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George Yeoman and Sophie Ormsby, 2nd in RS200 Nationals 2015

RS200 New Years Racing 2014:

So 2014 has come to an end and what a great way to end it with 12 boats in 15 knots.

RO Roger Yeoman managed to get us 4 20min races and back in time for the New Years party at the club.
There was lots of close racing on the short windward leeward courses. Arthur Henderson & Lisa McDanell started strongly with George Yeoman & Sophie Ormsby in race 1 breaking away from the rest of the pack with George & Sophie eventually taking the win.

Current national champ Ian Martin sailing with Lucy Preston managed to rob Will & Mary Henderson of the win in the 2nd race on the finish line (after they turned up, apparently Lucy's time keeping isn't all it is made out to be) with a smart tack to the biased end.

However, George & Sophie managed to get off the line and stay clean to win the remaining races.
The racing was then followed up with the Itchenor New Years party which will always remain in the memories that can never quite be recalled.....but it was really good!

Winter Warmer 1:

Day 1 of the winter warmer threw 20 knots and a little drizzle at the 8 boats that made it to the race course.
Race 1 saw 3 recalls before finally getting away. George Yeoman & Sophie Ormsby led Mark Powell & Charlotte Lawrence round mark one but after a close downwind Tim Saxton & Holly Scott had managed to take the lead from Robert Gullan & Rosie Sibthorp. Up the next beat George & Sophie made up the lost ground to lead at the top and hold on till the finish ahead of Ed FitzGerald & Lisa McDanell.

Race 2 had George & Sophie leading at the top again followed by Rob & Rosie and these 2 were attached by a piece of elastic all race closely followed by Jack Holden & Amy Yeoman. The race finished in that order.

Race 3 and Tim & Holly smashed the starboard end and led from George & Sophie who subsequently fell in on the bear away. The wind picked up to gusting nearly 30 knots as Rob & Rosie hunted down Tim & Holly, managing to cross them on the downwind only to have to give room at the mark. Jack & Amy sailed consistently to their third 3rd place.

Overnight George & Sophie lead from Rob & Rosie and Jack & Amy on equal points in second.

Day 2 arrived with 5 knots and a fast flowing tide that made things interesting for the race officer.
Race 4 saw pretty much the whole fleet arrive at the same point at the windward mark with Charlie Roome & Eddie Glennie managing to squeeze round and sail into a decent lead. They were followed by George & Sophie all the way round the course till the last leg where Rob & Rosie managed to come “screaming” in on the port lay (there wasn’t much wind but they made a lot of ground) to secure second followed by the ever consistant Jack & Amy who recorded their fourth consecutive 3rd place.

Race 5 saw Rob & Rosie and Tim & Holly escape for another epic battle around the race course with Rob & Rosie leading most of the way but with Tim & Holly right on their heels. At the top mark for the last time Tim & Holly managed to squeeze past and hold on for their second win that could prove decisive if they are able to beat both George & Sophie by one place and Rob & Rosie by two.

At the start of race 6 Rob & Rosie were over the line and had to go back which in the huge tide would appear to be game over. Tim & Holly had a great start with Frances Peters & Claire Lasko in the middle of the line, whilst George & Sophie managed to win the ship end and tack out the tide first. However a big lift allowed Frances & Claire and Tim & Holly to get round the marks in 1 & 2. George & Sophie split down the run to pull back past Tim & Holly, but on the next beat the positions were reversed and held to the finish. Frances & Claire won by a margin, Rob & Rosie meanwhile had managed to fight all the way back to 4th.

This meant that it is first blood on count back to Tim & Holly over Rob & Rosie at the end of the first weekend of the Winter Warmer at Itchenor on 12 points, George & Sophie settle for 3rd with 14 points.

Thanks to the RC: Roger Yeoman. Phil McDanell, John Tremlett & Tom Trevelyn

The next weekend will be the 7/8 February and racing will start at 1100. See you then!

WIGMORE TROPHY 2014 report

Posted 10th October 2014

RS200s Wigmore Report 5 boats ignored the dire forecast on Saturday and arrived to sun, but no wind. PRO Andy Penman relented to the keen amongst us and towed us out to the Wear/Peacock area, where there was still no wind.
When Charles/Sarah Peacock had decided enough was enough and went home, a light breeze filled in. The 4 remaining boats had 4 very close races on the top of the tide ending with Arthur Henderson/Lisa McDanell leading
overnight, with Rob Struckett/Tots Boadle a very close 2nd. 6 boats made it to the course for Sunday's racing. After getting myself badly hooked on the Pin end, I had a great view from a long way back of the 1st race. Will Kalderon/Dawn Wilkinson scampered into the lead followed very closely by Rob Gullan/Rosie Sibthorp and Harry/Prue Roome. Rob/Rosie managed to chase Will/Dawn down on the run to take hold of the race which they didn't let go. Harry/Prue sailed into 2nd with Will/Dawn taking 3rd.

The Race Team did a fantastic job rattling off further close races in some shifty conditions but unfortunately for the rest of us Rob/Rosie were even more impressive, taking 6 wins out of 6. Good starts combined with fantastic boatspeed put them a step above the rest. The fight for the minor places was tight with lots of place-swapping and a spread of results. In the end consistency (and turning up on Saturday!) gave Arthur/Lisa the overall win and the Wigmore Trophy, with Rob/Rosie 2nd and Will/Dawn 3rd. Will/Dawn won the consistency prize achieving 3rd place in 6/10 races.
Thanks goes to Andy and his team for getting in so many races without any hanging around, and for providing us with the photos.


Posted 24th August 2014

This week saw the RS200 Nationals at Hayling Island, pretty much the nearest thing we get to a local championship.

A strong Itchenor team revealed itself to the world with George Yeoman & Sophie Ormsby, Andy Shaw & Pippa Horne, Tim Saxton & Holly Scott, Rob Gullan & Rosie Sibthorp, the Davies twins ably assisted by the Spreckley boys, Will & Mary Henderson, Arthur Henderson & Lisa McDanell, Jack Yeoman & Oli Peacock, Hugh McLean & Emma Lombard, Nick Blevins & Susie Moore, Ben Ainsworth & Grace Summers, Will Moss & Joanne Thomas, Gavin Orde & Matt Phipps-Taylor and Hugo Moss & Grace Yeoman.

Going into the week a number of the Itchenor sailors had been tipped as ones to watch (see the runners and riders list written in the style of "Game of Thrones": ). However the line up was strong, including past and current Olympians, Medallists, Nationals Champions and the rest, who were still pretty useful.

Sunday was blown off with gusts of up to 30 knots and the race committee nervous of people struggling with the chop over the bar (harbour bar, that is!). Instead an unofficial sprint series was held for 20 keen competitors, including our own Henderson family and Gavin & Matt, who went afloat to take on some of the favourites, including London Olympics 470 Silver Medallist, Luke Patience. After 3 quick back to back races the practice over the winter and season so far paid off as Will & Mary hiked like badgers to take the series win on countback from Luke.

Monday and Tuesday were going to be catch up days with 3 races each so much rest was needed for the big days ahead!

Right from the off it was obvious that it was going to be a high scoring event and after the first day of racing this was put in perspective by 20th place already accumulating 71 points! It was a day of hard starts, brutal beats and all about minimising damage early on in the regatta. Andy & Pippa almost got caught out by a rogue kamikaze taking them out at the top mark in the very first race, but were reinstated to receive average points.

Tuesday came and went and big scores were starting to appear all over the score board. Quote of the day came from Will Henderson when discussing his results with team manager Roger Yeoman. When asked about his 93rd, he simply replied "That's just where I came, in fact I was happy to be in the top 100!" which really showed just how good the fleet was.

Tuesday also saw the first big mention of Itchenor, however it was not necessarily the context which we had hoped for. Whilst Tim & Holly, George & Soph and Andy & Pippa were all circling the top 10 it was the more junior members of the team who were taking the plaudits for the daily Duckhams prizes. These are awarded for exceptional instances of incompetence and are rewarded by having to wear a dress the next day during racing. Runner-up was George Spreckley who, whilst trying to straighten the spinnaker pole after a major jousting display, managed to break it with his bare hands! However, the winners were Hugo Moss & Grace Yeoman for their Leo Di Caprio & Kate Winslet Titanic impression when, after forgetting to put in the stern bung, the boat tipped back and sank.

Wednesday was always going to be a tricky one with light winds and big shifts and Tim & Holly jumped on the occasion and took a well deserved 7th in a very topsy turvy race and then led the next race by a country mile only to have it abandoned and the rest of the day called off. This was unfortunate as Tim was off early to compete in the 800 Nationals, despite lying in 7th overall. As there were only 2 discards and 3 races he would now have to count a 120th.

Thursday saw the return of the breeze, it was going to be one last big day. Itchenor gave a strong performances throughout the day, with Will & Mary having their best day, recording a 13th & 12th. Will Moss & Joanna scored all top 100s for the first time in the event including rounding the top mark in the top 30 in race 9. Gavin & Matt also scored two results in the top 100 showing great improvement throughout the week.
At the top things were all close and the big breeze and steep chop were causing a few changes around the leader board except for the eventual winners from Burghfield, Ian & Chloe Martin who raced away with the series with a race to spare. George & Sophie scored all top 10s to move up to 6th overall, finishing the day in style with a 3,4. Rob & Rosie nearly managed to earn their way into the top 10, until Rob suffered a bit of a mounting issue with the boat and fell off the back, but all the same finished in a great 13th place. Andy & Pippa also had a good last day to finish 15th.

This was enough to hand Itchenor the coveted "Top Club" prize which takes the top 3 scores of each club to give an overall score. This really shows how the club has developed over the last few years and cements us as the strongest RS200 club in the country!

Other prizes were won by Katie Davies for top Bronze fleet boat for race 9, Will Moss & Joanna won most improved for their last day performance. Will & Mary Henderson won top family boat, whilst George & Sophie won the "Loving Cup" for top couple.

It was a great week had by all and well done to everyone, we really did ourselves and Itchenor proud!

RS200 OPEN MAY 2014

Posted 4th June 2014

Click here to download the report


Posted 28th May 2014

Hi all,

This weekend we had the Spring Bank Holiday series which was 8 races held over the 3 days. We had 11 boats take part over the weekend.

Saturday was sunny but light winds and there was a close 3 way race the whole way round the race course with Maria Stanley & George Clark eventually managing to break away from Andy Shaw & Pippa Horne who finished 2nd with George Yeoman & Sophie Ormsby 3rd after George & Soph had snuck past Andy & Pippa when they caught weed, only for them to sail away from the finish allowing Andy & Pippa to take back their position. The second race had a bit more breeze and this time George & Soph managed to break away and held on til the finish whilst Maria & George and Andy & Pippa again battled over 2nd till the last downwind where Maria & George managed to consolidate their position to lead over night by 1 point from George & Soph, who were 1 point ahead of Andy & Pippa.

Sunday was a bit windier and also added the extra task of the mirror/topper slalom which is always fun whilst planing downwind. In the first race George & Soph won the pin and managed to extend round the course to lead from Ben Ainsworth & Kerry Capps and Andy & Pippa. In race 2 George & Soph again went off the pin this time with Andy & Pippa and these two battled up the next beat with George & Soph just managing to hold Andy & Pippa past the layline, but then understood the layline at the next leeward mark allowing Andy & Pippa back in but eventually managed to hold of the challenge to take their second win of the day. The last race was a similar story but this time Andy & Pippa managed to eek out a lead at the top mark however, Maria & George came storming through to take a comfortable lead with their light weight paying dividends. George & Soph managed to take Andy & Pippa on the last downwind to take 2nd and the over night lead.

Boom cam from day 2:
(sorry about the fog, the camera got a bit steamed up as it was so Tropical out there)

Monday was grim when we arrived with light winds and rain. However just before we went sailing the rain cleared and we managed to get 3 nice races in. George now sailing with Lucy Preston chased Ben & Kerry round the first mark who had nailed the layline thanks to a great call from Kerry, but unfortunately Ben & Kerry went fishing, trawling their kite round the leeward allowing Maria & George into 2nd and Bruce Grant & Clare Hantrais to 3rd. Race 2 was looking like a similar scenario until Bruce & Clare cheated the tide on the right hand side of the channel whilst the others went left and managed to leap frog into first and hold on until the finish. In the last race George Clark had taken the helm from Maria and was showing her how it was done, leading the whole way round the course until local knowledge allowed George & Lucy to sneak past and whilst Ben & Kerry were discussing how George had George covered, but George looked like he may have just overtaken George, but George still looked good, George (and Lucy) took the win.

This meant that George & Soph/Lucy won overall followed by Maria/George & George/Maria
with Ben & Kerry in 3rd.

It was a shame not to see a few more people out as Sunday was pretty much the reason for being a member at Itchenor, it was beautiful, but hopefully we will see a few more people out this weekend.

This weekend is the open (31 May/1 June). The entry fee is £30 (£20 for students), and there is a 2 course meal and a party for £16 on Saturday which will need to be paid for at entry. We are hoping to have a big turn out so would be great to see as many of you as possible, and if you can't sail please pop down for the dinner!

The following weekend (7/8 June) there is no organised club racing but we have been invited to join Hayling for their Pennant racing on the Saturday (please see, and on Sunday an Itchenor RS200 team made up of George Yeoman, Andy Shaw, Rob Struckett, Ben Saxton, Tim Saxton & Ben Ainsworth will be taking on the Oxford & Cambridge Society team in 3 boat team racing in the annual match between the 2 clubs.

The next club racing will be on Sunday 15th June when there are back to backs as well as CYC regatta on the Saturday.

I hope you all enjoyed our short lived summer weekend!
I also want to take this opportunity to say good bye and good luck to Elliott Parsons & Hattie Marsden who are leaving us for a bit of the Asian persuasion in Hong Kong, we will miss then but looking forward to welcoming them back.

G x


Posted 24th April 2014

So after a long weekends sailing we have managed to complete the first trophy of the season.

The Wallace trophy was run over the easter weekend and had 17 boats racing over the weekend.

On good friday 3 races were held down by thorney. Races 1 & 2 were won by George Yeoman & Sophie Ormsby including a very close battle with Rob Struckett & Mary Henderson in race 2 which was won on the last mark rounding with George & Soph just holding a leebow to force Rob & Mary to tack off. Race 3 saw Rob & Mary at the front again this time battling with Tim Saxton & Lucy Goff who defended well down the run to hold their lead round the last mark. However up the last beat against the tide they were stuck with the hard choice of who to cover and opted for the right but the left paid and Will & Mandy Henderson managed to take the win coming out of the left just ahead of Rob & Mary.
Friday night was another of the up and coming social events that are the Itchenor SC parties. 45 people sat down for dinner with more joining for drinks and dancing afterwards. Whilst most of the memories of the night are lost in a swirl of dark'n'stormies and jagermoos there was video evidence that Tim Saxton appreciates the delicacy and taste of a good shoe.

Saturday greeted the fleet with a shifting gusty northeasterly which was not best suited to the hung over mess that was the sailors racing. Racing was started at almost slack tide so there was a tough choice of whether to aim for the breeze or to stay out the adverse tide downwind. George & Soph took another bullet in the first race of the day with Maria Stanley & Peter N Matthews breaking through to take 2nd on the final run from the Hendersons. In the 2nd race Max Samfield & George Clark were first round the windward closely followed by George & Soph, too close in fact who hoist the spinnaker into Sam and had to do a penalty turn allowing the rest of the fleet past. Rob now sailing with Eddie Glennie made the most of the packed downwind and took the lead which they held to the finish ahead of Tim & Lucy with Maria & Pete having another top 3 finish.

Sunday saw the return of the prodigal son as Andy Shaw arrived with Phillipa Horne fresh from their altitude training in Les Arcs and opened their account with a confident bullet in the first race. George & Soph fought back in the second race with Ben Ainsworth & Kate Gibbs starting to find a bit of form recording two 2nds. They then followed this up with a win in race 3 from Rob & Eddie, closely followed by George & Soph. The final race saw Rob & Eddie and George & Soph break away to the left of the run in a gust getting them across the now growing tide and allowing George & Soph to lead at the bottom mark with Rob & Eddie close behind and these two extended around the course. The battle of Southampton ensued behind with Andy & Pippa taking on Ben & Kate with Ben & Kate executing a huge windward mark trap taking both boats past the mark, however it was the Hendersons who gained from this as they squeaked past Andy & Pippa on the finish line to take 4th.

Monday was looking a bit quiet as we arrived in the boat park, however after a slight delay the fleet launched into a light southerly. The race officer opted for a long 1st race with a 25 minute beat which saw George & Soph leading off the start into the shore and start tacking up the shore. Tim & Lucy chose their moment to tack "towards the cone" and took the lead half way up and extended to beat the tide gate and escape downwind. The Hendersons judged the lay line better than George & Soph and managed to take 2nd leading down the run. These 2 split down the run and George & Soph managed to grab the inside line at the final mark to take 2nd. In the final race a shorter course was set which allowed the right hand side of the beat to come into play with Aj Dawson & Rachel Spain taking the lead at the top mark and held over the two laps until the last leg where George & Soph gybe set into a small gust and managed to roll them, but AJ & Rach held onto a well deserved 2nd.

This gave George & Soph the victory over Rob & Mary/Eddie with the Hendersons taking 3rd. Results can be found at the following link.

Thanks to everyone who turned up it was a great weekend and we are having a great start to the season.
There is 200 racing next weekend and then we have the "Tail End Trophy" over the may bank holiday.

Hope to see some of you out soon!

G x


Posted 10th November 2013

The end of seasons championship trophy has returned to Itchenor SC in the hands of Tim Saxton & Holly Scott who sailed a stunningly consistent regatta in some terrifyingly fickle and shifty conditions.

Day 1 saw a max of 4 knots and still the RC managed to get in 2 races. The first race turned into a tackles procession round the course led by Rob Struckett & Senem Ciringiroglu who took the win followed by Tim & Holly. Race 2 was a very shifty but fair and at the end of the day Tim led the Itchenor Sc teams in 2nd.

Day 2 arrived with a bit more breeze, about 12knts and dropping all day. Sophie Ormsby & I appeared to have turned up today and started the day with a 1-1 thanks to Ben Palmer starting ahead of everyone else however came a bit unstuck after leading the 3rd race handing the baton to Tim & Holly and finishing with a 4-12. Tim & Holly, consistent as ever finished with a bit of style with a 1-1 which helped them on their way to the overall win.

Soph & I finished 3rd and Rob & Senem 11th (and only swim of the day).


Posted 21st October 2013

A couple of us shot down to Chew Valley reservoir for the RS200 Inland Championships. 65 boats in total turned up and were split into 4 coloured flights where 2 flights would race each other at a time due to the low water of the lake.

Saturdays racing showed some promise with Rob Struckett showing some good up wind pace to round the top mark in the top 5 in a few races, Andy Shaw & Phillipa Horne were very well placed in the first couple of races and got unlucky on the last run of the first race but made up for it with a 2nd in the next race. The third and final race was to be a bit of an epic. A massive squal came through and tore the fleet apart Andy & Pippa won the starboard end and were leading till a shift let Sophie Ormsby & I through and after a massively windy down wind leg we held on till the finish to take the win. Olly Sloper & Emma Lombard showed some good downwind speed and had 2 decent results in the last 2 races of the day

On Sunday it had stayed quite breezy. However Itchenor SC continued our strong display Andy and Pippa again showing their good form recording another 2nd, but unfortunately the spinnaker halyard got stuck which put them down in one race. We then finished side by side in the last race. Soph & I recorded a 2nd & 3rd and were unlucky not to take a bullet in the first race of the day. Tim Saxton put together a strong consistent series including two 3rds to finish 6th and top Itchenor Sc boat with Soph & I 7th and Andy & Pippa just outside the top 10 in 11th.

Harry & Prue Roome showed that even the older ISC sailor still have it with a couple of top 5s including in the howling race 3.

Great weekending in Bristol with an awesome curry night on sat with 24 of us who have all sailed in itchenorsc over the year which shows just how well we are expanding our fleet.

Full results:

Please remember it's the Firecracker on 2/3 nov which is our season finale! Please make an effort to come if you can would be great to continue seeing the great turnouts we've had this year.


Posted 15th May 2013

Sunday 9th June is the Itchenor random pairs RS200 team racing. After the success of last year, we are expanding this to a maximum of 16 boats to ensure that sailing time is maximized and waiting around is minimized. You just need to enter as a boat, and will be allocated a different team mate for each race so you get to sail with all sorts of people, against a different pair each time. This means that it is down to the skill of each boat, as opposed to a team who has sailed together for ages. The scores will simply work by adding up the number of wins for each boat. To guarantee a place, please reply to this email with sail number, and helm and crew names - spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and entry will shut on Weds 5th June.

The Plan: There will be a briefing at 9.30am, with first race down harbour starting at 10.30am (exact location tbc wind dependent), and we will keep racing until you all get tired or bored – aim to sail until 3/3.30pm.

Entry Fee: As it is an open event, there will be an entry fee of £14 per boat for the day - I will be asking for money in advance so that we can schedule the event with a guaranteed number of boats.

We have 2 fantastic umpires lined up to cover the racing, so don’t forget your red flags (single flag system). Please feel free to forward on to anyone else who you think would be keen.


Posted 10th May 2013

Apologies that this is late notice but please find below the details for the very exciting racing that this weekend has install.

This weekend is the Glyn Charles (Sat) and HISC RS200 spring sprints (Sun) that Itchenor have been invited to.

Glyn Charles Pursuit race
See website for more details Either enter online or through the Itchenor office on the day. Entry for double handers is £12. Warning signal 11:55am in Chichester Harbour but down towards HISC so leave plenty of time to sail down if you want to make it!

Sunday Spring Sprints
The spring sprints will start at 1200 down between Astra and Ellanore from a HISC RIB. Tom Morris (HISC RS200 captain) is aiming for 15-20 minute races packing as many as possible into 2.5 hours. Course will be windward leeward, 2 laps, through start line to finish. All races are black flag, 3-2-1-GO. 1 discard for every 5 races.

Scoring: Tom will extract the 200 results from the Glyn Charles. These will be a none discard-able double pointer long distance race. The sprints results will then run on from this. Any ties are broken in favour of finishing order in the last sprint race. The overall result will give a winner who's as good as harbour orienteering as tight and frantic boat handling!

Please can everyone who is planning to race on Sunday from Itchenor go to the office and give them their sail number and helm and crew names before 10:30am so that ISC can ring them through to HISC, otherwise you will not be entered.

Hopefully see you all this weekend



Posted 9th April

I am thrilled at the fantastic start to the season - congrats to everyone whose boat have made it down to the staging, and even more congrats to those who have ventured forth onto the water. This coming weekend brings another weekend of back to back racing, fingers crossed the sun is here to play for a bit longer!

Last Saturday we had a spectacular day out on the water. As there were only 4 boats keen for a training session, we decided that it was too costly for a coach, and went out and spend a brilliant day doing boat handling, lots of starts and short windward leewards with Kat Ward very kindly driving the RIB for us. Due to the success of the session, we are planning to organise a very similar session on Saturday 20th April as opposed to formal coaching. Please let me know if you are keen for this. The plan would be to spend a morning on boat handling, then the afternoon on starting and short course fleet racing. All ideas/ input are most welcome! Also, if anyone fancies watching some training and driving the RIB and blowing whistles/ waving a few flags, please do let me know, I am sure that we can bribe with travel expenses and lunch/tea!

If anyone is not receiving the club2class emails about weekend 200 racing who would like to be, then please send me an email and I will add you to the email list. The system should send you an email the Monday before a weekend of racing, so that you can reply to say if you are intending to race or not, and see everyone else's responses. On the flip side, please let me know if you wish to be taken off the list!




Posted 6th April 2013

What a start to the season, 9 boats out on Friday and Saturday, and 5 each day Sunday and Monday from a range of 13 different boats. Well done to everyone who braved the Arctic conditions over the long weekend, I hope you all had a great time and have now all thawed. The racing was certainly very exciting, with some exceptionally close results. Congratulations to George and Sophie for winning the Wallace Trophy, with 5 firsts after discards, closely followed by Will and Mary Henderson. Full results are on the website - click here

Training - please let me know if anyone else is keen for some training this Saturday 6th April ASAP.

The jetty is still looking quite sparse of 200s (maybe understandable due to the temperatures), but hopefully see everyone down at the club as soon as possible to get some more bumper fleets out. Bring on the summer!! The next big weekend is back to backs on 13th/14th April.

Reminder of dates that should be in everyone's diaries below. Please note that there are more dates in the handbook too, these are just the ones I would love to see bumper fleets at:

- 27th/28th April - back to back weekend, Dinghy day 1
- 11th May - Glyn Charles at Hayling, 12th May Spring Sprints at HISC (ISC invited)
- 25th-27th May - Bank holiday weekend back to backs, with HISC RS200s joining ISC on Monday 27th for dinghy day 2
- 15th/16th June back to back weekend, 14 gallon party on evening
- 6th/7th July - back to back weekend and dinghy day 3
- 13th/14th July - DINGHY FEST!!!
- 11th-15th August, RS200 Nationals, Mounts Bay
- 25th August ISC regatta, 26th August ISC club day
- 7th/8th September ISC RS200 OPEN MEETING
- 21st/22nd September, RS200 Wigmore trophy (HISC RS200s invited)
- 5th/6th October, back to backs and dingy day 5
- 2nd/3rd November, Firecracker

If anyone has any ideas of how we can make the 200 racing any better at Itchenor then please do fire them over, I am keen to get the best racing as possible to encourage everyone onto the water as much as possible

Hopefully see you all soon,



Posted 24th March 2013

It is nearly Easter which means time for sailing to kick off down at Itchenor!! I hope that you are all raring to go, boats having been fixed, waxed and pimped over the winter and on the road trailers ready to speed down to Itchenor in time for first race on Friday - back to backs at 11.05am! (my boat is still at the boat builders with a dead road trailer tyre so I need to get my act together!)

Easter Weekend
Racing over the weekend includes:
- Good Friday 11:05 back to backs
- Saturday 10:50 back to backs
- Easter Sunday 10:30 back to backs
- Bank holiday Monday 11:00 back to backs, note from club line

Hopefully a lot of you have been sent an email by "Club2Class" yesterday to confirm if you are planning on sailing, or if you need a helm/ crew. This is a new system set up by the 800s, and also used by the sunbeams, that the 200s are trailling this year. The system will send you an email asking you to confirm if you are sailing or not before every weekend of back to backs or major event. If you go to the link, you should be able to see who is sailing and so how big the fleet is likely to be. Please let me know if you have NOT received such an email and wish to be put on the list, and on the flip side, if you received such an email and wish to be taken off the list then again please let me know. Please do try to respond to it if you know that you are sailing, as it encourages more people to come down and also helps us to plan resources at the club

I haven't had that much update for training on the 6th or 20th April - please let me know as soon as possible, preferably by end of day Tuesday, if you would like to attend as I need to confirm coaches. Plan for the 6th is boat handling, 20th is more race focussed. If not enough people are committed, I will make sure that there is sailing that day or we can run informal short course racing. Currently I have David and Sophie, me and tbc, Gavin and Steph confirmed for all, and Rach W for the 6th - please let me know if this is wrong.

Upcoming weekends
I hope you have all scoured the handbook by now and put ALL of the 200 weekends in the diary for this year. In particular the major ones are
- 27th/28th April - back to back weekend, Dinghy day 1
- 11th May - Glyn Charles at Hayling, 12th May Spring Sprints at HISC (ISC invited)
- 25th-27th May - Bank holiday weekend back to backs, with HISC RS200s joining ISC on Monday 27th for dinghy day 2
- 15th/16th June back to back weekend, 14 gallon party on evening
- 6th/7th July - back to back weekend and dinghy day 3
- 13th/14th July - DINGHY FEST!!!
- 25th August ISC regatta, 26th August ISC club day
- 7th/8th September ISC RS200 OPEN MEETING
- 21st/22nd September, RS200 Wigmore trophy (HISC RS200s invited)
- 5th/6th October, back to backs and dingy day 5
- 2nd/3rd November, Firecracker

That is all for now, any feedback or questions please fire them this way, otherwise hopefully see you all down over Easter,




Posted 14th February 2013

Hi All,

I hope you are all raring to go after a winter of not sailing (apart from those brave souls who are doing the Chi series!). This year promises to bring some excellent racing with some additions to our fleet. First weekend of sailing will be Easter weekend - perfect excuse to get all of the boats onto the staging and get out onto the water. Fingers crossed it is an amazing, sunny, summer weekend... and if not there is always the bar to warm up in!

We have 2 days of RS200 training in the calendar at the beginning of the season to help get everyone back into the sailing mood. In order to ensure that they are worth running, I need people to commit before the end of February, so I can confirm with coaches and confirm a price. Coaches are normally in the vicinity of £150 for a day so the cost per boat will be about £25 if 6 boats confirm. I will split the cost amongst boats who confirm, and if there are not many I will double check with everyone before confirming coaches.

1. Sat 6th April - focus on boat handling, lots of gybing, getting back onto the water, some racing etc.
2. Sat 20th April - more focus on racing, starting, going faster...
I will be at both trying to helm...

New email system
This year I have set up the same system used by the RS800s and Sunbeams - it is a system that will send everyone an email a week before an event to give everyone the option to say if you are sailing or not, and if you need a crew or if you are available to crew. The system will log all responses and everyone will be able to go in and see who is planning on attending, or who is available to crew etc so you can get directly in touch. I have not put everyone's email addresses on there, as there will be an email going out every week before a weekend of sailing, and I don't want those who aren't sailing much to have swamped inboxes. If you don't receive an email a week before Easter about Easter racing, and you would like to be on the mailing list, then please drop me an email and I can very easily add you into the system.

Itchenor RS200 2013 key dates for the diary
- First weekend of sailing - Easter weekend (29th March - 1st April)
- 27th/28th April - back to back weekend, Dinghy day 1
- 11th May - Glyn Charles at Hayling, 12th May Spring Sprints at HISC (ISC invited)
- 25th-27th May - Bank holiday weekend back to backs, with HISC RS200s joining ISC on Monday 27th for dinghy day 2
- 15th/16th June back to back weekend, 14 gallon party on evening
- 6th/7th July - back to back weekend and dinghy day 3
- 13th/14th July - DINGHY FEST!!!
- 11th-15th August, RS200 Nationals, Mounts Bay
- 25th August ISC regatta, 26th August ISC club day
- 7th/8th September ISC RS200 OPEN MEETING
- 21st/22nd September, RS200 Wigmore trophy (HISC RS200s invited)
- 5th/6th October, back to backs and dingy day 5
- 2nd/3rd November, Firecracker

Please note that these are only the main dates and there are many more back to back weekends in the handbook. Please put them in the diary now so you can come sailing as much as possible

Hopefully see you all at Easter,



December NEWS 2012

Posted 18th December 2012

I am sure the last thing that most of you are thinking about in this freezing weather is sailing, but I wanted to update you all on the exciting things in store for next year...

Firstly it sounds like our fleet is constantly growing and we should have some epic racing next year. Rumour has it that some intrepid 14 sailors are braving the 200 fleet while their 14s are locked up in containers going to the Worlds in Toronto next year, so we'll have to put them in their place when that happens! Our stats are up on last year which is excellent news, and are race figures now just about conform to the Itchenor definition of a class that doesn't need review! Lets keep up the good work and try to elevate the race stats even more next year to eventually rival those of the keel boats... (plotting RS200 domination of Itchenor). To help us all do that, one of my tasks for this winter is setting up 'Club2Class' which will send out reminder emails about events, and give people the options to say if they are coming or not, or who needs a crew/ is available to crew, so that everyone knows who else is intending on being out on the water and it is easier to find crews.

Exciting events to put in the diary for next year now so that everyone keeps them free:

1. 7th/8th September 2013: RS have asked us to host a Gul Grand Prix event next year - this is a full weekend of Open racing at Itchenor, with a band in the bar in the evening. Fingers crossed for 50+ boats - please start spreading the word and getting every sailor you can think of keen, it would be great to show everyone what a fantastic club we have.

2. This year we are trialling some joint days of racing with HISC, like the 14s and like the RS200s in the old days, in order to boost the fleets and get some great racing in. If this is successful, we can look into doing more in 2014. These dates are at no extra cost as we are effectively swapping race days, so please do come out and support these days. The dates are:
- Sunday May 12th (day after the Glyn Charles), ISC RS200s to Hayling for Spring Sprints
- Bank holiday Monday 27th May, HISC RS200s to ISC for club racing
- 21st/22nd September, HISC RS200s to ISC for Wigmore Trophy
- Saturday 12th October, ISC RS200s to Hayling for Sandy Shell

3. 13th/14th July 2013 Dinghy Fest. Following the success of this year, we are having another dinghy fest next year. I have already had a lot of feedback on this year's event, but please do send me any more so that we can optimise the event accordingly

4. Training. We have 2 days of training in the diary early in the season to get everyone back out on the water:
- 6th April - aimed at boat handling etc.
- 20th April - more focussed at race training
There will be a sign up date by which anyone wanting to attend will have to have entered and paid (will try to keep costs to a minimum, just covers the cost of the coach) so that I can confirm with coaches. Watch this space for details, please let me know at this stage if anyone would be keen for either dates, I will certainly be at both as I need to learn what to do from the back of the boat!

5. There are plenty of other exciting events in the calendar - dinghy days, team racing, match racing, regattas, ISC club day... but if I list them all out I will lose all of your attention fairly quickly (that is if you are still reading!). Please check the handbook when it comes out, or if you want any further details for calender planning then please let me know.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments. I am incredibly excited about next year, we have a jam packed exciting calendar, and a lot of keen sailors.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and you will be hearing more from me in the New Year.





Posted 18th October 2012

Quick end of season update as we start to think about the winter and start of next year!

Firstly there is once big event left this year which I hope everyone is getting exceedingly excited… the firecracker (3rd/4th November)!! I hope you are all intending on sailing- last racing of the season!! Last year we had 17 boats out, lets try and beat it! Bonfire night and fireworks party that night (see attached poster). Also, I believe that Itchenor are in need of bonfire wood if anyone has any spare lying around…

Looking towards winter and next year, the following came up at the Sailing Comm meeting last week:

1. 10 race rule is going to have to start being implemented as the jetty is completely full. The aim of this is to remove boats that haven't been out at all for a whole year, to make way for new boats that will be sailed. Following some emails, yes, bad weather etc will be taken into account, and lack of boats turning up so no race being run.

2. Next year all starts are going to be run at the time scheduled in the handbook so please launch early and be on time, otherwise the race will be starting without you. RS200s are notorious for being late so lets try to reverse our reputation!

3. Working parties: this year only one working party is planned for either 10th or 24th November. If anyone is free for these days, please email or ring the club to book in. It really is quite fun wrenching up rotten planks and hammering in new ones…

Next year I have already heard a lot of enthusiasm from so many of you for lots of racing. Once I have implemented the email system that works so well for the sunbeams and 800s, you will all be able to see exactly who is planning on sailing at weekends, who needs crews etc. There are 2 training days scheduled for the beginning of the season that will have to be booked and paid for in advance to ensure that there is enough attendance, and filled up on a first come, first served basis, watch this space for dates.

Hope you've all had a great season and fingers crossed for some better weather next year,




Posted 29th September 2012

It's nearing the end of the season, it's getting cold and has started raining properly... however, sailing is not quite done yet for the season! Find below some highlights for the rest of the season (for other weekends of racing please consult the handbook). Thank you to everyone who came to the Wigmore trophy last weekend, I know you will all agree that it was phenomenal sailing in champagne conditions. George took some fantastic photos that I will try to get put onto the website for those who haven't seen them.

Please note that the 10 race rule is going to be implemented more strictly from next year as jetty space is getting limited. For those who don't know the rule, basically in order to be guaranteed a jetty space the following year, you have to have completed a minimum of 10 races to reduce the number of boats on the staging sitting unused. If anyone hasn't been out at all yet this year, there is time yet!

There are also working parties... watch this space for dates. Please don't dismiss the idea, the club really needs help or we will have to get contractors in and have to pay a lot, and we need a jetty to sail. Also, I found it quite fun last year wrenching up planks and hammering new ones in!

The rest of this year:

Last dinghy day of the season this weekend - Sunday 30th September, back to backs on Saturday
20th/21st October, back to back racing both days, same weekend as the 14 fortitude trophy
Firecracker 3rd/4th November - big end to the season

We are just finalising the plan for next year - all feedback I have received so far has been taken into account including training, race format, events, Open meeting, team racing... any more feedback and I need it in the next day or so please.

Any more ideas, please fire them this way as soon as possible!



RS200 RANDOM PAIRS RACING 1st September 2012

Posted 7th September 2012

Please click here to download the report from this event