of this long-distance run - which took a remarkably short time - Migrant, Archon and Solitude all arrived at Salt Mead together with alas Solitude rounding the buoy the wrong way having not taken due care with the course. By the time she had sorted that out she was almost of Yarmouth and joined the back of the fleet alongside Spectre who had been over at the start and taken many minutes to get the correct side of the line. There then followed a long long painful beat up the Island shore all the way Williams buoy near the Bramble bank. Another run down and back to the RYS line finish line left Migrant nicely ahead of Avocet and Marengo, with Archon and Harrier both having spent time aground whilst trying to dodge the ferocious tides. It was a long hard day - and harder for some than others. 
We went on to an excellent Swallow Cowes Week dinner at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club at Wootton Creek - a pleasant and enjoyable change of venue. 
Thursday was met with another north-easterly and strong west-going tide. After a short delay the fleet set off eastward from the Shrape start line with much discussion where on the line to be. Archon got it right and never looked back pulling steadily ahead on the next beat,  run and beat  back to Hill Head while the rest of us scrapped it out behind. However coming into the final mark (at which the race was sensibly and fortunately shortened) the wind dropped completely causing much dismay all-round and the fleet gently drifted over the finish with Archon holding her lead and Marengo picking up the slightest new breeze able to squeeze over the gaggle of boats to finish second. 
Friday’s race started off a RYS line eastwards against a vicious tide. Out popped Solitude who built up a useful lead.  Archon kept inshore shortly after the start which worked in her favour; Migrant later tried something more radical and headed into Osborne Bay, which did not. A couple of legs on the Ryde Middle Bank saw Solitude hold her lead over Archon and Avocet.
Archon rubbed it in again on the final day. As we headed off westwards in a light NE breeze the tide had not yet turned favourable at the outer end of the RYS line which caught Spectre and others out. Archon and Solitude a little further down were able to leave the rest behind. Archon was ahead by Lepe Spit buoy and extended her lead through a couple more legs. The long trek back to the RYS finish line was fascinating only because of the number of other fleets that needed to be negotiated. The final stretch along the Green was particularly fraught with little wind and a great many classes all finishing at the same time, including the XODs. It had been an interesting race but an undramatic finish to the Week.
So Malcolm Green with his team of George Miller, Harry Roome and Simon Slater, finished the series with a very good set of results, discarding just a fourth, with Marengo (helmed by Hugo Sloper) close behind (which might have been closer had she been able to sail the final race). Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson, Nigel Glennie) were third overall followed by Avocet (John Houghton, Nick and Andrew Royse) one point behind them.
Marengo was a worthy winner of the Under 25 Trophy with a convincing points lead over the second place. Swift (Lisa McDanell Toby Hodge Andy Kennett) were seventh in this series. Congratulations to our younger sailors in the fleet. We managed to obtain useful media coverage during Family Day, with twins Charlotte and Izzy Fitzgerald being interviewed by local TV (sibling rivalry, they being split between two competing Swallows!) and Ollie Shaw and team making the big screen on Wednesday for Under 25’s Day.  The Yachting press also took note of our young squads and pictures will hopefully appear.
It had been another good Cowes Week although perhaps not a “classic”. Some would have liked a day or two with more wind – conditions at which the Swallow excels at sea – but only one day was lost to the weather. It was good to see Quetzal with Franck Petigras at the helm entered in the latter part of the week, and the enthusiasm of our new Swallow sailors.
Our thanks to Charles Prescot for all his organisation, especially for the social events, and to the owners who had lent their boats to the “guest” crews

Cowes Classics Week.

Five Swallows attended Cowes Classics Week organised by the Royal London Yacht Club in the middle of July. Your ISC Class captain was invited over to watch and found a very well organised event with two races per day for four days all from well run Committee boats. Excellent socials as part of the event and a less busy Cowes town complete the picture.

Next year perhaps we will persuade more boats to attend both Cowes events without diluting our attendance at the main week?

And Finally........The ISC Regatta for the Shippam Challenge Cup.
Don't miss your chance to win the biggest trophy of the day at the ISC Regatta tomorrow afternoon. See you there.

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For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here. 

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 

Welcome to the Championship Swallow News.
In this edition; The Championship Reports, an update on class marketing, and a call to come sailing on Wednesday 29th. July.


In a dominant display over a weekend of highly varied weather conditions, Gwaihir helmed by Mike Wigmore won the Swallow national championships hosted by Itchenor Sailing Club.

Saturday’s courses were set up in Brackesham Bay and the 20 boat fleet were sent away for race one in awkward conditions – a confused sea and wind that was swinging 30 degrees with little warning. Ka Nyenga (Mike Robinson) plugged away on port tack to make the most of the ebbing tide from Chichester Harbour and was rewarded with a comfortable lead at the windward mark that was extended on the run as the new breeze became established. Gwaihir sneaked into 2nd place ahead of rival Skua (Harry Roome).

For race two the low cloud had peeled away and the breeze had steadied and at the third attempt the fleet was away.  Darter (Tony Glover) held a very narrow lead at the windward mark but was rolled by boats on both left and right on the first reach of the Olympic triangle course - which had in fact become a run.  The next three-sailed reach was tight and spirited in the building breeze and which seemed to cause Spectre (Clive Bush) some issues as Gwaihir nudged past to claim the win with Carolyn Brigg’s Marengo third.

Race three was full on champagne sailing in a force 5/6 breeze with building seas and an flood tide which caught out several competitors when they misjudged their approach to the windward mark. This race was a battle of the titans as Skua sped away downwind on the windward/leeward course but was eventually reeled in by Gwaihir with Marengo again third. Considering Gwaihir’s uncharacteristically flawed approach to the first windward mark this was a classic victory.

Sunday’s weather was always forecasted to be different and indeed it was. The fleet nevertheless elected to race in Bracklesham Bay again but the race officer ventured out and sensibly decided that conditions were too rough and returned to Chichester Harbour to set a windward/leeward course.  Gwaihir was over the start line and was trapped before returning against the strong ebb to re-start. Two other boats were judged OCS but neither returned and one –Skua – forfeited an exemplary display of heavy weather sailing to cross the finish line in silence. Race officer Mark Upton-Brown’s use of a windward spreader mark kept the fleet from heading back through approaching boats and also opened up two downwind race tracks which Marengo exploited to the full gaining six places on the first downwind leg.  Gwaihir was now charging and finished second to secure the championships.  Marengo was second and Simon Slater sailing Echo was rewarded for a series of consistent results with third place.


1st             Gwaihir             (Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt and Harry Gilchrist)
2nd             Marengo          (Carolyn Brigg, David Sloper and Hugo Sloper)
3rd             Echo                 (Simon Slater, Simon Miller and George Miller)

Top Left. Winners: Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt and Harry Gilchrist

Above. Second overall: Carolyn Brigg, David Sloper and Olly Sloper.

Left. Winners of the Fractured Hip
Mike Robinson, Malcolm Trice & Jeremy Boadle.



Come and sail on the evening of Wednesday 29th July when we have invited guests from "the other place"

The Swallows have invited Bosham members to come and sail and join us for Supper on Wednesday July 29 th. This is part of the Swallow promotion scheme...6 Bosham members have already signed up, but we expect more.

Ideally we would take one Bosham member per Swallow. So we would like 6-8 boats to participate that evening. Please can you get in touch with Christine HERE and sign up as soon as possible. Please don't leave this till the last moment. It would be embarrassing if we didn't provide enough boat places for the people who turned up !!!

Please can you tell us how many of your own crew you plan to take out that evening.

And also.... Potential new Swallow recruits.

As a result of our marketing campaign and our 3 Swallow open days we have now taken sailing over 45 potential new members. Some were obvious Swallow material, others not. We are busy sifting through the reports from Swallow owners to find out who to continue to invite....The amount of work that Christine is involved with to keep following up the people on our " hot list" is inordinate, with the result that people who need to be invited to sail again and again - don't get followed up enough. Also Christine doesn't have a boat to take them out in.

The idea from here is for each Swallow to adopt one or two "fledgling" Swallow crew and invite them regularly to sail and make them welcome.

If you are keen to have a particular recruit allocated to you please tell Christine HERE and can all boat managers please be receptive to receiving a direct email with a name or two asking for you to follow them up.

And Finally, some Championship Brass Tacks.

It takes a moment or two to adjust to the big wide open spaces of Bracklesham Bay and a few more when the big bang came in – but what a day Saturday was.

Ka Nyenga chose a grandstand occasion to win their first race in 6 years. It was all very logical too - so why did most of the 20 boat fleet go the other way?

New sails can make a difference – Ka Nyenga’s kite and a complete new outfit on Gwaihir seemed to be the biz. Their recovery from being OCS in R4 was mesmerising. Anyone else want to admit to using new cloth?

At the end of day one an exhausted fleet headed for home – to join Solitude who had been labouring throughout on the Club jetty to replace a jib halyard sheave which had become dislodged when the rivets failed. 3 DNC’s and 1 DNF was not what they came for.

Commiserations to Mark Struckett who had to sit this one out because of an arm injury. Still it gave youth (Harry G) a chance, and so modest with it (his old man making a guest appearance finished ‘further down the order’).

Everyone wanted a discard (or two)?

When the going gets tough (R4) the tough get going and none more so than Carolyn B who whizzed through the fleet on the first downwind. Just one problem: Gwaihir was doing it too - and eventually one notch better. Harry and Wills (get it) were staggeringly good in that race too, but all to no avail.

Yes we all had a point to prove by going out to BB on Sunday morning but were we that disappointed to be told that it was too rough? Migrant even went home before R4 finally started.

The young blades in Svala probably had more ‘lifetime experiences’ than they were prepared for but kept it clean and finished very respectably in 7th o/a.

Twas an unexpected bonus to be able to watch (some of) the Men’s singles final at SW19.


For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The ISC Team


Swallow Team Racing
Itchenor SC v Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society

The annual team race between Itchenor and The Society was held in Swallows on Sunday 28 June.  The harbour was relatively empty (other keelboats had been sent out to sea), the wind was perfect, not too little and not too much, and we had some sunshine and little tide.  The schedule was a best of 7 race series, each race being two rounds of a windward/leeward course and taking about 25 minutes.

The first two races were swopped with each team making a poor start and then unable to make an impact.  Race 3 was close and secured by Society captain Will Henderson successfully defending his third place and his team's 1,3,6 margin.  The race officer then signalled lunch; a good call as the wind then faded for an hour so.  After an excellent buffet lunch the teams swopped boats and, well refreshed, the contest resumed in the Gallon Reach.  In race 4 Itchenor accepted the advantage given by 2 Society boats being early at the pin end of the starting line and secured a safe 2,3,4 position which they held to the end.  Races 5 and 6 were again swopped with the start being crucial and so we came to the deciding 7th race.  The start was even and Simon Slater for Itchenor sailed away to 1st; behind him the tactical skills of the Society prevailed in the final approach to the first mark where they secured a 2,3,4 position and then held on to it despite concerted attacks from behind.

At tea the Stewart Morris Trophy was awarded the Will Henderson and his team.  Particular thanks was given to the race officer Mark Palmer and his team of Humphrey van der Klugt and Mary Henderson and to Mark and Rachael Struckett for hosting a lovely supper for the teams and boat minders on Saturday evening.

Society:  (left to right)
Bruce Burnett, Lionel Cartwright, Roger Yeoman, Will Henderson, Tom Hebbert, Iain Macdonald-Smith.

Itchenor SC: Simon Slater, Malcolm Green, Arthur Henderson, Andrew Reid, Mark Struckett and Richard Thompson.


Posted 26th June 2015

Points Week Report.

A dominant display by Skua (Harry Roome and Will Rainey co-helming) in sometimes testing and variable light to moderate wind conditions but closely challenged throughout by several other Swallows and principally Svala (Will Henderson) which but for mid-week gear failure on their borrowed boat would have made it an even more exciting final race showdown.
It rained on Saturday morning seemingly signifying the end of a very enjoyable and sunny week if a trifle on the light side for the heavy weather specialists (remembering last year’s final race gale conditions!). Being back with the other keelboat classes was good. Sailing on the top of a spring tide was the biz and being managed by such an expert PRO and BV team was the icing on the cake.
Skua’s inexorable rise through the ranks on Monday was typical – a lowly 6th for the first half of the race but then steadily picking those ahead off before finding a delightful shift to overtake the final two ahead. Tuesday’s b2b honours were evenly split between Harry/Will R and Will H so on Tuesday evening these two were just one point apart. Archon had pitched in there with a 2nd in R2 and followed it up on Wednesday with 3rd and then another 2nd in R6, but was dragged down the final order (to 4th o/a) by a couple of less satisfactory results. This race was also Svala’s downfall (literally) when their spi halyard went to the top of the mast with no spi attached.

In Thursday’s first b2b race Spectre showed amazing speed and pointing ability to capitalise on a good pin end start and just (inches only) held off a fast-catching Skua at the Gardner finish.
The next race started at Pivot and went to Beach (Roger W – his 11th year as PRO likes to include as many harbour marks as possible during the week). An interesting windless event precisely round Dunes was a complication many up front could have done without but anyway Svala was long gone having taken the right route through the Hayling moorings to Marker (natch!).

So to Friday’s final race showdown – Will had to win with Skua 4th or worse. Will R got it and Will H came in 2nd and twas a fabulous run home from Treloar to end a great week. A close struggle with only the odd incursion into what seemed like a closed shop up front.

1st Skua (Harry & Pru Roome, Will Rainey )

2nd Svala (Will & Mary Henderson and Charlie Claisse )

3rd Gwaihir (Mark Struckett, Charles Hyatt, Keith Bliss and Nick Gardiner)

National Swallow Championships
Saturday 11th July - Sunday 12 July 2015

After an excellent Points Week the next BIG event in the Swallow calendar is the National Swallow Class Championships on 11-12 July, hosted by Itchenor SC and sailed in Bracklesham Bay. It will be a five race series as usual (three on Saturday, two on Sunday) with the first start at 11.30 on Saturday. There will be a briefing at ISC at 0900.The Notice of Race will post on the website shortly.

The Championship Dinner at ISC is a three course dinner at £28.50 (please book with the Club office) preceded by drinks at Coast Cottage by kind invitation of Malcom Green (£5 at the door).
Please lease with organiser Andrew Reid HERE for any information on this event.

Six major trophies up for grabs in one weekend.
We look forward to a massive turnout for what to continue the Swallows’ vibrant season!

Last call for Guest Invitation day.

Places are still available, morning and afternoon, for our Swallow Invitation Day this coming Saturday 27th June. If you would like to come and sail a Swallow please contact Christine Graves HERE. Pre booking is essential to make the organisation work.



And finally some Brass Tacks from our resident scribe.

The deal on Skua was that whichever helm had done better in their evenly split races by the end of Thursday would helm the final Friday race. Harry had the misfortune to be caught up in the Dunes debacle in R6, so Will got the nod – and won. Oh to be blessed with such an abundance of talent (and with Prue too!).

It was a good omen for Clive to park Spectre on the Bosham shore just yards from his mooring moments after departing for R5. He then won it – the keel re-profiling was obviously effective.

A transformational moment! Migrant felt slow and slimy and went for a (presumably sanctioned) scrub and went from zero (15 mins behind and ‘Q’ flagged) to hero – well almost. Note: just how effective is copper-coated anti-fouling? 4 years not 10? Discuss.

Spreader bracket positioning: absolutely critical – ask Gwaihir.

Great to be back in the ISC PW keelboat ‘family’ – but no more Swallows than in August 2014. What exactly do we need to do to get from 14 to 30?

Our dating agency co-ordinator in a Sunbeam? Back problems apparently. Say no more.

Hey but why not! Was this the source of Archon’s endless stream of lady crews. One lost count - but then Malcolm has the ageless charm, male model looks and brains to charm them off the bar stool and into a Swallow. The results weren’t bad either.

Was the black flag start for R7 a badge of honour or disgrace? The PRO said the line was perfect.

Will Henderson! OK he knows Swallows a bit but what a performance. With daughter Mary and novice sailor Charlie he lit Svala up and but for the halyard failure would have been vying for the honours even more closely. His horizon job in R6 was just amazing and how would their week have turned out with a newer jib as well?!

And Dell Quay Regatta
Were you there?
1st Migrant (Chris Fox)
2nd Darter (Tony Glover)
3rd Dart (Mike Lindsey)

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team



Posted 2nd June 2015

Norman Moore Report, Points Week 2015 and other upcoming events.

Points Week 2015. 15th -19th June.

Our annual week of Keelboat racing, is now only a fortnight away.  Please do come racing and book your socials early. The Social Programme featured in the last Swallow News and can be found again on our Swallow HOME PAGE.

To run this event volunteers are still required to man safety boats and also to sit on protest committees should any be required. If you can help please contact Tony Glover HERE.

Please note that Roger Wickens, the PRO is planning to alter the Swallow start time on Wed to 11.30 (instead of 11.00) and on Thursday to advance to 12.20 (Instead of 13.30). This is to fit in with tides rather than lunch.

The Norman Moore Weekend.

Marengo won the Norman Moore with her usual trusty team of Carolyn Brigg, Sue Glover and David Sloper.

Here the trophy is being presented by Miranda Barnes and Gay Turville, nieces of Norman Moore who had a house and sailed at Itchenor in the 1950s



The plot as described by our resident scribe.

Act 1 Scene 1 – Darter won the start and disappeared into the distance
Act 1 Scene 2 – as above

Act 2 Scene 1 – Marengo clawed their way to the front and stayed there
Act 2 Scene 2 – as above
Act 3 Scene 1 – Gwaihir (who?!) finally found their form

So that was it! You want more? OK actually a rather intriguing mostly light wind weekend’s sailing with snakes and ladders beats on Saturday (but with Darter imperiously ahead throughout) and some uncharacteristic howlers by some normal safe bets.

Ist Marengo (Carolyn Brigg, Sue Glover, David Sloper)
2nd Skua (Harry and Prue Roome, Helen Williams)
3rd Darter (Kit Glover, Alice Hues, Connor Myant)
4th Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore, Mark and Rachael Struckett, Charles Hyatt)

Other Items.

Our second Invitation Guest Day of the year is on Saturday 27th June. As before if you would like to be invited as a guest please contact Christine Graves HERE. Pre registration is essential so we can match boats and people beforehand. I will be formally contacting the boat owners in the next few days to see who can attend and host a guest.

These days have been very successful so far in finding new people wanting to join us racing Swallows. Your help to make them happen is really appreciated.

The Ladies Medallion Race

Was won by Christine Graves sailing Marengo. Full results are on the results section of the club web site.
We seem to have lost the Medallion itself. If anyone knows its whereabouts please let us know so we can present it at a suitable occasion.

CYC Regatta this Sunday

Please can all Swallows contact the ISC office to obtain an online link to entry form or to collect paper entry form on the day; normal ISC committee boat start with course to finish at CYC line laid between their cttee boat and mark in the pool opposite CYC & Marina entrance (conditions permitting). Prize giving tea at CYC included in the entry fee.

Norman Moore event brass tacks
• Deja view: You have to laugh – a bunch of kids rock up and leave the fleet way behind.
• A fleet of 20 boats on Saturday was wonderful. The Sunbeams were next best with 18 on Sunday.
• A great turnout of 45 for drinks (very many thanks Simon and Belinda) and for the enjoyable three course Club meal that followed. Our thanks to Anthony Lunch for his instructive talk on post-earthquake Nepal.
• Anthony had lodged a rule 69 protest for having previously been described as having ‘a respectable mid-fleet result’ (in the BP). Solitude finished 10th out of 20 in the NM.
• Malcolm learnt the soft way that land yachting is slow – dropping from 4th to last whilst parked on Pilsey. Apparently ‘he who does it’ does not apply on Archon so Elizabeth (ready prepared with wet-suit on) gamely did the honours.
• Good to see Harrier back in action after the election but discovering that in a strong spring tide the absence of a functioning depth-sounder was somewhat of a liability - running aground in each of Saturday’s races. Also on the shopping list – a stirrup.
• An incident-free weekend! Just a few reminders are required that starboard boats have right of way.
• A good call by the PRO on Saturday morning to shorten the race at the windward inflatable mark and again in the afternoon to postpone the planned second b2b race when the wind had become even more fitful, and the tide was turning.
• Sunday was more interesting - have you ever had so many postponements - some with flags, some without and one or two actually synchronised. The waiting was interminable.
• Consistency is the name of the game – Skua had three 2nds and a 3rd and Swift three 4th’s and a 5th. Good to see ex-Int 14 World Champ James Hartley driving Swift on Sunday and Jon Perry guesting too.
• 1st and 2nd – Batt, 3rd and 4th - Hyde. Bit like Formula 1 (but in not Monaco).
• Guess Carolyn wanted to bag this one before jetting off to Nairobi
• Great to have two of Norman Moore’s nieces (Miranda and Suzanne) to do the prize-giving

And more!

- Bertie Fisher (aged 10?) having crewed Hugo in a recent race then helmed Bluff back home. Time for all three Fisher generations to appear together? (A feat most recently achieved by Lunchbox in Solitude).
- Swift is getting swifter. A handsome lead in Saturday's breezy/bouncy conditions was forfeited by a wayward spinnaker drop allowing Skua to take the win.
- They say (per Clarkson) it is going to be a fab weekend!

And Finally.

Our best dressed couple for interpretation of the dress code for the Norman Moore dinner which was....
"Formal from the waste up, use your imagination below that"
Carol and Richard Thompson.







Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team 


Posted 20th May

Welcome to Swallow News late May edition

Norman Moore, Points Week Socials, and call for Safety boat teams and Croquet players.
Ponder Report. Call for Guests at Sat 27th June Guest Day. Cowes Classics Flyer.

Remember, all 'Swallow News' editions are posted on the Swallow HOME PAGE on the Itchenorsailingclub website. If you are looking for news of Swallow happenings, that is the place to go.

Norman Moore Weekend. 23/24 May.

Don't forget this weekend is for the Norman Moore trophy with five races over Saturday and Sunday 23/24 May.

Please book early with the club office for the Dinner and complementary pre drinks from 1900 for Dinner Ticket Holders. Venue by kind permission of Simon and Belinda Leathes at Cedar House, Itchenor. PO20 7AB.
Menu and dress code is on the Swallow HOME PAGE.




Points Week 2015. 15-19th June.

This year's Points Week arrangements are now well advanced and the programme is below. As ever, please book early to help the social team who have spent a lot of time organising this for us.

Volunteers Required.

If you would like to help that week as Safety Boat Driver or Crew please contact The event can't happen without people kindly volunteering so if you would like a few days on the water please volunteer.

Inter Fleet Croquet Tournament

and Party on Friday 12 June
At West Wittering Cricket & Croquet Club, Millennium Meadow, Elms Lane, West Witt., Chichester West Sussex PO20 8BJ
Time 1630 for 1700 Hrs Match start and from 1900 to 2030 Hrs. If you would like to be part of a team please contact:-

Other News.

Wednesday Evening Racing. This now seems to be moving towards a weekly affair. If you are interested in being there as a boat owner or crew please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

The Ponder Challenge Cup Report.

A great day’s racing for 15 boats, with all three races to count, and a decent force 4 and sunshine.
We started with a beat from Ella Nore to Channel against the last of the flood tide with boats spread right across the harbour. Migrant led from Bluff on the left but found Gwaihir leading Marengo and Darter coming in from the right on a better shift at the mark. These three held on for the rest of the windward leeward course to finish in this order.
Race 2 had a shorter beat to Pivot which was lead again by Gwaihir, this time on the left, with Bluff close behind. After a turn round East Head and Lowles there was a great close spinnaker reach home, giving overtaking opportunities for those who managed to stay high and hold their kites – it looked as though Bluff would get past Gwaihir but it was not to be. They were followed home by Marengo, with Migrant and Skua overtaking Solitude and Dart.

For the afternoon we had a harbour tour of 7 buoys from Weir to Channel and back. Skua got away by Weir and held her lead. Gwaihir was slower off the line but pulled through to second from Darter.

Thus Gwaihir held a fine 1, 1, 2 to win from Marengo, one point ahead of Skua.

  • Snippets from the day:

  • Svala was saved from sinking by some quick crew work after being holed by a boat returning to the start of race 2 – and is now on a trailer at Haines for repair
  • Marengo managed a fourth in race three after being over the line at the start – where would she have been if she had started with everyone else?
  • Darter took a cautious approach all weekend without an echo sounder working, maybe missing out on some opportunities?
  • Bluff on the other hand looked for a while as though she was going to spend the evening on the Stocker Bank
  • Meanwhile back at the club Swift was being fitted up with lower shrouds – were these the cause of her second place on Sunday?

And finally.....

Guest Invitation Day. Saturday 27th June.

We are holding our second guest invitation day of the year on Saturday 27 June. We have a good list of potential guests already but would like more. These events secure the future of our wonderful class. If you are a boat owner, please can you get involved firstly by taking part but just as importantly please can you think of a potential Swallow sailing guest to invite along. You need to pre-register all guests with Christine Graves in advance and your boat availability to make the whole day go smoothly and ensure we can place everybody.

If you would like to be invited please contact Christine click to email.

Classic Cowes Week.

Tony Glover is leading our fleets charge at this popular event taking place on 20-24 July in the Solent. Great class racing at a time when Cowes is not quite so frantic. Details are available on or talk to Tony.
Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 11th May 2015

Welcome to Swallow News early May Edition
Norman Moore sailing and social, Wednesday Evening Racing, Race Reports.

Don't forget the....Ponder Challenge Cup.
This coming Saturday. Three races. All to count.

Norman Moore Weekend. 23/24 May.

Our next trophy weekend is for the Norman Moore trophy with five races over Saturday and Sunday 23/24 May.
The Norman Moore is our unofficial 'In Harbour' Championship so lets see if we can get close top 25 boats racing. New Boat Owners, this is not an event to miss.

Don't forget if you are short of crew or if you are available to crew please contact our Swallow Crew Manager as soon as possible at

Remember, if you give her a week's notice she will do her best to find you the right person.

The Norman Moore Dinner and Drinks

The Norman Moore Dinner will be held at the club on Saturday 23nd May and will be a Gala affair with complimentary drinks from 1900 for Dinner Ticket Holders. Venue by kind permission of Simon and Belinda Leathes at Cedar House, Itchenor. PO20 7AB


The waiter served menu will be:-

Crayfish and salmon rillette with sakura cress salad.
New season rump of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a rosemary and port jus
Chocolate truffle torte with madagascan vanilla ice cream and strawberries.
Coffee and mints.

£27.50 Please book directly with the club. Dress Code formal from the waist up (ie jackets and ties for boys), and 'use your imagination' from waist down!

Guest Invitation Day. Sunday 10th May.

Another very successful Guest Invitation day was held on Sunday 10th May with 16 guests enjoying close Swallow Fleet racing in 14 boats followed by a carvery lunch and prize giving at the club. Great feedback is coming from our guests at these events. They ensure the future of the fleet by making sure that we have people to sail with, competitors to sail against and a market to sell our boats to if we should ever decide to leave! The next invitation day is planned for Saturday 27th June. If you would like to be there please contact Registration in advance is essential to secure your place.

Other News.

Wednesday Evening Racing. We are trying to concentrate interest in evening racing on a fortnightly basis when the tide is not on the Ebb and mostly gone. The first such evening is this week on 13th May. If you think you would like to join in please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

The Belgique Plate Report.

In distinctly unspring-like conditions 19 Swallows demonstrated their resilience to cool temperatures, big winds and heavy rain to enjoy tough and exciting racing over the weekend - the biggest fleet the Club has seen so far this year.
From the outset last year’s form boats were out in front, Skua dominating the first day with two wins, helmed for the day by Will Rainey. Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) was somewhat unusually doing the chasing with Marengo (Carolyn Brigg) being the best of the rest but this day and in these demanding conditions the whole fleet was comprehensively ‘skuad’. These three boats finished in the same order in both races Marengo elevating herself from oblivion in the second race with some bold tidal tactics to avoid the strong ebb tide.

The fleet enjoyed a fine Belgian-themed fine meal at the Club on Saturday evening.

The overnight rain cleared in time for Sunday morning but there was still the possibility of strong winds but which didn’t materialise until the afternoon. Bluff (Hugo Fisher) was forced to take a penalty for an infringement on the start line of race 3 and, starting last and somewhat in desperation, went on the ‘wrong’ side of the channel but also in clear wind to emerge with a 100m lead at the first windward mark, never to be caught, although the two elite boats (Skua – helmed by Harry Roome this time - and Gwaihir) were closing and also engaging in some entertaining match-racing whilst doing so. Skua had managed to keep Gwaihir at bay until the final mark when Gwaihir seized an opportunity and managed to finish just inches ahead. However it was not enough to prevent Skua from winning the trophy with a race to spare.

So to the final race of the best three of four to count Trophy. The wind was up to F6 and the sun was at last making a fleeting appearance. Once again Skua and Gwaihir were ahead at the first windward mark with Gwaihir maintaining a slender lead down the exciting run and for the next lap and all the way to the last mark when in a reversal of the morning’s position swap Skua’s gybe went awry and they broached and Gwaihir pounced to lead to the finish. Marengo having yet again taken a different downwind route to the rest of the fleet was rewarded with yet another 3rd place – their fourth of the weekend.

The prestigious Belgian Plate was appropriately presented by Belgian-born Martine Lunch whose husband Anthony had co-helmed Solitude to a respectable mid-fleet position.

The Swallow Class host a guest day on Sunday 10 May when all those who might like to share the Swallow experience as a helm or crew are most welcome.

1st Skua (Will Rainey/Harry Roome) 4 points
2nd Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) 5 points
3rd Marengo (Carolyn Brigg) 9 points

And finally. Some Brass Tacks from our anonymous scribe.

• Lousy weather, great racing – the class is back in top gear for the summer (if/when)

• Funds for a pair of new deck shoes for John Houghton not required, apparently Father Xmas obliged

• Is it the boat or the crew? On their ‘for one day only’ guest appearances John Houghton assisted Skua to two race wins on Saturday and Paul Ward helped Gwaihir to be the top-scoring boat on Sunday

• Time to muse: Such is the abundance of talent on Skua that it is theoretically (and mischievously) possible to work out who is the best helm and who is the best tactician. We shall however leave it to you to do the arithmetic

• Marengo’s sequence of 3rd’s must be some sort of record and their ‘go it alone’ tide tactics admirable and obviously rewarding

• The Commodore likes his cheesecake! Helen would also like him to read his dinner invitations more carefully

• No sign of Whimbrel! Search parties were sent to Bosham SC, the Anchor Bleu and the Doom and Gloom mais sans succes

• No indication of any technological advances so far this year - except for the winter woolly hats that were much in evidence.

• Have you noticed that Skua puts their mainsail cover on over lunch? Apparently mylar sail shrinkage from UV is quite an issue

• Wonderful to see Bryony Burns-Upton back in a Swallow after four years – until she departed Stealth with a neat double backwards somersault and tuck

• Respect! Anthony Lunch wearing his oily shorts on Saturday – and they were the ‘correct’ length too.
Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 21st April 2015

Belgique Plate Weekend. 2/3 May.
Our next trophy weekend is for the Belgique Plate with racing on Saturday and Sunday. Now you are all in the water it would be great to see our first 20 boat turnout of the year.

Don't forget if you are short of crew or if you are available to crew please contact our Swallow Crew Manager as soon as possible at

Remember, if you give her a weeks notice she will do her best to find you the right person.

The Belgique Plate Dinner
The Belgique Plate Dinner will be held at the club on Saturday 2nd May at 19:30 for 20.00.
In the spirit of the event name and to make things a little different we request that you wear a top which is either a nautical or stripey, and if it is breton or belgian, tant mieux!
The menu is...
Poached Haddock on Champ with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce or Stuffed Quail with a Rosemary Jus and Seasonable Vegetables.
Baileys Cheesecake or Fruit Salad

£16.00 pp.
Please book directly with the club office.


Call for boats for the Guest Invitation Day. Sunday 10th May.

Only a week after the Belgique plate we have our first Guest Invitation Day. Please can all boat owners confirm to me on that they can make their Swallow available and if they can place a crew or two or even a helm.
Also please consider inviting a guest. We all know someone we think might enjoy Swallow Sailing. Now is the time to invite them. Christine needs to know so she can place everybody but we anticipate having a good turnout and a good lunch afterwards.

If they can't make 10 May, we are having another Guest Event on Sunday 27th June.

Other News.

Volunteers are required for the Club Open Day on Sunday 17th May. Gayle needs shore side helpers as well as opportunities for guests that day to be able to experience Swallow Sailing. If you are available to help or can be available with your boat that day to take out guests please let Mike know.

The Pollock Trophy, presented by David Pollock for six early season Sunday races was won by Migrant. Second Skua, third Svala.

The Visit to Batt Sails originally planned for this weekend has been postponed to a later date. More details to follow.

Wednesday Evening Racing starts on 6th May. The idea is for those of us who are local to have a very relaxed and informal evening race, probably two up, and supper afterwards at the club. The XODs follow this successful format on a Wednesday. If you think you would like to join in please contact our coordinator Michael Cover on

And finally. Some Swallow droppings from our anonymous scribe.

• Bluff has a new go-fast paint job using Dulux bright white – on the inside.
• If John Houghton re-appears with his barely held together deck shoes once again this year can we all have a whip-round to get him some new ones?
• Early indications are that Migrant has found her mojo again. Those winglets appear to work but was there water in the keel box too?
• Sartorial standards: The fillies in the fleet have requested that the gents get longer shorts for the summer (and throw out the 1966 World Cup vintage ones)
• So the 2017 AC is going to be sailed in beach cats in Bermuda. Just like a Sunsail holiday then?
• Good to see Echo back on the water – but judging by the amount of time Simon has spent working on it since was it just a tad premature?
• Sticker on the back of Captain Mike’s motor ‘my other boat is a Swallow’
• Is it a crew-placing service or a dating site?
• Chris Creak likes divisions (those created by central mainsheets). This year he is trying Buccaneer for size (with Mike ‘I built a barn last year’ Bond).

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

A l'eau c'est l'heure,

It would appear that it falls to the PW social team to start the annual process of gathering the great and the good to man our safety boats for the week. Last year's good fortune of the fleets supporting each other is now history in our re-unified format. This might seem to make the task somewhat daunting but we would like to think that a relatively early start will help overcome this - and obviously it has been achieved before.

A few useful points:-

We would prefer those who can do all or most of the week

Level two powerboat qualifications are needed for SBD's and can be arranged beforehand for those yet to gain the certificate

Racing moves with the tides during the week and crews can expect to be afloat (including ferrying before and after racing) for about 4-5 hours

The placing and lifting of marks is potentially carried out by any SB and therefore crews should be able to carry this out without difficulty

Betivuka is a hospitable host boat when circumstances allow, frequently dispensing warm drinks and cakes (and useful for pit-stops)

Absentee members will not have to count their duty contributions as one their 5 permitted visits

It is probably appropriate to note that in the event that we do not have adequate safety boat crews it would fall to the participating classes to provide a crew from within their fleet in rotation.

If you already know of possible candidates do pass the information on to me or otherwise use your class' communication systems to let others know of our needs.

Our grateful thanks

Tony G (for the PW team)


Posted 8th April 2015

2015 Programme.

Now the season is under way there are lots of events to get into your diary. Please look again at the Programme on our web pages.. In May we have the Belgique Plate and the Norman Moore on the two bank holidays. Neither to be missed far any serious Swallow sailor. Please also note the first of our two Guest days on Sunday 10th May. All we ask is for you to make your boat available with either a helm or crew who knows the boat and we will fill the rest with guests. These days are the key to building the fleet so please support us. If you wish to invite a guest please contact
Later in the year there is of course Points Week, Cowes Week, (where we have a fantastic under 25 entry already but the rest of us need to book soon to avoid late entry fees) and Classic Cowes Week, but please support Cowes Week first if you can only do one of these.

Crewing- Crews needed.
The Easter weekend was a trial event for our new system where Christine helps you to get afloat. As a result of her email to the whole class : 3 boats and 8 crew got in touch with her and she managed to get 6 crew afloat! We actually ended up with insufficient boats because not enough had been launched!

So for this weekend can we try again to email Christine the Monday before if you would like to crew or have a place to fill on your boat?

Social Events.
Our Commodore is encouraging us to support the Fitting out Supper at the club this coming Saturday 11th April. Please book through the office or using the link on the recent Quick News.

We are also planning visit to Dick Batt's sail loft early evening after racing on Saturday 25th April. More details to follow.


Deep end trophy goes to Solitude.
Nine Swallows competed for the Deep End trophy over the Easter Weekend. Your fleet captain was PRO on Saturday and sent the fleet around Pivot in the first race of the season which woke them up but all the fleets were a little rusty with the leader in each of the three keelboat classes rounding a mark the wrong way at some time during the day. Skua led overnight after Gwaihir’s mark rounding mistake prevented them leveling the score. Spectre took the third in the morning and Solitude in the afternoon.

Fifty came for drinks at Westlands in the evening and there was a good turnout for dinner at the club afterwards so there were a few sore heads on Sunday Morning.

With the traditional ‘all to count’ series and no sign of the overnight leader on Sunday morning it was all to play for. Sundays PRO, with only a breath of wind, set a short windward leeward course in the Gallon Reach in the morning eventually shortened to two laps. Migrant was the early leader. (Welcome back on the water, it was good to see you going fast) but in the end Gwaihir slipped through along the shore to take the first with Olly Shaw in Peregrine third. All Gwaihir thought they had to do in the last race to win the event was to start but Mike had other ideas. After being taken out by Ollie Sloper in Marengo at the start and a poor weather mark rounding they mixed it with Solitude in an incident which their resident rules expert initially felt they were right about but later was not so sure resulting in a retirement scoring ‘no of entries in the series plus one’ putting them out of the chocolates, or should I say Easter Eggs. This left Solitude sailed by Andrew Reid, Anthony Lunch, John Houghton and Christine Graves as the well-deserved winners of the Deep End Trophy. Gwaihir was second and Olly Shaw in Peregrine, sailing in his first event at Itchenor picked up the third podium place, as well as leading the last race around the first leeward mark.

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team


Posted 26th March 2015

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Easter Weekend Social and Sailing.

The Season is nearly upon us. After a bit of practice this weekend for the early birds our first trophy weekend is on Easter Saturday and Sunday for the Deep End Trophy. We hope as many as possible of you will sail to start the season with a bang.

Tony our Social Guru writes.....
So you are going to our esteemed Captain’s “In at the Deep End” drinks party on 4th April? As it is destined to be very well attended we thought that we would take the opportunity to extend the fun factor by adding in a Meal at the Club. We have therefore reserved the Jubilee Room for supper to follow at 20.15. Please book directly with the Club (the two course menu will be on the website shortly).

Dress for both is smart casual (or if you might be planning to join in the disco later make it party gear!).

If you have not already responded to the drinks party invitation please email Mike HERE.

Swallows IT. comes of age.

Anything can happen when a fleet like ours comes up to date with their IT.

We now have an Updated Web Presence on the ISC website.

The idea is that all the normal traffic of news, reports, event plugs, reminders and copies of the Swallow News go on the HOME PAGE. That way you only have to log in to one page and you know they have not missed anything.
The other pages have been tidied up with all the information about the Swallow, Owners, ISC Class, National Class, Racing Programme, Boats for sale, borrow or charter and the Photo Galleries are now all where they can be found.
Also we now have a Swallow Facebook Page. The link is on the HOME PAGE. Just the place for all the gossip and informal coordination of who’s sailing next weekend. Please click “Like” on the page and post away.

The club capital Appeal.

There is a very important appeal in progress at the moment within the club.

The Commodore writes…..

“The concept of the Capital Appeal is simple – If all Full Members aged 35 and over make 6 monthly payments of £44.17 during this summer, they will save a total of £849 in Development Levies, subscriptions and debt interest over the next 11 years to 2026. The figures for Spouses are exactly half those. We very much hope that some members will donate more than this, as happened in Phase 1 of the appeal made to bond holders.

We also very much hope that members in other categories will consider contributing to help with this. If we can get subs down it should help us attract new members which in turn will make further subs reductions possible for all.

Please could you respond online at

Swallow Crewing Coordinator.

Finally, don’t forget the fantastic new service that Christine Graves is kindly offering to the class this year. If you are a boat owner needing crew at a weekend and you contact Christine by the Monday/Tuesday beforehand at the latest she will do her best to put you in touch with someone to sail with.
She can be contacted on and it goes without saying that she is the person to contact if you would like to crew in a Swallow in any capacity.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

SWALLOW NEWS - Mid-March 2015

Posted 14th March 2015

Please click here to link to the Swallow News, Mid March issue

Welcome to Swallow News. Mid March Issue.

Early Season Events, Class Sponsored Boat , Event reports and Tickets for Points Week Theatre.

The new season is nearly upon us.....

We hope you are all ready with your sailing gear. The first sign of spring is not the Cuckoo but Migrant, already on her mooring this week and looking rather lonely.
Don't forget the early season events already planned. Easter Saturday and Sunday is the Deep End Trophy with Drinks at the Class Captain's house on Saturday evening from 1815. If you have not already booked contact Mike on

Fitting Out Supper. Saturday 11th April.
The Commodore would like us to support the Fitting Out Supper at the club on the following Saturday 11th April. Please lease with and he can coordinate tables.

New for 2015. The Class Sponsored Swallow available to all.

‘Svala’, Swallow 89, will be available this year on a daily basis for members or guests of Itchenor Sailing Club to join us and discover the Swallow Racing Experience. This is an initiative sponsored by the National Swallow Class Association in conjunction with the Itchenor Swallow Class to encourage new sailors to come and enjoy the excellent class racing and après sail facilities available here at Itchenor. All that we ask is that your team leader is a competent sailor with some racing experience and that you will take care of ‘Svala’ during your period in charge.
We do ask for a contribution of £50 a day towards the years running costs.
Contact to book.

A Walk in the Park....

A royal park of course and with our expert guides Tony Offredi and Paul Giles to point out some of the glorious views (pity it was mizzling!) and historic buildings (the ballet school amongst them) before ending up at the welcoming Plough for an excellent lunch and joined by several more members of the London Swallow community., all brilliantly planned and co-ordinated by Brenda Offredi. Many thanks - and by popular demand to be repeated – but without having to do the 10km run that had seemed obligatory on arrival!

Photo Christine Graves.

Book now....Points Week Theatre Trip.

Liz Fox has again this year kindly bought tickets for the Swallow trip to the Theatre to see the Musical "A Damsel in Distress" on Tuesday 16th June at 7.30. She has £1000 worth of tickets so is rather keen to start selling them on! They are available at the special price of £25 each. Please contact Liz on

Find out more...

For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

Thank you,

The ISC Swallow Team

Welcome to Swallow News.
In this edition
Ready to Race Weekend details, and please vote now for the New Members discount scheme.

Vote NOW please for the proposed new members discount scheme.

Our drive to recruit new members to the club to sail Swallows will be greatly helped by a discount scheme being considered by the GC to give new members joining this season a Credit on their club card to spend in the Buttery. Effectively this is a discount to attract new members now and to test the effect of a lower subscription level in anticipation that the hard work the management team are doing now and into the season will achieve lower subscription levels for all from next year.
The vote closes on March 2nd so please vote HERE and now. This will help to attract the new members we need.

Ready to Race Weekend.
Please can I encourage you to participate in the clubs Ready to Race event this coming weekend the 7/8th March. This a great opportunity to polish up your skills both sailing and carrying out your club duties before the season starts. There are courses, seminars and talks on subjects many and various and of course the dinner on the Saturday night.

Book all events via the club office


For more information on any of the above please contact your Class Captain by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The ISC Team

SWALLOW NEWS - February 2015

Posted 7th February 2015

Swallows migrate early – walking in London. Saturday 28th February.

A new for 2015 idea to spread our wings and embrace both those of us living in London and country folk wanting a day out in town. So what’s the plan? Walking and drinking (now that January’s dryathlon is a distant memory) seems to be an acceptable formula for hibernating sailors so on Saturday 28th February at 10.30 we hope you can join us for a two hour walk in Richmond Park ( We shall meet at the Sheen gate car park (or you may prefer to park first at or near the pub and walk the short distance to Sheen Gate). Afterwards we shall go for lunch to the Plough ( We (actually Brenda Offredi to whom we are greatly indebted for all these arrangements) have reserved our own room at this historic pub with a retro feel and a choice of fine ales (no they didn’t pay us to say that!). Hope to see you all there (children, buggy-borne infants and dogs too) but there is a maximum of 30 for lunch in our private room – so please book early by emailing indicating if you are walking and/or lunching. We have negotiated a special rate for a restricted choice from the excellent menu with something for everyone at a very reasonable cost of £12 for the main course and £15.50 including a dessert. We will email the details to you to facilitate pre-booking once you have signed up!

Read all about our January AGM weekend below from our anonymous scribe.

January Jamboree
Eventually (!) a great turnout for our various events:

• Nigel got 48 (yes 48!) bridge players to dine and stare wistfully at each other on Friday evening
• The Conservancy Solar boat trip was cancelled (it was a trifle draughty)
• Ten tenpin bowlers re-kindled their youthful skills in Chichester (winner one Nigel Glennie - he seems to win all Swallow non-sailing competitions, except tennis which would then qualify him as the victor ludorum). Photo below.
• Well-attended and interesting AGM(s) master-minded by the dynamic new teams now in place. Nigel was given a bottle of Champagne with grateful thanks for his stoic contribution as Secretary for five years
• Our (yes our) new Commode gave a very interesting summary of the membership situation which indicated that we have some interesting ‘challenges’ ahead
• An excellent Dinner with the Jubilee room crammed to bursting point (the pigeon terrine was a revelation). At least we could hear each other
• The Cowes Week prize-giving was postponed to the next day as Harry and Prue had yet to return from another holiday
• After the wonky weather of the day before Sunday dawned bright and crisp (more than could be said of Dudley H and Charles P). 30 walkers set out from the Barley Mow in Walderton under the leadership of Simon M and Christine G for a wonderful walk in virgin territory followed by an excellent carvery – in the skittle alley.
• Harry and Prue were duly awarded the shed-load of prizes accumulated during their triumphant CW performance


• Chris and Claire Blevins - he (?) the new RCS - were our esteemed guests for Dinner. They joined us for the walk too – we are obviously much more social than the X’s. The enormity of the task has yet to hit him.
• Ex-RCS Mark was looking very relaxed and Rachel positively radiant
• Christine got Easyjet to light the wick from Geneva so that she could get back in time for the Dinner
• Richard Thompson was meant to be umpiring in Rutland (well someone has to) but it was canx cos of the breeze so he came where he wanted to be anyway
• Talking Thompsons twas good to see tother Richard T (sometimes in Solitude when not left on the Winner bank) and Nicola at dins – their big boat is now in Ireland (surprise?) and this year they will be sailing up the Western Irish Coast
Who was the lady guest who curtsied when introduced to Commodore Charles H on Sunday?

Cowes Week Prize giving after the walk
Mark, Charles, Harry, Mike, Prue.
Mike (Having just presented it) is trying to wrestle back the premier Cowes Week Trophy from Harry (as if he was robbed). Gwaihir only showed her true form after the omission to have her bottom scrubbed after three weeks in Cowes was only rectified after the first four days of the event.

Swallow tenpin bowlers:

L-R Jim J, Chris C, Mark S, Mike W, Nigel G, Tony G, Rachel S, Malcolm G

Nigel kneeling in punitive penance for having blitzed the field!

An finally some dates for your diary and a call for Cowes Bursary boats.

Don't forget that the Swallow 2015 programme is posted HERE. All the main events are highlighted so we look forward to seeing you there. If you would like a copy of John Houghton's very fine Swallow Calendar with Photos by Mary Pudney and all the Swallow Events shown please call in to the Club office and claim one.

A final call for help. We still need another volunteer to lend their boat as a Bursary boat for Cowes Week. This scheme is a great advert for the class and we are keen to be able to offer two Bursary boats as we have for the last two years. If you are not planning to go to Cowes Week yourself can you please consider lending your boat. Please contact either or the class captain below.

The 2015 Swallow Programme is now finalised.

An A3 size summary of the whole years programme is posted "please click here". Please print it out and post it on the side of your fridge as a simple guide to the years sailing. For newcomers, the highlighted events are our big trophy events where the biggest turnout is expected. Weekends not to be missed. * means an evening function. ** means a formal dinner. Always read in conjunction with the club book for final timings and detail and watch out for mailshots closer to the time for more event details.

SWALLOW NEWS November 2014

Posted 2nd December 2014

Welcome to the first news update from your new Swallow management team. Mike Wigmore, as your new Club Class Captain and Malcolm Green as NSCA chairman are taking the lead but they have a great new team behind them.


Mike says “We promised you that we would find new Swallow sailors. The October Invitation day, (See link to photos here) not only found several new Swallow crews but two boats, which had not been racing for some time, are now in the hands of new owners. Peregrine S84 is now owned by Olly Shaw who intends to race her with his final year university mates injecting young blood into the fleet. Meridian S77 has been bought by Stewart Becker. As an ex Finn sailor and stunt plane pilot I am sure he will find Swallow sailing to his liking”. Other moves include a new syndicate for Swift S7. Jon Perry has pending duties running the sailing at the Royal Yacht Squadron so Rob Sutherland and Jeremy Sibthorp who have campaigned together before in Int 14s, have taken on Swift with Pete Brasier in the team.

Mike continues “Next year Echo S87, Migrant S86 and Buccaneer S66 will all be back on the water after breaks from racing so I am confident that we are well on the way back to the 25 boat fleets that we used to see racing in our big events. We plan two more guest days next year on Sat 10th May and Sunday 27th June. If these are as successful as the first one then the class boat builders will need be on standby! If you know anyone who may want to come to these days please contact Christine Graves by clicking here.


As an important addition to the recruitment armory next year the class will also be sponsoring a boat for the whole season to be made available for guests to sail on a daily basis for a small contribution to running costs. The users can be existing club members or potential new members. Full details to follow. Contact the Class Captain here if you know someone who you think would like to try Swallow Sailing. They will be made very welcome.

Planning for our Winter AGM gathering on the 10th and 11th January is well under way. For those new to the class this is a whole weekend get together with the AGM after tea on Saturday and a Dinner at the Club on the Saturday night to which all are welcome. Bring friends and family. Sunday will be walk followed by a pub lunch. Keep that date clear. Full details to follow.


Posted 14th October 2014

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Posted 1st October 2014

Our esteemed PRO for the weekend (David Priscott) and his very distinguished team (Bill Barnes) accompanied by their very/more experienced better halves had a relatively easy decision to make for us all on an overcast Saturday morning – back to bed. Not for long though as there was hope of a whisper at 1pm and with biblical foresight, so it came to pass. Well sort of, we set out for two b2b races on the top of the tide but needed to be towed down harbour and remained umbilically attached to BV for a while thereafter pending the SW ‘breeze’ eventually reaching us.

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