RS800 Class Page

Your class capatin is Andrew Handasyde Dick.

If you would like to sail an RS800 please contact the Club office on 01243 512400


These pages are primarily aimed at telling you more about the RS800 fleet at Itchenor and how to contact us if you're interested in joining or just finding out more about us. If you are already a member at Itchenor and part of the RS800 fleet you should be on the email distribution list.If you aren't and would like to be added then please contact the class captain, Chris Doe. If you're a non-RS800 member at Itchenor, or a newcomer, and would like to find out more about the RS800s again contact Andrew.

The RS800, to quote LDC who manufacture it, offers "ultimate sailing - remarkable ease. The RS800 is a fantastic skiff that will enable thousands of sailors, men and women, to experience the thrill of real high performance sailing" - and its true - see the picture above. (which is Oli and Anna from Itchenor in their 800 at Garda in 2008). World speed record for an 800 is (apparently) 28 knots! They are (relatively) cheap boats given the performance they offer, at around £11,000 new all up, less if you can find a good offer from LDC, and much less second hand. They are not expensive to sail for a season - requiring minimal maintenance other than a hosing off after each sail and replacement of running gear from time to time. Its a one design class and the rules are pretty tight on what changes are allowed so no serious modification costs can arise. They are also equalised with adjustable racks so light helm/crews just put the racks out further which means that weight/strength isn't a significant competitive advantage.

If you don't know Itchenor or Chichester Harbour come down and take a look. The boats live on a staging with a slipway straight into the water, where you can launch at any stage of the tide. The harbour offers sailing in a huge area, relatively sheltered (i.e. with flat water) and good wind conditions. Sailing can be challenging at times with strong tidal flows (though with a reasonable breeze in an 800 that does not usually matter that much) and sandbanks especially at low water (we recommend not using trial and error to find where these are, especially at speed!). There is no commercial traffic in the harbour, its an area of outstanding natural beauty and at its best its one of the most beautiful places to sail. And only around two hours from London now that the Hindehead tunnel is open!

We would really like another 2 or 3 boats in the class so if you want to know more please do come and see us. As a general rule we tend to have reasonably settled helm/crew combinations as it does require a certain amount of practice to work as a team to sail an 800 – however if you are interested in crewing and preferably have some experience of crewing an asymmetric dinghy there are opportunities from time to time - so again let us know.


The RS800 is a high performance two man twin trapeze skiff with one design rules which offers exhilarating sailing at very reasonable cost and with minimum maintenance The class was introduced at Itchenor in 2008 when most of us parted with our trusty Laser 4000s. We are at present twelve boats. We are a very relaxed and friendly bunch of people who like a good race, preferably in perfect conditions, but aren't going to get too stressed by it all. We range in age from the young to the young at heart, with at least one boat having a combined crew/helm age well north of a hundred. We have a good social set up and are very welcoming to newcomers. Our abilities vary so don't feel too worried that you'll be out of your depth - its more about the taking part than the winning, and having some fun on the way! We at present tend to arrange organised racing every other weekend (roughly) to accommodate the other commitments most of us have, and usually time it to be at or around high water - which is a significantly better time to sail an 800 in the harbour than low water!