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Winter Warmer March 2017 Report

A total of 24 RS200s made it out for the RS200 Winter Warmer Series on the first weekends of January, February and March. The February and March instalments were combined with dinghy working parties which drew RS200, RS800 and I14 representatives down to ISC to help mend the staging for the start of the season. Click here for results and a report from the third and final weekend of 4/5 March.

Images courtesy Charles Hyatt

Saturday started with a bright and early 8:30am start to help out with the working party mending the staging. It was quite a therapeutic morning, with the sun out and lots of work to be done, and there were several calls of "do we have to go sailing, can't we just hammer stuff instead?"

George Yeoman and Sophie Ormsby dominated the first day on the water with four bullets in the five races. Tim Saxton and Holly Scott took the other and the all-important race home. Racing was tight as always - in fact two boats couldn't even be separated on the line in race 3 and we were both given 5th... After a race near Park, it was becoming obvious that the right hand side was paying, so we moved further down the channel to find a more balanced beat. This worked well as the leaders seemed to come from different sides on each lap.

Sunday was a more blustery affair. It began with a picket line formed by the crews outside the Ladies' changing room. Even some of the helms wavered in their resolve a little as the wind and rain battered the Club and other club members chuckled at the prospect of us going sailing. But after a popular vote and a healthy dose of peer pressure we were all off round the corner. In truth it was all a bit of an anticlimax though as we started the first race in sun and about 12 knots. Josh Metcalfe and Millie Alcock won the first two races, and Jack Holden and Libby Watkins took the third as the breeze finally started delivering on the 20-30 knot gusts the forecast promised. Dicken Maclean and Hannah Young took the last one, while the big breeze (and rain) made for an exciting trip home.

In the overall standings Maria Stanley and Rob Henderson's absence practically handed the win to George and Sophie.

A huge thank you to Roger Yeoman, Harry Roome, Charles Hyatt and Mark Struckett for their help running the racing.

Click here for results


George Yeoman and Sophie Ormsby, 2nd in RS200 Nationals 2015